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WITH INTERESTWith InterestbyKEaster46©My son had borrowed my cordless drill on Friday and promised to return it the same day. Well here it was Monday and I needed my drill and it was not in my shop. My son has a way of forgetting things so I walked across the alley and came in the back door. I called out to his wife Sara but got no answer. I went down to the basement and into his work shop. There my drill was right on his work bench. I grabbed it and started up stairs. The kitchen phone is right behind the basement door I was near the top when I heard Sara talking on the phone. She said “What am I wearing?” she laughed and then said “Not that it is any of your business but I’m stark naked and I’ve just stepped out of the shower. I’m dripping wet and I masturbated in the shower so my pussy is clean and ready for a stiff dick. I’ve also brushed my teeth so my mouth is clean and ready to suck a fine hard cock so it will explode in my mouth so I can swallow hot strong cum. I love to suck a cock until it cums in my mouth. My husband tells me I’m the best cocksucker around. Mac, Charlie and Bill have told me I’m the best fuck they ever had. So what is your name and why did you call?”She laughed and hung up. I was so surprised I nearly fell back down the stairs. Sara walked off I thought back to the bathroom while I took off out the back door.I got home and found my wife in the kitchen. I grabbed her by the ass and said “Come-on let’s go up stairs and do some serious fucking.”Molly smiled and started to say something but I told her to shut her fucking mouth and come on.A few minutes later I was fucking my sweet chubby wife of thirty years like we were k**s again. I had not made love to Molly for a couple of weeks so she obliged me on every count. I fucked her hard for five minutes then pulled out and got on my back so she could ride the old pole. But first I wanted her to suck me. Molly knows I like to watch her suck my cock while it is covered with her pussy juice. She was happy to suck me and when I was about to bust a nut she climbed aboard and rode it until we both blasted off. Huffing and puffing Molly lay next to me for a long time before she spoke. “What the fuck was all that about?”I told her about what I heard and she was highly up set. She said “Do you think Sara is screwing around on Ted?”I said “I don’t know but it sure sounded like it. Should we do anything about it? Should we try to fine out and with whom ever she doing it with?” Molly said “From what you’ve told me she may have been with more than one guy. She might have been talking about Mac Summers and Charlie Blake. Those guys have been friends with Ted since they were in high School.” Molly said “Christ all mighty do you think the k**s are into swinging. Maybe Ted knows all about it and even joins in.”I said “Could be; sure as hell sounds like us twenty years ago. How can we find out for sure? I know I got horny as hell listening to Sara go on like she did. I bet she is one traffic fuck. She has such a tight little ass and those full round tits. I’d love to fuck her or maybe cum on those tits of her’s”Molly laughed and said “You would you old fucker. I remember how you like to come on Marlene’s tits and have me lick it off. You got a kick out of that.”I said “I wonder what ever happened to Marlene and that guy she ran off with.”Molly said “They came back to town a few years back and live out on the Burger’s farm. I thought you know that.””Hell no I never heard that. If I had maybe we’d be back into the swinging scene. I sure enjoyed her fat ass. Best fucking ass I ever had. “Molly said “You want ass I’ve got all the ass you need right here.” Molly rolled out of bed and was patting her ass as she waddled into the bathroom. I had to admit Molly had kept her figure all these years and she has a fine round firm ass.I grabbed my cock and was thinking of my daughter in law. If Sara was fucking around and a willing cock sucker maybe there was a way for me to not only find out but get in on the action. I was jerking on my cock big time when Molly came out just in time to lean over and take my load in her mouth. It was almost like the old days when we fucked all the time and Molly would suck me off when ever I felt like it.I went out to my work shop and kept an eye on my son’s house. Around noon Sara came out and drove off toward town. My old truck is known all over town but it’s all I had to drive just then so I took off after Sara I tried to keep an eye out from a distance. Sara turned off just before reaching the town limits and headed up the hill toward the old town park. I hung back and parked off the road behind a few trees. I walked the short distance up and around the large rock formation that is the center of the park. Off under a shade tree in the nearly empty parking lot was Sara’s Ford Mustang. She was not in it. I circled around keeping to the trees and brush until I was near the lake. I found Sara sitting on a blanket with some guy I had never seen before. He looked young to me but every one younger than my sixty two years looked young. I could not get close enough to hear the conversation but it was only a minute of so before they kissed. The guy was grabbing her tits and she had her hand in his jeans. I watched as she pulled out the guy’s cock and jerked him hard as a rock. I had visions of my dear Molly doing the same thing to my friend and neighbor Don Winters many years ago. I was kind of a voyeur back then and I guess I was still a peeping Edward. I wondered if my son Ted knew about this liaison and if so, was he at some other spot doing the same? I had my cock out as I watched just as I had yeas ago. I would masturbate as I watched my lovely wife suck off guys and then when we got back together we’d fuck our brains out.Sara was doing her best to get the guy off and while she had her head in his lap he had a hand down the back of her shorts. I could only guess he had a finger in her ass or at least playing with her ass. I got really hard then thinking of my dear Sara’s fine tight ass. I have wanted to fuck Sara ever since my son Ted brought her home to meet us. I wanted to run down there and fuck her ass doggie style while she finished off the guy. She pulled back and stood up. The guy put his cock away and stood next to Sara. I could see nothing but waited in the shadows for what ever came next. From the other direction came a couple that was about the same age. They waved as the couple saw Sara and the guy. The girl ran to embrace Sara who retuned her kisses and hugs. The guys nodded at one another and just stood there watching the girls welcome one another to the party.I wished my Molly could be here to see this. In a few minutes both girls were naked from the waist down. The girls were on all fours with the guys behind them doing a good job of screwing the hell out of both girls. At some point the guys swapped girls and started screwing them again. The guys came and I’m not sure the girls did or not but the party broke up and the k**s took off. I was left there with my cock throbbing and cum dribbling on the ground. It took a while to find my way back to my truck. When I got there a lady with a park ranger uniform was standing next to it looking in side. I walked up and told her that was my truck. She ask me why I was parked here. Without a bit of shame or embarrassment I told her I was following my daughter in law and what I had seen down by the lake. I explained that I was so horny I had jerked off watching the k**s and I made a point of telling this interested party every detail and even the size of the guy’s cocks and how excited I got watching the girls suck the cocks. There was a flicker of lust sparking behind the ladies eyes as I moved closer I whispered I like to fuck her right there and then. She licked her lips and a moment later I had her bent over the tail gate with my cock up her pussy. She wiggled and muffling her screams as best she could I had her coming twice before I did. I filled her up with a full load and as I pulled out I trailed the head of my cock over her little ass hole. She giggled and I poked her harder. We heard a sound on the road and we quickly dressed. I told her I would talk to my wife and if she agreed we would call her for a meeting later. The Ranger said she would like that. She handed me her card and I tucked it in my shirt pocket.I arrived home and found the house empty. I showered and shaved then took a cool beer out on the porch and sat thinking of my daughter in law. I really wanted a piece of that and thought maybe I had an idea how to get it. Molly was not home at five so I called Ranger Carol Tucker at home. She answered and seemed happy I called. She said she had just walked in the door. I laughed and jokingly said “Then I don’t have to ask what you have on.”Carol said Ed; I was thinking. It would be very nice if I met you and your wife for a little recreational sex but would you mind it we had another go at it first. I kind of liked that one on one. I also liked what you did just before we were interrupted. I said “Carol I liked that too. But really I think you’d like my wife Molly. She is fine with this and I sure you’d have a good time however if you would like to see me alone one more time that is also fine with me. I had to notice you have a really pretty ass and I’ve always enjoyed a fine ass. I like bursa escort to talk you about some thing else too. “Carol said she had to get cleaned up and if I came by tomorrow around noon she would be home as she only worked half a day on Fridays. I hung up and Molly came out on the porch with another beer for me and one for herself. I filled her in on my days excursions. I told her about Sara fucking with the other couple how horny I got and what happened when I got back to my truck. Molly seemed a bit disturbed but only said “Was that the first time you fucked around by your self since we stopped swinging?”I said it was and if it up set her I would never do it again with out her knowing it before hand. So then and there I told her about my invitation for Tomorrow. Molly said she really did not what me out on my own.I explained that I wanted to talk to Carol about maybe making contact with Sara in her official capacity as Park Ranger and let Sara know she had been seen and see what Sara has to say. If Carol could get Sara to meet her and some how let Sara know that if Carol was to get involved in the screwing part maybe she; Carol, would not fill out a official report on the incident. Molly liked that idea but still thought it would be better if she went along to meet Carol Tomorrow. I love Molly to much to keep her in the dark about what I do so I agreed she could come along and meet Carol.That night after dinner we watched a XXX movie, naked of course and played with one another all though the movie then we fucked like k**s again for an hour. I was fucking Molly doggie style and took a finger full of juice from around my cock and rubbed it on Molly tight little ass hole. She got the idea and lowered her ass by spreading her knees offering me her choice tight ass to fuck. My old dick got so hard if felt like an iron bar. Molly relaxed and poked my cock up her sweet ass slowly at first but when she got it all she wiggled her ass and moaned letting me know she was ready for a faster and harder fuck. I do love the feel of my cock in a tight ass hole and I went fucking nuts I fucked my darling wife’s ass faster then as fast as I could and we came together screaming like a couple of caged a****ls. We went to sleep in each other’s arms feeling the same love we had known for many many years.Not wanting to surprised Carl I called her and said Molly would be with me and if that was not okay with her then I’d not come alone. Carol seemed to understand and she liked the idea of me and Molly having this open yet so very close relationship. Molly and I arrived a little after noon to find Carol still in her uniform. Introductions were made and much to my surprise Molly and Carol seemed to find some kind of bond right away. I took a seat and the girls went into the kitchen to get themselves a glass of wine and me a beer. I waited a few minutes and then a few more. When I entered the kitchen Molly was hugging Carol and this hug was well received and returned in kind. The wine bottle was sitting on the table unopened. I watched as the girls looked over at me smiled and Carol pointed at the refrigerator as if to say get your own beer. I did I was followed back into the living room by two seemingly happy ladies. I sat in a chair the girls sat next to one another on the sofa. We managed to get to the point of this visit and Carol agreed to call Sara and see what she had to say about the group sex on the shores of the lake. Molly and I sat with portable phones pressed to our ears as Carol dialed Sara at home. When Sara answered Carol got right to the point saying that Sara and friends were seen and reported to Carol the local Ranger. Carol said she wanted to talk to Sara before she made a report. Sara seemed excited and she asked right away if there was any way Ranger Carol could let this pass if Sara promised not to do it again. Carol gave Sara her home address and asked Sara to come over and the two of them would talk. Sara seemed to get the idea and warmed up to meeting Carol at home. As Sara was about to hang up she said “Ranger Carol I’d like to bring a friend along to meet you and talk this over. He is very nice and maybe we can explain how and why things got out of hand at the park.”Before I could wave Carol off to that idea she agreed to allow Sra to bring her male friend. Their appointment was not until five o’clock and it was only twelve thirty now so there was lots of time for the three of us to get acquainted.Carol went into her bedroom to get out of her Ranger uniform Molly followed Carol I followed Molly. As I’ve said I’m a bit of a voyeur so I was happy to watch the two women slowly undress in kind of a crazy dance in front of one another. Carol’s eyes brightened as Molly’s D-s popped free and hung like bright while melons with little pink nipples on her chest. I dropped my trousers and plopped down on the edge of the bed jerking on my cock as I watched the girls kiss and grab one another every where. Carol suggested she jump in the shower quickly. Molly said she would join her. I swear there is nothing more sexy than watching two women washing one another all over with soapy hands. Fingers were in pussies and even up an ass as the kissing went on. I was so hot I was about to cum all over the bathroom. When the girls came out saw my plight and Molly quickly dropped to her knees and happily sucked my first of three loads to be blasted off that afternoon. I followed the girls back into the bedroom where they fell happily on the bed in each other arms. Hugging and kissing they rolled around as I watched. My cock got hard again in rapid fashion. When Carol got on all fours with her head between Molly’s spread legs her ass was up in the air looking as if it needed a stiff cock. Jumping up on the bed behind Carol I found her pussy hot, wet and very ready for a fucking. Moll is one that can reach a climax quickly if the mood is right and it must have been because Molly cried out wiggling her ass in all directions at the same time. Carol was licking, rubbing Molly’s clitoris and fingering her ass hole all at the same time. I was plugged into Carol following the action as best as I could. I think Carol got hot and excited the more Molly got excited and of course I did too. Molly screamed lifting her ass off the bed while spurting into Carol’s mouth and all around her eager mouth dripping juice on the bed. I felt Carol’s cunt tightened around my cock and I knew she was about to climax as well. I pushed deep to deliver my load well up into her wonderful pussy. I busted a nut, Carol let go with a climax that ran out around my cock and down my legs. The bed was wet, my legs were wet, Carol’s face was wet and Molly was wet all over from belly to knees. Another shower was called for. Followed by a glass of wine for the girls and a beer for me. I was pretty well shot but the girls were just getting started. We sat around naked enjoying our drinks when Molly got up set her glass down so she could squat between Carol’s legs. Carol lifted her legs and spread them wide so Molly cold lick out as much of my cum as she could. Carol eased her ass close to the edge of the sofa and let Molly get her tongue in as far as it would go. Carol rolled her hips up giving Molly free range to both her pussy and sweet ass hole. I’d never seen anything like this before but Molly did not need a written invitation. Molly grabbed Carol’s legs holding them up high so she had access to Carols’ sweet behind. Molly licking Carol’s pussy then her sweet puckered little behind and then back to the pussy.I was fucking hard again in a flash and I quickly got behind my wife. Rubbing the head of my cock around her pussy a few second to get it wet and well lubricated I aimed the tip toward my wife’s ass. The head of my cock popped in easily and we were off to the races. It was just like the old days with a few slight changes but Molly was deep into what she was doing and I was getting the finest ass fucking any where. Carol was screaming, weeping and blinking tear filled eyes up at me over Molly’s head. We once again all seemed to come together. I’d never seen this happen like this before but we did. I fell over completely exhausted followed by Carol flopping over on the sofa and Molly crumbling to the floor. Another shower with less touching and feeling of one another then we dressed and waited for five O’clock to come around. It was agreed Molly and I were to wait in the gust bedroom so we could listen to the conversation in the living room and if things got out of hand we could open the door slightly to see what was happening. Before Sara and her friend were to arrive Carol said maybe she should call Sara back and cancel as she was really tired and could not get involved again this day. Molly and I agreed so Carol called Sara and said she was called back into work and they would have to meet another day. No date was set but Sara fully understood that she was not off the hook.Molly and I arrived home after going out to dinner and stopping by the club for a few drinks. We pulled into the drive and Molly seemed reluctant to get out. Sitting in the dark I sensed Molly wanted to talk. So I turned toward her and waited. “Ed; you have been thinking that if we catch Sara in some kind of situation you might be able to get her in bed. Is that right?”I said “Something like that. Why?”Molly bursa escort bayan said “Sweetheart have you thought “what if.” I asked “What do you mean. What if” “Just suppose we do find out the k**s are into swinging and Sara liked the idea of jumping in bed with you. What am I supposed to?”I blinked as if a flash went off. I said “Oh, shit. I never thought of that. If I screw Sara you’d be left with, with our son. Christ. That’s’ pretty much out of the question. I mean me fucking our daughter in law is a lot different than a k** screwing his mother. God I’m so sorry I got us involved in this crap. I guess we’d better call Carol and tell her to forget it and give Sara a free pass. I know you enjoyed Carol so if you want we can keep seeing her okay but we’ll just forget about the k**s.”We entered the house and went up stairs to relax in our own bed. I said “I guess I was just thinking about myself. Our best swinging days are well behind us but the idea of screwing little Sara was fun thinking about.”Molly said “Not too long ago I read a story about a boy that fell in love with his mother and after some doing he got her in his bed. She did not know it was him right away and after he had been making love to her for a few months he decided to tell her the truth and let her see it was her son she had been fucking. The mother took it all in stride and they went right on fucking.”I said “What’s your point?”Molly said “Do you think Ted would want to screw me. Do you think he would just think of me as his mother or just an older lady, an older horny older lady?”I said “Christ Molly what the fuck are you thinking? Do you want to fuck Ted? You know I’ve never been jealous but this is beyond jealousy. i****t is a little different don’t you think?”Molly had a few drinks that is true but I thought she was thinking out side the bottle. I said “Are you drunk?””Not really but you rally would like to get in Sara’s pants. I was just thinking if Ted and I were to just sit there and watch or what?”I said “Good-night Molly … sleep it off and we’ll talk again in the morning.”In days past when Molly and I were into swinging. I had watched her get fucked by guys and I had watched her suck other guys cock too. I had fucked in front of her too. But then I was fucking sweet little Sara and there next to us on the bed was my son Ted between his mothers’ legs pounding her ass into the mattress. In my dream I was so aroused by seeing this I shot off filling little Sara with the biggest load of my entire life. Watching Ted screw his mother was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen … it drove me crazy. I wanted to fuck Molly right after Ted for a quick sloppy second.I woke in the morning with a hard on to beat all hard ons… Molly was out of bed and not in the room. Disappointed I slipped on a pair of shorts and went down stairs. I heard voices in the kitchen and paused at the arch way. Sara was in the kitchen talking to Molly. Sara said “Mom, I need some advice and I have no one to turn too. Can I talk openly to you about my marriage and sex life? Ted is a wonderful lover and I love him dearly but he and I have had a somewhat open marriage if you know what I mean. Oh, of course you do. I know you and Dad had the same open marriage thing years ago. So is it okay if we talk?”I could hear Molly gagging and trying to fine the words to answer Sara. Molly said “How do you know what Ed and I did when we were young?”Sara said all most off handedly “When I first started dating Ted my Father told me he had heard you and Dad were into swinging when you were young. I was not a virgin and had had a few lovers so I just put that aside and forgot about it. Then after we were married Ted brought up the idea of swinging and we talked about it. I told him what my Dad had told me and Ted said he knew all about it. He said he had talked to someone that knew you back years ago. He thought you guys swinging was cool. So he thought maybe we should we should have a little fling before we start a family. This is what I want to talk to you about.”I could still hear Molly gasping for breath as the idea of Ted knowing we had been swingers sunk into her head. All this time we thought we had been so secretive about our swinging and all this time Ted had known. I wondered if he had ever thought about screwing his mother back then or now even. Molly did not find the words to say anything so Sara went on. “Mom, We’ve met a couple of friends that are like minded and we’ve had a few swinging parties in a group and Ted has been seeing one of the ladies from work. I’ve been with a couple of old friends and we’ve gotten into this swinging big time. I want to stop going out and seeing other on our own. I want us to just swing with a couple of close friends and keep it small and I want us to always be together when ever we do swing. What do you think?”Molly sat down hard and was about to say some thing when the back door open and Ted came in. “Hi Mom. Hi baby.” He kissed his mother on the cheek and Sara on the mouth. There was a heavy stillness in the room. Then Ted said “So what did I interrupt? Some girl to girl talk. Should I go and leave you to it?”Sara said “No Ted stay. I’ve been asking your mother for advice. I was asking her advice on or about our swinging. So far she has not answered me. Did I do wrong? I’m sorry if I talked out of turn.”Ted seemed shock for a moment then said “No love. It would have come out sooner or later any way. I’m sorry you had to find out Mom. But we know it’s a subject you know about. You and Dad know about. We had some fun at it and Sara has expressed a desire to cut back to just a few close friends and I think it would be prudent to do so. However there is one older lady I’ve seen a few times on my own I’d like to bring into this small group. She is close to your age Mom and I think you and Dad have known her from years past. She has told me about some of the parties you guys had years ago. But there is a big (IF) involved. Marlene wants to get to know you and Dad again in a sexual way. I really enjoy Marlene but if this is going to bring trouble into my life, or your lives then I’ll tell Marlene to forget it.”Just about as quick as I heard those words I could see dear old Marlene in a vision from years ago. But at the same time I could see dear Sweet Sara in the same picture. I know I have a fixation on little Sara and her tiny sweet ass. I wanted to get involved with Sara and yet I knew deep down if that ever happened Ted would have to be included with Molly and me. Some thing was going around in my head so fast I could not get a grasp on it. But I knew what it was. I wanted to see Ted fucking his mother. I wanted to fuck Sara and if Ted has been fucking Marlene I wanted to be part of that too. I want back to the stairs and called out to Molly asking if breakfast was ready and stepped into the kitchen acting so surprised to see the k**s here. I kissed Molly, hugs and kissed Sara and shook Ted’s hand. I invited them all to sit and have breakfast.No one moved as I took my seat at the end of the table. I looked around taking each face in one at a time. When I got back around to Molly she broke down and tears started running down her chubby cheeks. I said “What the hell is going on?”Ted said “Dad I think Sara and I should go and leave this go for another day.”I said “What the fuck does that mean. I come in here to find you mother crying and you want to leave it for another day. I don’t think so. Now what the hell is going on?”Sara moved to put an arm around Molly and Ted pulled out a chair and sat down facing me. Ted said “Dad it’s like this. Sara and I have gotten into swinging with a few friends and Sara came over to ask Mom for some advice. I walked in on it and you came in. That is pretty much where it stands right now. I told Mom we, knew that you two had done some swinging years ago and that I have been seeing an older lady that knew you both back when. You do remember a lady named Marlene don’t you Dad?”I looked perplexed and swallowed as if this was all new to me. I gasped and said “I guess there are no secretes in a close family. Yes we knew Marlene year ago.”I paused and then said “Ok; enough of this bull shit. Your mother and I knew you k**s were into swinging now for a few days. I may as well tell you flat out we know the Ranger lady from the park. We know about Sara being there with friends. However we did not know about you and Marlene until just now. So my question is this. What do we do know? Are you k**s asking mother and I to start swinging all over again to include Marlene so you can keep screwing her on the side or include her in to a group of your choice but with out us?”Ted looked at me and I could see the same question that worried Molly was now floating around in my Son’s head. Ted looked straight at me and said “I know what you’re thinking and I’ve thought about it as well. Every time I get Marlene in bed I see Mom in my mind and I know its wrong as hell by some standards, but:’ Ted looked up at Molly and almost with out blinking he went on. “As far as I’m concerned and Sara and I have talked about it. We would like to include you both in too our small fun group. I know this is hard for Mom and we, Mom and I don’t have to; to” and again he said “To” I helped out and said “We understand Ted. But at the same time do you really think your escort bursa mother and you could just stand around and watch and not be part of it. Speaking for myself I’ve admitted to Mom that I would love to fuck Sara and have for a long time. So how can we be part of this group and not be entwined with you both?”There was not a word spoken for several seconds and those seconds seem like an eternity. “Ted said “Okay, I see your point. I’ll tell Marlene it’s a no go and we’ll not bother you two again about this again.We need not talk about this anymore. If Sara and I continue to swing if will only be with our very closest friends of our age.”This had not gone the way I wanted it too but what could I do. I looked up at Molly and Sara who were still hugging and shivering in each other arms. I saw a little tweak of a smile on Sara’s face. Did I see that or not. Was Sara thinking maybe we could have a few moments to our selves after this all went under the rug? I looked at Molly and nodded my head toward Ted and curled up my lips in such a way as I was asking her to say something or do something. Molly had seen this look on my face enough times over the years she knew I was asking her for her opinion.Molly pulled away from Sara to come and stand next to me. Molly rested a hand on my shoulder and said “Dad and I were doing the same thing you k**s are doing now back when we were your ages. We have a very good and satisfying sex life. We have also been recently been brought into swinging again. We’ve been with the Ranger lady and we found we enjoyed this once again as we had years ago. Dad has expressed a desire to have Sara and I have mixed emotions about that. I want for Dad and I to see Carol again and she expressed a desire to bring a friend to our next party. So you see we’re all really doing the same thing and avoiding the question of what’s to be done about Ted and I we’re the only two in the whole group that are blood kin. So what we’re asking is if okay for us to be i****tuous while everyone else is not. Isn’t that the only question we’re stumbling over?”Again Molly hit the nail on the head and came straight to the point. Molly’s finger dug into my shoulder while we waited for Ted and Sara to think this over and let it sink in. Ted said “As I said already Sara and I have talked it over and Sara has expressed a desire to crawl under the covers with Dad too. I see nothing wrong with that. So let me suggest we four right now go up stairs and let thing happen. If it comes to a point that Mom and I can not enjoy one another than so be it. We’ll go our separate ways and nothing will ever be said about it again.”I stood before anyone could add or disagree with Ted’s suggestion. On the way up stairs Molly tried to get my attention by gripping my arm but I only smiled at her and pulled her along.Sara and Ted were quick to drop their clothing and I followed after I had helped Molly get her top off. I dropped my shorts and my hard-on sprang free pointing the way. I had no intentions of not getting into Sara’s tight little pussy so I pulled her toward the bed letting Molly and Ted to work their feeling out once and for all. I was surprised how quickly Sara rolled over top of me and was head to toe with me. She grabbed my cock swallowed nearly all of it and squatted over my face. My tongue found her pussy wet and strangely pungent as if she had been recently fucked. But at this point I did not care. I had an eye open watching Molly and Ted. It was Ted who made the first move. He took his mother into his arms and hugged her. Molly was as stiff as an iron rob and there was an iron rod quivering and poking between her legs. Molly was not returning Ted hug but she was showing signs of relaxing just a little.Molly moved back an inch or two. Ted reached down to pull her ass closer. I could only see part of their actions because of Sara’s thigh but I got the feeling Molly was not at all thrilled to have her son hugging her naked body with his naked body. Sara lifted her mouth off my cock and lifted a leg pulling her pussy away from my mouth. Disappointed as I was I waited to see what was coming next. I was surprised as Sara grabbed my cock and said to Molly “Here Mom help me out with this.”I thought Sara was about to give Molly a way out of a bad situation. But in fact Sara was smarted than either of us. Molly jumped at the chance to get out of Ted’s grip. She twisted free and quickly lowered her head over my stiff cock and gobbled it deep into her mouth. There was no doubt in my mind like it or not Molly was excited and even though Ted was the one that got Molly turned on she was now taking her frustrations out on my cock. That was a good thing. Sara watched Molly get totally involved with me and my cock before she signaled to Ted. Molly was bent over at the waist and Sara was standing in such a way as to keep Molly from squatting or kneeling on the bed over me. Ted moved in close grabbed Molly by the hips and with the help of dear Sara to guide his cock toward his mother’s pussy Ted rammed his cock home to the hilt and pulled back on Molly’s hips giving her every inch he had. Molly lifted her head off my cock open her mouth to scream but nothing came from her lips. Molly looked up at me pleading with her eyes but not really pulling back. I took her head in my hands told her I loved her and pulled her head back down over my cock. Molly strained to keep away from my cock but then all of a sudden she blinked, tears filled her eyes and she lowered her head. Ted was in some kind of frenzy whopping and yelling as he banded away faster and faster. Ted was fucking his mother like a crazy man. Sara was hugging Molly around the shoulders and whispering in to her ear. I could not hear the words but whatever Sara as saying seemed to mellow Molly’s fears.Ted cried out and pushed deep into his mother and held his cock there jerking and moaning. Ted then pulled back and slowly worked his cock in and out finishing himself off. The seed was planted and there was nothing anyone could do now. Molly was no longer sliding her mouth up and down my cock. She slid off to the side and flopped on the bed letting her legs dangle on the floor. I was stunned and frightfully aroused by all this. I reached down and patted my darling wife’s head. Sara was kneeling before Ted sucking the juices from his cock. I did not think Molly had reached a climax so I fell back on the bed closed my eyes.When I woke the k**s were gone and I heard Molly in the shower. I had a few minutes to think and I was afraid maybe I had made a terrible mistake in letting this go too far. I thought I’d apologize to Molly and tell her we could forget the whole thing and just stay out of the k**s business. I’ll tell her we had our day so let the k**s have theirs. I’ll tell her it was all a big mistake and I’m sorry we or I got her involved. I’ll tell her I know she was not ready for what happened and I’ll make sure we’re not in that position ever again and she will never have to endure those feeling ever again.Then I let the vision of Sara going down on me fill my head and the excitement of that started to get me hard again. Then I thought of Carol and how Molly and she had enjoyed one another I hoped that would take care of Molly’s needs for a while. In the back of my mind I was still thinking we had a few good years to swing some if we wanted too. I’ll have to play that by ear and see where Molly wants to go with this.Molly came out rubbing her hair with a towel and sat on the side of the bed. We looked at each other. I started to open my mouth; Molly put her hand over my mouth. I fell back and locked my lips.Molly said “I don’t know how much you had to do with what happened but, but it happened and that can not be changed. Ted apologized on the way out and Sara was just as sorry about what happened. But Sara said some thing in my ear all the time Ted was; well doing me. Sara said “Its just a cock, its just another wonderful cock. You like to fuck so let that cock fuck you. Its just another cock.”Molly looked at me smiled and grabbed my cock. We made love and I do mean love. We were not just fucking for the sake of lust but we were making love. I could feel it Molly could feel it and afterwards as we lay locked in one another’s arms we shared this wonderful feeling as never before. I said “Am I to understand you’ve come to some kind of resolution within yourself with regards to Ted and us swinging with the k**s?”Molly said “I have and I think we can all be a group within a group. I really don’t want to swing where some others would see me and Ted going at it. However if its just the four of us then maybe and I say maybe I can live with it.”I said “How about Carol she is already involved in a round about way? And of course Ted still wants to see Marlene and I’m sure that Marlene will find out sooner or later. Don’t you think?”Molly looked at me with great interest and said “I guess you’re right there is not way we can keep it a secret. Why don’t you call the k**s or go over and invite them over for dinner tomorrow and we can talk it over.” I said “Molly my dear why don’t we invite Carol and Marlene too. I think we need to see if they are interested in this arrangement?”Molly laughed and said “That’s fine lets do it next Friday but I want to have just the k**s over tomorrow night. I need to see how it goes and if they are interested in this arrangement.” I looked at Molly and she just smiled and I knew what ever I had in the back of my mind it was all coming together with interest. I was getting more bang for the buck.

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