Woman Roller Skates Naked at the Beach

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Woman Roller Skates Naked at the BeachPrelude: A forty year old woman with a sexy slender body likes to keep fit by roller skating regularly at the beach. One sunny warm day at the beach, she decides to live out her fantasy of skating naked in public. The beach is crowded with people and that makes her fantasy adventure even more exciting.[Her story starts now.]I have nothing planned for the day, so I decide to drive over to the beach and go roller skating. I take a quick shower then put on a little makeup and fashion my long blond hair into a pony tail. My dresser drawer is full of bikinis and it takes me a minute to decide which one to wear. I am forty years old now and still look awesome in my thong bikinis, but I choose my modest black one with a matching skirt wrap that is more suitable for my age bracket. I check myself in the mirror one more time and say to myself, “My goodness honey, for an older woman, you still beautiful enough that guys half your age are still hitting on you for a date. You should be proud of yourself for eating right and getting plenty of exercise.”Anyway, it takes me about thirty minutes to drive to the ocean. The parking lot is almost full, but I find a spot all the way down at the other end. I like this particular beach because they have a very wide sidewalk that runs for over two miles and is great for roller skating. There is a sandy beach on one side and the other is lined with small cottages that are very close together because the real estate prices are outrageous.There is a wood bench next to the sidewalk, so I decide to sit on it while I put on my pink cotton socks and roller skates. Suddenly, my fantasy about roller skating naked comes to the forefront of my mind. I sit on the bench for a few moments then say to myself, “You have been dreaming about roller skating naked at this beach for years and always found one excuse or another not to. How about today? What is your excuse this time?”I immediately get to my feet and say out loud, “Today is the day!”, then walk barefoot over to my Cadillac and enter the code to unlock the door. It takes me just a few seconds to strip naked then I slam the door shut and go back to the bench and put on my skates.Within a just a couple of minutes I am roller skating down the sidewalk wearing nothing but my designer sunglasses and roller skates! I feel so alive with then warm sun shining down halkalı escort on my naked body and the cool ocean breeze caressing every inch of me! I am having the time of my life!I pick up speed and begin swinging my arms back and forth while my large firm breasts gently sway back and forth. Once I get past the parking lot where the beach front properties are, I slow down and begin looking around to see if anybody notices me. To my surprise, I am not getting a lot of attention. I bet it is because my skin is so dark from laying out in the sun that my tan lines make me appear as if I am wearing a light colored bikini. How little do they know!Pretty soon the sidewalk becomes quite crowded with people walking around, and there are a lot of other roller skaters. As I make my way slowly through the crowd a few guys on skates have caught up with me and they give me compliments about how beautiful I look naked. We have casual conversation while they snap pictures of me with their cell phone cameras.After a couple of minutes I look back over my shoulder and see more than a dozen shirtless muscular young men skating behind me taking pictures of my naked white ass cheeks!My dark brown nipples are normally hard all the time, but they have perked up even more and one of the guys notices. He says, “Lady, you have an awesome body and I love your tan lines!”When I come up to an area that is not so crowded I stop and let the guys form a circle around me. Oh my gosh, there must be fifteen or twenty of them now! Why have I not done this before? I am loving the attention that I am getting and want to show my appreciation to them.I interrupt their compliments and announce, “Hey guys, do you want to play a game with me?”They all cheer for a moment, then I tell them, “Skate down the sidewalk and position yourselves along the edge at ten feet intervals. I will skate by you as fast as I can while you try to slap my ass. The guys that slap me without cheating will get a big hug and kiss from me.”The guys immediately put away their cell phones and I wait until they are all lined up. My gosh, there is a lot of them! Then line extends almost a whole block! I have second thoughts about doing this, but I skate away from them a short distance, then turn around and race towards them!For the next minute all I can hear is, “Slap, slap, slap!”When the last guy slaps me, şişli escort I never look back and continue skating as fast as I can away from them! It takes the guys a few moments to realize that I am getting away and they begin chasing after me! I love being a cock teasing bitch!I know this area well since I come here all the time, so I make a right down the alley to the abandoned new home construction site. The house is all framed in and has a roof, but the banks foreclosed on it, and it is on the market. My husband and I thought about purchasing the home, but they still want more money than it is worth.Anyway, just as I am ready to skate up the short driveway into the double wide garage I hear someone yell, “There she is!”Within a couple of minutes I am standing in the middle of the garage completely naked with twenty or more handsome guys standing around me taking pictures. I am incredibly aroused, so I raise my arms up and say, “Does anybody want to touch me?”Immediately the guys get closer to me and start touching every square inch of my body! Oh my, I have never had so many hands on me at one time! The feeling is awesome and is making me incredibly horny!After a few minutes, I push their hands away from me and announce, “Who here is man enough to whip out his cock and start masturbating while looking at my naked body? The first guy that is ready to ejaculate can cum in my mouth, the rest of you have to shoot your load on my face and hair!”Almost all the guys quickly pull out their cocks and start stroking them!I instruct them to make the circle larger and get closer to the wall so I can skate around from one person to the next to help them get started. I spend a few moments with each guy jacking them off while I let them touch my naked body and tongue kiss me. One of them is a short little young looking guy and his hard cock is pointing at an upwards angle. I am going to skate past him, but he grabs my arm and pulls me against him. His cock slides right between my legs then he quickly reaches down and guides himself inside me!As he begins fucking me, I look into his eyes and say, “Listen honey, I didn’t give anyone permission to fuck me, now let go of me.”He pleads with me, “Please lady, let me fuck you a little longer! I am almost ready to cum and it will be just a few more seconds!”I say, “Well, since sarıyer escort you are being polite to ask, then go ahead.”Seconds later he suddenly stops and I feel his cock pumping sperm inside me.He says, “Thank you lady. That was my first time with a girl.”I look him in the eye and say, “You are joking of course.”He replies, “No, that was my first time and really want to thank you.”For some reason a tear trickles from the corner of my eye then I skate away from him to the next guy that needs me to help their cock become harder.After a while, one of the guys says, “I am ready! I am going to be the first one! Please let me cum in your mouth!”I skate to the middle of the garage, then get down on my knees. The guy immediately shoves his cock in my mouth and ejaculates. I swallow over and over again, then push him away from me and say, “Okay, you other bastards get over here and start ejaculating on me or the party is over!”Just after I hand my sunglasses to the guy that ejaculated in my mouth, about three or four guys unleash a torrent of sperm that splashes all over my face! Another couple of guys do the same thing, and within a few minutes all of them have ejaculated on me, except for one.The last guy is a very tall handsome black man with a huge monster cock!He casually skates over to me and stops with his rock hard cock about an inch away from my mouth. I look up at him then open my mouth wide. The head of his cock pushes slowly past my front teeth and keeps sliding in until it starts going down my throat, then I start rocking back and forth on my knees.After a couple of minutes the guy grabs my head with both of his big black hands and starts ramming his cock into me faster and faster!Seconds later he suddenly stops and ejaculates. After a few moments pulls his cock out of me and a tremendous amount of sperm gushes out of my mouth.Well, that was the last guy and what a mess I am! My hair is completely soaked and sperm is dripping off my face and running down between my breasts! This is the most fun that I have ever had in my life!I stand up and ask, “Is there anybody here that is a police officer?”Two guys raise their hands, so I ask them if they would es-cort me back to my car. They volunteer and I make it back to my car without incident. [Later that evening the telephone rings at the woman’s house. It is the two police officers.]Okay, I just got off the phone with them and they are coming over to collect their reward for making sure that I got back to my car safely.I asked them in a sexy voice, “What would you handsome young men like me to give you for a reward? Coffee, tea, or me?”They chose me, so I am going to take a quick shower before they get here.Goodbye.

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