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The quiet buzzing of my cell wakes me. It is 4:30a and I quickly grab the cell so it doesn’t wake up Blake, if it hasn’t already. I silence my cell and slip out of bed to take the call in the hallway.


“Courtney, this is dispatch. I was wondering if you could come in early to start your shift. Someone got sick and we need to make sure the squad is covered.”

“Ugh, when do I have to be there?”

“Well, given your drive time and a quick shower, can you be here at 6a?”

“Okay, I’ll call you when I’m close to quarters.”

“Thank you. I’ll hear from you shortly.”

“Yeah, bye.” I replied shortly. I quickly rushed back into the bedroom and headed towards the bathroom for a fast shower. After I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower, I reached for my towel, but Blake was standing in the doorway holding it. I reached out for it and he dropped it on the floor, revealing a hard-on.

“Blake, it is very nice to see you too, but I can’t participate right now. I have to leave for work soon.”

“Courtney, honey, work can wait. You don’t have to be there for another couple hours.”

“I got called in to come early. Emergency with someone at work, I have to make sure that the squad is staffed.”

Blake walks up to me, grabs my hand and puts it on his erection as he whispers in my ear how much he enjoyed watching me lather up my body.

I slowly start caressing his hard cock. He moans in my ear and tells me that is feels great.

Knowing that I was pressed for time and very horny, a quickie was in order.

I left Blake standing there, so involved in the pleasure from my hand, he didn’t notice that I was no longer standing in front of him, but kneeling.

“Oh, god!” he gasped as my mouth closed over the head of his penis. My tongue flicking gently over the top of him and then moving down his shaft. My hand massaging his testicles as I keep pleasuring him orally. I slowly keep working my lips and tongue up and down his hard cock.

After a few more moments, I kiss my way back up his stomach and chest to his lips. Blake puts his arms around me and pushes me towards the counter. He pushes me to sit down on the edge and aims his cock right for my pussy. He slides right in, knowing how aroused I get from giving him pleasure. I wrap my legs around his waist and lean back on my hands to allow for maximum thrusting.

Blake grabs a hold of my nipples, twisting them and teasing them in ways he knows can get me all riled up.

“Blake, you feel so good! You fill me up just right. Fuck me harder!”

“If you keep up that talk, you’re really going to get it.”

“Yeah baby. Slam it into me. Fuck the hell out of me!”

Blake pulls out, grabs my hips and forces me to stand up.

“You asked for it,” he says as he spins me around. He pushes my shoulders down and grabs my hips and pulls me slightly towards him. He pushes his cock into me balls deep.

“Oh yeah!” I moan between clenched teeth.

Blake starts thrusting himself into me as hard and as fast as he can. He keeps pounding into me harder each time.

“If you keep this up, I’m going to cum all over your hard cock.”

With this, Blake thrusts one last time into my wet pussy and releases his cum into me. After a few moments he pulls out and apologizes for not giving me time to finish too.

I hop off the countertop, clean myself up and rush out of the bathroom to get dressed. I quickly dress in my button up work shirt and black kazan escort Dickies pants. I grab what I need for work and shove it all into the cargo pockets of my pants and run out the door slipping my boots on but not bothering to zip up the sides yet.

I get into my car and head towards the interstate to head to work. I’m about five minutes from my home station and remembered that I didn’t know which station I needed to report to, so I called my dispatchers.

“Hey, it’s Courtney. I need to know where I’m stationed at.”

“You’ll still be at Station 1, Court. Thanks for checking in. We will be putting you in the system as at post.”

“Sounds good. I’ll be in the garage in a few minutes.” I walk in the door to the garage after gathering my jacket and duffel bag from my car and the phone starts to ring as soon as I pass it.

“Station 1, this is Courtney.”

“Court, you have a fire call. I’m sending the information to your squads Blackberry.”

“Ok, sounds good.”

I hang up the phone just as Tony came walking out to the garage knowing that he is first out for response.

“Hey Court, I checked the other bunk room and they were still sleeping, so I figured you were here already. I made you some coffee between calls.”

I take the cup of coffee and pour it into my insulated cup as we walk to the squad. I hop in and pull forward so Tony can close the garage door. I quickly check our Blackberry and click that we are in route to the destination and to look for our destinations address.

Tony jumps in and starts to fill out the run report while I flip on my strobes and flashers and turn on my siren as we pull out of the driveway.

We arrive on scene to a car that hit a house. No one in the house was hurt thankfully, but the four girls that were in the car were not wearing seat belts and all required some sort of medical attention. I automatically did a fast triage to find out who needed what and how bad they all were. I get on the radio with dispatch and tell them that I need another squad on scene.

I head out to the girl that needs the most urgent care, the fire chief has her in a collar and is holding c-spine as the girl is actively bleeding from her face. I yell for my partner to grab our cot and a long board.

We get the girl onto the backboard and strap her down onto it as well as onto our cot. The chief helps me bring the girl into the back of my ambulance so I can assess her while my partner is treating another patient and trying to get information. I complete a full trauma assessment and then try to assess the wounds and what exactly is going on with her. I start to undo the bandaging that the firefighters did and realized that we have to get going. The small laceration to her nose turned out to be a full severed septum and it was still bleeding creating a problem with the airway. I yell out to my partner that we have to get going.

He comes up to the side door with another patient and we end up performing a standing take down onto a long board with the new patient and strap her down to the side bench. I stay in the back because I am more qualified for the patients needs, and tell Tony to head to the regional trauma center.

I complete an assessment on the new patient while still maintaining an airway on the first patient. We get to the hospital and I describe the injuries to the two sets of trauma teams that meet us in the ambulance bay. They take the first patient keçiören escort of mine and rush her into the trauma room while the second team takes my second patient and pulls her into the critical care area of the arena.

I quickly give reports for both patients and then finish writing the run report narratives. I gather what equipment I can that we brought them in with and head back out to my squad and decontaminate things and put it all back for the next call. My pocket starts vibrating, so I grab the Blackberry to check my message status.

“Courtney, your partner is at the station. Let me know when you clear the hospital so I can put you to post.”

I type back, “Okay, will do. We should be clear within the next five minutes.”

I tell Tony to finish packing up our equipment while I head to the EMS room and top off my coffee cup and grab a granola bar for breakfast. I type to dispatch that we are ready to leave the area and if we are still to report to the station for a switch.

We get the clear and I exit the area and head back to the station house to pick up my partner for my 24-hour shift. Tony hops out of the ambulance to open up the door to the garage once we get back to the station. I back into a spot and turn the engine off. Tony gets back in and starts restocking what he used the day before for the new shift to start and gathered his belongings.

I finish my squad check out for the day and go inside the living quarters to put it in the box to management. I grab my duffel that someone put on the meeting table and decide to make my bed for later that night at work and head to my bunk room.

I open up the door to the bunkroom and someone is still asleep. It’s still dark outside, so I can’t exactly be certain of who it is that is still asleep. I quietly pull out my blanket and pillow and make my bed.

Whoever was sleeping is now waking up and I apologize if I woke them. All of a sudden, a hand reaches down the front of my pants and into my underwear and starts teasing my clit while the other hand of this person come to cover my mouth so I don’t make any loud noises. After a few seconds, I calm down and start enjoying myself and turn around to see that it is Blake.

He quickly undoes my belt and pushes my pants down to my ankles and lowers me to the bed. He isn’t wearing anything but a plain while t-shirt. Blake keeps rubbing my clit with his thumb as his other hand pulls the side string of my bikini bottoms and lets them fall down my left leg. He gets down on his knees and pulls my hips down to the edge of the bed as his tongue meets my clit.

He slowly teases my clit and pussy, sliding his tongue in and out of me, across my clit and around my pussy lips. Over and over, teasing me with each lick. I start squirming around, knowing that I’m going to cum soon, and run my fingers through his hair. He sticks his tongue inside of me as far as it can go as my hips start rocking and I cum.

Blake finishes licking me clean and then kisses his way up to my navel, breasts, and mouth. I taste myself on his tongue and want more. I grab the back of his head and suck all of my juices off his tongue while I grab his cock and position it at the entrance of my pussy.

With one hard kiss, Blake pushes his cock all the way into my drenched pussy making me grab the blanket on my bed and moan into his shoulder. He slowly pulls himself out, rubbing it from clit to ass and then teases my pussy ankara escort again.

“Sweetie, please give it to me. I need you so bad. You didn’t let me cum this morning, I need to cum so badly. I need you to let me cum for you.”

“Courtney, I didn’t want you to cum this morning so I could do this to you now. Why do you think I woke up? I wanted to get you in here alone and have you cum all over me.”

“Baby, please let me cum, I need to so bad.”

“I love it when you beg.”

Blake shoved his cock into me balls deep and I moaned out loud. He kept pushing himself in and out of me, keeping a nice and steady rhythm. He leans down to kiss me and we roll over having me be on top. I start riding his cock hard, swiveling my hips all around, wanting him to touch any place possible inside of me. I start sliding up and down his shaft faster, feeling my wetness coat him over and over again.

“Court, you are so wet. What have you been doing while you were on that call?”

I keep riding him, harder. My tits are bouncing all over the place and he reaches up to take a hold of them and starts twisting and pulling on my nipples. My body wants to cum and it wants to cum fast.

“Blake, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum all over your hard cock.”

“Courtney, I want you to cum for me. I want to feel your pussy pulsing around my cock.”

That’s all it took for me to ride him harder than before. Throwing my head back, my hips shaking, I start to cum. My pussy grabs his cock and holds it tight.

After my orgasm subsides, I get up off of his still hard cock and crawl down between his legs and start licking all my juices off of him. Sucking his cock hard and paying attention to the head of his cock and his testicles, I start stroking his shaft.

“Court, oh my gosh. You’re going to make me cum. Baby, oh yeah. Ohhhhhh!”

Blake’s warm load shoots straight to the back of my throat. I feel each squirt entering my mouth and try to keep up with the amount that is coming. I keep sucking on him until he goes soft, making sure to lick off all the juices. I lay next to him on my bunk until he catches his breath.

The phone starts ringing.

“Station 1, this is Blake and Courtney.”

“You two have a head out.”

He hangs up the phone. “Get dressed sweetie, we gotta go,” says Blake.

I retie my bikini bottoms, pull my pants up and tuck in my shirt. We head out to our squad and head out to a possible call. 14 hours later, Blake and I are finally getting back to the station. One block away, we see the other squad heading out and our blackberry tones go off.

“Blake, we have to go to the post.”

“Hmmm, that could get interesting.”

We drive the few miles to the post and park. I jump in the back to restock the supplies that we had used throughout the day that I just threw on the side bench in a bucket to put away later. I started putting away our oxygen supplies and I turn around and Blake pulls me into him for a long kiss.

I undo the straps and buckles on the cot and lay down. Blake climbs on top of me and starts undoing my work shirt. I reach for his cock through his pants and start rubbing it. My shirt is wide open and my nipples totally hard. Blake takes his cock out of his pants and puts it between my tits.

While he starts pumping away, I open my mouth and suck the head of his cock while he titty fucks me. Harder and faster he starts pushing between my breasts and into my hungry mouth. A few moments later, warmth is running down my cheeks, chin and into my mouth.

Blake hands me a towel from the linens on board and helps me wipe up.

The Blackberry’s tones start going off again. “Blake, we have a fire call.”

“Courtney, it’s a good thing we finished on time.”

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