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A little after 6, the phone on my desk rings. It’s you. “Good. You’re still here. I need you to install that remote control software. Can you?”

“Yeah I’ll be right there.”

“OK. And take ’em off before you come back.”

I grin and feel myself getting wet again. “Oh they’ve been off since lunchtime.”

“Damn, woman.”

I head back to your office with the software, the anticipation making me even wetter and putting a big grin on my face.

You’re sitting at the desk on the phone when I walk in. You stand up and motion for me to sit in the chair while you stand next to me and finish your call. I stand and lean forward to reach the CD-ROM drive on your laptop. I feel your fingers slide up the back of my skirt, stroking my bare pussy lips. You quickly finish your phone call and stand behind me. You slide one long finger inside of me. “Damn you are so wet.” I look back at you and grin.

“Did you think about me last night?” I nod. You thrust your finger deeper inside me, and I moan. “What did you think about?”

I am leaning forward, my hands on the desk. I swing my long dark hair around and look back at you. I manage to stammer out, “I thought about you going down on me.”

“Mmmm. I’ll do that in a bit. But don’t you ever think of us just fucking?” I nod. “Where did we do it?”

“On your desk. You had me laid out on your desk. And then …” I stop. You ask me to continue. I turn to look at you again. “Are you sure you want to hear more?” You add a second finger inside me.

“Tell me.”

“Oh damn. We were in the conference room down here. I was in one of the chairs. You had me tied to one of the chairs.”

“WOW.” You slide your fingers out of me and lean forward. You lift the back of my skirt up to my waist and rake your teeth down my ass. My whole body shudders. You sit me in your chair and pull a second chair up next to mine. Sliding my skirt up again, you pull my legs onto your lap so you can examine my bare pussy. Your fingers explore every inch, running all over the smooth skin. “So pretty.” You look up at me. “You did this for me?” I nod.


I run my fingers over your upper lip and chin, stroking the soft hair there. “Because I know you like eating my pussy. And I wanted to see how it felt with your facial hair.” Your green eyes burn as you stare at me.

“Then I guess we’ll have to try it.” And with that, you place your glasses on the desk, slide off your chair to your knees in front of me and bury your tongue in my pussy. “Oh God!” I cry out as I feel your lips on mine. Your lips and tongue caress every inch of me, and you slide a finger inside of me too. You capture my lips in your mouth, pulling them out and sucking deeply. You run your tongue up and down my lips, and around my clit. I can feel the soft hair on your upper lip rub against my hardened clit. I put my legs up on your shoulders and run my fingers through your hair, pulling you closer. “Damn, that feels SO good.” Your lips cover my clit. You lightly flick your tongue back and forth on my clit, then increase your speed. “Oh right there. Yes. I’m gonna cum!” I cry out as I hold your head even closer to me. You lightly rake your teeth across my clit and then suck greedily.

My body explodes. Your lips and tongue continue to tease me for a little longer until I am squirming in the chair.

I move my legs off your shoulders and pull you up to kiss me. I love kissing you when I can taste myself on your lips. “WOW. That was great. Can you do that again?” I ask. You laugh. “No seriously. Can you do that again? Oh!” I stop as you slide two fingers inside of me and rub my clit with your thumb. As I have just come down from an orgasm, I’m not really close to another one yet, so I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of your fingers inside of me.

You suddenly stop. My eyes fly open. Your eyes are burning as you stare at me. “You do it. I want to watch you touch yourself.” And you lean back in your seat. I’m glad that I sincan escort haven’t done my nails in awhile cause it’s not easy to do with acrylic. Keeping my eyes locked on yours, I slowly suck one of my fingers to get it nice and wet, and then reach down to rub it on my clit. Your eyes leave mine as you watch my hand. I rub my clit, then slide my index finger inside of me as far as I can. Your mouth opens slightly as your breathing becomes shallower.

“I’m not used to doing this without a vibrator. I might need some help,” I tell you. You swallow audibly.

“I’ll help you in a minute.” You continue to watch me pump my finger in and out of my pussy, switching to rub my clit and then going back inside of me. “Uh, feel free to use both hands.” I grin. I raise my other hand to your mouth and let you suck my finger for a few seconds, then I rub my clit with that hand. “What are you thinking? Tell me what you think about when you touch yourself at night, what you’re thinking about now.”

My breath is shallow and the words spill out jerkily. “I’m thinking about unzipping your pants and pulling out your cock. Rubbing the tip of your cock up and down my bare pussy lips until you are rock hard and dripping wet. Sitting back down and pulling you closer to me. Running my tongue around your head, tasting myself on you, tasting you. Reaching out one hand to cup your balls, while my other hand rubs my clit. Sliding my tongue along the underside of your shaft all the way down to the bottom. Running my tongue around the base of your cock and then sliding it back up your shaft. Taking as much of you as I can in my mouth, still teasing you with my tongue, sucking lightly. Teasing you, sliding my mouth up and down, running my tongue over every inch of you, massaging your balls, until you are begging me to make you cum.

“Then hopping up on the edge of the desk and pulling you to me. You lower your lips to mine, kissing me deeply as my hand guides the tip of your cock to my pussy lips again. I slide you up and down again to wet you, then guide just the head of you inside. I cry out against your lips and you move your mouth to cover my ear and murmur my name. ‘I want to fuck you. Now.’

“I pull away and look into your eyes. ‘Yes. But slowly so it doesn’t hurt.’ You slide a little more than your head inside, pulling my legs further apart for better access. I lean back on the desk, hoping the angle will allow me to accept more of you inside me, my hands playing with my nipples. You slowly work yourself deeper inside of me, telling me how tight my pussy is, pausing often to let my body get used to you, to expand to accept you. You manage to slide yourself in to the hilt, your pelvis hitting my clit on each thrust.”

“You manipulate my legs so my ankles are on your shoulders, trying to adjust for a better angle and depth. You turn your head slightly and brush your lips against my ankle. You place your hands over mine on my breasts. You take one of my hands in yours and slide it down to my clit, your fingers rubbing in tandem with mine. ‘Keep your hand there.’ I continue to rub my clit as you slide your hands back up to my breasts, rolling my nipples between your fingers, pinching lightly.

I pause for a moment as you have unbuttoned my shirt. The bra I’m wearing is very low cut and lacy. You slide the cups down to expose my nipples and cover one with your mouth. A shiver runs through my body. You stop and look up at me, waiting for me to continue. As I continue to talk, you alternate your mouth and your hand on my breasts, lightly pinching and running your teeth across my nipples.

“Oh damn. I have had several small orgasms so far, and I can feel another one, a bigger one, building. So can you as you lock your eyes with mine and say, ‘Cum for me, baby. I want to feel you cum on my cock now.’

“Your finger presses down on my hardened clit and you thrust as far as you can into me. My knuckle in my teeth muffles sıhhiye escort my scream as the orgasm rips through me. I clench every muscle I can around your cock, trying to make you cum as well. ‘Oh damn, I’m cumming too,’ you growl out as you thrust deeply into me one more time and I feel you explode inside me. I keep my muscles tight for as long as I can, riding you.

“You move my legs so they are now at your sides and I wrap them around you, keeping you deep inside me. You lean over me, breathing heavy, your hands on the opposite edge of the desk, holding on for support. I reach my arms up around your neck and pull you down to me. I kiss you lightly at first, until you make it more passionate, drawing my tongue into your mouth and sucking deeply.

That’s what I’m thinking about now.”

You have stopped sucking my nipples and have begun rubbing your cock through your pants. I can see the outline of your shaft through the fabric. You take my hand off my clit and place it on the bulge in your lap, and I stroke you. You reach over and put your hand where mine was, rubbing hard and fast. I cum in a matter of seconds. I cum hard, squeezing my legs around your hand and mine, holding them tight to my body, my ass rising off the chair from the intensity. I can feel my juices flowing out of me. You grin at me. “Damn, woman.”

After a minute or two, when I can breathe normally again, I lean forward to kiss you. I run my fingers through your hair, pulling you closer to me. Our tongues intertwine and I can still faintly taste myself on you. I break the kiss. “Now it’s your turn.”

I stand up and pull you to your feet. I untuck your shirt, running my hands along your waist, feeling your body jump at my touch. I undo your belt and the button, slowly sliding down the zipper. I run my hands along the waistband of your pants and slide them down slighlty, exposing your white briefs. I run my fingertips over your cock through the fabric of your briefs, feeling you strain against my touch. I slide my hands down your briefs, stroking your shaft. I manage to get the briefs down enough to expose your cock to me. I wrap my hand around you. Or at least try to. “I don’t think you’re going to fit inside me.”

“Why do you say that?” you ask.

“You are so big around. And you’re always telling me how tight I am.” I rub my thumb around your head, feeling the wetness that is already there.

You grin. “You are. But you’re also so wet that it shouldn’t be a problem,” you say shakily, one hand sliding back up my skirt.

“Don’t distract me!” I scold. You move your hand away. “Sit down.” You do. I kneel in front of you. “Move a little closer.” You do. I cup my breasts in my hands and rub them against the head of your cock. You groan slightly and push your cock closer to me. I can feel your pre-cum wetting my nipples and breasts slightly. “Hmmm. This isn’t going to work too well. We’ll have to try that later. This position is much better for other things.”

I lean forward and run my tongue around your head. “Oh damn!” you cry out. I taste you briefly before sliding my tongue down your shaft and then back up. I take your head in my mouth and suck lightly. Slowly, I slide my mouth down your shaft, trying to take in more of you. “Your mouth feels so good around me.” I run my fingers along the bottom of your shaft and your balls. “Have you been thinking about sucking my cock?” I murmur my assent, feeling your body shudder at the vibrations this causes. “Not as long as I have.”

I slide my mouth all the way up your shaft, barely breaking contact. I thin strand of your pre-cum connects my lips to your cock. “How long have you been thinking about this?” I ask before swirling my tongue around your head again.

“Damn, woman!” Your body jumps at my touch again. “Since I started working here.” Your hand reaches out and lightly rests on the back of my head, stroking my hair. “Oh, that’s it,” you cry out. I feel you subayevleri escort expand even more in mouth. I suck harder, my tongue probing the ridge where your head meets your shaft. Your hand tightens on my head as you groan, “Oh, baby. I’m gonna cum.” I slide off a little, still sucking. You explode, your cum filling my mouth as I hungrily suck every drop. I swallow, continuing to milk every drop I can, still sucking lightly on your head until you are squirming.

You pull me up to your lap, kissing me, my neck, my ear. “Wow. That was … wow.” You wrap your arms around me, holding me tight to you. “Can you do that again soon?” Now it’s my turn to laugh. I shift on your lap to kiss you again, but your sharp intake of breath stops me. “Damn. You are still so wet.” My shifting has caused my wet pussy to brush against your sensitive cock. I feel you twitch slighty. I raise my eyebrows.

“Is that a problem?” I ask.

“No! No. Just a little sensitive,” you reply.

“Oh. Then I’ll be gentle.” I grin wickedly as I push myself down more on you.

“I see how you want to play.” Your eyes smoldering, you grasp my wrists in yours, holding them tight against my body. You move your free hand between my legs, thrusting two fingers inside of me. I groan, arching my body against you, pressing against your cock. You twist me in the chair to give you access to my breasts. You lower your head to my nipple and I
arch my body toward your lips. I cry out as you clamp your teeth lightly on my nipple. You stop. “Wow. I think you just got even wetter when I did that.”

I grin, breathing heavily, my eyes closed. “That’s because I like it when you do that.”

“Then I’ll keep doing it.” And you do, switching to the other breast as well. Your fingers continue to thrust deep in me, hitting the other spot I like. I cry out again. Your cock has been getting harder throughout your sweet torture. I strain my hands against yours, trying to get free so I can stroke your cock, but you won’t let me.

“Oh damn. Oh damn. I’m gonna cum again!” I cry out. Your thumb presses against my clit as I cum again, arching even more, your mouth still firmly fastened to my nipple.

Before I have even finished riding the orgasm out, you have shifted our position on the chair. You release my hands and grasp me around the waist, lifting me up slightly. You slide yourself a little more to the edge of the chair. When I feel the head of your cock against my pussy, I reach down to guide you inside me. I feel a slight twinge of pain as you stretch me, but it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. You knew what you were doing when you started fucking me before I was done cumming. 🙂

Your hands on my waist hold me slightly off of your body, so you are not buried to the hilt until I am ready. I reach down and rub my clit, making myself even wetter. “Damn. You are so fucking WET!” you cry as you feel my juices slide down your shaft. I try to relax my body as much as I can and thrust myself down on your cock as far as I can. “Oh GOD!” Both of us say it. Thank God the building is empty by now, because we have gotten loud.

I lean back against your chest, your hands cupping my breasts, pinching my hard swollen nipples. I cry out in pleasure again. I ride you slowly, loving the feel of you inside me. “You feel SO good inside of me. I don’t … I don’t know if I can last much longer.”

“That makes two of us,” you growl into my ear, your teeth pulling at my earlobe. “You are so fucking tight. Your pussy feels so good stretched tight around my cock. I want to cum inside you.” I groan, tightening my muscles around your cock even more. It’s your turn to groan now. “I’m gonna cum soon. But I want you to cum first. Cum for me again, baby. Cum for me now.” You thrust up as hard as you can. I bite down on my lip and thrust down to meet you.

“Aw fuck. I’m cumming!” I cry out. My pussy tightens around your cock and you explode inside me. We ride the orgasm out together, your hands still cupping my breasts.

I collapse against your chest, both of us breathing hard, you still inside me. “Damn,” you say, wrapping your arms around me tightly.

“Damn is right,” I tell you. “I think I need to load software on your laptop more often.”

You laugh.

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