Working Susan’s Groin

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I began by having Susan indulge her body in a soothing, warm bath, during which I carefully removed all the stubble from the tender skin of her armpits and at the tops of her inner thighs. Thus, by the time that she emerged, her entire body was warm and pink, and two of its most sensitive surfaces were thoroughly exposed and vulnerable.

Once I had toweled her dry, I had Susan lie with her back on a cushion which I had placed on the floor next to the wall. When her rump was a few inches from the wall, I asked her to raise her legs so that they formed a “V” and her heels rested against the wall. After her legs were in place, I asked her to rest her arms along the sides her head, and, as a result, Susan’s torso was now presented to me in a most attractive way. Obviously, her position entailed some stretching of her entire body, but, because her heels were supported by the wall, only her groin was subjected to anything which could be described as real strain. In fact, even there it was merely the steady pull of gravity on the tendons in her thighs which produced a mild and easily tolerated tension.

When Susan had assumed this pose, I told her that she was allowed to move her body in any way which did not diminish the tension in her thighs. Thus, although she was permitted to spread her legs further apart, she was to do nothing which brought them closer together. Having explained these basic ground rules, I sat myself down next to her hips and began to slowly massage and tease the exquisitely soft, recently shaved skin at the juncture of her thighs. Not surprisingly, she found my activity simultaneously soothing and exciting, and in response she was increasingly willing to let gravity pull her legs further kızılay escort apart as her muscles slowly accommodated themselves to the stretching to which they were being subjected. Thus, after about ten minutes, the angle between her thighs had increased so much that her legs were nearly parallel to the floor and the musculature on their inner sides had become prominent.

However, it was not until I turned my attention to the tender folds of flesh which are the gates to her vagina that Susan abandoned all concern for her already stressed tendons and exacerbated their plight by lifting her pelvis in an attempt to increase the sexual pleasure my fingers were eliciting from her body. Needless to say, the flesh on which I was working was well lubricated by her own secretions, and her position left this most intimate part of her anatomy completely open to my ministrations. Thus, once I had begun this intense stimulation, it took just a few minutes to bring Susan to the brink of orgasm. However, orgasm was not what I wanted her to experience at this point. Instead, when I saw that further stimulation would push her over the threshold, I withdrew my hand and told her that I was going to make her stay where she was while her own copious secretions dried and, as a consequence, sealed close the entrance to her clitoris and its environs.

In order to hasten the drying process, I positioned a floor fan so that it would blow a stream of air directly at the apex of her widely spread thighs. I then sat myself at the top of Susan’s head, lifted her head onto my lap, and, while the fan blew gently at the soft curls in the vicinity of her stretched groin, I equally gently stroked the silky flesh which kolej escort runs along her inner arms from her elbows to the hallows of her armpits. In this way, the two of us found ourselves staring with considerable awe at the picture which her lower body presented to us. Of course, it was the extreme spread of her legs which drew our gaze. Not only did their position bring her leg muscles into relief, it displayed her entire pelvic region in a way that was new to both of us. In particular, Susan discovered that the tension on her inner thighs could be somewhat alleviated by tipping her pelvis forward (i.e., up), a movement which brought the area around her groin into even greater prominence. Thus, we could literally watch in detail the progress of her sealing as her secretions dried on her vaginal lips and matted the surrounding genital hair.

Although I wanted Susan to come down from the sexual high at which she was when I stopped teasing her, I did not want make her wait so long that the stress of her position would inhibit her ability to regain that high. With this in mind, it was less than fifteen minutes before I turned off the fan and took up my post next to her hips. As I had hoped, her vaginal lips had been sealed shut and her secretions had been transformed from being a lubricant which increased her accessibility into being a glue which hindered it. When my fingers revisited her vaginal lips, they skimmed along, but did not disturb, the sealed crease along which the lubricated folds of her flesh had been glued. Of course, Susan’s sexual core was just below and soon re-ignited. Hence, when I began to a subtle tapping along this sealed crease, her natural reaction was to do everything ankara escort she could to increase my access to those regions which remained tantalizing untouched. To this end, she began once again to tilt her pelvis forward while forcing her thighs even further apart. However, in spite of her intense efforts, the seal held its own and prevented the secretions which she was now producing in abundance from penetrating the barrier which her earlier secretions had created. As time passed, Susan’s genital region became a miniature volcano: her core being flooded with freshly produced lava beneath a surface made impregnable by lava left from an earlier explosion. Even with her legs so spread that her feet were within inches of the floor, she was unable to expose the highly sensitive region to which she desperately wanted me to have access. Nonetheless, when my subtle tapping evolved into a steady drumming on the spot right over her clitoris, I knew that there would be an eruption in the not too distant future.

In keeping with the geological metaphor, the renewed flow of Susan’s own secretions combined with my incessant drumming above her clitoris eventually caused a breach in the barrier which was the source of her frustration. No sooner did this breach occur than my fingers slipped through the crease between her vaginal lips and reached her grateful clitoris, an event which she greeted with a mighty thrust of her entire lower body: pelvis, splayed legs, and all.

It took quite a while for Susan to recover from her hard earned sensual crescendo. In fact, she was so exhausted from the orgasm which she had achieved that for another five minutes she hardly moved her legs even though she was free to bring them together. The following day, I asked Susan whether she thought that she might want to ever again achieve orgasm in this arduous way. Wincing a little as she rubbed the sore muscles in her groin and understandably ambivalent, she smiled and admitted that she thought she might.

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