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This adventure of mine is a little after the gangbang I had which I wrote in my story titled ‘A Wedding to Remember’. By now, I had gotten a job in public relations firm. The only problem was the pay was moderate and the work was too much. I didn’t mind it though as my career was just starting off. But I didn’t know the job would get even more interesting as time went by.

Being in corporate public relations, I had to wear formal clothes to work. You know, crisp white shirts, pencil grey skirts paired sometimes with a matching coloured jackets. Other girls wore formal pants as well. But I preferred skirts with the high heels.

Naturally, my looks and the clothes which showed off my curvy figure, grabbed the attention of a number of male colleagues. But I knew better than involving myself from work. Also, there wasn’t really any one worth getting into bed with.

However, men as they are, no isn’t a no. The head of client servicing had the hots for me. Trying to chat me up during lunches, meeting downstairs for smokes, the works. When nothing else worked for him, he managed to shift me to his team to spend more time with him.

Client servicing though turned out to be a lot of fun. We basically had to show them around town, go for dinners, take them out for meetings, ensure they have a good time. I was having the time of my life and the best part was the company was paying for the good time I was having.

All the time spent at work meetings was taking its toll on my sex life though. After my gangbang at the Goa wedding, it had been seven months since I had been fucked. Things were getting desperate. Samir, the head of client servicing who had the hots for me, suddenly looked a good prospect. He was 35, average body slightly taller than me but he was funny and charming.

After another night of drinking out with representatives of one of the companies we worked for, I was very drunk and asked Samir to drop me home. He was a gentleman, throughout the drive and did not eye me, like he used to. At the time, I was suddenly feeling unwanted and I knew there’s just one way to get over it.

“Samir, why don’t you come up for a cup of coffee?”

“Hmmm, its getting late, but maybe just a quick cup,” he replied.

As the lift was coming down, Samir remained all calm. But I was plotting my move. As reached my door, I dropped the keys intentionally in front of him. As I knelt down to pick it up my face just grazed his crotch and I felt it was hard. I thought this will be quite easy now.

I was wearing a dress with a long zipper at the back and as soon as we entered, I told him I’ll quickly go make coffee. After about two three minutes, I spilt some of it on my dress and yelled out to him.

“Can you help me unzip? I need to put this in the washer immediately,” I said as he entered the kitchen. He came up to me nervously and started fumbling with the zipper finally managing to unzip it.

I bumped my ass into his crotch rubbing against it as I grabbed his hand and to his surprise brought it up to massage my boobs as my dress fell.

“What are you doing Ria? This isn’t right,” he mumbled out not meaning a word of what he said. “But your cock says its perfectly fine Samir.”

As I said that he turned me around, wearing only my panties while he beşevler escort stood there in his suit. He started to massage my boobs like it was the first time he saw boobs. Kneading them and squeezing them. Before we even kissed, he moved down and took my nipple in his mouth. I let out a long moan as pushed me now towards the small dining table brushing off some cutlery that was kept there.

His tongue was lashing away at my nipples and it was driving me wild. My juices were wetting up my panties as Samir sucked away on boobs. All of a sudden, he stopped. “Do you have honey?” he asked. “Its in the cabinet on top of the fridge.”

I lay on the table, spreading my legs as my hands slipped into my pussy while I moaned away for Samir.

He came back and poured half of that honey on my boobs all the way down my body to my pussy. “Now you need to clean up this mess boss,” I winked at him and before I could complete my sentence he start the clean up job on my boobs.

Within minutes he licked clean both my boobs and start to lick down my body. He took of my panties and threw them away exposing my slightly hairy pussy (I stopped shaving for a while) to him. He licked two of his fingers and slid them straight into my pussy as he continued licking every inch of every curve of my body.

My moans grew louder and longer and he knew I was enjoying it. Samir started to treat me like his whore. There was no conversation just pure passion. He spat on my pussy before he covered it with his mouth and started to eat my pussy.

Samir’s tongue was exploring my pussy as my both writhed and shaked to an orgasm. The time was ripe. Without even taking his clothes off, Samir unzipped and let his cock out. He took the tip and ran it along the length of my pussy lips as I moaned for him to fuck me.

He grabbed both my tits and slammed his cock in, must have been around 8 inches. The sudden entry left me wide mouthed as I looked up at him. With the utmost pleasure Samir, still in his suit, kept pounding me.

The dining table shook at every stroke which were getting faster and faster as my juices and his pre-cum provided ample lubrication. I turned around with him still inside me and now my feet were on the floor and my boobs pressed against the table.

Samir was grabbing my hair and pulling my head back as he banged me like I was a bitch. He started spanking my ass as his cock was trembling inside my pussy. After another couple of strokes he pushed me off, turned me around and put me back on the table.

His cock throbbing in his hand he pointed it at my bush and shot his load on it. As simple as that he zipped up and had some water. “Ria, you are amazing. There’s a bright future for you,” he said and started to walk to out. “I’ll see you at work tomorrow and next time you better get rid of that bush.”

For the next few weeks, Samir and I worked like utter professionals. Work was good and every other night when we stayed in late, I made sure he shot his load in my mouth with me under the table.

This continued for another four-five months. Samir would come over on the weekends and fuck me, always with my pussy shaved. But I was getting bored. I needed more excitement. I had no idea what was in store next.

It was a Friday, beypazarı escort Samir was working late and I went in, thinking he was waiting for me. “Ria, not tonight, there’s this company I want to rope in but they are proving to be a tough nut to crack,” he said feeling very disturbed.

“Well, let me know whatever I need to do,” I said. “Well, right now finish off the research because we need to meet him tomorrow for dinner.”

Next day, dressed in my finest gown, I went with Samir to meet our next potential client, Raghav, the chief executive officer of a major corporate firm.

After just completing our entrees, Raghav said he had to go for a meeting and cut ours short. But five minutes after he left, he messaged Samir saying he wants me to give a complete presentation at his office tomorrow.

Both of us were confused but the next day in my high heels, white shirt and pencil grey skirt went to Raghav’s office. The receptionist took me to an empty conference room where Raghav joined us after about half an hour.

He walked in, locked the door and took a seat. “You may begin now.” I tied up my hair into a bun, dimmed the lights and started my presentation. He seemed to be paying a lot of attention to what I was saying.

About half way through my presentation, he came up behind me while I was explaining some calculations on the big screen. I felt him running his hands over my ass and coming up the sides of my body towards my boobs.

Now Raghav, unlike Samir, was a suave man. Tall, dark and handsome with a deep bassy voice. Him exploring my body during a presentation was inappropriate, but it was the excitement I was looking for.

He turned me around put his arms around my waist and said, “Enough of the presentation, I want to know what you can do for me.”

I leaned in and kissed him. Our lips locked together, tongues exploring each other’s mouths. I broke the kiss and said, “I definitely can do more than that.” While saying that, Raghav undid my hair and started to unbutton my shirt, I took his jacket off and started to unbutton his shirt.

I started to kiss his chest and nipples as he spent no time in taking my skirt and panties off and leaving me naked in his conference room.

I playfully bit his nipples before he lifted me and took me towards the leather couch in the room. As he laid down on the couch he put me on top of him. I leaned in and continued to kiss his chest. My hands slid down to his pants as I undid the buckle and pushed it down. His semi hard cock resting between my boobs as I kissed his well formed abs.

I smiled at him as I looked up at him while slinking down off the couch. “I think you are going to better than I imagined,” he said.

I started to kiss between his thighs and licked his balls as I start to stroke his cock to life. “What about your busy schedule? No meetings today?” I asked. “From the moment I saw you, I wanted you and this was the only way.”

My mouth took both his balls in as I started to stroke his cock harder. My lips started to plant kisses on the sides of Raghav’s cock as I kept stroking it. Feeling it harder than ever, I took his cock into my mouth. My hair falling over his crotch but he wanted to see so he grabbed a hold of all my hair together ankara escort and started to fuck my mouth.

My mouth started to suck his cock really hard to draw out the cum stored in those balls. His cock kept fucking my mouth and after a while it started to throb real hard in my mouth. I tried to bring it out but he grabbed my hair and made me take his cock deep into my mouth as he shot his load in my mouth.

As I ate his cum, which was dripping down the sides of my lips, I could see he was still hard. “Now time to ride me,” he said. I obliged as I got up and placed my dripping pussy above his cock. My hands on his chest as I came down and let his cock slip into my pussy.

Usually when I ride someone I have to do most of the work. But with Raghav none of that. He grabbed my waist and lifted me up and down making me ride him. He also arched his hips to go deeper in me and his cock everytime hit the back wall of my pussy before pulling almost all the way out.

I was biting my lips, covering my mouth with my hands as I tried to stay quiet and that just egged Raghav on to fuck me harder and harder.

He grabbed and mauled my tits as he kept bouncing me on his cock. I sat on his lap with his cock deep in my pussy and I arched my body as I felt a violent orgasm come over me. I couldn’t hold back and let out a loud moan as I came hard on his cock.

“The room is sound proof, so you can cum again,” he said. Raghav was still hard and this time he laid me on my back on the couch. “You can go on and on can’t you?” I asked playfully as I lifted my legs and put it on his shoulders. “More than you can imagine baby.”

Immediately as he said that he got on top of me and entered me with my legs on his shoulders. The leverage he was getting was incredible. His cock was deeper in me than anyone had ever been. Every stroke of his was hard and firm and every stroke was making me yell.

I grabbed whatever I could as he kept pounding me like a piece of meat, not caring for my screams. I tried to push him off for a slight break but he was relentless.

Again, very soon, I started to cum. Squirting out my juices all over his couch. He pulled out and went to the executive seat. Leaning back he called out to me. “Now, now, you are not done till I’m done cumming,” he said.

As the previous two times I obliged. My back facing him I started to ride him in the reverse cowgirl position. He grabbed my boobs and kept guiding me as I kept riding him. My pussy loved his cock. The lips were gripping onto his cock real tight. I could feel every inch of skin rubbing against the insides of my pussy. His veins throbbing inside me and this time both of us were reaching an orgasm.

The first gushes of his cum hit the insides of my pussy and that triggered my own orgasm. My juices were exploding on his cock while it kept shooting out jets of sperm.

We went back and laid back on the couch while I was in his arms. “So are you going to sign us?” I asked. “Oh hell yeah, I’m going to keep you right up next to me. You are the hottest little bitch I know.”

After about half an hour, we got up to get dressed, still kissing each other like long lost lovers. As I got up, his cum was dripping out of my pussy while I cleaned up with the tissues. I dressed up the best I could but the hair remained in a mess.

As I would later find out, this ‘conference room’ was really Raghav’s fuck room. But he was an important client and we signed him. We also would fuck very regularly, in fact thanks to him I joined the mile high club. But that’s a story for another time, isn’t it.

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