Yes, Rebecca Moore does have a Bush

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“I asked you a question, who are you?” she whined, shooting me a dirty look. “Were you just watching me, and did you jack off too?”

I failed to look at her and covered my face with both hands.

Although, then she grabbed one of my hands and yanked me out of the stall. “You sick bastard,” she blasted me, grabbing her undergarments. “You stole my bra and panties and jacked off into them as you watched me pleasure myself? What the hell is the matter with you? Can’t you respect a woman’s privacy? I’m Rebecca Moore, and I’ll crush your reputation in an instant if you don’t start talking. Who the fuck do you think you are?” she asked, placing her hands on her hips.

I couldn’t let out a single word to save my life, but my eyes stayed on her boobs.

“What the hell?” she bitched, covering them up. “Are you staring at my breasts, you disgusting freak? Are you hard too? You were jacking it, weren’t you?”

I still couldn’t let any words drop, but I still couldn’t resist the temptation to check out her bush again, though. No matter how pissed off she was at me, I got to see her body even closer, and my cock became harder than a rock.

“I don’t know who you are, but I’m turning you into the principal, so you’re going to get expelled,” she warned me, before grabbing her towel.

“No, please don’t do that,” I pleaded, coming towards her and putting my hands together.

She looked at me, but wrapped her towel around herself, covering up her melons as well. Neither of us spoke for a moment, but I pulled up my pants completely.

After a moment, her eyebrows went down. “Are you saying anything else, like your name or why the hell I shouldn’t turn you in, perv? Are you even a student here?”

I nodded while biting my bottom lip. “I’m sorry, Rebecca, you are just so beautiful, and I saw you coming in here when I was sure no one else was in here.”

“Oh, you’re that guy I passed by out there in the hallway, aren’t you?”

“Yes, please don’t bust me, I’ll do anything, I swear.”


“Yes, just please don’t screw me over. I just wanted to see you, that’s all,” I mentioned, before a gap. “I just made myself come in for a chance to see you. Then I found your undergarments and let my horny self take over. I’m so sorry, Rebecca, you’re just stunning, and I’ve thought so ever since our freshmen year. You’ve turned into one beyond sexy lady over the years, and I couldn’t possibly name a more dazzling lady, famous or not.”

“Wait a minute, you’ve known who I am for nearly four years now, and I have no idea who you are?”

“You’re the most popular person in this school, and you’ve dated guys like Chris throughout high school too. You definitely deserve to be an athlete, too, and I’ve seen you play many times before. You’re going places after high school because you can kick ass out on the basketball court. I swear, I worship the ground you walk on, Rebecca.”

“Thank you for that. I’m flattered. So, do you think I’m a bitch for all things I just said to you then, what is your name?” she pondered, grinning somewhat.

“I’m Vince Williams, and I’ve had a crush on you ever since I first set my eyes on you four years ago.”

“Well, shit, I’m even more charmed now,” she stated, looking down. “I have no idea who you are, but you seem to know me quite well. Is it fair to say that you know my bra size now?” she pondered, peeking back at me.

“No, I wasn’t looking at the tag at all, so are you not mad now, Rebecca?”

She closed the gap between us, but failed to touch me. I surely didn’t know what was going through her mind, but she smiled at me.

“What are you doing?”

“What, am I making you uneasy? Didn’t you enjoy watching me masturbate with my purple friend?”

“Yes, and you named your dildo?”

“Don’t you think ‘Purple Lover’ has a nice ring to it, Vince? You’re shaking now, just as I think you were when you were jacking it, weren’t you? You found my soft spot, me playing basketball. Have you really watched me play?”

“Yes, I’ve been at every single game since you started playing, and I’ve seen you practice a whole lot too.”

“Oh, how sweet of you, I didn’t know I had such a passionate fan. Were you watching me today then?” she asked, placing her palms on my chest.

“No, I had detention.”

“Oh, that’s too bad, I nearly decided to take off my tank top and shorts and just play in that very same bra and panties you masturbated into,” she told me, before a pause. “Oh, you’re cheesing now, Vince. Now that you have my attention, is there anything else you want to say?”

“You’re drop-dead gorgeous. Rebecca, and I’d sell my soul to be with you.”

“Oh, you’re sweet, Vince,” she added, letting her hands come down towards my crotch. “Chris was never sweet to me; he just wanted to play ball and make sure everyone loved him with me just cheering him on the whole time. I said fuck that a million times until I just had enough on the phone a little while ago. Did you hear that too?

“Yes, and what about Barry, Stu, James, kızılay escort Rob, and Kirt? What was wrong with them?”

“Damn, you have been paying attention to me, Vince,” she admired me, rubbing my dick over my shorts. “You haven’t seen me fuck any of them in here, though, have you?”

“No, Rebecca,” I chuckled, shaking my head no. “You’ve had sex with them in this locker room?”

“I’ve fucked each one of them at least once in here, yes. Dare I ask, do you want to be the next one, Vince?”

“What, no,” I objected, backing away. “I can’t have sex with you, Rebecca, you’re the most popular woman in school. You’re completely out of my league.”

“So, what?” she pondered, closing the gap. “You said yourself; you’d sell your soul to be with me. You didn’t let your seed loose onto my undergarments for nothing unless you solely have a panty fetish. That’s not that case, is it?” she asked, placing her hands on my crotch again. “You have some serious wood down there now, and you can’t even see my breasts or twat now. It sounds like you certainly want to be the next one that I have sex with in here, Vince. You’ve already stated how beautiful you think I am, but now you’re not interested?”

“I am, but you’re on the rebound now, Rebecca, and feeling vulnerable too. I couldn’t take advantage of you like that.”

“Even if I do this?” she inquired, undoing her towel.

It fell, and I instantly got an extra close up view of her nude body.

“I already know you like what you see, Vince,” she pointed out, pushing up her melons just a bit. “These are c-cups, by the way. Would you like to feel them? Just make yourself touch my hooters as you made yourself come in here to get a look at me. Are you going to turn me down now? If you do, you’re not going to get another opportunity. Are you happy just seeing me and pleasuring yourself with my undergarments?”

“If I say no thank you, are you going to turn me in though?”

“No,” she answered, taking my hands in hers. “I’ve already been a floozy to you; I don’t want to soil my number one fan even more. If you got expelled, you wouldn’t be able to follow me to college and watch me some more.”

“Even though you’re giving me an ultimatum?”

“Call me crazy, but I don’t think a sweet black haired, somewhat average guy, like you, is going to turn down the most popular woman in school as you’ve referred to me several times now. Is that true?”

I couldn’t fully comprehend what she was proposing exactly, but I helped myself to view her bosoms and the rest of her body the most I could. After a moment in silence, she brought her hands back to my crotch.

“Well, if I can’t even get you to feel my boobs, may I at least see your schlong up close, and will you let me feel it too?”

I nodded, and then she angled her head down towards my shorts again. I breathed even more heavily for the few seconds as she undid my shorts.

“You’re rattling around like a bull now, dare I ask, you are feeling more or less comfortable?”

“I don’t know, Rebecca.”

“Maybe you’ll know for sure after I do this,” she announced, before she dug into my boxers. “There is your hard member,” she pointed out, before she pulled it out.

We both peeked down and saw her right hand, stroking it ever so slowly.

“Wow, you’re jiggling around, even more, Vince. Am I making you feel good now? Do you like my soft hand on your pecker? It seems to be getting harder now with every passing rub from my hand. The most popular woman in school is pleasing you, so are you sure I’m still out of your league, and therefore, you can’t get involved with me?”

I couldn’t speak again, and I had to break eye contact with her as well. Her hand failed to change speed even for a second, and once I wasn’t looking at her, she pressed herself onto my body.

“Holy shit, you’re intoxicating, but you’re two-faced too.”

“What?” she asked, backing away. “You think I’m two-faced?”

“I’m sorry, but you were attacking me when I was in the stall, and now you seemingly want me?” I asked her, peeking back at her. “It just feels more than odd. Did I just flatter you that much?”

“Maybe,” she answered, bringing her face towards mine. “Why don’t you kiss me?”

“Maybe I touch you?”

“Yes, I already invited you to feel my jugs, so go ahead.”

“Okay,” I said, slowly pressing my lips onto hers and placing my palms on her butt too.

‘Holy shit, I’m kissing her and feeling her ass too. I’m doing that as she is giving me a handjob, wow, I’m in paradise now.’

Although, after only a minute, my lips came off hers. “Oh, you are terrific, Rebecca,” I moaned, placing my hands on my face and leaning my head back too.

She failed to say a word, but a few seconds later, I felt my schlong rise to a new hot temperature, and then it unleashed my seed.

“Oh, you’re cumming all over me, and twitching too.”

I couldn’t see any of it, but she didn’t seem to have a problem with it, though. I couldn’t make myself touch her, kolej escort but she just had fun with my dick spewing out my seed. I also felt her moving it somewhat, so I knew she at least managed to get it all over her, as she said.

I lasted for over thirty seconds, and each shot felt like another memorable second that I’d never ever forget. Rebecca made sure to milk me for all I was worth because she never actually stopped stroking it either.

“Do you have more for me, horny fellow student? Do you want to splash a little more cum onto my boobs?”

I peeked down at her. “Wow, I did splatter you, but did I just screw up my chances of being with you?”

“Well, I’ll give you another chance if you lean down and lick all of your sperm off me.”

“What?” I whined, leaning back. “No thanks.”

“I’m kidding, Vince,” she giggled, before kissing me. “So, you do want to fuck me, Vince?”

“Why do you keep calling me by my first name?”

“Well, you certainly knew me long ago, but I never met you, though. I’m just making up for lost time because I think that you’ve uttered my name a lot over the years, am I right?”

“Yes, but are you saying it is going to happen right in this room?”

“Yes, Vince,” she responded, stroking my dick even more. “If you want it to happen, so do you?”

“Yes, I do, Rebecca.”

“Do you forgive me for being a bitch earlier?”

“No, you were completely within your rights to freak out. It doesn’t matter that you were masturbating in here, I shouldn’t have stolen your bra and panties, jacked off in them, or watched you.”

“And yet you did, Vince because you want me. You ignored your brain and followed your heart to get what you wanted. Now you have your seed splattered on breasts, and my hands are on your dick. Now, what do you want to do, Vince?”


“Well, do you promise never to miss a game or a practice? I need my number one fan by my side.”

“I don’t want to piss you off, Rebecca, but wouldn’t that just make me what Chris tried to make you?”

“No, because I never gave a shit about him playing any sport, football, basketball, track, or anything else. You’ve already put on the record that you’ve been to every game and most practices too. That’s very sweet of you, and I surely want to thank you for that. Now, even with my tits covered in your cum, would you like to feel them. I’m still a little bit of a bitch, so I’m telling you, feel them now and have it lead to something else, or I’m going to let go of your schlong, and put my clothes back on, even with your seed on my undergarments. So, are you going to feel my big boobs, or should I get breast reduction so they’ll be better when I play? The choice is yours, but I’ll wait for you while I stoke your member for you to decide.”

“Are we going to go public then, Rebecca?”

“So, I mean that much to you? You don’t just want to have sex with me once, and have that be it?”

“Have guys wanted that from you?”

“Yes, as you’ve stated, I’m the most popular woman in school, but some guys still have girlfriends. Some dudes are just cheating assholes, but you’re one sweet young man, but still a horny one. So, feel my titties, Vince, they won’t bite.”

I nodded. “May I kiss you first?”

“Yes, you may kiss me, feel me up, stick your dick inside me and shoot your load all over me all you want, if you just promise to be sweet to me and remain my number one fan. I can’t stand to date another dickhead, and being with someone Chris has never heard of will drive him nuts too. He’ll get really jealous when he sees you cheering me on in the stands.”

“Is that why you’re so open to doing it with me now?”

“Maybe, but that’s not all, Vince. You also flattered me,” she reminded me, snatching my hands. “So, feel me. I have two hooters and one pussy. Do you like my bush too?”

“Yes, I love it, I had to wonder if you had one or not, I’m so glad you do because it makes you so sexier.”

“Oh, you’re extra sweet, in a pervy kind of way,” she branded me, placing my hands on her jugs. “That’s not a bad thing, though, Vince,” she added, covering my hands with hers. “Your mouth is wide open now; I think I could fit one of my fists in there, dare I ask, do you like feeling my melons? Don’t be ashamed, I know who you are now, and you’ve cum all over me, so almost all barriers have been taken down now. So, grab my hooters a bit and feel them,” she suggested, before dropping her hands back to my prick. “How often do you get to do it with the most popular woman in school, Vince?”

“I don’t know, but wow, these are perfect, Rebecca. They are soft and perky.”

“Thank you, and don’t be afraid to feel my bush you like so much.”

I nodded, but failed to move my hands. “I’m sorry, but I have to explore one amazing thing at a time, I’ve fantasized about you so many times, I can’t just jump from one pleasure land to another.”

“Good point,” she added, rubbing my wood again. “So, does that mean feeling your pecker slither onto my slit ankara escort would be a whole other pleasure for you?”

“Yes, but I’m enjoying your hands and boobs at the same time already.”

“Well, don’t you want to explore all of them, Vince? I’m game for it, so have you actually been masturbating thinking about me?”

“I have many times, Rebecca. I just never thought this would happen.”

“What all have you thought of me doing? Me giving you head, or you making love to me? Maybe me stroking your dick until you have to cum? Any of that ring a bell?”

“All of that, and more.”

“Oh, even more than that, you do have a thing for me, you horny man.”

“I’m sorry, Rebecca,” I apologized, covering up my face with both hands.

“Don’t be,” she told me, tugging my hands down. “I’ve thought of fucking guys too that I thought I could never have, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, Vince. Now let’s sit down here,” she invited me, sitting down.

I slowly followed her down, but brought her face to mine again. She placed her right hand on my cheek and kissed me again. Then she leaned away, but gently pushed my face down towards her bosoms. I couldn’t resist, but to rub my face all over them for a moment.

“You’re a boobs man, that’s sexy.”

“No, I love every part of your body,” I corrected her, relishing the pleasure.

“Well, you made that clear,” she stated, placing her hands on my head and forcing your face harder on her hooters. “Stick your tongue out, and lick them for me too. Chris didn’t like to do it, but I’m sure you will, won’t you?” she pondered, before a gap. “Yep, you are a nice and sexy guy.”

After a minute, I blindly found her left nipple and grabbed onto her tit too. From one second to the next, I had her breathing heavily, and then she began caressing my head also.

‘Wow, this is messed up, and I just don’t know what to make of this.’

Our eyes met. “Oh, you kinky young man, you’ve never even taken me out on a date, but you’ve watched me masturbate, used my undergarments in that way, gotten a handjob from me, kissed me several times and now you’re licking my nipple too. I’d say that’s a good day in anyone’s book. Lick slower, though, so it’ll be more intimate. I know it would be much better in my bedroom, but this locker room will work. Go ahead, feel my pussy, too, Vince. I swear it won’t bite, drench your hand in my juice.”

I couldn’t turn down that idea, so a few seconds later, I did indeed place my left hand onto her snatch, but I didn’t move it just yet.

“Oh, I feel your whole body vibrating now, Vince. Dare I ask, am I your dream girl, so this level of nervousness and lust is appropriate?”

I shook my head, yes, and calmly got off the little bench without removing my hand or mouth. We kept our eyes on each other the whole time as I pleasured her, but of course, I was the one receiving most of the thrills.

I failed to lick her nipples in any other way, except just having it from bottom to top over and over again. I couldn’t be sure if I did, in fact, woo her, but I had her caressing my head and saying nice things about me.

“So, you saw me kick the shit out of South Haven a few weeks ago, stud?”

I nodded.

“And when we lost to Saginaw too?”

I let my tongue off her nipple and kissed her. “Rebecca, I’ve seen you play almost every game since you started playing. I’ve missed a lot of shit to see you play, not like weddings, or funerals, but parties and taking my driving test a couple of years ago too.”

“No kidding, just to see me play?”

“Yes, I’ve almost been stalking you.”

“And I’ve never noticed before?”

I shrugged my shoulders and just went back to her nipple. I couldn’t be sure what she thought about it, but I kept my words out of it. I just pleasured her as much as I could, and she watched me like a spider on a fly.

“Do you like my juice down there too, Vince? It comes off the pussy you’ve fantasized about so many times before.”

I nodded and sped up my fingers a little bit. Rebecca smirked right at me and placed her hands back onto my head as well. Plainly enough, I knew I made her feel good, but then I saw a tear form on her face.

I failed to stop pleasuring her and ask about it because she kept smiling at me as if I was the love of her life. I didn’t get ahead to do anything, but then I just decided to bring my mouth back up to her yet again.

I kissed her and was about to speak, but she slowly snagged my hand and brought it to her lips. My mouth opened up wide as I saw hers open as well, and she inserted my fingers into her mouth.

“You mean woman, I wanted that juice,” I chuckled.

She grinned again and sucked off all the juice she could. She also placed her hand back onto my cock and began stroking it with my fingers still in her mouth.

“You’re crazy, Rebecca, just doing all this with someone you didn’t actually know?”

She pulled my fingers out with her other hand. “You say that like it’s bad.”

“No, that would mean I’d never get to kiss you or taste your nipples.”

“What do they taste like?” she pondered, bringing her head towards mine.


“Damn it; I thought they tasted like cherries. Now put your hand back on my pussy and find out what my juice tastes like too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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