You Arrive At My Hotel

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I woke up early… Our date was set for 10 am.

It was 8 o’clock. I rang the reception and ordered breakfast with as much proteins as possible…I knew I would be needing them…

It didn’t take long to eat and I filled the bathtub with hot water and aromatic salts…

I got my Gillette razor and foam, my bath towel, my deodorant and my perfume with me in the bathroom.

The radio was on to some station playing 80’s rock hits….I enjoyed my long bath humming to myself and I got hard twice while in the tub thinking of our oncoming day together…

I got out of the tub and shaved my face really good. I’d hate it if I had a beard stub on our first date! At that moment a wild idea flashed in my mind and I decided to surprise you some. I finished shaving, applied my lotion and perfume to all the right places, wrapped my towel around me and sat on the armchair trying NOT to get hard again while making plans about how to treat you. I finished my coffee and the phone rang.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Sir, the Lady you’re expecting is on her way up” said the receptionist, whom I had tipped last night to inform me on the instant of your arrival…

I felt my blood boil…I cleaned up the breakfast mess and took them out to the balcony so that you wouldn’t see the tray, while I put the champagne glasses and the bottle on the table near the sofa. I ruffled my hair some (still damp), wrapped the towel tight around my waist and got by the door.

I heard the elevator doors open and your feet moving to my door. I felt the slight hesitation before you knocked… My heart felt as if it would burst. I felt my cock starting to rise again and I pinched my thigh to prevent it.

You knock and I count to 3 before opening. I realize I counted too fast.

Your view is breathtaking. You wear a short white skirt that hugs your figure perfectly and shows off your curves, high heeled shoes that simply set my mind on fire and a figure hugging belly top that fails to hide the perfect shape of your breasts. The top is short so a strip of flesh is visible below the top and above your jeans

“Hi” you say. “I’m sorry I’m a little early”

My hearts beats fast (“early? Baby, you’re late at least 10 years” I think to myself)).

“That’s ok my darling PeiPei. Please come in” I step aside to let you in and I grab the chance to inspect you from behind. I end up pinching my thigh again so that my cock stays put. I lead you to the sofa, I pour us some yenidoğan escort champagne and I offer it to you.

“To a most lovely Lady and a most enjoyable month together” I make the toast while looking deep in your eyes, doing my best not to look at your almost hard nipples.

I pour you another glass and we both drink it quite fast. We are both blushing now.

I reach out and I caress your face with my index fingertip from high on your cheek to the base of your ear and to your chin.

“It feels great to finally meet after such a long time!”

You smile at me “you just don’t know how good it feels” and you take hold of my finger from your cheek and bring it to your mouth and kiss it gently.

I take your glass away;

“Please stand up so that I may have a proper look at you” I say, dying to see you blush some more. I know you’re feeling still shy and I like it.

You stand and turn around for me and as you do so, passion ignites in me. Your hair, your eyes, your glorious body, those unbelievably wonderful breasts with your already hard nipples, your amazing ass and those magnificent legs of yours (feet and toes too) daze me.

“Well, what do you think?” you ask with a devious smile.

I’m at a loss for words, so I just lean towards you and take your hands in mine and lower my lips to yours for a soft gentle kiss

“I guess that means you approve” you say laughing.

My lust for you is taking me to the limits now but I want to take my time and enjoy you as much as possible. I pull you in close to me, one hand in your hair and one around your waist, and kiss you deeply and passionately, our tongues entwining, your hands around my back running up and down my bare skin giving me goose bumps.

While exploring your mouth with my tongue, I start caressing you with my fingertips, drawing invisible lines at your side, from armpits to your waist.

I’m dying to get my hands on your breasts but I need to feel that you need it as much as I do.

My hands ran fleetingly over them, feeling those already hard nipples, you let a little sigh out and I have on my mind only the huge urge to devour them.

But I want to feel you melting in my hands first. I get my hands under your top and I move upwards to the underside of your breasts agonizingly slowly. You sigh deeper and I just can’t keep this up any more. You hold your arms up, as I lift the top up and take it off.

Slowly, yenikent escort I lower my head and take one nipple into my mouth, sucking and licking gently, rolling the nipple around with my tongue. You hold on to my head, your fingers twisted in my hair, pulling me in closer. I let go and move my attention to your other nipple, sucking harder this time, pulling it right into my hot mouth. I feel you looking down and watch me, loving to see me feasting on your breasts. Your back arches and you let out a groan of pleasure as I push your tits together with my hands and flick my tongue fast between your two nipples, then catching first one and then the other between my teeth. I can keep this up for hours and I have a huge hard-on to prove it!

I feel you reach down and tug at the towel which looks like a tent now because of my erection. I need you to see how much I love having you in my arms and as if you could read my mind, you release the towel and my cock is free at last.

I see your eyes stare at my hairless cock and balls (surprise surprise!!!!).

“It’s the first time I shaved there and I did it just for you! I hope you like it!”

“Mmmmmmm” you moan approvingly.

I feel your hands touching me eagerly, feeling my length, my balls, my swollen cockhead. I groan with pleasure and you start to stroke me gently and I want to cum instantly. I look in your eyes and I just love the look of pleasure you have.

Now I have to feel you all….I ceremoniously remove your skirt and shoes and I stand back to see you, suppressing the urge to start kissing your toes and licking my way upwards your delicious body. I reach over and remove your lacey panties slowly, inch by inch inhaling your aroma and feeling your ass and legs while at it.

Now we are both naked. I embrace you, reaching for your pussy, I part your legs some and I slide my middle finger between them, feeling your dripping pussy at last! I wet my finger in your juices and bring it to my mouth.

“Deliciously aromatic juices” I say while I smell and then taste it and you blush once more.

I return my finger down there, your bare shaved pussy driving me beyond my limits and I start caressing your clit and inserting my finger inside you.

I feel you stroking my cock harder and harder while I finger you. I lower my head and take a nipple in my mouth and I feel your body tremble.

I look in your eyes to see if you yenimahalle escort want to go all the way stroking each other and I see you abandon at my will. I drive you to the verge of cumming and I suddenly withdraw and lift you to take you to the bed. I pick you with almost no effort at all and I start kissing your neck as I had dreamt of doing so many times in the past…

I lay you on your back and I spread your legs to admire you.

I make a huge effort not to dive my head there and eat you right away. I know I’ll do it later and for as long as I wish.

I take my dripping cock in my hand and I stat to rub it up and down your swollen puffy pussy lips and clit.

“mmmmmm My cock is going deep inside this wonderful pussy” I say.

“Come closer, honey” you say pleadingly, eagerly.

I grab my cock and I slowly, agonizingly insert just the head in your steaming pussy. Then I take it out. You moan displeased. I get it back in. Just the head again. Then back out. Then in again. Just the head.

“Fuck me dammit” you yell at me while you raise your hips to meet me.

“Oh, I’ll fuck you alright” I reply and I start pushing deeper while I lean over and kiss you hard. When I feel my cock hit bottom, I start moving in and out and you just do the same in a perfectly matching rhythm.

Slow at first, gathering speed and both moaning harder, I pound you harder and harder getting my cock almost all out and then back in, harder and harder, faster and faster.

I feel your pussy tighten and I know you’ll be cumming soon and so will I.

I feel your legs wrapped around me, your nipples rubbing on mine, your nails digging into my back.

You suddenly open your eyes and you look straight into mine. That’s it! I sense we’re both on the verge of exploding. At that particular moment I reach underneath and I insert my middle finger in your puffy little asshole. I instantly feel welcomed as you start milking my finger the same way you are milking my cock and suddenly I can hold back no more…

“MMMMMMMMMMMM”. My cum comes in sizzling hot spurts deep inside you and the moment the first spurt hits your walls, your orgasm takes over your body.

Your eyes roll, your fingernails dig deeper, you push me closer and you yell:


Your pussy is tight around my cock and your arms feel like heaven around me and your asshole sucks my finger deeper and deeper.

We keep cumming and cumming, still fucking, easing a little every moment that passes, moaning and taking deep breaths between kisses.

“Mmmmmmm, baby, that was nice” you say.

“Oh YESSSSS it was…but ‘nice’ is an understatement” I say and we both laugh and we keep up kissing and caressing and cuddling………….

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