You Never Know

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Philip Johnson

Chapter One

Andrews, Pelley and Grove Investments. That’s what Dana saw five days a week as he walked through the corporate double doors and on to his office on the fourth floor. He knew precious little about investments per se, but his position as one of the division office managers didn’t require that. His days were spent on the computer in his office, in meetings and interacting with other managers seeing to it that the customer accounts were handled according to their policies and goals and to the customer’s satisfaction.

A great many of their accounts ran into the millions of dollars and the effort devoted to those customers to keep them happy was impressive. To that end, every Monday morning, Herald Pelley the VP of customer relations chaired a meeting involving every manager on the fourth and fifth floors. The value of those meetings were questionable to say the least, but no manager was in any hurry to be unemployed so all eyes were always on Mr. Pelley and all heads bobbed up and down like puppets as he talked on and on. It was at the end of one of those interminable meetings that Mr. Pelley finished his speech with, “Dana, would you and Mel stay behind a minute?” That was totally out of the Monday morning routine and both Dana and Mel were mentally preparing for the worst.

As everybody filed out of the conference room Mel and Dana sat there in silence with Mr. Pelley a few chairs away. There was little doubt that the rest of the managers were quietly laying odds on all that might befall their two peers left behind. Once the conference room doors were closed, Mr. Pelley looked toward the two poor souls still sitting there. “The reason I wanted to talk to you two now is I’m leaving town right after I leave here and I need to give you fair warning.” The long pause was enough to make grown men break out in a sweat. “We’ve been developing a seminar for a number of our managers and we have reserved positions for six managers from here. Both of you were among those selected from here. The seminar is in San Jose at the Marriott Court Yard and we have a small suite reserved for you. Please mark your calendar for September fifteenth through the twentieth and my secretary will be providing you with the details and plane tickets before you leave. If you have any questions see me after next week.”

With that Mr. Pelley rose and exited the room leaving the two of them sitting there. They were prepared for lightening to strike them and instead they had just received a major vote of confidence by being included with the chosen few. Mel took a deep breath and said, “Can you believe that. I thought for sure my ass was canned and instead I’m going to San Jose.”

“Mel I think I nearly pissed my pants. I don’t know about you buddy but I will be stopping at Blake’s Pub for a beverage or three before I even go home.”

“Stop by my office on your way out and I’ll join you.”

“See you then.” The two of them were soon in their own offices and calling their wives with the news, and to warn the ladies that they would be just a little late getting home. The word was out in no time and there was no shortage of congratulations and wisecracks for the rest of the day from the other managers.

When the two entered Blake’s at the end of the day they found one empty table and placed their order with Zelda. Her real name was Heather but with her beautiful ass and legs it was hoped the awful name helped them to stay away from more carnal thoughts. Of course it didn’t work at all. As they sat there they saw Carrie enter and unsuccessfully look for a place to sit and have a cocktail. Dana called to her and said, “Carrie it looks like you’re stuck with joining us.”

“You mean I can sit with the chosen ones?”

“You’re just jealous.”

“Hell yes I am. That’s quite a plum you two have been handed.”

“Hence the celebrating.”

“So what brings the fair Miss Carrie into this dark and noisy place?”

“I’m meeting hubby in an hour for an early dinner.”

“Good for you that leaves more of the evening for screwing.”

“My thoughts exactly. I almost feel sorry for Gene.”

“We don’t. If he lives through it he’ll be a very happy and lucky guy. If he dies in the saddle he’ll die with a hard on and a smile on his face.”

“You Mel are so crude.”

“But you still love us.”

“Yeah well like maybe, envy for sure. So you have three weeks to think about this little event then?”

“Just about yes.”

“It should be a good seminar at least.”

“We hope so.”

When Dana got home he went in, kissed Angie and patted her ass. “You’re sure in a good mood, a little too much drinkie winkie?”

“No not at all just pumped about the seminar.”

“I was really happy for you when you told me, but jealous that I can’t go to San Jose too.”

“I wish you could, we could have a good time.”

“So it’s you and Mel then.”

“From our section it is yes, I don’t know who else gets to go.”

“I hope you get a chance to get out and have a little fun and not just çankaya escort work all the time.”

“Me too but if the seminar takes all my time that’s okay too, this is a great opportunity for me.”

“You better remember to take the porn off your laptop just in case you click the wrong icon or something.”

“Yeah…wait how’d you know about them?”

“You showed me remember?”


When Mel got home he went through about the same conversation with his wife except her jealousy got in the way just a little bit. Her last comment was, “You better work your ass off and not be out playing grab ass in the bars.”

“Don’t hyperventilate now Reva I won’t have a lot of time to play.” Actually her jealousy was more the fact that Mel was going to California and she wasn’t, than her fear he’d stray.

About ten days before the seminar Dana came home and told Angie, “Honey, it looks like Carrie will be covering for me while I’m gone so if you don’t mind she’s coming over tomorrow night. We have a lot to go over and she’s going out of town for a few days next week. Maybe she could have dinner with us.”

“Honey I don’t mind if she has dinner here but remember I won’t be home after dinner.”

“Oh that’s right, would you rather I cancel it then?”

“Of course not, I’ll just test her ass for fingerprints when I get home.”

“Very funny.”

“Just teasing love, you two work to your hearts content I don’t care. I’ll be home before eleven most likely.”

At work the next day Dana and Mel were going over some details when Dana said, “Listen I don’t know if you heard but Carrie’s covering for me while we’re gone so she’s coming over tonight to go over everything with me. She’ll be in good shape to work with your group in my place.”

“She’s already in good shape you lucky devil.”

“She’s happily married and so am I.”

“I’m just envious. Do you have any idea how Reva would act if I did some thing like that?”

“Probably wouldn’t be a pretty sight.”

“That’s putting it mildly.”

“How’d Angie handle that?”

“She’s fine with it. In fact she won’t be home most of the time.”

“Unbelievable. Just make sure the lipstick’s off your dick in time.”

“Carrie was right, you are crude.”

“Yeah ain’t I though.”

“I have to admit though, if she’d leave some lipstick skid marks on me I wouldn’t complain.”

Chapter Two

Carrie arrived at Dana and Angie’s just in time for dinner, and as the two women cleared the dishes Dana set up their two laptops creating a work area at the kitchen table so they could spread things out. And with Dana’s wireless link to his printer they were set. Angie gave Dana a quick goodbye kiss and left the two of them to work. Dana poured them each a glass of wine and they went to work. The wine was long gone and they weren’t far from quitting for the night when Dana got up to pour the last of the wine. While he did that Carrie asked, “What about the quarterly performance charts, won’t they be due?”

“Oh yeah right. I’ll get those for you but if you want a preview they’re on my laptop, help yourself.”

“Easy for you to say, which icon on your laptop?”

“Uh…the bottom one…let me think…the bottom right one I think.”

“The green one?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

When Dana returned with the wine Carrie was sitting there staring at his laptop with a very flushed face. Dana looked at her, set her wine down next to her and walked around to sit down. That was when he saw her looking at a pornographic movie.

“Oh shit Carrie, I’m sorry. I meant to get those off there, God I’m sorry.”

Carrie finally looked at him and said, “Holy shit, you should warn a woman.”

“I’m sorry, God I’m a little embarrassed.”

Carrie took a deep breath before saying, “Wow, that was quite a show.”

“Yeah I know that’s why I saved it.” Her face gradually returned to normal as she sat there and made a show of fanning herself. “I haven’t seen one of those in a very long time.”

“I could tell, it took you a long time to look away.”

“I was just shocked is all.”

“Oh…okay, right.”

“I was damn it now quit teasing me.”

“Okay, I’m sorry. Do you still want to see the chart?”

“What…no, never mind. Are we done for the night then?”

“Yeah I think we’ve done enough for tonight. Maybe we can do this once more before I leave.”

“That would be nice but if it doesn’t happen I’ll be okay.” They finished their wine and Carrie was at the door ready to leave when Dana kissed her on the cheek and said, “Now take pity on Gene when you get home.”

“Oh stop that…well okay I will. Thanks for the help Dana, see you at work tomorrow.”

Over the next several days Dana, Mel and Carrie were working hard to see that things would go smoothly while so much of their management staff was out of town. On top of everything else the flu was starting to make the rounds of the office staff and one by one most of them were getting it. As a result first Dana got it and çayyolu escort then it was Carrie’s turn and their plan to get together one more time was derailed.

The plan had been for Mel and Dana to fly together and go early in the morning Sunday so they’d have a good part of the day to explore San Jose. When Reva found out she raised hell and Mel decided it wasn’t worth it so he would be flying in late in the evening so there would be at least a little peace in his household. Dana stayed with his plan and once he was checked in at the Marriott he went off to explore on his own. He ran into a few others he knew and as a group they went exploring and ended up sampling their share of the local cocktails. With the three hour time difference they were all back at the hotel early, not drunk but certainly more relaxed than they were earlier. Dana went back to his suite expecting to see Mel there but there was no sign of him yet. The suite had two bedrooms and two bathrooms so if it got too late he’d just go to bed and not worry about Mel. Dana stripped down to his briefs and made himself comfortable on the couch to watch television. The cocktails worked their magic and he fell asleep with the TV on, his feet on the coffee table and the remote on the cushion next to him.

The next thing he knew a hand was shaking him awake. He opened his eyes and saw Carrie. “Oh hi Carrie. Wait where’s Mel?”

“Home with the flu. I was given a whole half an hour to get ready so I could have time to catch the plane. God only knows what I forgot to pack.”

“I’m glad you made it. It’ll be nicer having you here than Mel that’s for sure.”

“I don’t know if I’ll get used to seeing you in your underwear though.”

“What? Oh shit. Why didn’t you say something?”

“I just did.”

“I mean sooner.”

“I wanted to see if you’d figure it out on your own. Besides I’ve never seen you in your briefs. You look pretty good. Now which is my room?” “Uh…that one over there.”

“Thanks lover.” Before Dana got dressed he said through her open door, “Damn, I didn’t bring any pj’s so now I have to be dressed all the time, shit.”

“You poor thing.”

“I’ll think of something.”

The two of them sat around and talked awhile then found an old movie to watch before calling it a night. The first day of the seminar went well and when it was over the two of them along with a few others met in the restaurant and had dinner together. They’d all been given a CD with some exercises for them to do before breaking into groups on Tuesday. After dinner they all had a drink and then headed to their rooms to do their homework. Dana and Carrie had each grabbed a Pepsi and with their laptops on the coffee table they went through the CD and took the quizzes. Carrie remembered the pornographic movie she’d seen on his laptop and she wondered if it was still in there.

They compared notes and talked about the seminar for a bit and by nine had called it quits. “Carrie if you want to get into your pajamas I promise I won’t make fun of you or tell tales later.”

“Well that’s sweet of you but, well I sort of forgot to pack any.”

“So that’s why you’re still dressed.”

“Yes that’s why and I don’t like it any better than you do.”

“I’ll be right back. I’m going to try something.” Dana went to his room and came back in just a tee shirt and his briefs but his tee shirt were fairly long and he was pulling down so he was covered at least below his briefs…only just.

“What do you think, will this work?”

“It will if you don’t let go, draw a deep breath or bend over.”

“I have a spare if you want it. At least on you it will cover more and we can be comfortable.”

“Let me try it.”

When Carrie was ready she said, “Okay here I come. In the mirror it seems okay but you damn well better tell me if I show too much.”

“I’ll tell you if you show too much.” She came in and it did indeed cover her better but she still showed a lot more than Dana had ever seen of her before. “Okay, you are better covered than me and I think you’ll do fine but I might as well apologize right now for staring at those legs because I know I will.”

“Oh stop I already feel naked.”

“I’m just not used to seeing so much of you.” Carrie wasn’t drop dead gorgeous and her hips could stand to lose a few pounds but she was still an eyeful to Dana. “Uh Carrie do you always wear your bra when you’re at home?”

“Well no but this is a tee shirt and if I don’t you might see even more.”

“If you’re talking about your nipples making bumps on my shirt so what. Most all women have nipples, at least the ones I’ve seen.”

“Let me get used to the tee shirt first.”

“Whatever you want. Now what movie do you want to watch?”

“I don’t care.” Dana started going through the channels one by one and they rejected them one by one. When they came upon two very scantily clad and good looking actors in a passionate embrace Dana paused. It was some time before Carrie said, “Dana would you…I think you better… ankara escort find something else.” They finally found something fairly safe to watch and then settled back and relaxed. It was only a matter of time before one of them or both of them would forget to keep control of their tee shirt bottoms. They both had their legs stretched out on the coffee table, most likely as they would be at home and Dana was taking his time visually exploring her from her from her feet to her tee shirt. He could feel his briefs trying to contain his manhood and with his hand pulling on his shirt hid the worst of it but at the same time the pressure of his hand holding the shirt down and his manhood, it just made it more determined to show itself. He didn’t dare let go but if he held on it was going to get very uncomfortable.

Chapter Three

While the battle continued between Dana’s erection and his determination to hide it, Carrie was stealing glances at him. It was causing her a jumble of emotions. Here she was a married woman but that didn’t seem to stop her. She was curious how he was built, it excited her a lot to know she might be contributing to his arousal and it scared her almost as much because she was so close to reaching for him. Between the movie and Dana’s struggle Carrie relaxed her hold on her shirt and it slipped up enough to show the bottom half of her high cut panties. He could see she was closely trimmed with just a line of hair up her mound showing through and that sight just inflamed his desires all the more. It would be nice to say his battle had altruistic motives but that would only be partly correct. As much as anything he was afraid she would rebuff him and hate him for trying to make a pass at her.

When the movie finally ended Dana made a hasty attempt at adjustment and waited for Carrie to go to bed, or at least go to the bathroom and give him a chance to adjust himself and ease the pressure between his legs. Carrie did finally stand up, but before she left the room she stood there not tending to the bottom of her shirt at all and he openly stared at her crotch and those legs that kept taunting him. In complete comfort she flaunted herself by raising her arms in a stretch and a yawn, and said, “I’m going to bed Dana. Goodnight.”

Dana got control of his voice and said, “Goodnight Carrie.” She calmly walked away letting her ass peek at him under her shirt as it teased him one more time. When her door closed he let go of his shirt and took a deep breath. His erection celebrated its liberation and stood proudly pushing at his briefs, and he pulled them aside and let it spring free. God what a relief that was for him. He waited until he was pretty sure she wasn’t coming back and he masturbated quickly, hoping she’d catch him and yet fearful she might. In truth it only took him a minute to reach his orgasm and he filled his left hand with his cum. The release was intense and complete. After washing up he went to bed and didn’t move until morning.

Carrie was first up and had been out and made coffee. When Dana appeared already dressed, the coffee was waiting and she was back in her room with the door closed about half way. He took his time standing by the coffee pot and hoped he’s see her still undressed, but it wasn’t to be. When she came out they smiled at each other, said good morning and went to breakfast together. On the way down in the elevator Carrie asked, “So how’d you sleep?”

“Soundly, you?”

“I was restless and it took me a long time to get to sleep.”

“Maybe we should have a nightcap or two tonight to help you sleep.”

“Yeah maybe so.”

The second day of the seminar went smoothly as they broke up into groups for different exercises, and when it was over Dana and Carrie went back to their suite to rest before dinner. Carrie sat on the sofa, laid her head back and closed her eyes for a minute. Dana stood there and admired her chest as it pushed against her bra and blouse and then looked away before he was caught staring. He heard her say, “At least there’s no more homework. We have the whole evening to ourselves this time.”

“We sure do.” What they would do and just how the hell he was going to behave he had no idea. “I think I’d better call home and say hi before we go to dinner.”

“Good idea, I better do that too.”

Rather than deal with the hassle of going someplace different they ate in the hotel restaurant again and went back to their suite. Like Dana, Carrie had no idea what they were going to do to pass the time. She knew what she wanted to do almost more than anything, but she was trying not to let that happen. She was married and had always been faithful but she was staying in a constant state of sexual excitement and it was all she could do not to act on it. “Shall we have our first nightcap Dana?”

“Why not. Let’s order something from room service, what’s your pleasure?”

“I think I’ll have a Mai Tai.”

“By God that ought to relax you.”

“That’s the idea.” Dana called room service and before long they had their drinks in hand. “I don’t know about you Dana but I’m putting on my night shirt and getting comfortable. If this drink does its job I’ll be able to just fall in bed then.” When she went to change, Dana went to his room to change too. He knew he was in for a night of hide the hard on again though.

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