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Young friendsAgnes sat in her room. She was angry because the plan did not succeed. She hoped that the closest would be at least an hour alone in the house, her mother had to go to the store. Unfortunately, her mother changed plans and did not want to move anywhere. And Agnes already called sms Martha, writing it so soon would come, because the cottage will be free. Martha was her best friend. Both were after 18 years and went to high school. They was friends, more than a year and got to know the closer, they satisfying their sexual needs. They were after 16 years when they first did it, since that time have used every opportunity, when they can be themselves, to have fun .. Both really loved it and regretted that such opportunities do not come along too often, on the ground that there were no where to be able to calmly meet ..Now Agnes sitting on hercouch and think what to do. She thinking about Martha. She had a great desire for her, she wanted to dip into her juicy pussy, stick her fingers in it, eat her pussy, feel her orgasm .. Agnes closed her eyes and sighed with excitement. She was not a lesbian, but she had to admit it excited her sexy girlfriend loved body. Was different than herself. Agnes was built a little harder, she had large firm breasts and wide ass, while Martha was quite slim and petite, with small shapely breasts and ass. They did not this time for a few days and Agnes missed this .. Unfortunately obstacle was her mother. Both very guarded, so that no one discovered what they were doing when they are the same .. or even that no one suspected.With these thoughts escaped her doorbell sound. She heard the mother opens the door, and after a while the voice of Martha, when greeted with her mom and talk times.-Agnes, Martha came to visit you-heard voice from the hallway there.-I know, Mom, let her come – Agnes shouted.Martha smiling to himself, entered the room. She had blond hair and a charming smile. She was, as usual, heavily tanned, because quite often used the solarium. She was dressed in a tight white blouse, which ended just above the navel. She had a perfectly flat tummy and belly button pierced It showed. For this she was wearing skin-tight hipster jeans that nicely shaped her bottom and legs. Agnes looked at her and immediately imagined that it suddenly pulls those tight pants. She felt that the nipples are already hard with excitement.So what? There was to be moms? – Martha approached.- No. But as you can see, unfortunately, it is.- And there’s no sign that she soon?- No.Martha closed door and smiled, sat down next to Agnes.- Do not panic, you probably work something out. What’s up? You’re not hungry?- I am – Agnes smiled and finally – I could eat the juicy peach.- Ooops – Martha’s eyes narrowed playfully and moved to Agnes – like the fresh, dripping with juice?- This most love – Agnes said excitedly. Both liked that kind of games.Martha clung fethiye escort to Agnes and her hand went to her belly. Her fingers began to fumble with the button of Agnes jeans.- I would like to see if this peach has grown and is good to eat-she said, smiling and Martha unbuckling button.- Of course it is mature, and you know how sweet is juice?- I do not know, but would try. – Martha already unzipped zipper and reached the shore Agnes panties. This was already very excited, but she gasped:- God stop, my mother is in the kitchen, at any time can come.- Oh, will not – Martha slid fingers under the panties and walked down. Moved the hair-free pubic mound and reached the pussy. Martha clung even more to Agnes and shoved her hand into her crotch. She touched her labia, then her finger quickly found a hole and slid inside. Agnes sighed.- Oh she is very wet – Martha whispered into the ear of Agnes – Think of something, because my tongue wants to try this uice. – So saying, moving her hand, and her fingers began to slowly go into Agnes pussy.- Martha, please, stop it .. oh … my mom will come in and we were screwed .. oh … stop well, just think of something – blush covered her cheeks, where she breathed.- Then invent faster – Marthay whispered kissing Agnes ear. Her hand moved further Agnes in her pants, hes fingers felt hot and wetness – Because I can not stand it any longer.- Ok – Agnesgasped – I’ll take the keys and go to the garage and close the inside. There will be no one.- Yes, good idea – Martha smiled and took lot of freedom of trousers friends. She slipped her fingers into his mouth and licked them thoroughly.Agnes looked at it and asked her to calm down her breath, because her breasts waving excitedly. Also buttoned pants. After a while, she got up and walked to the kitchen. Mom was looking for something in the lower cabinet. Agnes went to the cupboard and removed the key hanging on one of the hooks.- Mom, I’m taking the key to the garage and go there with Martha. I find one thing out there in the box, because I can not find at home, it’s probably in the garage.- Well – her mother said – just do not sit there for long, because there probably muggy, hot day.She went out into the hall, where Martha has already assumed the shoes. Agnes also imposed sneakers and opened the door of the apartment. Took to the cage and began to descend the stairs. Martha then grabbed her arm and stopped Agnes. When this is turned, came quickly to her and kissed her passionately on the lips aggressively pushing the tab. At the same time she grabbed both her breasts. The kiss lasted a few seconds and Martha as quickly stopped, smiling.- Are you crazy? – Gasped Agnes – Do you want anyone to see?- You see what I’m horny – Martha smiled again.- Horny and perverted – even Agnes smiled – Come on, I’ve already got completely wet.Girls came out of the cage and started down the sidewalk toward escort fethiye the street. After a while, came from the neighborhood and across the street from a row of brick appeared garages. Agnes walked along the garages, following his father into the garage. After a while the two were at the door, Agnes slipped the key and opened the side door. – Come on – she said to Martha.Went inside and closed the door carefully Agnes making sure that they are closed. At the end of the garage were different shelves, there was also an old couch, the girls moved quickly in that direction. Right next to the couch and finally stopped, clung to each other and began to kiss passionately. At the same time worked their hands down, the other frantically unbuttoning pants. Agnes up shaking hands with excitement, because Martha tackled in the first and sudden jerk pulled her pants along with her panties down to her knees. Agnes pushed gently on the couch, and dutifully sat this pulling pants on down to the ankles. Legs spread wide. The whole was carefully shaved pubes and red lips glistening moisture. Martha squatted in front of her on her knees and immediately clung greedily to her pussy lips. Agnes groaned with lust and pleasure. Martha sunk in her pussy sucking hard, slipped into the hot inside, and then parted labia in the upper parts and exposed the red, very swollen and shiny clitoris. She put her mouth and began to suck hard, and Agnes drawled moaned and arched all be on the couch. Spasms coursed through her flat stomach, she was not able to think of anything but this incredible pleasure. Nothing could compare to the Martha sucking her clitoris, then departed on a cosmic level of pleasure. Then also quickly reached orgasm, and that right now she wanted most in the world. Martha tight bead suck it while her tongue in the middle attack sensitive tip of the clitoris and Agnes soon felt the familiar cramping inside the vagina, indicating an approaching orgasm. She closed her eyes and mouth, not wanting to moan out loud, had a strained abdominal muscle. Another moment of fun and felt the powerful thrill of pleasure flooding her body, the rest of the force will be stopped so as not to moan out loud, it seemed only a muffled moans. With her little hole go mucus that Marta carefully licked. She raised her head and looked at the winding Agnes on the couch, her chin and lips were wet with mucus of Agnes. She stood up, she has also been extremely excited, looking at Agnes, unbuttoned her pants until the end of the concession and quickly pulled down along with her panties. She took off her shoes and got rid of her pants and underwear completely, throwing them next to the couch. She was now naked from the waist down. Her hips were quite narrow, but shapely, and her very firm buttocks. Pussy like Agnes, was completely devoid of hair, her flat stomach perfect pass line in the lower abdomen and pubic fethiye escort bayan mound, and the skin was very smooth and uniform. She went to the couch and stood astride the underlying Agnes, which has already come together. She lowered her hips over her head and slid over her wet pussy lips and then gently left hip. Agnes covered her mouth that indicated as such pussy, slipped the tongue in which could see the metal stud. She began to lick her pussy, moving tongue quickly, like a kitten drinking milk from a bowl. Martha closed her eyes and sighed when she felt the first hot licks. She knew that did not need much since giving pleasure Agnes itself on the edge, even though there does not touch. She leaned forward, making it easier to access. Tongue of Agnes moved smoothly moving from the hole at the clitoris, and Martha have moaned. She moved her hips almost wiping her face with pussy on Agnes. Another moment and stuck her ass harder Martha and another lick the clitoris has led her to orgasm and she moaned briefly and then began to pant when the spasms of pleasure coursed through her body. She drew back and fell onto the couch next to Agnes panting and gasping with delight.Both rested a moment, lying on the couch next to each other and holding hands. The first rose Agnes. – Come on the desk – pulled by the hand.Both rose and went next door to the old desk that was in the account. Agnes entered smiling at them, and after a while came the Martha. Both were divided leg and one leg crossed Martha’s thigh, so that they could be exposed pussy. Hips and slowly approached first wiped her pussy with pussy. Began to slowly move her hips so that their pussy as much as possible could come into contact with each other. Both really liked that kind of affection, they discovered it at the beginning of their common area, when they were 16 years old and since that time, in addition to the tabs, it was their favorite way to play. The feeling of rubbing each other pussies was amazing. Both were carefully shaved and wet, so it’s easy to slip and their labia pressed in on each other. Desk began to crackle slightly when slightly accelerated motion. Both have been highly excited again. Supported the back of the hands, and the hips alternately moving in the right way. After a while, came together tighter with both hands reached between her legs. Both also parted lips so hard to put on top of the swollen clitoris. Approached and carefully guided, brushed against the clitoris clitoris. Both open-mouthed staring at it, but it was a perverse and exciting view. So hit a few times, feeling amazing impulses, but it was difficult in the long run. So again underpinned back and accelerated rapidly wiping movements of themselves. Old desk creaked heavily, and both have quickly panting. Another moment of intense movements of the hips and the first came Agnes. She arched back and delight went through her body, she moaned softly. Martha excited reached up between her legs and helped the fingers, rubbing hard clitoris. A few seconds and she also reached a peak, and her body is bent. It was amazing. So that playing with two young girls.

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