Young Teacher Reprimanded

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Young Teacher ReprimandedMr Heath, the Head of history, sat at his desk. It had been a trying day, and he’d just finished marking the last of a long series of illiterate essays. On top of it all he had a tricky staff problem to solve. A complaint had been raised by the shrewish librarian, who claimed to have seen Miss Hurst, the new history teacher being vigorously ploughed by Jack Bench the Groundsman. The note of complaint left something to the imagination but not much and was framed in terms of outrage. Gazing out of her window across the sports field the librarian claimed to have seen Miss Hurst through the cricket pavilion windows, leaning on the sill, rocking back and forth with her eyes closed, behind her the librarian had seen the shadowy form of Bench, thrusting into the pretty teacher. If true, clearly this couldn’t be tolerated on school premises, but Bench was difficult to do much about. He was a great groundsman, but an irrepressible satyr, and had bedded most of the female staff members at some time. Mr Heath suspected that even the headmistress had been unable to resist the temptation to ride his reportedly large cock. If true, it would be impossible to reprimand Bench, but he couldn’t simply let the matter go unaddressed. Turning his pen through his fingers he imagined the petite young brunette, tempted into the dusty pavilion, the tough skin on Bench’s hands running across her cotton blouse, cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples through her lacy bra, running up the back of her legs, she, no doubt shifting her feet a little further apart to allow him to brush across the gusset of her panties, maybe feeling the moist patch that gave away her excitement, then hooking her panties to the side and sliding his hard cock into her, making her gasp as he added another conquest to the list (Heath imagined) he kept in the groundsman’s toolshed.It was a disgrace. But Miss Hurst was a very good teacher, popular and effective. He was reluctant to make a public example of her, spoiling her potential. Heath wasn’t sure of the right path, but was moved to do something. He hadn’t had time to think of the most appropriate action, what with the essays and the rest of his workload, but he had summoned Miss Hurst to his office anyway. He would just have to wing the conversation.There was a soft knock at the door.”Come in.” said Heath.Miss Hurst came in, turned and shut the door behind her. Heath gazed at her, her soft brown hair cascading to her shoulders, a simple white cotton blouse, the suggestion of a white lace bra beneath, the swing of the pleats in her grey knee length skirt suggested pert buttocks. Black tights or stockings and black patent shoes with modest 2″ heels emphasised her shapely calves. Heath felt a stirring as he considered her. She turned from the door.”You asked to see me Mr Heath ?” She said.”I did, Miss Hurst. And I think you know why.”She blushed and looked over his shoulder and across the field.”I have received a complaint about some inappropriate behaviour. In the cricket pavilion.”Flustered, Miss Hurst replied “I… It wasn’t meant… I didn’t expect…”Heath cleared his throat. “Yes, well that’s all very well, but if this is what It appears to be I must be seen to take action.””Yes Mr Heath.” she said, “Will I have to leave the school ? I’ve really grown to enjoy the work””That’s why I’m so disappointed.” said Heath “You’ve shown great promise. I’d be sorry to see you go. Before I decide what to do, I need to be clear about some things. First, do you admit that there may be some basis of truth in the complaint ?”Miss Hurst bahis firmaları looked down and gave the slightest nod.”Why don’t you tell me what happened ?””I didn’t mean for it to happen. I’d gone to the pavilion to borrow some of the photographs of the cricket team from the war. I was taking some off the wall when i heard a sound behind me. When I looked around Jack was there. Before I could react he said… some things…””Tell me exactly what he said please. It may be important.” said Heath.”He said ‘Have you heard about me ?’ And I said, ‘some things…’ And he smiled and said ‘I like to make friends with all the lady teachers. They like me well enough when they see what I’ve got.’ So I said ‘what do you mean ?’ “He came over to me, took the pictures from me and put them to one side, took my hand and placed it on his…””Yes ?” said Heath. He could feel his pulse starting to quicken.”On his… package. I was shocked, but, well… It felt… very big. And quite hard. While I was doing that he’d reached round behind me and cupped my buttock.””What were you wearing? ” Heath hadn’t intended to ask the question but it was out before he could think.”Pretty much what I’m wearing now.” said Miss Hurst. She didn’t seem to see anything odd in the question. Heath’s pulse began to pound in his temple. He felt his cock begin to stir. He was no longer sure the interview would finish on a completely professional basis.”Go on” he said.”Well he left my hand on his…penis and said ‘you can feel it getting hard, can’t you ? Rub it up and down.’ Then his hand started to creep up the back of my leg under my skirt. I wanted to move away, but I was mesmerised by the feel of his hardening cock, and he smelled so good. Although I wanted to stop, I couldn’t. I jumped as his fingers brushed across my panties, then his fingers were inside them, touching me. ‘Take my cock out.’ he said. So I did. He put his hand on the back of my neck and urged me to bend down. As I bent down to his exposed penis he penetrated me with a finger. I nearly fainted.” Heath knew what she meant. He was now rock hard and could feel a drop of pre-cum oozing from his cock.”Carry on…” he managed.”While I sucked his cock, he reached under and undid my blouse, scooped my bra up to cup my…tits, and pinched and rolled my nipples.””Did you make any sound ?””I couldn’t help it. I moaned but it came out a bit muffled. I had my mouth full. By now he had two fingers buried in my…pussy… I was so wet. All I could think of was him squeezing this hard cock into me. At that very moment he asked me what I wanted to do. I pulled off his cock with a popping sound and said ‘I want this in my pussy'””He walked me across to the window – I could hardly stand up – told me to take my panties down and bend down with my hands on the sill. I assumed the position then felt his cock rub gently up and down my pussy lips, mixing my wetness with his pre-cum, then he ran the full length of his cock into me. I stifled a scream, because of the shock but I was so wet he went all the way in without hurting too much.””It all gets a bit hazy after that. I remember pushing back onto him as he pounded into me. I must have come two or three times, then he exploded, pumping what felt like pints of cum into me. When he pulled out I nearly fainted again, then I recovered and looked around at him. He just winked at me, dried his cock with my panties and put them in his pocket. I rearranged my clothes, and looked for something in the pavilion for something to clean up with. I couldn’t find anything. I had to hurry to the ladies tipobet güvenilir mi to take off my stockings.”Heath blinked. “What for ?” he gasped.”His sperm had run down my legs and soaked them. I thought someone might see.”Heath had listened in silence as her account had become gradually more explicit. Her blush of embarrassment had changed into a flush of excitement as she had told her tale, and the visible part of her neck and chest were glowing. He felt a change as he abandoned all pretence of a professional relationship. His cock was about to burst through his trousers and he had every intention of burying it in Miss Hurst as soon as possible. He made a decision.”I’m appalled.” he said. “You could easily have declined Mr Bench’s advances, but instead you seem to have engaged in his sordid plan with enthusiasm. I am minded to take direct action, but first I must understand exactly what happened.””What do you mean” asked Miss Hurst, her eyes wide.”I want you to come around to my side of the desk, just here. Now. I want you to show me exactly where Mr Bench touched you.”Miss Hurst gasped, but stepped around the desk. Heath considered her generous breasts, slim waist, shapely black stockinged legs. Miss Hurst began to slowly unbutton her blouse. When it was open to her navel, she lifted her bra to allow her pert breasts to bounce free. Her nipples were erect, standing out from peachy coloured aureolie, her body a honeyed tan, but for her breasts, pale under her bikini line. Heath, just inches away, could feel the heat from her skin.”Show me how he touched your breast” He said.Looking full at Heath, she cupped a breast, her thumb and forefinger, cherry red varnished nails reaching up, pinching and rolling her nipple.”Did this excite you ?” asked Heath.”Yes. I could feel myself starting to get wet.””Show me where.” She reached down, her soft hair falling forward and picked up the hem of her skirt, lifting it up to display her cotton panties. She was clearly excited again. Heath could smell her scent, and could make out her pussy lips through the damp patch “Here.” she said, one fingertip resting lightly on her panties at the top of the damp patch.”And ?” said Heath.”And… here.” She moved her finger down, and under herself until her red nail pushed gently into what Heath could now clearly see were her swollen pussy lips.”I can’t see properly. I need to understand the facts, Miss Hurst. Pull down your panties and show me properly.”Miss Hurst bit her lip and hooked down her panties as far as the tops of her stockings. Looking straight at Heath, she gently touched her clitoris, jumping and smiling a little.”It’s sensitive” she said. Heath said nothing.She carried on teasing herself, then her other hand drifted down to her pussy, making sure Heath had the clearest view. She dipped first one, then a second finger between her soaking lips. Her eyes closed and she began to move to a rhythm, gradual at first. “And while he was doing this, what were you doing ?” asked Heath.”Well…” She started, looking down at the turgid bulge in Heath’s trousers.”Show me what you did.” he insisted.With one hand she tentatively reached out and unzipped his flies. She reached in and with some difficulty freed his rock hard cock. Still touching herself with her free hand, she bent from the waist, looked Heath in the eyes then continued down to his cock. He almost shouted when her tongue flicked out and picked up a string of precum oozing from the tip of his cock, then she sunk down on him, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked, and took most of his bahis siteleri length into her tiny mouth.As she worked up and down on his cock, her other hand at play alternately teasing her clit and plunging into her pussy, Heath could feel her approaching orgasm.”What happened next ?” He demanded.With a sucking sound she pulled off his cock and through half closed eyes said to Heath “And then he…””And then he took you to the window, bent you over and fucked you, no ?””Yes” she whispered.”Until he ejaculated his full load inside you?””Yes”He took her gently by the upper arm and stood her up.”I can’t let this go unpunished, Miss Hurst. And for reasons I need not explain I am not in a position to reprimand Mr Bench. Neither do I wish to lose a talented young teacher like you. But there may be another way to adjust your behaviour. Would you like me to show it to you ?”Miss Hurst, flushed, still partly undressed, and just pulled back from the brink of orgasm, simply nodded.”Remove your blouse and bra please, Miss Hurst. And then bend over my desk.”She bent forward, her body tanned but for the white untanned stripes across her back and buttocks, her breasts squashing her sensitive nipples against the leather desktop, her panties still around her thighs.Heath, standing behind her, could see the light pink of her inner lips beginning to peek out between her shaved, swollen outer lips, wet with anticipation. Heath stepped to the side.”You’re behaviour has been deplorable. This will remind you to keep your panties on in future.”He delivered a sharp slap to Miss Hursts bare buttocks. She cried out.”When I spank you you must thank me.”He spanked her again.”Thank you…”As he slapped her buttocks, each contact drawing a sigh of ‘thank you’ he noticed Miss Hursts pussy swelling yet further, and now a tiny drip of juice appeared and dripped down into her panties. He could see her pussy lips working now, contracting with each stroke, longing for penetration.Her buttocks now red from her spanking, Heath stood behind her.”Look at me,” he said.Miss Hurst, a look of complete lust on her face looked over her shoulder at Heath. She said simply “Please.”Before the syllable was complete Heath sunk the full length of his hard cock into Miss Hursts pussy. She bore it silently but her mouth just pursed into a drawn out ‘oooohh’. Her eyes closed and she gave herself over to a monumental orgasm, driving back onto his cock, flooding his root and balls with her hot juice, shuddering and shaking, and gripping his cock with the muscles in her pussy. Her lips were tight enough to hold onto him as he pulled out of her, pulling them taught like a mouth, then pushing back in as he squeezed back into her wetness. He could feel the tremors through his belly and balls as the end of the lesson approached.Heath, unable to hold back any further, gave himself up to his climax, his whole body tensing rigid, then thrusting into Miss Hurst, rolling her tits back and forth across the leather, he launched his sperm deep into her gripping snatch. Jet after jet pumped into her as the thrusting finished. For a moment no one moved, and then Heath withdrew his softening cock from the young teacher. As the head came free a drop of semen followed it. He pulled her panties the rest of the way down her stockinged legs, and had her step out of them.”Stand up.” He said. “I’m keeping these. Put on your bra and blouse. I won’t be taking this any further. You’re free to go.””Thank you.” Said Miss Hurst.As Heath watched her let herself out of the door, a strand of of his cum rolled down the back of Miss Hursts thigh, dampening her stocking. She would have to return to the ladies changing room still leaking and smelling of his cum, clearly just fucked and it would be obvious to several of the other female teachers that she’d just undergone the traditional induction.

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