18th Birthday

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18th Birthday“Thanks for letting us use your classroom, Mr. Franklin!” Suzy yelped, immediately wishing she could go back and try repeating herself without sounding like a c***d. Mr. Franklin appeared not to notice and flashed the smile she loved so much. “No problem, Suzy. I’ll be around if you girls need me. Happy birthday!”And just like that, he was gone. Suzy wanted more than anything to tell him she’d happily trade her private, after school 18th birthday party with her closest friends if it meant she got to stare at him and his perfect smile a little more. THAT would be a far better gift than anything she had gotten yet. Instead, Suzy quietly watched Mr. Franklin leave, his tall frame almost lumbering, but not quite. Suzy always marveled at how Mr. Franklin, by far the youngest teacher at Midvale High and the one all the girls talked about, was able to have such a strong, forceful body but such a soft, innocent face. When he taught, his gestures were always strong, while his dark, almond shaped eyes almost implored his students, begging them to listen. Suzy was crazy for his eyes, his body, his everything. If he had any idea how many times over the last few years she had switched her schedule around just to have his class four years in a row, he’d think she was crazy. Heck, if that didn’t come off as crazy, then surely asking to use HIS classroom after class for her birthday party certainly would. Somehow though, Suzy felt like Mr. Franklin gave her signals. Every time he flashed that perfect smile, she thought it was just for her. But as she surveyed the girls giggling and talking around her, Suzy realized each and every one of her friends had said the same thing at one time or another.Suzy fixed the strap of her tight dark blue tank top, her favorite one which she always thought showed off her baby blue eyes and soft pale skin. Suzy frowned ever so softly when she went over in her mind how many outfits she had gone through and how many times she had brushed her long jet black hair, trying to find the perfect look to sweep Mr. Franklin off his feet. And now he had gone, he and his perfect smile, and his perfectly pressed slacks and perfectly crisp long sleeve white shirt. The minutes passed, and Suzy couldn’t concentrate on her birthday party at all. Girls giggled, confetti flew, and pictures were snapped, but Suzy kept thinking about Mr. Franklin. Maybe he had heard about all the boys and now had no interest. Suzy let out an audible huff when she thought of the boys. She was still a virgin, but her budding sexual needs had found ways to manifest none the less. One night at a sophomore party, one of the boys she liked had taken her off to a secluded spot and shoved her down to her knees, forcing kırklareli escort her to give her first blow job. Suzy remembered the experience being rough and unwieldy. But more than that she remembered how much she fell in love with every part of the act. Her flush cheeks, her numb lips, the taste of his cum warming her mouth and throat… Her first instincts that night were to resist, but everything felt so perfect. From that day on, Suzy had a problem. She didn’t think of herself as a slut, but she developed an addiction to giving head. She went crazy for the bulge she could feel in a boy’s jeans, the feeling of a cold tile floor or a dirty carpet on her knees, the unique sound each boy always made as she found the right rhythm wrapped around his cock.Suzy stood up and walked out of the classroom. It was too much to bear, to think that Mr. Franklin somehow found out about her and her secret. As she walked toward the bathroom, she reminded herself that It was just one little vice and didn’t mean anything. After all, she had never had sex, and the few times she had touched herself, it was always a slow and soft affair. Hardly the manner of a slut, Suzy convinced herself. Suzy hadn’t thought about where she was going, but toward the end of the hall, she noticed Mr. Franklin standing quietly against the lockers with his hands in his pockets and his usual irresistible smile.“Happy birthday, Suzanne.”No one had ever called her Suzanne. Her name had always been some variation on Suzy, and because of her smaller frame and youthful appearance, she had never even imagined herself as a Suzanne. Before she could react however, she noticed she had already begun walking towards him, slowly at first, but then faster, and faster, till she almost found herself unable to get to him quickly enough. The smile on Mr. Franklin’s beautiful face remained, but he took his hands out of his pockets, ready to catch her. Ready to have her. The force of their embrace pushed them up against the row of lockers. Her hands found his chest and she nuzzled up to him, standing as high on her toes as she could, struggling to reach his lips. As he took her hand in his he leaned down, letting her relax and melt into his embrace. The soft kiss he gave her drove her wild. She wanted him, every inch of him, but had no idea how to express the flood of emotions she was feeling. All she could do was let out a small whimper as their kiss pressed harder and harder.Mr. Franklin pulled her away and for a moment he simply stared down at her, his usual smile having dissolved into the exact expression Suzy had dreamed about over and over. It was then that she realized how much better that expression looked in reality than kırklareli escort bayan how she had imagined it. Suzy felt her knees give way almost immediately. She wanted to taste him the way she knew how to so well. All those boys she had driven wild, all those boys who screamed in pleasure and held her mouth tight against their cocks while they came, that immense feeling of lustful accomplishment, conquering any boy she wanted with her mouth and tasting him completely, till they went limp and their eyes rolled back in solemn appreciation. This was what she knew how to do, how to please a man, and she wanted nothing more to show Mr. Franklin exactly how good she had become. She glanced down at his perfectly pressed slacks, and realized every single thing about him drove her wild. She had always been used to boy’s jeans. She had never unzipped slacks before, never undone a belt, never seen a man burst through and greet her. She began to wonder exactly how big he was, and if she’d be able to take him all in.But as tried to lower to his hips, he pulled her back up, his large hand cradling her soft round chin.With a soft whisper, his smile returned. “No.”With one forceful gesture, Mr. Franklin turned Suzy around and pulled her back against him. Resting his back against the lockers and her back to his, his hands reached around and found her stomach and hips. His lips gently kissed her neck, her head turning to it’s side to welcome him. Suzy was short of breath. She couldn’t feel his hands, or his kisses. Her body had shuddered as soon as he pressed her against him, because it was that moment that she felt the full girth of his cock against the small of her back. So warm, so strong. Her mouth was agape. It was gigantic. Her eyes rolled back as she allowed the other sensations to sweep over her. His kisses on her neck continued, as did the exploration of his hands, working around her midsection. He felt her tug at the bottom of her tank top, revealing more and more of her chest to the cold air. His other hand worked up her skirt, hugging her thigh tightly until she felt her panties begin to be yanked down to her knees. His fingers danced back up stopping at the very base of her pussy, firmly pressed with great pressure. Suzy took a deep breath as one of the fingers of his other hand found it’s way to the top, near her clit and ever so softly began moving it back and forth. There they rocked, her pressing back up against him as hard as she could, her eyes rolling back into her head.His fingers picked up speed and for a moment all she could feel was the friction. Her brow furrowed slightly. This wasn’t how it was supposed to feel. This wasn’t how she touched herself. All the times escort kırklareli she had pleasured herself, it had been a long drawn out exploration of her body, so soft, and never so harsh as what he was doing. He picked up even more speed, and the foreign sensation intensified. Suzy couldn’t help but look back. She couldn’t see him, but she could hear his breathing, and he softly muttered “Trust me.”Suddenly, the fingers at the base of her pussy dug deep inside her. Electricity shot through her body. While his other finger frantically worked her clit, Suzy realized her body was shooting past the usual first and second stage of pleasure, and she was immediately about to cum. Mr. Franklin had driven her to this state in seconds, a state she had rarely been to herself, even after 20 minutes of touching herself.She felt it building and building, the biggest orgasm she had ever had the pleasure to anticipate. She tensed up, her hands spastically shooting out, reaching for anything to hold on to, finally reaching back behind Mr. Franklin’s head. She grabbed his hair and began to let out a harsh moan.“I know. I’ve got you.” Even in the chaos, he had her. He repositioned his body to let her push back and give all her weight to him, and as soon as her body reached it’s crescendo, he took out his fingers and wrapped his arms around her.The most fantastic pleasure Suzy had ever experienced shot through her body. Wave after wave, seemingly coming from everywhere and nowhere, exploded over and over. Her moan had turned into a scream, her flailing had turned into a shake, and her body seemed to reject all external stimuli. She couldn’t see or hear. She couldn’t feel anything but the sweet sense of his body against hers, holding her tightly, allowing all these new sensations to happen as naturally as they wanted to. Her breathing slowed and slowly Suzy came back to consciousness. The first thing she felt was a rush of cool air between her legs, and the slow drip of her own juices down er leg. She managed to drop her head and glanced down to see her twisted and stretched panties, still barely pulled down around her knees, now soaking wet.The next thing she realized was he was still embracing her with his beautiful arms. His breathing was almost non existent compared to he giant gulps of air she was taking. “Can you stand?”A giant grin splashed across Suzy’s face. She closed her eyes and laughed. “I don’t know.”His hands rolled away, and Suzy tried to get her footing. Dizzily she grasped the lockers to help herself up. Suddenly she felt Mr. Franklin pull her panties back up, till they were almost back around her hips.Mr. Franklin leaned in and kissed her soft on her lips, which she was too numb to reciprocate. “Happy Birthday.” And with that, Mr. Franklin turned around and turned the corner. He was gone. Suzy listened to her heart pump and tried to regain her composure. Then she grinned the biggest grin she could muster as she thought to herself “All those smiles were for me after all.”

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