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24 HOURS IN GLASGOW (Part One)This story is based on chats on XHAMSTER the names have been changed to protect the guilty.As the train pulled into Glasgow Jennie wondered for about the hundreth time if she was doing the right thing, it had started quite innocently chatting on Xhamster and after several raunchy chats where she had orgasmed they had agreed to meet up.Lydia explained that Jennie had to agree to follow Lydia’s instructions to the letter subject to conditions which they both agreed to abide by, so Jennie found herself sitting in a first class carriage wearing a sensible tweed skirt and a very tight white blouse which showed her every curve, underneath however she had no knickers on and just a gridle and balck seamed stockings.The train stopped and opened its doors and jennie made her way onto the platform down by the barrier was a tall woman with burnette hair and dressed in a full length Black leather coat, black leather boots with 5″ stiletto heels and black leather gloves and sunglasses, Jennie knew from the description that this would be Lydia.Walking down to the barrier Lydia walked over to her and grasping herhands with her gloved hands kissed Jennie on both cheeks and said ‘ Jennie glad you could make it, we are going to have so much fun’, Jennie found herself being guided out of the station as per the agreement she had no luggage apart from her handbag.On the station forecourt a mercedes sedan sat with its rear door open and a black woman wearing the tightest chauffers uniform she had ever seen, as she got closer she could see that it was made of Grey leather and the trousers were tucked into Black leather knee high boots with 5″ stiletto heels and Jennie noticed that she also was wearing black leather glov es which disappeared up into her jacket sleeves.Jennie was guided into the back of the sedan and found herself sitting in a sumptious leather seat she noticed that the windows were tinted stopping anyone looking in, Lydia mersin escort slid in next to Jennie and the door was closed Lydia turned to jennie and said ‘lets have a proper welcoming kiss’ with that she leaned over and passionately kissed Jennie on the mouth forcing her tongue into Jennie’s mouth, Jennie responded and soon Lydia was caressing Jennie’s left breast with a leather gloved hand as Jennie started to feel her pussy start to get wet.Breaking off the kiss Lydia smiling said ‘God you taste delicious lets have a drink’ without waiting for a response she opened the minibar and opened a bottle of Bollinger of champagne and poured two glasses,Lydia handed a glass to Jennie and said ‘We’ll have a spot of lunch, then go do some shopping and have some pampering and then we have the evening to enjoy ourselves’.Lydia lit up a cigarillo and as we sipped champagne she idly stroked my nylon clad knee with a gloved finger and asked Jennie various questions about different sexual practices and other personal questions Jennie didn’t know why but she found herself answering them honestly.The car stopped and the door was opened Lydia got out and offered Jennie a leather gloved hand as she got out and tucking her hand under her arm led her towards the entrance of a expensive and exclusive restaurant, the door was opened by a doorman who saluted as we walked by, The maitre’d and two waiters were standing by as we walked in and the maitre’d said ‘ madames, l have selected the table personally exactly as you requested’ with an imperialious wave of her gloved hand Lydia sent the maitre’d to lead the way with two waiters following us she looked like she owned the place.We were led to a corner table where we could oversee the rest of the restaurant but only a couple of tables could see us, one of those tables was occupied by two older ladies we unbuttoned our coats and they were taken by one of the waiters, Lydia was wearing a short black leather skirt escort mersin withb knee high black leather boots and a black skintight lycra top which clung to every curve and black leather gloves which came over the sleeves which made it difficult to see where they ended, additionally she had a gold watch on her left wrist.We sat down and Lydia said ‘We’ll have my usual and a bottle of bollinger ’86 ‘ Excellent choice’ beamed the maitre’d Lydia produced another cigarillo and the waiter whipped out a lighter and lit it, Lydia put a leather gloved hand on my knee and started stroking the inside of my leg whilst she smoked, l noticed that all the tables had glass tops so everything could be seen.One of the women at another table started to complain about Lydia smoking to a waiter, Lydia ignored her and continued stroking my leg and moving her hand up my leg pushing my skirt up, very soon my stocking tops were visible and lydia continued her small talk, the woman was now getting shriller but the other woman at the table was now engrossed at what was happening at our table.Lydia by now was brushing my pussy lips with her leather gloved fingers and my legs parted of their own accord and two fingers slipped into my moist pussy and immediately located my clit and started playing with it, l let an involuntary gasp as this happens.The woman who is complaining now stands up demanding to see the manager Lydia sneers and saids ‘ Haven’t you seen two people enjoying themselves in public before then’, the women who was standing up says ‘ l’ve never been so insulted in my life’ her friend tries to hide a smile as she watches us.The wine waiter brings our champagne and Lydia leans over and says ‘ l want you to unzip him and suck his cock’ she says it in such a commanding tone l don’t even think of not doing it, l reach up and run my fingers over his crotch and pull his zip down his cock springs out and l grab it and pull the foreskin back and lick his head mersin escort bayan with my tongue Lydia meantime is still playing with my clit with her gloved fingers. I take the cock into my willing mouth and start to suck and lick his cock, this is too much for the woman who says ‘ that’s it if the manager won’t deal with this then the police will have to ‘ and she storms off looking for someone to berate,the other woman was still watching intently but was now rubbing her knicker gussett as well.Lydia smiled and said ‘perhaps that’s what your friend needs a hard cock or a friend to make her cum, then she might not be so uptight’ the woman laughed and continued rubbing herself, suddenly her friend stormed back in giving us a digusted look and saying ‘ Betty we are going this place is full of perverts and not a place for us ladies’ Betty gave us a wry smile and stopped playing with herself, as the women walked us she hissed ‘hussies’ Lydia smiled and replied ‘Jealous’ the woman just sniffed and walked on.I felt the waiters cock begin to twitch and went to release him to wank him when Lydia put a gloved hand on the back of my head and said ‘No my dear it is your starter and you must finish it’, l obeidantly carried licking and teasing his cock until l received a mouthful of salty, warm spunk, this triggered off my own orgasm and my juices flowed over Lydia’s gloved fingers.I released the waiters cock and he calmly zipped himself up and poured the champagne and left, Lydia pulled her gloved fingers out of my wet pussy and l could see my juices glistening on her leather clad fingers it was strangely erotic and she smiled and dipped her fingers into her glass and said ‘Bollinger and pussy juice an interesting combination’, she held her fingers up to my mouth and l licked and sucked the liquid off her gloved fingers.Our food then arrived and Lydia said ‘Oysters and Steak we need to keep our strength up’ over the next hour we chatted about various things and at the end l was surprised to see that we had drunk two bottles of bollinger, Lydia called for our coats and the wine waiter brought mine and slipped me a note as we went to leave, Lydia smiled and said ‘so far more to do’To be cont.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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