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460 Yes gran460 Yes granAlec, being Alec, was intrigued, gran was out as always on Friday nights, jam and Jerusalem, the Women`s institute her one last regular club. 73 now, and she would say in her Autumn years though Beryl was still as upright as a ram rod, fairly trim, 38dd tits, hair like snow and a twinkle in er eye that lit up a room.Alec lived with her now, dad died in the car accident and his mum, Tina had lost one eye, and according to the nursing home, for what she had as brains nowadays, poor mum would have been better going with dad. Oh, she had lucid moments, but the gaps between them were getting longer they said. The institution sent her “home!” once a month for the weekend, and this was one of those. He had offered to “look after her” so his gran could go to the WI, lord knows she got little enough chance to enjoy herself nowadays. Alec by the way is a hormone riddled teenager, not in the top stream at school, set back when the parents were struck down, cared for by his gran!A youth of, well, shall we just say a “very enquiring mind when it now came to the females of the species!” at least that’s what his form mistress at school wrote on the last report. Perhaps a little overawed at his attempts to see past her ankles whenever she was sat in front of the class at school!Sadly, dad had not managed birds and bees before he departed, mum now wasn’t apparently capable and gran, well she was gran and well it hadn’t occurred to gran that no-one else had. Like all boys he knew women were different, they had tits for one thing, oh he`d seen tits, young female tits, just for him bared in the cricket pavilion, it had cost him a small box of milk tray to see though, her vest…that was all Della a girl in the next form… had taken off… Sadly, she hadn`t taken off any more and his pocket money hadn’t run to a second box of chocks! Della obviously knew what her trade to be when she left school …His mum tottered back from the toilet, one of the only things she could still do for herself, that and feed herself. her poor sight didn’t help. She slumped in the wing chair, her once tidy figure unfettered and spreading a little as the tired staff at the home couldn’t be bothered with bras, underclothing nowadays reckoning it was too hard to dress patients for nothing. Her once neat chestnut hair untidy now. He fetched the hairbrush, she loved him brushing her hair, it was the thing his dad had always done. perhaps Dad`s form of sexual foreplay. Regular slow sweeps of the brush had her smiling, humming a tune, and waving her arms about like a conductor, obviously enjoying the feelings.He stood behind her chair, and she slowly quietened, drifting into her dream world once more, she looked distant and muttered “That’s nice Cyril, Mmmm that’s nice,” which considering he was Alec and his dad had been Jim was a tad worrying. “Play with my tits Cyril, go on, like you usually do, yozgat escort bayan hurt me like you always do, pinch my nipples hard, pull on them, go on then, for being a sad cow and for dreaming of young Alec fucking me!”Alec dropped the brush!Collecting it up and thinking on his feet he began again, whoever Cyril was, was obviously getting more perks than enough and the revelation that she, his once pretty mother was dreaming of her only son having her…wow! Was this his opportunity, his chance… but would that be thought of as wrong, taking advantage of a poor mentally retarded soul… the thought flew through his brain, … it didn`t stop though his sexual self, waving it away like an unwanted bus at a request stop! With a fleeting grin and wrestling with his conscience, his left hand slid down his mother`s ample frontage as his right continued with the brush, he felt soft breast tissue under the thin gold jumper he had brought her last birthday, which sensation thrilled our man and the brush began to slow and then finally stop, his concentration on his left handed assault being beyond anything chocolate had so far produced with Della`s bee-stings. The soft left orb felt heavy in his cupped hand, his mind reeling as the nipple began to stiffen. He put the brush on the sideboard just in reach.Her head eased back a little though her eye was fixed on the far wall and she hissed, “Pinch it then, go on, hurt me for dreaming about Alec…go on hurt me like you always do… stop me having these thoughts of him having me, of him being man enough to fuck me…like Jim once did, my own beloved Jim…”His jaw slackened, but knowing she could soon awake from this…well…dream… this delusion…this fantasy… what could he do? Thinking quickly his forefinger and thumb found the stiffening nub and he gently squeezed. Her eyes closed in extasy.Her lips whispered, “more Cyril, lots more, you know how go on hurt me, I`m a rotten cow wanting my own son, but it`s what Jim always wanted, all those years back, he wanted to be a cuckold, but he hadn’t the balls to have any other man have me, perhaps in case I liked the bull more… but he so wanted his son to have me…especially to learn on and become a man with!”Astounded now he stood, pinching that nipple and unable to decide on his next move.Her hand came to his, her gaze still distant, as she held his wrist, and asked in a distant fashion, “do you think Alec will ever want his old batty mother? I know you and Petrov like fucking me, and my Jim would have hated that, he wanted Alec to be my lover, not two foreign night carers who just want to use me…” Dawn broke across the lads mind, it all fell into place… enlightenment… he needed to know more, in his best eastern European accent he gruffly grunted, “but are Petrov and I the only wun`s, then… don’t yoo let yourself be used by the day staff too then?” She smiled, chuckled and said, “you`re escort yozgat the only men, that Anna, the matron she likes a feel now and then, but she`s gentle and loving and like a lover, like Jim`s mum was, my Jim would have liked her.”The bit about ‘Jim`s mum,’ his gran, well that threw him for a moment, were his gran and his mum players? His mother breathed in his ear “don’t you forget that other nipple Cyril, its not like you to be so soft.”“You know how much you love to use your nails on them, you know I need that pain to punish me for being a bad girl and wanting to go home and to sleep with my son and my mother in law!”His mind fleetingly said, ‘this is so wrong’ but then he decided he needed to know more, and the righthand slid down to its nipple and using his nails the nipple was gripped. Her knuckles tightened on the chair arms where they had come to rest, her breath whistled as she had a sharp intake, the eye closed, then she said, “Oh Cyril one day you will nip that nipple right off… or Petrov will kill me either way I don’t care if I can`t go home to Beryl and Alec, I might as well be dead!” he hissed at her “what does Petrov do to you then?” she smiled, then slowly described some of the games the night carer played. How he gagged her to stop her waking the other patients, her being bound to the chair, how Petrov had told her she was wicked and must be punished for those thoughts about her own son, as she was so wicked and uncurable how he had promised to kill her before he returned to his home.She explained the hours overnight she had sat bound and in pain, the needles she had endured through her nipples, and her breasts, he said part of her cure… The lad released the nipples, and stood back for a moment as she continued with this litany of pain, explain that she had been told by Petrov that to save her from long term pain, he was going to kill her for her own good … Alec was stunned…A bus in the high road rumbled past, he shot the clock a look, then galvanised into action stood and ran to the kitchen, on went the kettle for his gran. Part of their ritual. The front door clattered and there she was, madam chairwoman, her wicker basket laden with flowers and home produce as always after these sessions.Instantly she saw his face she knew something was amiss, he raised his finger to his lip and shook his head, nodding at his mother. Luckily Beryl was not one who argued, and after a while and a cup of coffee, she helped her daughter in law to the bed up in the spare room. Once bedded down she returned to Alec needing answers.Over a second pot of coffee the story came out, he left out the bit about playing with her nipples, though it was close, but between them the jist of the situation was that Tina was being abused, by two night staff men and by a woman on days, though that didn’t seem overly serious, they were being lied to, and Tina was yozgat escort in danger. The bit about Jim and his wanting to have his son take his virginity and be shared by mum, and the fact that he knew that Beryl and Tina had slept together before the accident…well that caused some embarrassment, but Beryl, being Beryl, rode over the facts like a ship on a rough sea, and it was soon evident that she was treating this as two separate items and sex was much the lesser evil at the moment. No priority one was saving Tina from those bloody “carers!”Beryl as was her way sat for a while, he knew better than interrupt.“don’t worry lad, Monday morning I`m off to social services, Lizzy is one of us and she is head honcho down there, we shall sort this and perhaps your mum can come home then…well done for finding all this out!” To his relief the methods he had used were not discussed.The weekend passed slowly, nothing on the subject was really said, though Beryl was much more careful to note every tiny thing Tina did or said, and on the Sunday she spent an hour in her own bedroom chatting to her friend Liz, in a way that would have made Mi5 envious. (Perhaps the WI and the masons have something in common!)Monday morning and Tina was obviously agitated, though just as normal Beryl returned her to the home after dropping off her grandson at school. At tea that evening she explained to Alec, her day, Liz true to her word had sorted things, Tina was now in another home for assessment, Petrov and Cyril were in custody, and the home in special measures.She added, “if what he had said is proven, to be true, Tina after assessment might be coming home permanently, and will live here under our roof full time!”Smiles all round, but then she said, “however…” there was an ominous silence, then she went on, “let`s talk about my Jim, your dad, and his wishes, and how come Tina thought Cyril was m*****ing her here at home last Friday!” red of face and desperate the lad blustered that, he had brushed her hair, and that she had thought it was Cyril, and it was his mother that was dreaming so he had had to role play to get ant more details…Beryl laughed, then said, “more like you have a thing about busts my lad, I`m not stupid, but I thought you knew about birds an` bees etc or perhaps I could have been more help”Red of face now he sat not knowing what to say or do. Her steady penetrating and enquiring gaze not helping one jot.The moment was one he would long remember, he was a virgin and she knew it, and it was embarrassing. As if making up her mind she suddenly said, “OK lad, do the washing up I will lock up and perhaps we can have a chat, have you any homework?” practical as ever, she threw him off guard. He assured her, “nothing that needed doing tonight, it was stuff to be handed in next Monday” “Ok go shower and come up to my room when your ready, oh and pj`s dressing gown ok!”With that she swept out, leaving our hero flustered but determined. That washing up was done, he was showered and in pj`s in what amounted to no time flat. He presented himself at her door, stood for a moment calming himself then with trepidation he knocked and waited…

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