A black plumber fixes my leaks

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A black plumber fixes my leaksI stretched out alone at my bed that warm morning,My beloved hubby had left for the airport very early and he would not come back in a full week. Now my favorite ten inch dildo plunged up my tight cunt. My slick pussy lips gripped this nice black piece as it pumped in and out of my wet warm hole.I had one hand driving the thick rubber dildo up my drooling cunt, while my other hand was savagely rubbing my throbbing clit. I was almost there. I needed this cum really bad. I ached for cock, I dreamed of cock and I needed cock so badly since my loving Victor had not fucked me properly during at least two weeks…I was begging for me to find a thick real cock to fuck me silly.I had collected several dildos and vibrators, but they just did not seem to be doing the trick anymore. But I still worked the huge black dildo into my tight hot cunt and I could feel the orgasm reaching soon.Just a couple of more minutes and I would be satisfied for a while.The double stimulation of my clit and cunt was driving me so close to the edge, that I was almost frantic with my needs. I wanted the explosion, the sonic boom inside my head…The air was filled with the smell of my broached pussy and my sweet juices flowed down the crack of my ass onto the leather couch. I was almost there, when my cell phone buzzed.I was distracted for a moment and lost the rhythm, but I only paused for a second. I forgot the cell and I brought my burning cunt to the edge of orgasm once again. My cunt was about to explode on this marvelous thick rubber cock sawing in and out of my wet gushing pussy. Suddenly, the cell went on again; cutting right through my haze of pleasure. I closed my eyes and focused. I needed the orgasmic explosion so bad. As I savagely drove the dildo deep into my pulsing womb, I felt I was almost there. But then, for a third time, the phone buzzed…A bit frustrated, I pulled the slick black dildo out of my burning wet slit and stood up. I reached for the buzzing cell and picked it up.It was the plumber. I had forgotten he would come to fix a drain…He was right outside my house. Then I looked around; my red thong was on the floor, a porn movie playing in the DVD, a very wet black dildo on the coffee table and a big pool of pussy juices on the leather couch. I asked the man to give me just a second. I put on a long t-shirt over my naked body. My nipples were like two pencil points as they stuck out through the thin material.I turned off the DVD, picked up my random items and ran back to the bedroom. I just threw everything on the bed and ran out to the hallway. I tried to appear calm as I opened the door.When I saw the man on the other side, my jaw almost hit the floor. Standing in front of me with a tool case in one hand, trabzon escort was the biggest black hunk I had ever seen in my life. He was gorgeous, a very handsome black man…He had broad shoulders, strong muscled arms and slim hips. My hot cunt snapped tight at the thought of how long would be his dick.He smiled at me, introducing himself as Lee John…He stepped into the front hallway and I closed the door. I turned to face him and again my mind went blank. He really was extremely handsome.He then asked me to show him the matter. I said the bathtub was backed up. I led him to the main bathroom and swayed my hips in front of him.He had noticed my nipples were hard as rocks for sure.We dot into my bedroom and then I looked at him. I followed his gaze and I checked that he was staring directly onto the bed, where there were lying my wet red thong and my favorite giant black dildo.I then showed the bathroom and Lee John acted like he had seen nothing at all. He turned and went into the bathroom, looking now at the bathtub. I grabbed both things and threw them into a drawer.I then noticed I was pretty excited; my nipples were still straining against the thin material of the t-shirt. I felt my cunt getting wet…For a brief second, an image passed through my mind, of this black guy Lee John between my spread thighs, his hips rising and falling as he plunged a thick cock into my soaking wet cunt…He called me from the bathroom and the image faded away.Lee John smiled at me, saying he needed to check something outside. I watched him walk down the hall.The image of his long thick black cock plowing into my pussy returned to my horny mind. I needed this black cock; my hunger pussy was driving me to the edge.I looked out of the window, finding he was outside the laundry room. The day was warm and then he took off his white t-shirt. My mouth fell open at the sight of his chest and pectoral muscles.My hand crept up to my tits and pinched my hard nipple through the fabric. I felt even more aroused; my cunt beginning to tingle.My other hand slipped under my long t-shirt and began to trace the moisture line along the edge of my pussy lips. Never taking my eyes from this huge muscled black body, I brought my fingers to my tongue and licked my pussy juices. Savoring my own taste, I put my wet fingers back to my cunt and my breathing became shorter; my legs started to shake and my mind seemed to go blank except for the warm pleasure in my cunt.All of a sudden, my pussy juices started to leak from my cunt and then my head exploded. I fell to the floor and drove my fingers in and out between my wide spread trembling thighs. I heard a door slam, but then my climax continued to build and build.I moaned out loud as the sensations swept across escort trabzon my trembling body. I was lost in the pleasure of finally coming, when suddenly I heard a soft whisper from the door.The feeling that shot though my body was incredible…I quickly sat up and pulled my t-shirt down to cover my wet mound.I looked at Lee John standing there, totally naked, as he smiled at me. I stared in amazing at his hard body and discovered the large piece of flesh dangling between his thighs. I could only let out a soft moan in surprise. His cock was not so long, but it was extremely thick. It was about seven inches long, but thick as my own wrist. I felt my cunt creaming with excitement. I swallowed involuntarily as I stared at this flesh sword that seemed to swell and grow even longer before my eyes. As I stared at his long thick cock, the only thought in my mind was to fuck him until I could not stand anymore.Lee John walked towards me; with his thick cock swinging back and forth like a pendulum. I was so excited and turned on by this cock, that my cunt was leaking juices that ran down my ass crack.He helped me to get on my feet and then he ripped off my t-shirt, throwing the torn pieces to the floor. I put my hands on his chest and traced his body, until I reached down to his jutting cock. When my fingers surrounded this thick cock, I shuddered with excitement. Lee John began also to explore my naked trembling body. His hands had started at my hips and slowly moved to my boobs. He squeezed my hardened nipples between his naughty fingers.He then pushed down on my shoulders and I fell to my knees in front of him. His thick prick swayed in front of my face. I took his surging shaft in my hands and licked the cockhead…I tried to take him into my mouth. The head was very thick and I had some difficulty getting my red wet lips around and over it. I bobbed my head back and forth trying to suck more and more of his thick cock deep into my mouth. The black guy moaned…My other hand soon began to play my throbbing clit, as my cunt was leaking hard. I drove two fingers deeply.Lee John picked up the rhythm of my sucking and he began to gently thrust his magnificent black cock into my hot mouth. I mumbled around his thrusting cock as my orgasm overtook me.I pulled my mouth off this thick prick and let out a cry of pleasure.After this, I just fell back onto the floor with my naughty fingers still buried deep into my steamy cunt. Slowly, I opened my eyes and looked up at this black throbbing dick. I spread for Lee John my slick pussy lips.He grabbed me by my waist and positioned me onto my marital bed, kneeling with my round ass up in the air. My hot cunt was at the right level for him to fuck me from behind comfortably. I turned my head trabzon escort bayan to see him stepping behind me, taking his large thick cock in his hand. He placed the large knob at the entrance of my eager pussy and slowly pushed his thick dick inside me…I felt like my pussy was going to tear as his girth made my cunt open for him. I grunted and moaned as his dick slowly pushed its way into my inner depths. Just a few gentle thrusts from this black guy and he was buried in my steaming cunt to the balls. He gave me a few moments to get used to his width. Then taking hold of my hips, he slowly pulled his dick out of my gripping cunt. I tried to protest, feeling the emptiness, but he pushed forward again and he began to thrust into my burning cunt.I pushed back against his thrusts as I felt his thick cock slid up my now stretched wet cunt. He was really enjoying fucking me…As he thrust deep into my wet cunt, he squeezed my very sensitive tits hard. I moaned loud in appreciation.I was flipping my hips back at him trying to get his thick cock even deeper inside me. I was going wild with this black cock in me…My cunt locked down on his thick cock, as he was driving me to the edge. Then finally I started to cry my climax…My whole body shook and vibrated with the power of my orgasm. I cried out loud and I sagged onto the bed, as he pulled his cock out of my hot cunt with a slurping sound.I turned over on my back and looked at Lee John. His cock still fully erect, was pointing directly against my spread thighs. I wanted more; I needed more. My cunt was ready for him to fill me again.He smiled and stepped between my thighs, pulling my ass down to the edge of the bed. As his black cock slipped inside my wide spread pussy lips, I groaned with lust and pleasure.Lee John put my ankles over his broad shoulders and he pushed even deeper inside my burning hole. He filled me in just one thrust.The bastard drilled into my eager hot body with all his power.He quickly started fucking me with everything he had as he pounded my hungry cunt again and again. I urged him to fuck me even harder and I felt he was close to come. But I was extremely close as well. Lee John made one move powerful thrust deep into my cunt and then I exploded in a violent climax that sent me up to the ceiling.As I screamed out my pleasure, I bounced my ass up and down, trying to get more of this strong black cock inside me. All of a sudden, Lee John arched his back and I could feel a torrent of warm cum bathing my stretched inner walls. We both sighed as we collapsed onto the bed. I then just passed out. Later a deep voice made me wake up. It was Lee John. He was dressed now. He told me that he had finished his job and the bath tub was fixed.Before he left, I asked him if he could come back later that night, to fix another leak. The handsome black guy looked at me in surprise; but I spread my wet pussy lips with my fingers and showed him the new leak.Lee John then laughed, saying he could make a night call…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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