A Cousin’s Reunion Part 2.

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A Cousin’s Reunion Part 2.I shook the water from my face as she got hold of her panties and pulled, I felt a bare tit pressed against my face as she tried to get me to release them, her nipple pressed against my mouth. The sudden realization gave her the advantage and she pulled the material from my hand, sliding down my body and holding them out away from me so I couldn’t grab her back. I felt her stop sliding when her pussy and ass came to rest against my rock hard and now totally exposed cock, her back arched and both tits showing from under her top, which had been pushed up in the struggle around her neck.We both paused for a long second, realizing that we were for all practical purposes naked in front of each other. She looked into my eyes for my reaction as she slowly released her legs from around me sliding down my cock before she was standing again. She looked around and found my trunks floating a few feet away and took my hand, pulling me toward them. She scooped them out of the water and walked us to where the water was knee deep, handing them back to me.”That was supposed to cool us down, but for some reason I’m really sweating.” She said as she stepped back and bent over to put her bottoms back on. I tried to check out as much of her as I could while I pulled my own back on, noting that she was doing the same. I stood for several seconds, my hard cock pointing out at her, bouncing rhythmically with my heartbeat, while she slowly slid hers up her legs until she wiggled them over her butt. She took her time, letting me enjoy the view of her curly blond bush and her obviously aroused pussy, her full meaty lips fat and engorged. I waited, my hands holding my suit just below my cock while she adjusted her top, tucking each round firm tit into her top, her eyes never leaving my cock. Even after she had covered them, her hard erect nipples stuck out almost half a inch through her suit top, the image of her large pink areola burned into my brain. Only after she was completely covered did I pull my suit up, ending the first time we had seen each other naked in our nineteen years of knowing each other. “I think I better clean those fish.” I said, not sure that if we went back to swimming I could keep myself from trying to strip her again.”Sounds like a good idea. It’s almost dinner time anyway. I can get things started if you want to cook some for dinner.””Sounds like a plan.” I answered as we waded side by side down the shoreline to the dock. I stepped into the boat and picked up the fish bucket and lugged it up the hill, stopping twice to pull my slipping swim suit back up while she watched, a crooked smile on her face the whole time.”Flasher.” She said with a giggle as I stopped near the cleaning table, having to pull my suit up a third time since it had worked down my butt until it was held up only by my hard cock pressed against the fish bucket.”I see, and you’re not?” I asked a she walked toward the cottage door.”Nope, not me.” She called as she stopped on the cement stoop in front of the door. She reached up behind her neck and untied the top of her suit, letting the material fall, exposing her breasts as she reached behind her to undo the tie around her back. I watched as she took it completely off, her tits wiggling slightly as she turned to hang it on the clothes line right by the back door. Still facing away from me, she bent over, pushing her bottoms off, and sliding them down her legs, her cute tanned ass sticking out at me, the white triangle of her untanned skin acting as a billboard pointing toward her pussy lips which were sticking out at me from between her legs. She stood up and hung her bottoms over the line before stepping into the cottage, leaving me standing with my hardon tenting out my wet swim trunks.”Damn.” I muttered to myself as I turned to start cleaning fish. I had cleaned a lot of fish and it didn’t take me too long to work them down to boneless filets and to bury the remains to keep the skunks from dragging them around.”Don’t wear your wet suit in here.” Julie called from in front of the little gas stove in the kitchen, a towel wrapped around her body from her armpits to her knees.”And how am I suppose to not do that with my hands full of fish?” I asked as I stood in the doorway with several pounds of fish filets cradled in my hands.”Here, I’ll help you.” She said, stepping over to the door. Before I could protest, as if I would have, she pushed my swim suit down, exposing my cock which was quickly growing back to attention. I lifted each foot in turn to step out of it before she stood back up and stepped through the door to hang it on the line. “There.” She said simply as he stepped back into the kitchen. “Now you won’t drip all over the floor.””Yeah, but I’m kind of naked.” I objected as I walked to the sink and dropped the fish into the sink.”You didn’t seem bothered by that a little while ago. In fact it seemed like you wanted to be sure that I got to look at you the whole time I was putting bolu escort my suit back on.” She said with a grin as she moved back to the stove, pouring oil into the frypan on the front burner.”Yeah, but we were both naked then.” I complained.”Fine!” she said with a huff, walking off and coming back a few moments later with a towel. She handed me the towel to wrap around myself before turning back to dropping the sliced potatoes into the hot oil.I only half paid attention to what I was doing, washing the fish, as I watched her work realizing it was the first time I had ever seen her cooking before. I had lots of experience myself, having lived on my own for a while, but I had no idea she was as adept in the kitchen as she was demonstrating. I watched her work, the towel wrapped tight over the tops of her tits, the thin material of the beach towel allowing me to see them wiggle slightly as she moved. I idly wondered if she had put any underwear on under the towel and decided that she probably hadn’t, making my cock grow even harder, tenting out the towel around my waist obscenely.”Ready for the fish in a minute.” She said, her eyes darting down to my hard cock but not saying anything about it. I dropped the fish into the bowl of breading that she held out, her hands quickly dredging them through the mix and dropping the filets into the hot oil. I stepped aside, but not too far, as she reached over to turn on the sink and rinse her hands of the batter, thinking that I had a perfect opportunity to feel her up with her hands occupied. She moved back before I could screw up the nerve to act on my thoughts, which were to slide my hands up under that towel and feel up her tits.”Smells good.” I finally said, feeling like I needed to do more than just stand there and think about screwing my own cousin. “You could put some plates on the table. It’ll be done in a couple minutes.” She said sweetly, looking over her shoulder at me with a smile.”Can do.” I answered as I went to work setting out two places around one corner of the kitchen table. I got out some milk and filled our glasses while she scooped the now cooked fish from the hot pan.”Looks good.” I said as I sat down, watching her towel swish around as she moved, only now realizing that each time she did it separated slightly displaying a long thin strip of her body, including her curly blond pubic hair. How dumb could I have been not to look for that earlier? I thought to myself as she sat down, the towel spreading as she sat so that her lap had to be bare as she scooted the chair in. My cock jumped at the thought that she was sitting almost naked next to me and I couldn’t help but reach under the table and pull my own towel up to expose my cock, just in case she decided to reach over and feel me up. I saw her suppress a tiny smile as I pulled my hands out of my lap and back to the table, wondering if she figured out what I had just done. The two of us were clearly pushing every limit of being naughty and teasing each other, without crossing that invisible line.By the time we finished eating our most excellent feast, the water on the stove was steaming and ready for dish washing. I watched her push away from the table and stand up, her towel taking a moment to slide down and cover herself. While she stood in front of her chair waiting, I pushed away, my exposed cock mostly hard and exposed until I stood and the towel fell down over it.Almost as if satisfied what I had done what she intended, she turned and went to work getting the dishpan filled with hot water and things ready. I stepped quickly into the other room and adjusted my towel so that the gap in the towel was much closer to my cock so that if I wasn’t careful I might stick out the slit. I came back and stepped next to her to help by drying the dishes and put them up, noticing a funny little smile on her face that she was clearly trying to suppress. She seemed happy and I wasn’t about to ruin that mood.”Well, that’s it.” I said as I put the last dish in the cabinet and she dumped the water down the drain. “I need to pull the boat in, want to help?” I said as I walked to the bedroom. “Sure.” She called as I dug out my car keys and gave my now overly excited cock a few strokes.I walked out with my towel tented out even farther, my cock straining to be touched. She looked down at me and smiled, apparently happy she was having such an effect on me. I also noticed that the towel around her tits seemed to be pulled slightly lower on her chest than before. She followed me out to the boat landing where the car was still parked with the trailer attached. I climbed in and started the car up, my mostly hard cock sticking out of the gap in the towel as I twisted around in the seat to see where I was backing the trailer. It only took a minute for me to line the trailer up with the landing and ease it back in until the wheels were deep enough in the water.I set the brake and climbed out, walking around to the trailer as Julie escort bolu pushed the now untied boat around the corner of the dock. I gingerly climbed down the trailer to hook the boat up, my cock swinging freely out the open front slit of the towel as I leaned over to hook the rope onto the front eye. I looked up to see her watching and smiling before I made my way back to the front of the trailer and started winding the handle of the winch. I cranked and cranked, my whole body twisting and shaking as I wound the handle, my towel suddenly sliding down my legs and pooling on the ground around my feet. There was nothing I could do, needing to keep winding to get the boat onto the trailer, so I stood there in nothing but my flip-flops while I wound the boat the rest of the way on the trailer. With the boat finally snugged to the stop, I was able to reach down and pull the towel back up, fixing it around my waist while Julie watched. I climbed in the car and pulled the boat up, parking it on the hill and setting the brake before shutting down the engine and climbing out again.”Well, that was interesting. Now I’m hot again though. Wanna swim some more?” Julie asked from where she was walking up the grassy landing behind me.”Sure. Want me to go get our suits?” I asked as I turned to her.”No. Actually we’ve kind of been playing hide and seek with our bodies since earlier. I think we should just put it out in the open, what do you think?” she asked as she reached between her breasts and pulled the towel, pulling it all the way off and tossing it over the back of the boat. She stood there naked, her full tits rising and falling with her deep, apparently nervous, breaths, her tanned body on full display for me. I stood staring as she took the last few steps toward me and tugged my towel, pulling it off and tossing it onto the back of the boat with hers.”Now isn’t that better?” she asked quietly.’Uh…Yeah.” I answered as she took my hand and led me down to the lake. We left our flip-flops on the bank and slowly waded out into the water until we were chest deep.”The water seems warmer now, doesn’t it?” she asked.”Yeah, the air is getting cooler. Forecast is for a low of almost sixty.””Wow. Might need to build a fire at that rate.” She called as she pushed off and swam a few strokes out into deeper water. “You coming?””You know I’m not that comfortable in deep water.” I answered back.”Yeah, come on then, let’s go down to the beach then.” She said motioning to the sandy point.”Ok.” I answered, pushing off and swimming, but trying to stay closer to the shallower water. She beat me there by quite a bit and was floating on her back, her bare tits making little islands when I caught up. I stood on the bottom and walked toward her.”You know. This is kind of fun.” She said.”What is?” I asked, wondering if she meant the same thing I was thinking.”Skinny-dipping silly! I’ve never done it before. All the years we’ve been here I’ve never been in the lake naked before. It’s kind of a turn on, isn’t it?””Yeah, it is that.” I answered thinking that I was wanting to fuck her, first cousin or not.”Too bad we can’t go all the way. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to do that with you.” She said, stopping me in my tracks. “Have you ever thought about going all the way with me?””Oh, every so often.” I answered.”Kind of a shame we’re cousins.” She said as she stood up in the water, her tits just barely above the surface. She held her hands out to me and pulled me toward her. “Have you ever wanted to kiss me?” she asked in a hoarse whisper.”oh yeah.” I breathed.She lifted my hands to her breasts and placed one hand on each one, letting me cup her large soft tits before pulling her hands from mine. “Don’t get too many ideas now.” She whispered as she put her arms around my neck and pulled my face down to hers.Her lips were incredibly soft and wet as she pressed them gently to mine. Her tongue gently touched and teased my lips until I opened, and our tongues slipped into each other’s mouths, playing a little duel of desire. We stood and kissed for long minutes before I felt her draw one hand from around my neck and move it down to where one of my hands was gently massaging her large soft breast. She pulled my hand down from her breast and pushed it down until she could slide it between her legs. She broke the kiss for a few moments, whispering to me that she wanted me to finger her until she came.I felt her hand leave mine and wrap around my cock, gently stroking it under the water while my fingers explored her soft wet pussy. She lifted one leg and rested her foot on my knee to allow my fingers better access. Slowly I stroked up and down her slit, running my finger over her hard clit and then back down again until I could just curl the tip into her hot tunnel. Time and again my finger stroked her, her moans vibrating my mouth as she continued to stroke my cock, our embrace continuing unabated as our hands worked each other closer to climactic bolu escort bayan bliss. Her tit felt soft in my hand as I squeezed and kneeded it, her hard nipple pressed into the palm of my hand. I desperately wanted to suck her nipple, yet at the same time actually holding her breast and stroking her pussy were more than I had ever expected. My finger continued to stroke up and down her slit, sliding across her clit and then pressing deep into her wet tunnel, working it in as far as I could each time. She slowly pulled us tighter together and broke our long kiss, her exposed tit pressing into my chest as she gripped my neck tightly with her arm.”Oh shit I’m going to climax.” She moaned, her stroking becoming irregular and stronger as the coming orgasm began to build deep within her. “Ohhh…Ohhh…Ohhh!” she squeaked as her whole body suddenly shuddered, her hips jerking in time with her tiny squeeks. She held onto my cock like a handle, balancing herself as the orgasm ran its wave of pleasure through her entire body. I continued to stroke her, driving my finger up into her hot pussy until she reached down and stopped my hand, pulling it back up to her other tit.”Come here.” She whispered, pulling my cock to coax me to follow her as she backed up slowly into shallower water. She stopped when the water only to my thighs and then sank down in it, either squatting or kneeling under the water to bring her tits just above the surface. “I want to see you squirt.” She said quietly. “I’ve never seen a guy do it before.””Ok.” I agreed, knowing that I was extremely close when she came and that it wouldn’t take much. She began stroking my cock with both hands, running them the length of my shaft and rolling one hand over my engorged head. “Oh lord. I’m not going to last long that way.” I moaned loudly.”Good.” She said, looking up at me with a large smile on her face.She continued to stroke me, rubbing my wet cock for several more long strokes before I warned her that I was about to erupt. “On my tits. Squirt it on my tits.” She said in an almost begging tone as my legs began to shake.”Ok.” I grunted as the first stream of hot cum lanced out of my overly stimulated cock, shooting clear over her shoulder and landing in the water several feet behind her.”Goodness!” she giggled as she aimed my cock lower, the next powerful jet splashing on her wet tit. Time and again my body jerked, spurting more white cum onto her tits until it finally eased to a slow drool. Releasing my cock from she stood up, my cum dripping off her chin and neck where it had splashed, and running down her tits to drip into the lake. “That was a lot.” She giggled as she rubbed the thick cum around her nipples playfully before dipping herself down into the lake to wash them off. Before standing up she cupped water in her hands and gently rinsed the cum from my cock.”I think we better go inside before the mosquitoes start getting us.” I said, swatting at one that was flying around my head. “I’d hate for that beautiful body to get all bitten up.””You really think my body is beautiful?” she asked as we waded along the shore to the landing.”Very much so. I’ve wanted to see it for years. I’m glad I finally got to.” I admitted to her.”I didn’t know.” She said quietly as we pulled the towels from the boat and wrapped them around us. We ran up to the cottage and ducked inside trying to shut the quickly growing cloud of bugs outside. “You know.” She said as we stood just inside the doorway, drying ourselves off. “I’d like an ice cream.””We can go down into town for one or walk down to the campground.” I answered.”I think town.” She said as she walked off toward her bedroom, closing the bamboo curtain behind her. I saw the light flick on and could see her shadow moving across in the room, her sexy tits silhouetted on the bamboo making my cock grow again. “So what are you going to wear?” She called to me from the room.”Haven’t decided.” I answered as I watched her shadow slip a dress over her head. “How about you?””Oh just a little dress.” She said with a giggle.I finally walked to my room and flicked on the light, leaving the door partly open hoping she would come back in again. I found a pair of briefs and shorts and set them on the bed as I sat down to pull on a pair of socks. She flicked off the light of her room and then stepped into mine, reaching for my white briefs. “You don’t need these, do you?” she asked, wrinkling her nose.”Not if you don’t want me to.” I answered honestly, the thought of going without in shorts with her making my cock surge back to full mast.”No, I really don’t.” She said, tossing them toward my suitcase. She stood and leaned against the wall, watching me dress, her eyes traveling up and down my body. “We can take my car if you want.” She said as I snapped my shorts closed, finally covering my cock.”Sure.” I agreed, knowing mine was still hooked to the trailer on the landing. She got her purse and handed me the keys before heading for the door. I turned off the light inside and followed her out into the darkness, the nearly full moon already high in the sky, its bluish light filtering through the pine trees to splash in pools on the granite gravel driveway.To be continued ….

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