A Late Night sex Session

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A Late Night sex SessionIt was the night of our biggest game of the season all the students were gone from campus. Either home for the three day weekend or to the next state and their school for the game. Those of us that remained at campus found most of the dorms empty or sparsely occupied.After going out for the evening I returned to Grants Hall and went to my dorm room. I gathered my shower kit and retired to the common shower(as was popular with the buildings of that time), I had just lathered up and enjoying the hot stream of water when I turned and saw another student had entered the shower.I did not recognize him nor did he acknowledge my presence, I thought that he just wanted to do the same as I, enjoy a nice quiet shower. When I had finished I turned off the shower head and started for the dressing area. As I passed by my shower partner he finished his shower and turned off his shower head.We both entered the dressing area almost together, he slightly behind me and to my right. With out a single word the guy stepped behind me allowing his stiff cock to brush against my butt cheek. I turned to face him just as he turned away to pick up his towel.I looked at him as he bent over and admired his smooth almost silky skin texture, I decided that it was an accident and continued to dry my self off. Just as soon as I lifted my leg it happen.The guy reached his hand under my butt and grabbed hold to both of my testicles and pulled them back while pushing my head forward. I fell flat on to the dressing bench as he straddled the bench his now rigid cock nudging at kıbrıs escort my exposed anal opening.I gasp out ‘what the hell do yo…’ He cut me off in mid sentence saying ‘shut up bitch or get hurt.’ The bastard had me by the balls and was really gripping them with a vengeance, I could do nothing but stick my arms out and whimper ‘Okay.’ The guy was obvious going to do what he wanted and I didn’t want him to harm my family jewels as he got what he wanted.My legs were hanging on each side of the bench and he was straddling the bench with his cock head up against my anus opening. I could feel his cock oozing some fluid as he moved about, he kicked my feet away from the bench as he pulled on my testicles causing me to groan loudly in pain. He whispered ‘yeah bitch, you like that don’t you,’ I shook my head from side to side signaling my disagreement this wasn’t satisfactory to my assailant. He tugged harder and whispered ‘say yes baby, I like it daddy.’Grudgingly I said ‘yes baby, I like daddy,’ he eased up on my testicles and whispered ‘you get now don’t you,’ and tugged a little till I answered ‘yes I get it.’ He admonished me ‘next time don’t forget to say baby or daddy,’ and squeezed my testicle tightly, I quickly corrected my self and said ‘yes daddy, I get it.’ His reply was ‘very good bitch, now relax your ass and let me in.’I felt him adjust his position so that his cock head was sticking right into my anal opening as he held my testicles. I had to get on my tip toes to lift my butt into the air or risk him hurting my testicles. s cock head and my kıbrıs escort bayan anal opening and spread his goo over my anus with his penis glans.The rigid rubbery head of his huge cock pushed against my anus till it began to allow him entrance as his huge head entered my anus he whispered ‘beg for it bitch.’ I grunted as he continued to push he gripped my testicles tighter and commanded again ‘beg for it I said.’With a decidedly tug from him I quickly replied ‘give me your dick baby,’ he plunged deep into my butt I started to yell, he pulled harder on my testicle and said ‘beg me like bitch should.”Baby, please let me have your dick,’ I cried. He still wasn’t satisfied ‘make me believe you want it,’ ‘daddy fuck me with your big dick, please baby fuck me.’ With that he eased up on my testicles and consecrated on sexing my butt hole. By now I was in pain from his grip on my testicles and his massive cock in my butt. I was groaning in pain and moaning in pleasure as he worked his cock back and forth in my anal cavity and kept his gripped on my testicles.My hands had gripped the dressing bench above my head to give me some leverage as he punished my up lifted butt. His feet was inside my feet, keeping them from getting under me for better support as he sexed my butt. Than he said ‘talk to your daddy now bitch.’ ‘What you want me to say,’ I ask ‘bitch you know what I want to hear, say it or else.’ He gripped my testicles in a vise like clinch, groaning I cried ‘OOOOHHHH baby, fuck my ass,’ he corrected me ‘this ain’t no ass it’s a pussy, say that.”Baby escort kıbrıs fuck this pussy,’ I replied, he ask ‘whose pussy is it,’ ‘it’s yours daddy,’ I cried ‘fuck it like you want it.’ He seemed to be pleased with my answer he eased up on my testicles and slowly stroked them and my flaccid cock as he worked his huge fuck tool into my butt. ‘I don’t want to keep hurting you so you better let me know you like it,’ he implored.’Oh baby, get that pussy, yeah baby, throw that dick daddy,’ I tried to placate him till he finish. ‘If it’s mine you better let me know,’ he commanded. With tears flowing from my eyes and mucus from my nose I pleaded ‘it’s your pussy daddy, get like you want it, I’m your bitch baby breed me, give me your baby making juice.’ I could tell he was beginning to enjoy what he was doing, he picked up the pace. ‘Beg me to make you pregnant bitch,’ he whispered. I responded ‘fill my pussy with your seed baby make me your baby momma.’ he let go of my testicles and took hold of both my butt cheeks and pounded into my butt till I could feel his huge cock head enlarge and soon a warm sensation flooded the insides of my rectum as he unloaded a huge amount of man juice into my sore butt hole.He grind down into me pushing my body to the bench and emptied his sacks of fluid into my accepting cavity. As we laid there he licked the back and side of my neck slowly pulling his cock from my ravage butt hole. I was so exhausted from the sex and pain that all I could do was roll off the bench to the floor and scurry under the bench for some protection as my rough lover wiped his now limp cock and slipped out of the door.I managed to get to my feet and back in the shower cleaning my self up, I walked slowly to my dorm room thinking that if he had not been so rough I might have enjoyed it so much more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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