A Sissy’s Long Night Pt.1

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A Sissy’s Long Night Pt.1We were to meet at a hotel, the seedy kind where nobody respectable would go. I was to meet him in his room, just down the hall from mine. I was very nervous. This was my first time meeting someone like this. Usually, I knew the person before hand, and always met at private parties where other people were around in case something went weird.No, this time, we met online, chatted, exchanged pictures and then arranged to meet. I changed out of my jeans and workshirt. My clothes laid out on the bed, my make up already set up, wig on its holder. I took my time with the make up, I keep it simple, I don’t like putting on so much that I look like a clown, just some lipstick, eyeshadow, simple stuff that makes me look good. I put on my black, shoulder length wig.Up went my black panties, then my hose of course, tan hose. Put on my black bra, posed in front of the mirror (I have great legs and ass). Next, came my blue, long-sleeved blouse, tucked into a tan, tight, skirt. And of course, sensible heels, nothing crazy, I like tall heels, but they drive me crazy sometimes.I walked down the hall to his room. I was nervous, again, I normally do this with other people in the next room at a party. I like to be tied up and gagged in various ways, and I normally do that at parties, or with a particular lover, not with a stranger. The thrill was exciting. He was goign to take eryaman escort pictures and film in various positions. He even offered money!I had the crad key to the room in my hand, left for me at the counter. I wnet into the door expecting him to be there but the room was dark. I turned on the light and saw the cameras, rope, leather straps, all sorts of gags, a crop and a number of other itmes that made my heart race. I closed the door behind me and walked towards the equipment. It looked like he wasn’t here yet. I was wondering if I should surprise him by being already cuffed and gagged when he got back.I walked past the bathroom and got a closer look at one of th ecameras. It was facing me, and it was on. I thought that was odd and took a step closer. I heard a noise behind me and suddenly a hand was over my mouth and a large arm wrapped around my torso, lefting me.I screamed into the hand and struggled, clawing at the ahnd over my mouth, kicking, until he set me back down and twisted one arm behind my back. I became very still and wide-eyed.”Be quiet and do everything I say and you won’t be hurt! Understand?”I nodded and his hand slowly withdrew. I felt a cuff go over the wrist behind my back. He forcibly took my other arm and cuffed that wrist. I moaned as he tightend the cuffs.”Ok, open your mouth. Now!”I opened it and in slipped a ballgag. He pulled hard, straps biting escort eryaman into me. I heard the buckle tinkle as he finished. Iw as truly his captive now. I was scared. What woudl he do to me? Was this even the guy I was supposed to meet? I hadn’t seen him yet! He wa still behind me!He grabbed my nbeck from behind to keep me still. His other hand roamed over my body. My chest, my thighs, my ass. I squirmed and told him tostop, but the gag made me sound all garbled. He pressed against me, and my bound hands felt his cock, getting harder and bigger.”That’s right you sissy slut, that cock’s all for you! You’re gonna love my cock! Now sit in that char. Now!”I obeyed and sat in the chair. I looked up and saw my captor. He was wearing a ski mask, a black tee and jeans. I couldn’t determine if it was the guy I was supposed to meet. He knelt down and cuffed my ankles.He ran his hand up the inside of my leg very slowly. He looked up at me, “Oh, you’re gonna get it, yes you are. Teasing me online, showing me those pictures of yourslef all tied up, going down on a dildo…begging for my cock…well, now you’re gonna get it! But first…we’re gonna have some fun…”His hand stopped for a moment then surged forward into my crotch, rubbing, squeezing. I squirmed and moaned, bucking my hips, not wanting to like it, but loving every bit of being m*****ed. He stopped and laughed as I sat eryaman escort bayan panting in the chair.”I think you like this, don’t you?”I nodded and then begged to be let go. Truly begged. Sincerely. Aroused but scared. I begged and begged and begged.He stood me up and whispered the contact word. It was the guy I was supposed t meet. I relaxed and grew red in the face. He turned me to face another camera. He started binding my chest and arms in leather straps. H e knelt and strapped my legs under my knees.By this time I was maoning and whimpering, excited, not quite struggling but pushing against my restraints. Feeling the leather on me. The gag in my mouth silencing me, wigglign slowly for the cameras.He stepped away and commanded me to try to get free. he watched me struggle. Listened to all the gag nosies I was making. Performing for the cameras. tehn he came up behind me and felt somehtign in the bound hands behind me.I felt the head of his cock in my palm. I closed my hands over it and started stoking him. He felt big, hard and hot. he sighed some and then pulled me close, whispering in my ear all the things he was going to do to me.I whimpered as he pulled away. I was bound tightly. I could not escape. I was gagged. No one could help me if I wanted them to. There was no way I could stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do to me. Instead of beign scared, I was begging. Begging for his cock. I wanted it badly, so badly.I begged him. I begged himn through my gag. I really wanted his cock. Ir eally wnated his cock in my mouth. I begged for it, I needed it.I wanted to…needed to…suck his hot and hard cock.

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