A Stranger’s Control

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A Stranger’s ControlYou’re at the local swimming pool, doing lengths as you notice somebody out of the corner of your eye. It’s late, so there is only a few people around. I sit at the edge of the pool dangling my legs in to test the temperature. You realise that you’ve seen me at the pool the same time every week and analysing every part of my body has become something of an occurrence for you. I stretch my arms and you catch a glimpse of the bottom of my boobs in my bikini top. Your trunks start to tighten as you decide to distract yourself by swimming some more.After an hour of making awkward eye contact with you and swimming, I decide now is the time to get out. Curiosity gets the better of you, so you make the choice to follow, making sure that nobody sees you. Unaware that you are watching, I take my bikini off, wrapping myself in a towel. I turn around to get my clothes from the lockers, as I see you stood in the way. I jump, startled and then immediately switch to defensive. “What exactly are you doing in here? You do realise this is the female changing rooms?” You stand up and walk over to me, considerably bigger than me. You tell me to be quiet, pressing one finger to my lips and hooking another finger into my towel, letting it fall off my body. I look up at you, feeling slightly uncomfortable and scared. You pick up on it and kiss my lips. “You do as you’re told and you’ll be fine… okay?” I nod, feeling compelled to do whatever you say.I don’t take my eyes off you as you casino siteleri point to the floor. “On your knees, sweetheart.” I do as I’m told, looking up at you as you drop your trunks, your hard cock springing out. You bend down, putting your thumb in my mouth. “This is what happens when you wander around in a bikini that is clearly two sizes too small for your chest.” I say nothing as you stand back up, your cock inches from my face now. I flick my tongue around the tip as you sc**** my wet hair back into a ponytail. I’ll run my tongue from your balls all the way to the tip of your cock, still looking up at you. I’ll wrap my lips around your cock, sucking slowly, getting deeper and deeper until your entire length is moving in and out of my mouth. I watch you as you close your eyes and exhale deeply in pleasure. I’ll gently caress your balls as I start to suck faster, spitting on your cock, getting it wet. You look down, holding my hair tighter. “Not just a pretty face are we?” You growl softly, I look up at you as you are seeming to tense up already. You take your cock out of my mouth, looking slightly surprised. You smirk a little. “It’s always the innocent ones that give the best head.” I feel slightly proud of the comment, but I’m knocked quickly out of my moment as I’m lifted to my feet. “Lie on the bench for me.” I sit on the bench about to lie down. “Quickly!” You bark as I snap out of it and lie down. You part my legs and kiss along my inner thighs, lightly skimming canlı casino my pussy and kissing the lower part of my stomach. My hips buck as a reflex when your face skims my pussy and you stop, looking up at me. “Now be a good girl and stay still or you won’t get to cum.” I do as I’m told, trying my hardest to stay as still as possible. After a while of teasing, you run your tongue along my pussy. “Ah, we’re wet already.” You smirk looking up at me, flicking your tongue across my clit slowly. I try my hardest not to buck my hips or even dare to make a sound. You take your middle finger and slowly insert it into my pussy, licking my clit a little faster. You stop and look up at me. “You’re tight too. We’re going to have fun.” There’s a dangerous glint in your eye as you go back to licking my clit. I whimper slightly, which is seemingly okay with you, so I venture out to see how loud I can go. I moan softly, expecting you to tell me to be quiet, but you don’t. I suddenly feel an absolute rush of blood run through me, I’m growing hotter and hotter, as my clit throbs and my pussy begins to tighten. You stop and look up again. “Don’t you dare cum just yet.” I bite my lip hard looking down at you and nod silently, trying to figure out just how I was supposed to stop my orgasm. I put off my orgasm for an impressive while, but it just came so quickly. I buck upwards and a shudder overcomes my entire body as I cum on your fingers. Fear wreaked havoc on my heart, making it thump. I just came kaçak casino on his fingers. You stop, looking up at me. “Get up!” You bark. “What did I tell you?” You whisper in my ear, nibbling it slightly. “Not to cum.” I mumble. “I can’t hear you.” You say, in a seemingly calm manner. “Not to cum.” I manage a little louder. “And you came, didn’t you?” You ask, as I nod. There is a silence as you think about what to do with me. Spanking isn’t an option – too many people would hear. You drag me by the arm to a private shower cubicle, turning the steamy hot water on. You pin me up against the wall by the arms and say, “this is what happens to sluts who can’t control themselves.”I notice a change in your manner. You are uncaring and aggressive. You balance me in your arms against the wall and thrust your cock into me hard, relentless and unforgiving in the way that you are fucking me. I try hard not to cry out as I have not been properly prepared for your length and girth to enter me fully. I run my nails down your back hard, taking it out on you, as your eyes burn into mine with a lustful aggression that has driven you to do this in the first place. You thrust hard a few more times and then shove me to the ground, expecting me to finish you off. I grab your cock and pump hard and fast, shower water raining down on us, covering up your groans. After a few more pumps, you cum hard all over my face and in my mouth. I swallow what’s in my mouth as the shower washes the cum off my face. I stay sat on the floor as you sit next to me wrapping your arm around me. “I only did this to show you what happens when you are not a good girl for me, okay? Next time you need to do as I ask.” I nod silently and lean into you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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