A Swimming Pool Meeting

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A Swimming Pool MeetingThe swimming pool was empty apart from me and an attractive blonde who was a regular. We had started chatting over the last few weeks, her name was Bunty. I couldn’t help noticing her beautiful looking nipples through her costume, an elegant black Speedo number today.I had finished my mile swim and Bunty was waiting at the end of the pool. “Glad that’s done for the day” I said clumsily”Me too – all that Xmas food and drink!” she replied.”I’m going to the Sauna” she said, “Wanna keep me company?”I followed her in – we sat close , she stood up and put water on the coals, a puff of steam followed, when she sat down we sat a little closer. Her nipples seemed huge, more erect than ever, or maybe I had just never been this close. I put my hand on her knee, we moved closer still. The aromas kıbrıs escort in the sauna were a mixture of steam from the coals, chlorine from the swimming pool and the heady aromas of a woman’s perspiration. I could feel my dick start to harden. I felt nervous as someone else could come in at any time. The club was dead quiet though with people not having exercise top of their to-do list.I kissed her, gently at first then as her mouth opened my tongue slipped in and I soon found hers. The taste of chlorine was stronger now, her mouth tasted fresh and clean. I felt Bunty’s arm around my back and shoulders. All of the swimming I’ve been doing recently had helped to bulk up this part of me and she seemed to find this attractive. Similarly Bunty was in great shape – nice strong shoulders, an extremely sexy escort kıbrıs back and beautifully toned slim legs. I must admit I’ve always been a “legs” man and rarely had I seen such a fantastic pair.I stroked her thigh from knee to hip, each time going slightly closer to her groin area, just testing the water you could say. I slipped my hand under her costume, I was slight surprised to find no pubic hair as I reached her outer labia, the tension of realising that we could be disturbed at any moment was both thrilling and frightening. There was wetness in her vagina, and I managed to slide a finger in, from the position we were in this wasn’t terribly easy. I felt her hand slide down by wet body to the top of my swim shorts. I was fully erect by this time and could feel the tip of my penis against kıbrıs escort bayan the the string of my shorts. Then, the gentle touch of her soft elegant fingers as she slipped her fingers into my shorts. I took the swimsuit strap of her left shoulder, and started pulling this down, very teasingly. I kissed her shoulder, chest and breast as manoeuvred it down. Finally her huge nipple was exposed, I couldn’t help myself and hungrily licked and nibbled it. “Gently Mister!” said Bunty – I apologised Bunty changed position to give me better access to per pussy, this allowed me to probe deeper, I massaged her clit before moving to her G-spot. Her legs opened further and I pulled the swimsuit further to one side, exposing the full splendid pussy with a tuft of fair pubic hair. She gently stroked my dome. Then I felt her body tremble, she was just about to cum, I kissed her again, and felt more wetness on my finger, she groaned as I felt her muscles convulse. We kissed again, then she made her excuses -“thanks darling” she said and blew me a kiss

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