A true story from my past. Trailer trash druggie.

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A true story from my past. Trailer trash druggie.This is a true story from about 8 years ago. It involves i*****l d**g use, whoring out my ex-gf, getting my cock sucked by a gay black co-worker and discovering how good a stretched asshole can feel.I’d finished my work week at Ruby Tuesday and cashed my check. 3 days off!! When I got to the trailer I shared with a co-worker, I discovered that my ex girlfriend was there.. We smoked a quick bowl before I took my work clothes off and grabbed a shower. I put on a wife beater and sweat pants then joined them in the living room.John, my roommate, had met her at a bus stop. Since he was wearing his uniform, she’d asked if he knew me. Finding out I was his roommate they got to chatting and, figuring that I’d like to see her again, he’d decided to invite her over to hangout til I got home. It’s a small world after all.Candace looked.. different. She’s 5’4″ tall with shoulder length auburn hair. She’s ten years older than me, so she was 36 at the time of this story. She used to have C cup breasts with a fantastic ass, but now she looked like she hadn’t been eatting much and she wasn’t as curvy as she’d been a few months ago.I could tell she’d been getting into something she shouldn’t have been (*sniff sniff, snort*) her weight loss didn’t look like it’d been healthy; but I was happy to see her none the less. Our breakup had been more or less amicable. Long story short, issues between her boss & landlord had caused us to break up. We sat around and smoked some grass, passing it around and talking about random shit. Eventually John said he was going to bed and I asked if he’d need a ride in the morning. “Bus pass!” He laughed as he nodded at her.So, we were alone together. I moved over next to her and she kinda jerked a little bit. I offered her the pipe and she smoked while I put a movie on. I don’t remember what we talked about, but she’d been fired, kicked out and had been couch surfing for a few months. I asked if that’s why she was here. She said no, she just wanted to see me. If I didn’t want her to stay, she knew someone she could crash with. She started to get up but I got up first.I told her I’d rather her crash with me instead of somewhere else. She smiled and said “Are you asking what I think you’re asking?”I hooked my thumbs in my pockets, intentionally showing off my “penis pointer” or V-cut abs.”I haven’t been with anyone since you Candace. I’m sorry how shit has gone for you, but..” I walked to my bedroom door and opened it “..you’re welcome to crash in a bed instead of the couch.” She came over, I grabbed her and she laughed as I pushed her inside. I shut my door and took off my shirt. She sighed before pulling off her shirt.Jesus!! I’d thought she’d looked odd with her clothes on. Now that her shirt was off I couldn’t believe it. Where her sexy mommy tummy had been, there were now skin folds. Her arms had loose skin hanging down, something that hadn’t been there when we’d been together. Her ass and breasts had both gone down a size or two as well.”What happened to you Candace? Are you ok? Are you hungry??” I was genuinely concerned. She looked up at me with fire in her eyes and said “It’s all YOUR fault Josh!” She put her head in her hands. “I loved you and when you left, my whole world fell apart!” I didn’t think it was a good time to remind her of why we’d broken up, so I kept quiet. I let her vent about everything she’d been through. I held her, hugged her tightly and rubbed her back. I’d honestly loved being with her, but was never “in love” with her. Our sex life had been phenomenal, but she was really, really high strung. I never knew what little thing might set her off and make her snap. She wasn’t making much sense when I interrupted her ranting with a kiss. I squeezed her against me. She kissed me back, sucking on my lip hungrily. I reached behind her and grabbed her legs just below her ass. As I walked her into the wall, I could feel the heat of her cunt on the tips of my fingers. She moaned, lifted a leg to give me better access and said “She missed you too..”I don’t remember everything we did that first night but I know she swallowed my first load, and kept on sucking. Once she got me nice and hard again we fucked doggy style. I bred her. Deeply. After a minute of me panting and sweating on her ass, she told me to lay down. I pulled out and laid on my back. She crawled backwards a bit and then swallowed my soft dick whole. I pulled her cunt to my face and she moaned. She loved getting eaten out after getting fucked and I missed 69ing her. I’m not sure what else happened that night though, it’d been a long day for sinop escort both of us. Our sex life had always been a nightly marathon before, usually going from 2 a.m. til sunrise, but it had been a few months since then. We crashed in a pool of sweat and sex musk, her cunt juice on my face and my cum stains on hers.In the morning, I found her naked body next to me, her ass cheek resting against my hip. She’d used my arm as a pillow. As I rolled into her, my erection waking her up. She hummed happily as I kissed her neck and massaged her breast. She pushed her ass against my cock as she spread her cheeks with her hand. Once my dick was where she wanted it she reached back to grab my ass and pulled me harder into her as she kissed my shaft with her asshole. My hand went to her crotch, and found it warm and moist.”God I’ve missed you..” I whispered into her ear.She smiled and said “Ditto”.Our session didn’t last very long, we didn’t have any lube. She rubbed her clit as I slid into her from behind as we layed on our sides, the lazy dog position she called it; I pulled her left leg up once she was lubricated enough and started hammering her cock hungry hole. I felt the tip of my cock pop into the back of her pussy and she gasped and stiffened. I knew I was where she liked me. She got incredibly wet and I knew she was about to scream. I pulled out of her completely, only to immediately plunge back into her. Over and over, I pounded her pussy. Her wet heat was getting me closer and closer and we both knew I was about to cum. I felt it and stiffened as I pulled into her even deeper, right into her cervix. She swirled her clit and begged me to “cum.. Cum!! Yes!! Keep cuming!!!… Yes!! CUM IN ME!!! FUCK!! YessunhmmMMHHH!!” We were both covered in a sheen of sweet and breathing hard, but we smiled and laughed.”Just like old times!” I said as I slapped her ass playfully. She sighed happily. I held her tightly against me, as deeply inside her as I could be, just enjoying the moment. We both closed our eyes as a few minutes passed by. Eventually our stomachs started yelling at us. “Guess you’re hungry!” She laughed.”So are you..” I nuzzled into her neck.She squeezed my softening cock with her cunt and said “You’ve no idea”. I slowly slid out of her and went to the bathroom to shower. She joined me after she peed and we decided go to waffle house for breakfast.After our meal we came home to smoke. It was at this point that she informed me she wanted to smoke something else.”Like what?” I asked..======================================================================================It’s at this point where d**gs take a much more prominent role in the story.If you’ve never done the d**g I’ll be writing about, please understand that I am not advocating for you to do so. This is my story, based on real life events. My brain got rewired that night, and it’s something I think about often. I haven’t touched it in years, but I still want to. I’ll always want to. I wish I didn’t. I wish I didn’t fantasize about being a black cock crack whore, but I do. All the fucking time======================================================================================Rocks. Crack. She was a crack head, and wanted me to enjoy it with her. I was more curious than apprehensive. I tried it. I really REALLY liked it. (Hell, I still want it now, to this very day.)After that first hit, I was hooked. In a major way. I spent another $500 on it that day. I told Candace that I’ve always fantasized about sucking cock. She’d said she kinda figured, there was always something about me that didn’t add up. I told her not just any cocks. I only wanted black cock. Big black cock. That I wished a couple of black guys were here so I could suck one and get fucked by the other. She asked me if I’d ever been assfucked before. I said no, but this shit made my asshole feel amazing! I started to finger my asshole right there in front of here. She started to rub her clit watching me. I asked her if she liked black guys and she said no, but if I really wanted to do it, she’d be keep me safe because she loved me. I told her I think I want to be a crack whore, because all I could think about was sucking black cock and smoking rocks. She asked if I wanted to fuck her and I said my dick can’t even get hard right now. I was slowly pushing two fingers in and out of myself during this entire conversation. I tried for 3 but it wasn’t comfortable.She came over, moved my hand away, and started to finger my asshole while she looked me in the eye. I bit my lower lip and moaned a bit. She just smiled and chuckled and said that figured. I raised an escort sinop eyebrow and she said she had always been into gay guys.I said I’m not gay, but I’m not totally straight either. She spit on her fingers and pushed a third into me. I pulled my legs to my chest and spread my cheeks for her. She leaned forward and kissed my shriveled dick and started to suck on my nuts as she finger fucked my asshole. I moaned. Eventually I wanted more. Deeper. But there wasn’t anything. We only had two hits left and she wanted to save them. I was shaking and cold and just wanted to feel better.I had an idea. She said ok and called her dude.Would it be ok if she came over and broke him off a lil sumthin sumthin if he hooked her up cuz I was hurting for it? He said no at first, but once she said what she was gonna do he agreed. She kissed me, gave me the pipe and told me that this might take a while. She left and I took my last hit.While she was gone, I went looking for anything in the trailer I could shove comfortably up my ass. I wanted girth more than depth, which made it hard. I eventually settled on an axe body spray bottle. While my ex-gf was fucking our dealer, I was fucking my asshole with a can of body spray wishing it was me servicing that black guy instead.By the time she returned, I was in a bad way. She came in to find me bent over my bed with a can of body spray on the floor, shivering under my comforter.She pulled the six hits out of her mouth and asked if I was ok. I told her I’d found a can and had been fucking my self with it thinking about her with him. She scoffed. Told me she needed a hit after all that and I said of course, no problem. She got comfortable and I moved over so that my head was between her legs. I could see her pussy lips. I asked her if I could eat her pussy. She said after she took her hit.She couldn’t take big hits like me so she would always take four or five little ones and never held in the smoke. I was upset she wasted so much, but whatever. When I saw her melt into the wall and lay the pipe down, I waited till she exhaled then moved up and made love to her pussy with my mouth.I licked up and down both of her lips. I circled my tounge on her clit. I spread her wide and stuck my tounge as deep in her as I could. I sucked on her whole pussy. I only tasted her juice and asked her if he’d worn a condom. She said “Of course!” Words don’t do justice to my disappointment. Knowing how good it felt, I used her pussy juice as lube to finger her ass. She groaned, rolled over and spread her cheeks. I knew exactly what she wanted, but I only fingered her. She hadn’t licked my asshole, had been wasting hit after hit and didn’t even bring me a creampie. Call it karma I guess. . .After that night, we both agreed it would be in our interest to never do it again. There wasn’t much more sex between us, and she worked out something with John to crash on the couch for some $ every week. Eventually, everything reached a boiling point. Arguments were had, feelings were hurt and she left. She had shaken my faith in women.———-A few weeks later————Mark was a gay black guy John and I worked with. We had all burned together and Mark had even been Johns roommate before. He was moving to New York with his boyfriend at the end of the month. He’d gotten “permission” to hangout with his friends before they left. Mark was more than a little pissed about that, and made sure everyone at work knew it.John and I told him to come over, we had a bag and a 360 so we could burn and play Halo. He said he’d watch, he didn’t feel like playing. We all got off about the same time so I drove us “home”. John and I put our work clothes in the washer and John brought Mark some spare clothes so he could wash his uniform too. Mark went to the bathroom to change, John went to pack bowls. The door to the bathroom wasn’t very good, there were holes in it. I spied on Mark as he undressed. There wasn’t much time to see anything, but he had a really nice ass. I put out my cig and went to smoke with John.As the night went on, we got stoned and listened to each others bullshit. John and I played co-op while Mark packed our pipe for us. I’m not sure when exactly it started, but Mark and I started flirting. Just the raised eyebrow, the soft touch on the hand as we passed the pipe, the eye contact and sly smiles after a lewd comment.This was making my balls ache..At around midnight John went to bed and told us not to stay up all night smoking all the pot. I took out a fat nug and passed him the bag. Told him to chill, we’ll go to bed soon.He just sorta chuckled nervously an said “Whatever man, sinop escort bayan just don’t break shit.”When John left, I went to the living room and sat on the floor. Between Marks legs. He put the pipe in front of my mouth and lit it for me. I took my hit and layed my head back. He leaned forward after he hit it and looked down at me.”Well..” I said.”Well!” He smiled.I rubbed my head along his inner thigh. I said “I’ve never really done this before man. But my ex girlfriend has shaken my faith in women.. and you’ve got a Nice ass.” He kinda nodded and stood up. He offered me his hand. I grabbed it and he helped me up. Standing up, face to face, with everything on the table.. I leaned forward and kissed him. He sucked my kiss and grabbed my ass. I grabbed his and kneaded it through his shorts.”Ewwwwwww!!!!” John said from down the hall. He laughed.”What?” We both said.”Nothing, just take that shit to your room. I don’t wanna sit in your cum” And with that, he shut his door.”You heard him” I said. I grabbed my lighter, cigs, pipe and nug and Mark opened the door to the room that he’d used to rent.What happened that night is something I’ll never, ever forget. Mark smelt good, his skin was smooth, his lips were infinitely suckable. He layed me down and pulled my shorts down.”Holy shit Joshua!” He stared. I just smiled and said “Yeah, it’s a gift””From God!” He spit on my shaft then grabbed the base of my cock. “Wow.. you’ve got a gorgeous dick Joshua. I’m gonna love showing you what a real blowjob is..” and with that he enveloped the head of my cock in his mouth.He swirled his tounge over my tip. He gently pulled on my nuts. He moaned MmmmmHmmmm when I groaned. I put a hand on his head, but he moved it to the side and then rested his hand on it.He was gentle, but insistent. He tried to deepthroat me but couldn’t get all the way down. He came up for air laughing and said “Almost!” And went right back down on me. That time I felt him go even farther, then I felt something I’d never felt fully hard before. My cock completely swallowed.He came up soon after an said he’d done it! Then, again, went right back to fitting as much of my cock down his throat as he could. I was glad he enjoyed it, but unless I could fuck his throat I wasn’t gonna cum from it. I told him as much.”Don’t worry Joshua. I don’t want you to cum just yet..” but he stopped deepthroating me. He sucked on my nuts while jerking me. He licked up my shaft and tounged the ridge of my head. He circled my mushroom top with his tounge while bobbing up and down, sucking as he went, jerking me and rotating his hand at the same time. He even tried to finger my asshole, but I wasn’t ok with that. (I had hurt myself with that fucking can of body spray. Nothing felt good there now.)He gave me the best fucking blowjob of my life. When he finally let me cum, he tried to deepthroat me. Apparently I was too swollen so he settled for just most of my cock in his mouth. He didn’t stop though, he just used my baby batter as lube to fit me down his throat.He made me cum again before he finally came up. “Sorry, my jaw is starting to get sore” he apologized. I sat up and kissed those beautiful black lips. It was odd, at first. Mostly because his hair felt strange. Holding his neck and running my hand along his back fixed all that for me.When I tried to reach down to his dick, he pushed my hand away.”You don’t have to. I know you’re not really Gay, so don’t feel like you need to.” He said.I told him that I wanted to. The first time I’d ever done anything sexual with another person I’d made a guy cum during a sleepover.He sighed and said “Josh, I’m sorry, but I’m not really comfortable showing you my dick yet.”I looked at him questionably. “Okay? I’m not sure why you feel that way. You’ve seen mine! What if I wanna see yours?””Josh.. I’m embarrassed ok? I’m…no where near as big as you.”I told him that’s ok.”No Josh, I’m like, really tiny. I don’t want you to see it.” He got off my bed.”Ok man, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-” I tried to say but he interrupted me “It’s fine. Trust me. You don’t know what it’s like to be me, and with a dick like that, you could have just about anyone you want! Damn. Why the straight guys always have the nice cocks.” He lit a smoke and I did the same.We just chilled in silence a bit. I packed a bowl and we smoked. I told him he could sleep in here but he said he’d rather sleep on the couch. I told him goodnight, and thanks for the best blowjob of my life. He smiled and said anytime!I saw Marks dick the next night..and it’s still the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. As thick as his pinkie and shorter than the width of his index and middle fingers put together, which is what he used to stroke himself while trying to get more of my nut. He got as much as I could give him, and I wish I’d had more.He left after that next night, and I think about him often.

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