A Very Special Friend

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A Very Special FriendThis is a story about that absolute fantasy that everyone on this site knows all too well (I’m sure many have lived it!). It was my good friend Rob’s 32nd birthday, and a bunch of us had decided to take him out to the bars and (as only your best friends will do on your birthday) get him royally shitfaced. However, when I arrived to pick him up, his wife Vanessa calmly stated that she would be accompanying us that night, as she didn’t feel like sitting around at home waiting for us boys to drop off her inebriated husband off on the front porch. She was already dressed to go out and told me that all we had to do was wait for the babysitter to arrive and then we could be on our merry way. Vanessa was a fun enough wife, so I didn’t object too much to her coming with us, except that she would probably cut her husband off after the first few rounds, and we wouldn’t be able to fuck with him as much as we were planning. I sat at the table and bullshitted with Rob for a few minutes, asking him what it felt like to be ancient and all that (I was only two years younger than him, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t give him shit for being old on his birthday). I was drinking a glass of water that Vanessa had given me when the babysitter walked in, and upon seeing her I nearly spit it out all over Rob and Vanessa’s table. The babysitter I knew all too well, or didn’t know at all, depending on your logic. I recognized her instantly, of course. That smile was unmistakable, so sweet and innocent, yet devious and naughty at the same time. That smile had been burned into my brain from all the times that I jerked off to her pictures on Xhamster. We had even chatted online once, and we were both incredibly graphic as to the ways in which we would bring each other pleasure. She paused, too, upon seeing me, and I could tell she recognized me too. She quickly composed herself and began going over the details with Vanessa as far as bed times and the like. I turned to Rob, who had seen me looking the babysitter up and down. “Her name’s Jen,” he told me, “I think she’s single.” I knew he meant it as a joke, but he didn’t know I was not only imagining her naked, but was remembering the various pictures she had on her profile of her tits and pussy and ‘cut and pasting’ those pictures onto the beauty standing in the kitchen before me. “Jen?” I thought to myself, “that’s not the name she told me when we chatted online about how good my cock would feel slamming in and out of her pussy.” Of course, I couldn’t say that out loud. The online pervert community is a pretty private one when it comes to outsiders.I remembered the first time we had actually chatted. I had admired her profile many times, watching the videos she had posted of herself masturbating and the pictures she had up of her bare tits and shaved, wet pussy. Then, one random day, I happened to be on and saw that she posted a status about being horny. I thought “what the hell” and sent her a message about how much I would love to lick her sweet little shaved pussy until she cums and cums and cums (I went into a little more detail in the original message). I figured the worst she could do would be to ignore it, since a hot girl like her would most likely be getting an inbox full of those same types of messages. Much to my surprise, she wrote back. Even though it bahis firmaları was 45 minutes later and was nothing more than a simple “mmmm, sounds good.” Still, it was interest. So I wrote her back an even longer, more detailed message about how badly I wanted to lick up and down her entire body. That one really caught her intention and we began chatting back and forth on an instant message program. We talked for a couple hours, at first describing back and forth how we would fuck and suck and lick each other’s brains out, and then a while of getting to know each other a little better, talking about turn ons, favorite porn and how addicting and amazing Xhamster is. One of the things she had told me was that she enjoyed babysitter porn. Imagine my surprise and excitement when there she was, the babysitter, standing right in front of me. She had told me, while chatting, that she “wasn’t the skinniest girl in the world.” And it was true; she wasn’t necessarily “skinny”. But lord, was she amazingly hot. Her dark brown hair framed her incredibly pretty face, that smile I talked about earlier lighting up her face and the room. The olive brown skin I had seen in her pictures and wanted so badly to taste was even more delicious looking in person. Her curves were in all the right places, with her tits pressing against the white blouse she wore. Her ass swayed ever so slightly in the plaid skirt that held her lower half. My cock grew instantly in my jeans, making them uncomfortably tight. I did my best to act normal. Inside my brain was screaming, “SHE’S THE NAUGHTY GIRL FROM XHAMSTER!!!” Vanessa then turned to Rob and said, “I’m gonna go touch up, and then we’ll go?” Rob nodded, and Vanessa vanished into the back of the house. Rob stood up and went to the fridge. As he opened the door and looked inside, Jen turned to me, lifted her skirt revealed to me her freshly shaved, glistening ever so slightly pussy. My mouth fell open and I just stared.“You want a beer, Jack?” Rob’s questioned snapped me back to somewhere close to reality, although I was still staring at Jen’s still exposed pussy, and thus couldn’t think straight enough to answer. “Huh, nevermind, you’re driving.” As he reached into the fridge, Jen took her finger, dipped it into her beckoning pussy, and brought the shining finger to her mouth, sucking it clean. I damn near came in my pants. Jen dropped her skirt just in time for Rob to turn around, then Vanessa came back into the room, and before I knew it the three of us were in my car, heading to the bar where we would meet the rest of our friends. My head was still spinning as I drove down the downtown streets. The night was fun enough, I had a few early on, then switched to water and sobered up in time to drive Rob and Vanessa home. The whole night I was thinking back to that sweet sweet pussy Jen had showed me. I considered going into the bathroom stall and jerking my cock that desperately needed to cum, but never ended up doing it. Eventually it was time to go home, and then it hit me. She would be there when we got there. As I pulled up in front of the house, Vanessa got out of the car, mumbling and thank you. Rob didn’t say anything but opened his door and stumbling out. They both leaned on each other as they began to walk towards the front door. But there was no way in hell I was going home tipobet güvenilir mi without going inside that house first. I threw the car into park, yanked the keys out and leaped out of the car. Stepping up to the couple, I grabbed Rob so that he would lean on me and guided him towards the door. “Can’t risk you dropping him off the porch, Vanessa.” My lackluster excuse I hoped wasn’t too transparent. If Rob was conscious enough he would have known exactly what I was up to, but Vanessa, I think, was ignorant enough. As I helped Rob through the door, I looked to Vanessa, who motioned towards the back of the house. “Might as well just put him to bed,” she said. I nodded and helped Rob down the hallway and into his room. He just about fell into his bed, face down, fully clothed, and promptly started to snore. I walked back out into the main room, desperately looking for Jen, while trying not to look like I was looking. Finally, I heard soft female voices in the kitchen. The kitchen, where I had, just hours ago, been flashed by the most delicious looking pussy I had ever seen. My cock started to throb just entering that room. Vanessa and Jen were sitting at the table, talking about how the night had gone. I wasn’t sure how I was gonna justify sticking around, and thought I might have to just take my leave. I stood awkwardly in the kitchen, listening to the girls for a second. Vanessa turned to me and politely said, “Thanks for driving us, Jack,” which we all know is code for, “get the fuck out now, Jack.” I winced at the thought that I had no reason to stay. With Vanessa looking at me, Jen ever so lightly licked her lips, staring into my eyes. “Sure, no problem Vanessa, do you think I could get some water before I head out?” It was the only thing I could think of to lengthen my stay, even if it would be only for a minute. She sighed, standing up and heading for the fridge. As she opened the door and looking inside, much as she had before, Jen used the opportunity to this time lift her blouse up, pulling her bra along with it, and flashed me her right boob. Slightly less tan than the rest of her, capped with a dark, hard nipple, my mouth watered at the sight of her bare tit. That same tit I had seen in the one picture she had on her profile, yet still I was amazed at the sexiness of it. As Vanessa moved stuff around in the fridge, Jen pulled her tit upward toward her face, extended her tongue and licked that dark brown nipple, all the while smiling that same sweet, innocent, naughty smile. I knew this girl liked being dirty, but this was unbelievable. Vanessa turned back around and handed me a bottle of water. I told her thanks and twisted off the cap, leaning against the counter as I took a sip. I began making small talk with Vanessa, who had perked up a little bit after she seemed so ready for me to leave after we first got to the house. I asked her about her job and her family, listening to what she had to say and completely ignoring Jen, who I could feel staring at me. I didn’t look at her, I didn’t speak to her, and I could tell she was wondering what the hell was wrong with me. Then I decided to make my play. This was going to either make the night become incredible, or end it right then and there. I asked Vanessa if she would like another drink. She had sobered up since we canlı bahis got home, and her and I were good enough friends, although we had never really hung out just the two of us. She looked at me, then at Jen, seemed to mull it over in her head, and finally gave in, “what the hell?” she shrugged. “Perfect!” I clapped my hands together. “And would you like one as well, ms…?” I finally looked at Jen, who brightened up a bit that I was finally including her.“Jen,” she smiled. “And yes, that would be great.”“Nice to meet you, Jen.” I turned and grabbed three glasses from the cupboard. Then I turned back to Jen, “You are old enough, right? Just double checking.” I set the glasses on the counter and sauntered over to the liquor cabinet. “Yes, I’m 24.” There was a hint of ‘you already knew that’ in her voice, but not enough for Vanessa to catch it.Opening the doors, I searched through the bottles. Knowing the Vanessa only drank vodka cranberries, I quickly pushed the vodka all the way to the back of the cupboard, hiding it behind several other bottles. “I trust you would like a vodka cranberry, Vanessa, but I can’t seem to find the vodka.”“It’s in there!” Vanessa said quickly as she got up and came over to the cabinet. I walked backwards as she came over, and as she looked into the cabinet, I reached behind me to where Jen was sitting and touched her knee. Quickly but smoothly, I ran my fingers up the inside of her thigh all the way to under her plaid skirt, knowing full well she still probably had no panties on. As my hand got closer and closer to her pussy, I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. I heard her breathing quicken slightly. Mind you, this all happened in the few seconds it took Vanessa to find her bottle of vodka. As my fingers reached her pussy, they hovered over her wetness for just a second. I could have easily touched her, if only for a second, and gotten some contact with that pussy that I wanted so much, but instead I pulled my hand out of her skirt well before Vanessa had found the bottle she was looking for. I winked at Jen, who frowned with the cutest, little pouty face. I stepped away to make the drinks. Being the man, it was my duty to pour the drinks, and as a man trying to get laid, it was my duty to make Vanessa a nice strong drink that would hopefully put her out for the night. As I poured the drinks, Vanessa excused herself to go to the bathroom. As soon as she was out of the room Jen was out of her seat and on me. She grabbed my shirt and reached her face up, clearly attempting to mash her lips on mine in a steamy kiss. Instead I grabbed her wrists, turned her around, bent her over the table and flipped her skirt up over her waist, exposing that shaved pussy that was absolutely dripping with her juices. I know she probably expected me to pull my dick out and fuck her for a minute, or at least finger or lick her wanting slit. But I was still paying her back for the teasing she put me through earlier. I dropped my face down, bringing it very close to her wetness. I took a deep inhale, reveling in the sweetness of her aroma. “Mmmmm, somebody’s horny,” I whispered. I still didn’t want to risk Vanessa overhearing us. “Please…..just touch me,” Jen gasped. It was already a moan, and I saw her pussy get even wetter at just the thought of me touching her. I took a deep breath, brought my face even closer to her.“Yesssssssss,” she hissed.I pursed my lips and blew onto her pussy. Her legs shook as she finally got some semblance of pleasure. Then I dropped her skirt back down and flipped her onto the chair she was sitting on. “Soon,” I smiled at her.

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