A Wife’s Exciting Shopping Trip

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A Wife’s Exciting Shopping TripOne evening, Alice came home from a shopping trip at the mall. Dan was in the house when she came in, laden down with bags from numerous shops. Her arms were so full, she teetered a bit in her high heels, and as she bent over to plop all her purchases down, Dan got a good look at his wife’s beautiful huge ass in a tiny pair of shorts she was wearing. Dan grinned, absent-mindedly rubbed his cock through his pants and said, “Baby, it looks like I’m gonna have to take another job with all the money you’re spending!” “Oh, don’t worry,” Alice said, smiling, “I’m a good bargain hunter.” She stood up and faced her husband, hands on her hips. Alice was a gorgeous middle-aged woman: long blonde hair; big, bra-less tits stuffed into a blouse whose buttons looked ready to burst; those shorts so tight, Dan could see the outline of her pussy lips; and yellow spike heels that made her legs look glamorously long. “I’ve got to tell you about this guy I saw while I was shopping,” said Alice. “I was in Nordstroms, looking through a rack of dresses, and this young man, probably in his 20s, was inches away from me. He was really good-looking, and he wore an expensive-looking suit and tie. The suit was cut tight around his chest and waist, and I could tell he had a lot of muscle on top and I could swear I saw the outline of a really big dick!” She grinned, and Dan grinned back, saying, “So what did you do?” “Well, I was so distracted thinking about this cute guy’s cock that I couldn’t concentrate on my shopping,” said Alice. As she talked, she reached down without really thinking stroked her pussy through her shorts with two fingers—just a little rub of her cunt. “I caught him looking at my legs, and when he looked up at my face, I gave him a wink,” said Alice. “’You’re looking good today, if you don’t sincan escort mind my saying so,’ he said to me. I said, ‘I don’t mind at all, young man.’ That broke the ice, and we chatted a bit. He said he was shopping for his girlfriend and asked my opinion of the dress he’d selected. I told him it was very pretty. But I kept looking at his pants—I was pretty sure he was getting a hard-on.” “What did you do?” asked Dan eagerly. He’d started rubbing his cock through his pants as his wife continued rubbing her pussy. “Well, you know me,” said Alice. “I couldn’t resist. I reached over and kind of cupped his crotch in my hand and said, ‘I think your girlfriend is a very luck lady.’ Dan, his dick was huge! And so hard!” Dan laughed and said, “Yeah? Go on—what next?” “Oh, this guy immediately said, ‘Would you like to find out how lucky?’ Now, baby, I hope you won’t be annoyed with me, but I gave in to temptation. I lowered my voice, looking to see if anyone was around and whispered, ‘I wish I had that dick in my mouth right now.’” Dan kept rubbing his cock but reached over with his other hand and squeezed his wife’s thigh affectionately. “Honey, you know you don’t have to apologize. You know I don’t mind if you have a little adventure once in a while.” Alice grinned. “Yeah, that’s what I thought you’d say. I pulled him toward the dressing room. We squeezed into a booth, closed the door, and I was down on my knees in a flash. I unzipped his pants and this goddam snake popped out!” Alice and Dan both laughed. “I mean, Dan, it was long and it was hard! He didn’t say a word, he just pushed my open mouth onto that dick and I almost choked. I got my act together and grabbed the cock with both hands and started shoving it up and down in my throat. He started moaning so much, I took the dick out once and said, ‘Keep it down, escort sincan you idiot, or we’ll get caught!’ He bit his lip and thrust his hips toward me, pushing his cock down my throat. I was a real trouper, though, Dan, you’d have been proud of me! I took every inch down my throat and all of a sudden he shot a load down my gullet. I almost gagged because he was also pushing my head into his crotch but I swallowed every bit of his hot cum.”At this point, Dan had become so aroused, he rubbed his pants furiously, looked up at the ceiling and groaned, “Oh my god, honey, that’s a hot story!” Alice looked at him with gleeful surprise. “Sweetie, did you just cum in your pants?” Dan said sheepishly, “Yeah,” and looked around for a tissue to clean himself. “No, let me!” Alice shouted. In a flash, she was on her knees, unzipping Dan’s pants, pulling down his underwear. She began licking the cum off his cock and the lower part of his belly. “What did the guy say to you when you finished?” asked Dan. Alice looked up at him, her mouth glazed with his cum. She grinned. “He said, ‘Wow, thanks, lady—I’m gonna ask my girlfriend to suck my cock like that tonight!” Alice and Dan both laughed, and Alice resumed cleaning her husband, lapping at his cock like a kitten. This had the effect of exiting Dan again, and his dick started to harden while his wife was licking it. Alice took the stiffening cock in her fist. “Oh my god, Dan, you’re hard again so soon. All of this—that guy in the store, you cumming in your pants—it’s just too exciting for me. I want to get on all fours and have you fuck me from behind.” Not waiting for an answer, Alice turned away from Dan, got on her hands and knees, and pulled her little shorts down around her ankles. She waggled her big ass at her husband. Looking over her shoulder, she said to her husband, sincan escort bayan “Come on, daddy, fuck me like an a****l.” Dan was now as hard as a rock. He got down on his knees and pulled Alice’s shorts from around her high-heeled feet. He dropped his pants, pushed her legs wider apart, positioned himself behind her, and felt for her pussy with his right hand. He could feel that her cunt was sopping wet. Dan then used the same hand to grip his dick and pushed it into the pussy. It felt so wonderful, he almost came instantly. But he got control of himself, took an ass-cheek in each hand, and began pumping in and out of Alice’s pussy. “Oooh, baby, this pussy feels so good!” he cooed. “Thank you, honey,” responded Alice, pushing her cunt back against his groin. “Your cock is filling up my little pussy!” Just then their eldest daughter Jill came home from work. “Yoo hoo, I’m home!” she called, coming in the door. Receiving no response, she walked into the living room and saw an exciting sight: her father fucking her mother from behind, both of them so engrossed they weren’t even aware of her presence. “Well, look at you two!” said Jill loudly. Dan and Alice turned their heads to look at their daughter. “Hi, sweetie!” said her mom. “Hello, darling,” said her father. “Your mother will tell you about her big day, later. Right now she wants a pre-dinner fuck.” Jill laughed. “I completely understand!” she said. Jill walked over to her parents, who resumed their a****listic grunts and fucking motions. Jill reached down and patted the top of her mother’s head, and at the same time leaned over her father and kissed him on the lips. Then she stood up and said, “You two k**s keep right on fucking. I’m exhausted. I’m gonne get out of these clothes and take a bath.” As she climbed the stairs, she heard her mother squeal, “Oh Dan, honey, I’m cumming!” and her father bellowed, “Holy shit—I can’t hole it any longer, I’m cumming, too!” Jill chuckled to herself, feeling her own pussy starting to get wet as she went to the bathroom to draw herself a bath. END

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