a wolf in sheeps clothing

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a wolf in sheeps clothingwell i am a cross dresser and i have been for several years, i love to wear womans clothing. all my friends know it too so i have had a fantasy about it here is what i dreamed up”hey matt what do you mean bet” i said with a surprised look as i was playing gears of war three. “you really think i look that girly enough that i can go out in public and not be picked out…..” Matt looked at me from his chair with a devious smile as he tossed a bag to me, inside there was a set of girls pants a G-string and a halter top along with several hair extensions. “oh no b*o i cant do this not out in public” i said with a nervous glance at my friend. ” i bet you could do it and heck i bet you would get a kick out of it, besides your bi so this should not matter if you get caught by a girl of a guy.” matt said with his calm icy cool voice. i looked at the clothes again with a feeling of longing i sighed and decided to go on with it. “lets finish the game first i want to kick your ass at least once today” i said while lancing matt to a bloody mess on G.O.W.3.some time later i found myself at the mall following matt everywhere, he introduced me as his cousin and tried to find a guy/girl to talk to me so he could go get tickets to the new ‘sherlock holmes 2’ movie. istayed to talk to his friends all of them were talking to me like they wouild a normal girl but one was watching the cog tags around my neck and smiled. “so what’s your favorite weapon” he asked with a notion to the tags. finally i realised i forgot to take them off. “uhh i usually like the lancer(machine gun with chinsaw attachment) combined with the longshot(sniper rifle).” i said with some embarassment as i looked the guy over. he was slim with thin shoulder and face with brown hair and green eyes. he was really beautiful at least to me. i blushed more when i started feeling the blood rushing to my now arousing dick, so rushing toward the bathrooms i found myself in a predicament. i had to g into the domain of ladies…. entering the bathroom i found it much cleaner and better smelling than that of the guys room aside from the feminin products machine it seemed normal than that what a small eight year old boy would think. sitting in a stall i opened the pants and pulled out my dick it was covered in pre-cum sighing i wiped it clean and waited for it to drop, but it did not so i knew i had to play with it. so güngören escort i started off slowly rubbing the tip and then the shaft knowing i could get caught at any moment i pushed harder. i had a steady rythem going thinking about the cute boy, all at once i exploded and had to bite my lip as to not cry out. “oh god…” i breathed as i cleaned up again. got up pulled my pants up and flushed the evidance of my ‘other’ gender away.walking out of the bathroom i see that all the guys are gone and only matt and the boy i had just mind fucked were left along with matts girlfriend who looked at me in a way that made me feel like i was an enemy, she abruptly walked to me and looked me over. ” so your the cousin huh, name is sherry, and i do not like you already….” sherry had said with much disdain from matt. i looked at the boy who stared at me wit a look of intrest which made me blush. ” please dont stare like that its too much” i said looking away. he smiled at my blush and laughed it off.” cute….” was all he said as he looked at matt. ” can we move on to the movie i have other arrangments to handle afterward.” matt nodded and we all walked off down the hallway toward the movie theater. ” so whats your name?” the boy asked quietly as he watched the couple ahead of him hold hands. “uhhm stormy” i said not being able to come up with anything else other than my unisex name. the boy smiled and touched my shoulder lightly. ” my name is not important right now ill tell you later just refer to me as dark.” he smiled as we reached the ticket booth and handed our tickets in.as wew all found our seats we all sat quietly as we waited for the movie to start. the movie was rolling on with a great intrest from me and matt, were nerds anyway. when i feel a hand reach around my shoulder that broke my consentration entirely. looking at dark he smiled and touched my cheeks now hot with the hidden blush i now had. ” your cute you know that.” he said as he neared closer to me, i had an urge to get away but i just could not get my body to move. my thoughts were all clouded with the set of lips so close to mine that i could smell the cigarette smell on his breath. it did not bother me, he pulled me into a kiss that just melted my insides, it was so good i could not stop. soon i found him pulling me out of the theater and out into the parking lot we found his car. ” hmmm a honda accord, stylish escort güngören and economical.” i thought as i was pushed back into the door a heavy kiss placed on my neck that caused me to moan. “ohhh dark….uhh… wait… plea….” was all i could get out when he kissed me again his hands wer exploring my body all over my nipples and such, i started to try to grab him when he put my hands over my head and kissed me again. “we should stop for now i want to get you to my place.” he said with a smile, i nodded in agreement as he opened the door and let me into the car.i had my thoughts clouded so bad on the way there i could not even think till he stopped the car in front of a house that was out of town. “dark wait i have to talk to you about something….” i said but dark got out and tugged me with him, i kept my distance cause of my hard-on. we got into the rrom that loked like a guys room clothes were laying everywhere and there was stuff that seemed out of place, a box of tampons hidden under the bed that i could see just barely and something in a drawer that was open…. ” a vibrator…???” i though as i was set on the bed. “uhh dark is there something i should know…..” i said with a look of confusement. but dark was not listening to me he walked to the closet and pulled out a beautiful collar and walked to me placing it around my neck he grabbed the chain and smiled. ” your mine now my little pet.” the name pet caused me to have shivers as he kissed me and rubbed my body. ” you understand that my pet.” i looked at him and nodded. “yes i understand” i said with surprise as he jerked on the chain. ” yes master, is what you should say i am master!!! nothing else!!!” he said sternly forcing me to reply. “yes master…” he smiled and stepped back. ” now strip for me pet.” i looked at him and pulled off my shirt leaving the collar on. i got to my pants and looked at him pleadingly. “master i cant….” he stared at me and sighed walking to me he gripped the cain and pulled me face first into the bed. ” you will listen to me pet got it, or you will be punished!” he pulled my pants down and stepped back seeing what i was he chuckled. ” oh so you lied to me pet….” with a smile he walked into the closet and came out with a strap-on. stipping himself down i finally had my questions answerd he was a girl. she slipped on the strap on and walked to me holding a bottle of blue liquid güngören escort bayan in hand spreading my cheeks she poured the liquid on my asshole. ” this will be fun.” she said as she pushed into me with the dong, causing me to wince some then when i was used to it she started thrusting into me with a force that made me quiver ans squeal. “mmmm oh dark!” i moaned when she stopped entirely and reached down taking the belt from her pants she whipped me across the back. ” its master!!!” she said as she pounded into my ass harder. after some time i knew she was wet she threw me onto my back and climbed on top of me putting her wet pussy in front of my face she smiled and buried my face into the folds of her pussy. ” hmmm eat it like you want to make me moan and ill fuck you better if i dont get anything i will just have to make you pay for it.” i licked at the damp folds, licking everything from her clitoris to her vagina, feeling her squirm on top of me she grinded her pussy more into my face till i could not breath, i struggled for breath as i finally attacked her clit with force and ferocity finding my tongues way under the clitoral hood i roughly licked on her clit, making her squirm moan and squirt hard into my mouth. ” holy fuck!!!!” she moaned breathlessly as she fell onto the bed looking at me she growled and crawled on top of me, pulling my dick into her folds she moaned as she thrust her hips down. ” you like that pet” she screamed as she pounded her hips onto my dick. ” y..yes. m.m.master!!!” i stammered as i slammed my hips up to counter her thrusts, juices pouring everywhere she gave another moan and cryed out as she hit another orgasm she got off and onto all fours. ” fuck me now!!!” she screamed as i got behind her and pushed into her. slamming into her hard enough to move the headbord of the bed i bit my lip holding back the pressure that pit inside me. ” getting close master” i grunted. she pulled away and pushed me onto myback climbing ontop of me she pushed down onto me and started thrusting again feeling the pressure build i was unable to stop it. “fuck!!!!” i screamed as i came inside her. she purred in delight as she gave a few last thrusts. ” my pet did well but he needs more training and a better wardrobe as well lets go shopping tomorrow for you.” she said as she lay againt my chest. some time later my cell was ringing, i got up sleepily and answered it. “where the fuck are you man” matt said with chilled voice. “im staying over at your friends house he found out about me but he is cool with it, the key to my place is under the rock next to the porch help yourselft to my home till i get back…..”

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