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Aghhhh…OK, Here it is…. got up this morning at 3:30 am (early) . Horny as hell, as usual. Just bought a brand new dildo yesterday and very excited to see what it feels like deep inside me ! Slipped down into the bathroom and took a hot shower, cleaned my new toy in the shower (even just the feel of that hard rubber cock in my hand had me hard!) After the shower,I dryed off ,but stayed standing in the shower stall.I grabbed my astroglide and poured into my hand a generious portion….my new toy was already attached to the shower wall with it’s suction cup….Reached down and slid my slippery hand down over the head, and down the shaft.(just to let you know, my toy is about 7″ long, with a girth of about 2″, very realistic and beautiful head on it)Now with the toy now ready, perched on the wall, just level with my butt. I took my slippery hand and poured more lube between my butt cheeks (needless to say..very canlı bahis siteleri slippery now !) I turned around with my butt facing it, spread my legs, and slowly motioned myself back , as I leaned back, I first touched my cheeks to the slippery toy, wriggling my butt all over the head and letting it slide up and down between my very slippery buttcheeks! Just the touch made my cock very hard, and with my right hand (still slippery) I slid around my hard throbbing 7″ fat cock ! MMMMMMMM! What a feeling ! I scooched back on the toy with my asshole aimed right at my waiting, wanting hole! My head was reeling at the feel of that fat head pressing gently into me,I could feel the head just lightly entering me, MMMMMM…I pumped up and down on it slowly, with just the tip of the head going in, slowly opening myself up just slightly.I can’t help but to let out a small moan, as my body shivered all over! Pushing perabet back slightly, I let the head plop in just past my muscles, mmmmmmm,,,wow! I right then and there almost came, (AND I DIDNT EVEN HAVE MY HAND ON IT ! )Now with the head inside me, the muscles gently relaxing…I pushed my sexy lil round ass back, swallowing it up small inch by inch, filling myself with sweet hard, wonderful cock !!! Pressing my butt all the way back to the wall, my toy totally buried deep inside me! I just stood there for a moment or 2 to feel that feeling of being full of cock! What a feeling !!I slowly pulled off of the cock till the head was left in…then slowly pushing back again to bury it all the way back in, MMMMMM What a feeling!!!Sliding back off it again, and slamming my ass back down on it deep! Fuck! I dont think I’m going to last too long ! My cock is already jumping and ready to cum ! I feel like perabet giriş every nerve in my body is energized !!!Needless to say…It WASE’NT LONG…before I could’nt take it and with that cock sliding in and out of me as I pumped my ass back and forth on it, AGHHHHHHHHHHH. I came with a huge blast of cum that I tried to catch in my hand….and this is the part you might not like..but here goes….WITH CUM IN MY HAND, I TURNED AROUND,LET IT SPILL OUT OF MY HAND ONTO THE TIP OF MY TOY, WATCHING IT SLOWLY RUN DOWN OVER THE VERY WET, SLIPPERY HEAD. I LEANED FOWARD, SLIPPED TO MY KNEES AND PLACED MY TOUNGE ON THE HEAD! FLICKING OUT MY TOUNGE TO TASTE FOR THE FIRST TIME MY CUM ON THE TOY. WITH THAT…I WANTED MORE…SLIPPING MY LIPS FIRMLY AROUND THE HEAD I SLIPPED THAT WET HARD, CUM COVERED COCK ALL THE WAY INTO MY MOUTH…MMMMMMMM IT TASTED SO FUCKING HOT ! mY MOUTH WAS FULL OF CUM AND MY OWN ASS JUSCES ! sO FRIGGIN HOT !!. It took alittle while to clean myself up, but…I had that freshly fucked feeling with me (as my asshole tingled) for the next 3 or 4 hours ! By then….I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN ! LOL, hope ya like the story, let me know your opinions…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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