An ex Mistress gets revenge

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An ex Mistress gets revengeAn ex Mistress gets revengeWell it all started after splitting up with my ex. We had grown apartover the last few years and I eventually moved out getting my own place.Me and Betty meet about ten years ago online when I was single andsearching for a femdom Mistress. After a few months of light chattingback and fourth between us, she had me drive the 100 miles to meet her.She asked me what I had going on for the weekend and I told her nothing.She gave me a time to meet her if I was serious and told me if I didn’tshow up to never contact her again.I not only showed up right on time but had a dozen roses as she openedthe door for her. She invited me in and was surprised I showed up. Shetold me she didn’t think I would but was happy I did. She didn’t have anyplans figuring I wouldn’t show. So after making out some and me servicingher needs, she took me to a swingers club she knew.That started what was to become a very much Female Led Relationship forthe next 7 years or so. She found out about my liking to cross-dress andnot only accepted it but demanded it. It didn’t take her long to get mein panties fulltime and kept smooth always. She even expanded my wardrobeand we ventured out on several occasions. I loved going out with her whendressed as she always made me feel comfortable. Betty would pick out myoutfits, help with my look as well as decide where we would go.Although we lived a Female Led Relationship, it wasn’t like she tookcontrol 24/7. It did have it’s times when she would be very demandingalong with chastity and spankings but not always. It seemed only when shewas in the mood, which slowly became further between moods. She also wasvery involved in the Leather community at the start but that too subsideduntil she quit that as well.About 7 years into it, Betty’s best friend got really sick and Bettypretty much stopped all kinky things and such. She became a grand motherand that seemed to take over everything. We had bought a house togetherbut only because her parents helped us out. The last few years I seemedto bounce from job to job which also upset her greatly. There at the endof our relationship I longed for the old Betty but just as she started toback involved in the leather scene, It seemed that ship had sailedbetween us.Her daughter and grand Daughter moved in and the end seemed near. Onenight she told me how unhappy she was and we agreed that I would leave.It took me 3 months to find me a house I could afford with help from myfamily before I left. In that time it got very cold at the house with metrying to avoid her and sleeping on the couch. She kept trying to get meto leave and got very frustrated with me. Betty went to Florida for a fewweeks to visit her parents when I finally got my new place.While she was away I moved out and took just my things as we agreed onexcept for the dogs. I took all 3 of them and that really really pissedher off. I spent the next several moths surfing the internet on myfavorite sissy sites before meeting a very sexy vanilla girl. I waswilling tom try and put all the submissive, sissy feelings as well as mygirly things away and try vanilla again.After a few months of seeing Kim I thought I was doing a good job butthose feelings I had my whole life came back. I found my alone timesurfing more and more on the internet. Me and Kate only lived about 5miles apart and would run into each other every once in awhile. I did mybest to avoid her but one night I was alone eating at a local dinner andjust got my food when she walked in. I was hoping she wouldn’t see me tono avail. She noticed me right away and approached my booth, taking aseat across the table from me. My heart stopped as I didn’t know what tosay or expect.”Hello Brad,” she said as she seemed to notice that I was in a bit ofshock.I looked up to her and saw her full of glee having me cornered. “HelloBetty, what do you want?” I replied softly.She told me that she knew I had my own place, new girlfriend and washappy for me. I sat there stunned listening to her every word. She wenton to tell me that she would like for us to be friends. She then went onto say that I still had a few things at her place like an attic full ofjunk and such she would like me to get. Me wanting this to end blurtedout that, “All that stuff could burn for all I care.”Her demeanor turned a bit after that remark and I saw in her face thesmile vanish. She then reached across the table and took my hands inhers. She leaned over the table a bit closer and said, “And I want all 3dogs returned today”I quickly pulled my hands away and told her, “That isn’t going to happenBetty.”But about as quickly as I did she grabbed them again and took a tightgrip of them this time.”OH I believe you will do as I say you little panty boy,” she hissed in alow voice at me. I wasn’t sure if anyone heard her but she did get myattention.She went on to explain that if I don’t do as she says, that she wouldshow everyone I know all about sissy I really am. She had me very scarednow and I sat up in my seat as she held tight to my hands and continued.I had journals, pictures and she had plenty of witnesses to expose me toeveryone I know, including my family and new girlfriend. She told me thatif I knew what was best for me I would first break up with Kim and thenshow up tonight at her house with our 3 dogs. If not then tomorroweveryone see’s the pictures and videos she had of her gurly sissy. Iswallowed hard and was wanting to disappear all together but couldn’t. Iwished at this very moment I had never met her let alone opened up somuch to her in our relationship.About that time the waitress we both knew came out for some small talkwhich Betty did all of that before telling her we were getting backtogether. I saw the waitress look very surprised before leaving us aloneonce again after taking Betty’s order. Sweat started popping all over myface I think as Betty laughed.”I think this will be such fun don’t you Jill?” as she called me by mygirl name she gave me long ago.I felt very much trapped and at her mercy at this moment. I wished rightnow that I had never met her in the first place. Not sure what to doexcept do whatever she said at this moment. She pulled my hands closer toher and asked if I agreed? I was speechless and she told me that if Iwanted to keep my secret a secret then I would do exactly as told fromthis moment on. “In fact Jill, if you agree, I want you to sit over hereon my side together with me.”I froze again but was quickly brought back to reality by the stern lookin her eyes. I swallowed hard and began to get up all the while she heldmy hands tightly. I took a seat next to her and she scooted up close tome. I saw a very upset Lady get a look of complete satisfaction on herface as I did so.”Now kiss me lil girl,” she whispered to me as she kissed me very deeplyand held my hands. That kiss was very deep and seemed to last hours as wewere interrupted with her meal being delivered. The waitress and Bettywere the only two smiling before leaving us alone again. Betty took oneof my hands and placed it under the table on her lap as she began to eather food.”Make me feel what a sissy should make her Mistress feel,” as she was nowbasking in her victory and the only one able to eat. I began stroking herthigh as I thought that was what she wanted. She was aglow with her powershe knew she had over me at that moment. Betty reached under the tableand slid my hand up to her mound as she finished eating. the whole time Iknew I best keep up my attention to her. As she finished her meal and Iplayed with her pussy through her dress, she looked at me and told methat I had a very busy night ahead of me.”I think this time we will better suited for our relationship this timeas the second time around I expect total obedience, don’t you agreeJill?”I knew better to hesitate in my answer and told her softly, “Yes MistressBetty.” With that and a few more strokes against her mound, I’m prettysure she came. She then told me she wanted me to pay for the food, gohome and call Kim or better yet just send her a text and get her dogs andbe back at her house in 3 hours.”I know you still have your things and I expect you smooth all over andin your maid outfit, bra, panties, garters and seemed stocking all underyour boy things.” She told me as she ushered me out of the booth.”We will work on the rest when you get there, except your 3 inch heels, Iexpect you to show up wearing them,” she said as she patted my behind. Istopped and paid for the meal as she chatted with the waitress we bothknew. I heard them both laughing as I got my change. Betty took a hold ofmy arm as I walked out following her lead. I escorted her to her car andopened her door for her.”Well well, I have missed that very much and look forward to much moreattention like that from you,” she said as she climbed in her seat. Shealso reminded me that she expected me a few short hours and I best be ontime and as told. With that she had me light her cigarette before closingher door and driving away.Leaving me standing there in the parking lot not sure what happen orwanting to believe any of it. I slowly walked to my truck when my phonegot a text message. It was from Betty saying this time I was herproperty, not her boyfriend. That scared me to death wondering what shewanted from me. I knew she could ruin me if she went through with herthreats and that for now I should do as told.I rushed home and quickly retrieved my sissy stash before getting in theshower. I shaved my whole body from my nose to my feet. Then dried offand applied some perfume before getting dressed as told. I on mystockings causing my little clitty to stir a bit before attaching them tothe garter straps. Then put on my matching lacy bra and breast forms.Then my maid outfit to finish it off before covering it all with somebaggy sweats and a t shirt. I then gathered up all the dog toys, food andbeds before putting on my heels. Then I got the dogs in the truck andheaded for her house as it was almost time for her to expect me. I almostforgot to text Kim and sent her a text as I drove. I told her that I hadsome personal issues come up and think we need a break from each otherfor awhile. And then I shut my phone off and finished my trip to Betty’shouse.As I pulled up the door opened and the grand daughter ran out to greetthe dogs followed by Betty’s daughter. I always got along with them andsaid hello as we passed each other. Alice told me her mom would reallylike my heels as I walked by her causing me to remember my place in thissituation. I continued to the house and was meet by Betty in the doorway.She still had that great big smile on her face like she had just won thewar when she told me, “Go into my bathroom and take off all those nastyboy things and wait for me there.”I quickly did as told while she went to see the dogs as well. I shut thebedroom door as well as the bathroom door before removing my heels, boythings, and adjusting my outfit. Making sure the seams were straight andputting on my maid bonnet. I waited what seemed like a hour but wasprobably only 15 minutes before I heard her coming in the bedroom. Then Iwatched and rose from sitting on the toilet seat as she walked in thebathroom. She walked right up to me and slapped me across the face hardcausing me to wobble in my heels. “THAT WAS FOR BEING SUCH AN ASS!” Thatwas followed by another just as hard.”And that was for thinking you can just abandon me like you did,” shetold me very angrily. Again I almost fell over from the blow as Istaggered back a step. She gripped my shoulder and turned me aroundfacing the counter. Following her lead I was bent over the counter andtold not to move. I tried to explain that it was a mutual separation butshe cut me off mid sentence with a swat on the ass.”I STILL OWN YOUR ASS AND ONLY I CAN SAY WHEN IT’S OVER, IS THATUNDERSTOOD!” she spat at me. Not wanting to anger her anymore I told her”Yes Ma’am.”She picked up my phone and warned me not to move as she went back to thebedroom. After a few minutes she returned and came up behind me rakingher nails across my backside. She reached out and snatched a handful ofmy hair and pulled me up. Turning me to face her again. She went on toexplain that she had thought of this moment ever since I screwed herover. She shoved me backward and I landed sitting on the toilet seatagain. She turned to grasp something behind her and turned to look at mewith it in her hand.”Do you remember this thing?” she asked as my stomach did a flip. Shakingmy head yes and staring at the CB-3000 she had in her hand. She then wenton to tell me that she wanted me to put it back on and do it quickly. Itook it in my hands and looked up to her and almost started crying as Iknew what that meant.”But Mistress, my sissy sac breaks out in a rash,” I pleaded with heronly to be meet with another hard slap across the face.”I don’t care about you are any pain you receive you stupid Bitch, put iton, Now!” she said as I fumbled with doing so. As soon as I had it on sheproduced a lock and snapped it shut on my cage. She then turned again andgot some makeup and started making my face.That is when I heard my phone fire back up and ding like crazy fromseveral messages on it. As She finished my makeup somewhat, she told meto smile as I sat there and she took several pictures. Making sure to getsome of my attire and chastity cage. I heard her press the send buttonand laugh at my fate.”I just sent Kim the pictures and told her how stupid she was for notseeing what a sissy you are,” as she snatched a hold of my hair onceagain pulling back up onto my heels. She then produced a wig and fixed iton my head and told me to put my bonnet back on. As soon as it was shesnatched my ear and led me to her bedroom. She lead me to the foot of herbed and guided me to that position I remember so well bent over the endof it. She dared me to move as she produced her favorite paddle for me tosee. It was a 2 foot long shoe horn that hurt like hell and I knew as madas she was right now I was in for a beating worse then I ever received inmy life.”If you don’t hold still for your spanking you little Bitch, I willgladly tie you down,” she scolded me. She took a seat on the edge of herbed and motioned for me to lay across her lap. I quickly got up andslowly made my way to her side of the bed. Trying to stall the best Icould.”But what if Alice and Mary hear it?” I asked as I assumed my placeacross her lap. Betty just chuckled a bit before rubbing my backsidesome.”Oh I’m sure they will as will get use to it in the near future as well,”she said as the first set of blows began to rain down across my cheeks.I screamed out as she landed 4 on each side hard. She paused for only asecond before 8 more landed followed by more cries from me with each one.She had no intentions of stopping to let me catch my breath as the blowscontinued. My backside felt as though it was being set on fire with eachone.”PPPPPPLEASE MISTRESS BETTY, I’M SORRY,” I began to cry out after about 4or five minutes of this. It was no use as each smack was just as loud andhard as the last. Every so often I would kick my feet some trying torelieve some pain. Then when I thought I could take no more I tried toput my hand back there to cover my cheeks only to have her knock it awayand warn me to move it. After a few more sets of blows she paused,telling me to get up. I quickly did so and she rolled her sleeve up alittle more.As she reached over and pulled my dress up to my waist she informed me wewere not finished. I try to plead with her but she just motioned for meto get back in place. I slowly laid back across her lap with my dresspulled all the way up leaving only my panties to cushion the comingblows. “No Please Mistress,” was all I could get out as she rubbed myfiery cheeks before she resumed the same rhythm and intensity.My cries got louder as I thought the pain was going to kill me. Shedidn’t seem to care and after about 4 more minutes of this I beganpleading loudly not caring who could hear me. I then tried to cover mybackside once again as the pain was too much. This really mad her mad anddidn’t help a bit as she knocked my hands away again. She continued a fewmore minutes when she paused again telling me to get up. I was glad shestopped when she did because I wasn’t sure I could take one more swat.But to my horror she reached over and slid my panties down to my kneesexposing my bright red ass. “Get back over here, we’re not done yet,” shesaid to my disbelief.I couldn’t imagine doing another round and begged her as I bounced a bitto please not do anymore. She had no mercy for me and told me to getright back in place or she would gladly tie me down and we could startover. With that I slipped back across her lap and as soon as I did shestarted again. My crying became uncontrollable this time as with eachblow instead of going numb, my backside felt as it was busting open. Shecontinued for another 4 or 5 minutes until I was a totally defeated messacross her lap. My makeup had run all down my face as I was limp acrossher lap just sobbing. She only stopped when she was satisfied and told meto once again get up. I quickly did so holding my cheeks and she pointedto the corner and told me to go stand there.”You know you deserved that and I want you to think about who you belongtoo as you stand there.” she lectured me as I quickly hobbled to thecorner placing my nose tightly against the wall.While I was standing there she told me of some of the chatting she washaving with my now ex girlfriend. She also told me that I was hersforever and best never forget it again. She also told me that she hadcalled and invited her friends over tonight. “To witness her triumphantcapture of her lost sissy.” She also told me that I was to be a perfectmaid tonight and I best be on my best behavior.About that time I heard her open the bedroom door and Alice say that herand Mary were leaving now for the night. I then heard the door shut andit got very quiet as I began trying to massage my burning cheeks.After what seemed liked an hour I heard her return and summon me from thecorner. I quickly turned and went to her. Standing in front of her withmy head down as she pulled my panties back up and dress down. “I know youhave your own place now and we can make use of that as well, but you willbe spending most of your time here again.” she went on to explain. Herparents set her up financially and she wanted me to be her permanentsissy no matter who saw it. She went on to say how her k** and grand k**would get use to it in no time at all and I best as well.”Because from now on you will be a total obedient little Bitch or pay aheavy price for every discretion,” as she smirked at me. She went on totell me that while I was gone she had meet and found another sissy aswell but she only can be here a weekend a month. She also told me shefound herself a bull to breed with and the times he was there, I would behis as well.”He is a real man, with a real cock, not some sissy like you,” she saidas she sat on the edge of her bed again.She motioned for me to come to her and pointed to the floor between herlegs at her feet. I quickly did as expected and she held up her foot tomy face. “Now kiss and worship my feet Jill,” she said as I began to doas told. I kissed , licked and sucked each one as she held them in turnup to me. She then after a few minutes told me to kiss my way up herlegs. I did so slowly like I remember her liking as I reached her hem ofher dress. She pulled it up and I followed her lead kissing further untilher panties were exposed.She leaned back a bit moaning softly as she pulled my head to her mound.I softly kissed it thru her panties when she reached down and pulled themto the side.”Sickout your tongue,” she ordered as she pulled me right into her wetpussy. Using both hands now she began to grind her hips and bury my facedeeply in her. After a few minutes she tensed up and a flood of herjuices washed over my face. She held me there licking away until she wassatisfied and then pushed me to the floor.”I want you to go get yourself cleaned up now and fix your makeup andwig,” as she got up and stepped over me.She went to the living room and I got up and made my way to the bathroom.I first checked my backside and saw how bright red and slightly bruisedit was. Then I figured I best clean up. I wash my smeared face andreapplied my makeup the best I could. I ran a brush thru my wig andstraightened it as well. When I was as could as I thought I could get, Imade my way out to the living room. The place was a total mess from lackof cleaning and having a 4 year old living there.”Well you best get busy cleaning you stupid girl,” she hissed at me whileplaying her computer game.I quickly began picking up as she explained her quest would be here soon.It took me a halve an hour to clean, dust and sweep the living area. Shetold me to go clean the kitchen next as she got dressed. I turned to godo so when she grabbed my hair pulling me back to her. I turned to lookat her and she slapped me hard. “You are to never turn away from me andyou need to always answer me when spoken to.””I’m sorry Mistress Betty, please forgive me,” I said as I trembledbefore her.She went on to tell me that I should always curtsey as well whenacknowledging a dominant. I quickly gave the best curtsey I could as shechuckled at my attempt. She went on to ridicule me saying how pathetic Iwas. Then she told me I was dismissed as she got up and headed for herroom. On my way to clean the kitchen I was stopped in my tracks by hersaying, “Hold on a minute Jill.” I turned to see her holding my phone andshe had me curtsey and hold that pose as she snapped a few more pictures.”Ok now you can get back to work,” she laughed. I gave her anothercurtsey before backing out of the room.I quickly began cleaning loading the stack of dirty dishes in thedishwasher. Cleaned the counters and floor before being surprised by herclearing her throat behind me.”WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WHILE I WAS GONE, YOU SHOULD HAVE HADTHIS FINISHED BY NOW!” And with that she stomped right up to me grabbingmy arm and spinning me around. She forced me to lay my head over theisland as she retrieved a wooden spoon. She immediately gave me about 15swats before it broke.”Stay right there!” she told me as she went into the other room.She returned with a riding crop and quickly was back behind me onceagain. Mistress then continued the assault on my backside with about tenmore blows which caused me great pain as she also landed some of themacross the tops of my thighs. I was then told I had 5 minutes to finishmy task as she went back to the living room. I quickly finished moppingand then returned to her as she was on her computer once again. After abig curtsey I informed her that my task was done. She then told me to goout back and pick up the porch.I was petrified to go out dressed like I was but only had one neighbor toreally worry about and it was a bit late so hopefully they wouldn’t seeme. I noticed the back yard was in total shambles since I left and thefence was halve way tore down. So I fixed it and was about to put thedoggie door back up when someone knocked and came in. It was Betty’s bestfriend Sally. Betty summoned me to greet her as she entered the house. Iwas very nervous about that as all the years I was Ms Betty’s submissive,Sally had yet seen me dressed. I knew better to hesitate after thebeatings I took already and quickly went and gave her a curtsey.”Hello Ms Sally, may I help you with your things?” I asked her as I tookthe food tray from her. She looked me up and down and laughed out loud atme as her and Betty had me stop and turn around for her to see all of myattire. I sat the tray down and then took the bottle of wine she had andplaced it in the fridge. I then returned to the living room where the twoLadies were taking seats as the both laughed at me. Betty told me that Icould finish the doggie door as they chatted and I got right on it.I finished it and returned to Betty giving her a deep curtsey andannouncing I was done. She then had me get them each a glass of wine eventhough she knew I hated being around alcohol since I quit drinking some12 years ago. I did it anyway and brought them each a glass. Betty thentold me I could kneel beside her as the Ladies chatted. I quickly did soand just listened as they discussed me. They went into details about howI was going to regret ever screwing Betty over and that my new role washer sissy 24/7. They discussed my new place as well and I heard how Bettyplanned on paying my bills and coming up with ways of me serving herfriends to pay her back. She also discussed that when the rest of theguest showed up my official collaring would take place.About that time the gay leather guys from her leather group startedarriving. And with each arrival, I got up and greeted each of them tothem mocking me as well as some teasing and fondling of me. After most ofthe party had arrived Betty told them all that I was her sissy to be usedas they wished but first she wanted to make it official She went in thebedroom and returned with a collar with a touch of pink and had me kneelin the middle of the room. It had a tag that she showed me and everyoneelse that read on one side “Sissy Jill,” and the other side said,”Property of Ms Betty.” Then she proceeded to place it around my neck andlock it in place with a small lock that matched the one on my chastitydevice.”Now to make it official and sissy Jill can make her amends,” she toldthem as she helped me to get back up on my heels. Not knowing what shemeant I soon realized as she lead me to the back of the couch and had melean over it. She then got a wooden cane out and told everyone that I wasto receive 10 strokes, one for every year we had been together.I began to tremble at the thought and also knew everyone was focused onme at that moment. She swished it thru the air several times beforeplacing it against my backside.”Are you ready my little slut?” she asked me and without giving me achance to answer, the first blow landed on my already bright red ass. Thepain shot thru my entire body and my knees got very weak. I screamed outin Pain to have her tell me I needed to thank her after each blow.With my voice shaking I thanked her and another blow landed. I thankedher again and was very glad at least she hesitated between blows. Afterjust 6 blows I began crying and could barely thank her anymore. I lookedback at her for mercy but found none. She just tapped my backside andtold me to resume my position. I did so but don’t really know how as thewelts that cane left really started to standout. As she administered thelast one she ran her nails across them. I didn’t move though and she gotmy phone and took even more pictures of her handy work. I looked at herfriends and saw it really turned a few of them on.Greg had his dick out stroking it and Betty told me it was time I suckeda real cock. To that Greg got up and came over to me. Betty then told me,”Well Sissy we are all waiting.” And with that she guided me to my kneesbefore him as I dropped in total defeat.I had known him almost as long as I had known Betty but never imaginedthis. He waved it in front of my face and I turned to look at Betty. Shehad a big smile on her face and motioned for me to get started as sheheld my camera phone up ready to snap even more pictures. Not wanting togive her a reason to discipline me more I reached up and stroked it a fewtimes. It was the very first time in my life I ever touched another manscock. It was already very stiff and after a few strokes and Betty takinga few pictures, she guided my head to his cock.”Kiss the tip first before sucking it,” she told me as they all laughedat me.I did as told when he told me to part my lips a bit and he slowly thrustit in my mouth. Greg told me to put my hands behind my back as he heldthe sides of my head and fucked my mouth. He would push it in to the backof my mouth and the pull it back to my lips before repeating a slowrhythm.”I think he is a natural cock sucker Betty,” he said as he went on tohaving his way with me and they all laughed.It wasn’t much bigger then my own and felt very strange, nothing like Ithought it would. It was stiff yet soft and I could feel every vein andtwitch of his cock as it slid back and fourth in my mouth. He thenstarted moaning a bit as I felt it get even bigger and then he thrust itdeeply in my mouth and held it there. I felt a huge load explode in mymouth which caused me to gag as it was forced down my throat.As soon as he finished another one of her friends was lining up with hiscock out. It was a bit bigger and thicker as well. Betty was busy gettingmore pictures as they switched off. He had me lick his shaft as well ashis balls before thrusting it in my used mouth very roughly. I was havingtrouble sucking this one and began gagging some. I reached up to wrap myhand around it only to have Betty warn me to keep them behind my back.After a few minutes of abuse he began moaning loudly and picked up thepace. He pulled me by my ears deeply pushing his cock down my throatbefore Betty told him to shoot his load on my face for the camera. Withthat he pulled out and I was told to tilt my head back and open my mouth.He then stroked his cock a few times and shot a huge load across my face.Another landed across my closed eyes and a third landed in my mouth. Hethen wiped his fat cock against my face and left me sitting there asBetty took even more pictures.”Such a good cock sucker you are,” he said to me as everyone laughed outloud. And with that Betty wiped up the globs of cum and slid her fingersin my mouth for me to lick clean.When I finished cleaning the up the mess he deposited on my face, Bettytold me to get up and go get the boys some drinks. I spent the rest ofthe night either kneeling next to betty in shame or fetching everyonedrinks. Then Betty reached down and pulled my head back and kissed medeeply, leaving the taste of wine in my mouth which was very disgustingto me and she knew it. By now everyone was well on their way to gettingdrunk and were about to leave.”Help everyone get their things Jill,” Betty slurred as I got up and didso. Helping all of her gay leather guys from her group get the food,dishes and left over booze and escorting them as they left. Although Iknew all of them for a long time, this felt very much different now thatthey have seen me at my sissy best.”I want you to give Sally a ride home and then you can come back earlytomorrow to clean up,” Betty went on to say as the last guy left. Sallythanked me in advance and Betty explained further what she expected inthe morning.She was telling me to be back by 6 am to clean up the place dressed inthat white blouse and dark blue skirt she loved so well. I was at thatmoment wondering about changing my attire before leaving.”Where are my guy clothes Ms Betty?” I asked as Sally was ready to go.Betty I could tell was ready to pass out and really drunk and headed forher bedroom.She turned and scolded me saying, “It is late and you will be fine, getgoing and don’t be late tomorrow.” And with that she left us standingthere alone. Sally asked if I was ready and assured me I would be fine.With that I locked the door and escorted Sally to my truck, getting herdoor for her as she got in. On the trip to her house she thanked meanother 10 or 12 times which I chalked up to her being drunk as well. Shealso explained how she actually envied me being a sub herself. I satthere driving not wanting to discuss my situation with Betty’s bestfriend. She continued to explain that my life as a total sissy for now onwould be a dream come true to some. And how glad she was I had acceptedBetty’s generous offer to another chance. As we arrived at her house, Iescorted her into her house and said my goodbye’s and then quickly gotback in my truck.I headed back to my house about 2 am in the morning and in a total dazeas to the night’s events with my uniform and aching rear end as well asthe taste of cum in my throat to remind me it was real. Not too mentionmy locked collar and chastity cage and me being totally drained.The Moment I arrived home to my new house, I instantly searched foranyone awake that might see me dressed like this. Pretty sure the case isclear, I searched for my things. I then realized I had none of them andleft them all at Betty’s house. I was missing my phone, cigarettes, andof course my male stuff I wore over my uniform.Only having a few hours until Betty told me to return, I decided I wouldfind the outfit she ordered me to wear. I went straight into the garagewhere I kept my stash and found that dark blue skirt and white blouse. Ialso found some lacey black panties and matching bra as well as somesheer to waist black panty hose. I bundled them up in my arms and snuckacross the driveway and into my house. With so little time before shetold me to be there, I decided I best get a shower and change.I went into my bathroom and striped off my maid uniform and then my wig.I turned to see the damage showing on my backside and slowly pulled downmy panties exposing the red cheeks, welts and some bruises. Afterslipping them off I sat on my toilet and removed my bra and breast forms.It felt so good to get those things off as they had my nipples which aremy favorite things covered all day. I rubbed one of them slightly andfelt a stir in my chastity device and quickly stopped as the gagerestricticed it from expanding without filling the gage and frustratingme to no end.”Damnit,” I said out loud to myself as now I remembered how much Idespised that thing and only Betty had the key to remove it.I then undid my garter straps and took off the garter and then my heels.I slid off each stocking and thought as I did I best shave again just tomake sure. I spent the next halve a hour making sure my body and facewere hair free. Then after checking my backside once again climbed intothe shower. I spent some time just letting the warm water wash over me asI tried to figure a way out of this. I then came back to and realized Iwas stuck as I washed off and climbed out. I thought to myself that inorder to not piss her off anymore, for now I best go along to the best ofmy ability. At least until I get my phone back and figure something out.I sat on the toilet again and slid on my panties followed by my pair ofhose. I then brushed my wig and fixed it in place. I pulled on my skirtand zipped it shut before putting on my bra. I then stuffed each one withthose breast forms she got me a long time ago. I then put on my blousebuttoning each button and only then did I worry about doing some makeup.I removed my top and got what little make up I had out. Brushed my teethand put on deodorant before doing the best to make up my face. I waspretty good with doing my eyes and lips but never seemed to get my facejust right. After agonizing over it for awhile, I realized I best go if Iwas to show up when she told me to at 6 am. I checked myself one lasttime and giving up on doing any better, decided I best go. I found myheels and slipped into them, remembering at that moment that my feetalready hurt. Found my keys and looked out the window.I was glad it was still dark and quickly made my way to my truck. Istarted it up and was off for my short trip across town. It only takes 5minutes between our houses and I was glad because less people might seeme. I also noticed my truck was on empty but there was no way I wasstopping dressed like this.I arrived and didn’t run out of gas at about 5:30 am and noticed Betty’sand Sally’s cars were the only ones there. Her daughter and granddaughter must have still been out where ever they went leaving only Bettythere. I sat in the driveway for a minute wondering if my key would stillopen the front door after 3 or 4 months of being separated from her.”Well only one way to find out,” I told myself before stepping out of mytruck. I heard the dogs barking and quickly made my way to the door. Iput my key in the lock and to my disbelief it opened. I stepped in notseeing her and told\d the dogs to shut up in a whisper. I found theirtreats and took care of that problem.I then survived the place and saw no sign of Betty, just a total messleft from the night before. I was a bit upset that all the hard work Idid the night before was for nothing with stuff all out of place and thekitchen a total mess. I then thought maybe I should leave but first Ineeded to find my phone. I looked every where to no avail and thought itmust be in her room or her bathroom. I worked up my courage to go findout and creped in quietly. Tippy toeing across the threshold, I noticedright away a passed out Betty laying there naked on her bed snoringloudly. I looked on her dressers and still couldn’t find it. I went intoher bathroom and on the messed up counter saw it flashing a green lightright where she must have left it.I picked it up and saw my messenger open and a long conversation with mynow ex girlfriend were Betty was having a very long chat posing as me. Ialso saw where she had sent her a lot of pictures that totally pissed heroff as well as disgusted her. My heat sank as I read the chat they hadbeen having and my stomach felt queasy. I stumbled over a pile of junkBetty left on the floor and froze to listen if the noise woke her up. Ithen noticed my sweats and t shirt lying in the corner and thought tomyself now was the time to get the hell out of there. I gathered them upand headed for the living room when while going thru her bedroom in thedark tripped over some more junk. This time bumping the bed in theprocess. I froze again as Betty stirred a bit and waited to see if shewould dismiss my blunder and go back to sleep. Instead she opened hereye’s and looked straight at me and that made me feel very sick.”Oh my Slut is back,” she said to me as she sat up and stretched reallybig. She motioned for me to come to her with a motion of her callingfinger.I approached her with my things in my arms and stood before her. She toldme she was pleased how I was dressed and she reached up grabbing me bythe back of my neck pulling to her. She gave me a huge deep kiss whichtasted strongly of alcohol and totally disgusted me.She finally let her embrace go and with her hand ran it down over mybody, squeezing one of my breast before continuing it’s slid to mycrotch. Cupping my chastity cage and balls thru my skirt, she pulled meto her further. Saying she wanted to use me as she pulled until I was onher bed next to her.”I am so glad you decided to listen to me and return to me,” shewhispered as her hand slid up and down my hose covered legs. That alwaysgot my cock, or clitty, as she called it to stir. But that damn cagecaused that to be a big discomfort as it confined it to such a smallspace.”I think you deserve a reward,” she whispered to me as her hand workedit’s way back up the front of my body. She undid a few buttons on myblouse and slipped her hand in. I began returning her kisses as shealways knew what turned me on as my nylon clad legs rubbed her.She then pulled one silicone form out and tossed it to the floor beforedoing the same with the other. That got me very excited as she couldalways control me by the way she rubbed my nipples. I began humping herleg as she slowly rubbed my nipple, keeping perfect timing with herfingers as they played. The only things was I still was locked tightlyaway but she knew that as well.”I think you need to service your Mistress properly, don’t you?” shestated as she began to slowly guide me downward.From years past I knew what she expected and began kissing her softly asI followed her lead and made my way to her pussy. Once there she guidedme with one hand on my head and barely able but still toying with mynipple under my bra to the pace she wanted. Hoping to get unlocked whenshe was happy with my effort like all the other times, I did an extraspecial job trying to satisfy her. I slid a couple fingers in her andfucked her with them as I licked away.In no time at all her legs were spread wide and I could tell she wasenjoying my efforts. The pace on my nipple quickened as did my attentionto her. Betty began moaning loudly and after about 15 minutes her griptightened on my hair, wig and all. She pulled me deeply into her and thenpinched my nipple very hard which I knew meant a deep thrust as she rodeme. Grinding hard against my face and on my fingers, I felt her release aflood of juices over me.”OH JILL,” she screamed out and I was held there until she subsided. Onlythen did she pull me up to her and we kissed deeply once again. She brokethe kiss and told me how wonderful that my efforts were.”I think you will be doing a lot more of that this time around,” she saidas she looked in to my eyes only inches from hers.Her hands were now rubbing my fully dressed body causing my clitty cageto confine me to the best of it intended purpose. I was very much feelinglike hers at this moment and at her mercy.She stopped and asked me if I would like her to remove my cage and wehave sex to which I eagerly replied “Yes Ma’am.”She gently pushed me up and off of her. I got up and sat next to herlaying there. I so wanted her to hurry and unlock me when I heard hernext words.”Well that isn’t going to happen,” she said causing me to feel verydisappointed.”I want you to go in the closet and get my new toy, it is a flesh coloreddouble sided strap on and bring it here,” she told me as she nudged meoff the bed.I stood up very dejected and headed for the closet. That is when she satup and smacked me hard across the ass. That caused me to stop in mytracks and she reached out spinning me around as she gripped my arm. Shethen reached up and took a hold of my ear pulling face to face with her.”We are going to have sex, but there is no way in hell you are gettingunlocked,” she said right to my face.I know from a few past experiences like that she drives me wild and Ireally hate it when she teases me so.”The next time I give you an order and you don’t acknowledge me rightaway, I will beat you severely, is that understood slut?” she spat at me.Tears were forming in my eyes as I knew she was pissed and I was in aterrible spot “Yes Mistress Betty,” I told her quickly and as soon as shelet go, and I gave a big curtsey to her.”Now get my strap on you stupid Bitch,” Betty yelled at me.I ran as fast as I could in these heels into her walk in closet and foundher strap on. I also found a double sided penis insert still in thepackage. Gathering them I returned to her as she sat up on the bed.holding them in my hands before her, she pointed to the floor.”PUT IT ON ME AND BE QUICK ABOUT IT!” she shouted at me.I knelt between her legs and slid the straps up each leg as she held upeach foot. When I could no longer get them any higher up each thigh shestood up holding onto my shoulder to balance her still drunk state. Aftershe finished attaching the straps she motioned for me to open thepackage. I quickly had it open and marveled at the size. It was about 8inches long and my hand barely wrapped around it. It also had about a 4inch dildo attached to the other side.”Well put it on stupid,” she told me as she stood towering over me.Not sure how, I starred at it turning it as I thought of how it wassupposed to work. She jerked it out of my hands and took it as she spreadher lips. She shoved the 4 inch end to my face and told me to get it wet.I sucked on it for a brief second and she pulled it out of my mouth. Iwatched then as she inserted it in the hole on her harness and tucked the4 inch part in her. She leaned her head back hold onto my shoulder as shelet go of her lips. She let out a moan as she put both hands now on myshoulders. Sitting there on my knees in her bedroom staring at a veryintimidating plastic cock attached to a Lady I had grown great contemptfor.Then I was smacked back to reality as she hit me hard across the face.”Well just don’t sit there, put a rubber on it Jill!”With that I reached up on her dresser and grabbed one of the rubbers shehad laying there. I opened it and began to slide it over her new cock.She stopped me before I could though.”I want you to always apply them with your mouth,” she said with adevious smile.I looked up to her and then hesitated but that only made her dig hernails into my shoulders. So I placed it between my lips and teeth as Ihave seen done in some porn movies. She then told me to put my handsbehind my back and as soon as I did, she began to pull my head slowlyonto it. I felt it spread my jaws apart as she slowly kept shoving it inuntil it reached the back of my mouth. She went even further until itfully was inserted and held it there as a gag came over me.”You will overcome that slut,” she said in a sarcastic tone as shefinally pulled back just a bit.She then stroked her cock between my lips several times and began moaningsome as she did so. After a couple of minutes of this, she pulled it allthe way out of my mouth. Looking down at me and stroking my wig shewhispered something I didn’t understand.With a tug of my hair she repeated herself, “You best pay attentionBitch, I said turn on the switch at the base!”With that I took a hold of her cock and slid my hand down to the base. Ifelt a tiny switch and turned it on. I could feel it start vibrating inher and she began to quiver a bit, Without warning, she pushed it back tomy lips. As fast as I could I removed my hands back behind me once againand parted my lips as well. Just in time as she began fucking my mouthharder and deeply this time around. I was doing my best to breath inbetween gags as I heard her really getting into it. I am pretty sure bythe moans she was making and pace she was going, she didn’t care if Igagged or not with each thrust. I then was stuck with it evading mythroat as I gagged and I felt her cum again. Only after hearing her say,”Fuck yes,” and her thrust subside as she slowly pulled it out of mymouth, was I able to catch my breath again.”OMG that was wonderful, it actually felt like I had a real cock,” shesaid as she smacked my face a couple times with it.She let go of my shoulders and took my chin in her hand guiding me up.She kissed me deeply again with her alcohol tasting mouth for anotherminute. Then she broke the kiss and stepped around me. Her hands rubbedmy waist and she patted my backside.As she started to pull my skirt up she whispered in my ear, “Now my slut,I’m going to fuck your brains out.”She pulled my skirt up over my waist and run her hands over my hose andpanties. Tugging gently pulling both down, rolling them mid thigh down mylegs. She then held my waist with one hand bending me over with the otheron my back.”Oh Jill, those marks look so loving as well, now spread your feet abit,” she said as I rested on my elbows on her bed. Running her nailssharply across my welts and bruises before feeling the tip press againstmy opening.I felt her hands pull my hips to her and her try and push her strap onin. It hurt like crazy as it tried to split my cheeks and I let out asqueal. She pulled back a bit and tried again with not much more success.I let out another squeal a bit louder this time. I felt her pull thatthing away and not a second later a bottle of lube landed next to me onthe bed.”Go ahead Jill, get my cock wet for you,” she said as she held me inposition.With that I popped open the bottle and poured a generous amount in myhand. I reached between my legs stroking her cock a few times making sureit would slide freely and without causing me such pain. And then I wipedmy hand and the rest on my sissy pussy. It seemed as soon as I did and Ireturned my hand in front of me she pushed it deeply into my void. I letout a very loud moan as she had no trouble this time. She buried it allthe way in me and wiggled her hips as she ground hard against me. I feltlike she was going to tear me apart and was reaching halve way up in mewith that thing. It always did feel good though or I would be lyingexcept this thing was a bit bigger then I would like. I did get veryexcited which turned very frustrating as my clitty was still confined init’s small chastity cage. I also could feel the vibrate with each timeshe pulled back and slammed it fully in.She kept this up and made it worse by leaning over me pressing into me asshe reached in my blouse to tease my nipples. Knowing what she expected Ibegan to work my hips to the rhythm of her fingers as they worked mynipple. Quick rubs across them meant quick thrust and slow soft teasesmeant slow thrust back to her. I was going crazy and wanting very much tohave her take my chastity device off “PPPPPLEASE MISTRESS, MAY I HAVE ARELEASE????” I screamed out to her just as she pinched my nipple veryhard which was my clue to push back very hard and I grinded myselfagainst her.With a few more hard thrust she stopped and laughed at me before pullingout. “It’s going to be a lot different this time around, this time Idon’t give a shit what you want,” she said as she wiped it across mywelted backside.With that she smacked me hard and then pulled my panties and hose back upand told me to get my breast forms back in.”Now help me take this off and go bring me a cup of coffee,” she saidsoftly leaving my clitty straining ever so with no release what so ever.I got up and turned to face her with defeat in my eyes as I lowered myskirt and replaced my breast forms in each bra. I kneeled in front of heragain and reached up and turned off the strap on. As I twisted it to undoit from the harness I saw the look on her face as she shut her eyes andquivered a bit from satisfaction. I freed it from her and set it aside. Ithen slid the harness down and off of her as she stepped out and sat backin her bed.”Now bring me my coffee and wash that off as well,” she told me as Igathered myself.I slowly got up with her harness and told her “Yes Ma’am, thank you, Iwill bring you your coffee as soon as I make it. I gave her a quickcurtsey and began backing out of her room. She shot up and snatched ahold of my blouse pulling me to her.”WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN WHEN YOU MAKE IT?” she screamed at me. Shelooked very angry as she pulled me just inches from her face.I tried to explain I still needed to make it but before I could she threwme down across the floor. I landed hard looking up to her to hear hertell me that I should have that ready first thing before anything else.”IS THAT UNDERSTOOD YOU STUPID BITCH!”I looked up wide eyed from the floor and with a trembling voice repliedto her, “Yes Mistress Betty, I’m sorry.”She looked down at me for a minute and told me to go get her riding crop.I picked myself up and scrambled out to where I last saw it and quicklybrought it back to her. She was still standing at the side of her bedwhen I handed it to her and gave another curtsey. She took it and justpointed to the bed and I knew the position she wanted me in. I also knewthat she was pissed and I didn’t want to argue with her about it. I laidacross her bed with my arms stretched out across the bed. She tapped mybackside and told me to raise my rear higher. Which I quickly did as toldand began shaking at the thought of another discipline session about totake place.”You had best forget all about the way it use to be around here andrealize those days are long gone,” as I felt her run her crop up and downmy thighs. I just froze awaiting her at anytime to begin.”I am going to make you the perfect Sissy full time this go around andthe sooner you learn that the better it will be for you,” she said as Itensed up from the first blow landing across both thighs. It shot wavesof fire to shoot thru my body as I flinched but dared not move.She teased me with running it along the same spot and taking the tip upand down the inner part of each thigh.”I OWN YOU AND YOU WILL BE NOTHING UNLESS I TELL YOU SO,” she said loudlyas she reached it under my skirt to tap my chastity device a few timeswith it.She went on to reprimand me as she brought the crop back down across mythighs again. Tracing some of my other welts as well, she stop and heldit gently across the latest ones. “I think you are going to get fivestrokes this time and I expect you to thank me after each one.”And just as she finished saying so, another blow landed in the same spotas the last. This caused such great pain I screamed as I buried my facein the bed but quickly turned and thanked her as told. I then tried toplead for mercy and was quickly told to shut the hell up as she tapped mesome more. “Come on little girl, back up,” she told me as I slowly roseback up on my tippy toes. Raising my rear high off the bed as I grippedthe sheets awaitingShe took her hand and rub the welts thru my hose and pulled my skirt upover my back. she pulled down my hose and I felt her crop brush againstmy ass. It didn’t take long and yet another blow landed.”OMG,” I cried out as it set me a blaze and I once again buried my face.I then thanked her for tearing my backside in two and took the last fewstrokes.After the last one landed and I thanked her properly, she put the cropnext to me on the bed. Another tug on my chastity device, she ran my hoseback up over my hips. She then pulled my skirt back down and told me toget up. I turned in tears and thanked her again before giving her yetanother curtsey. She told me she wanted her coffee and I best get busy. Ibacked out of her room and made a b line for the coffee pot. I stayedright there as it brewed and noticed she came out halve way thru makingit. She came into the kitchen and teased me some as she ran her hand overmy legs from behind. I turned to face her and she told me I should becleaning while the coffee was being made.”Yes Ma’am, right away,” I said as I began gathering up the dishes fromthe party the night before.She wondered off to the other room while I got very busy. As soon as thecoffee was ready I made her a cup the way I remember she liked it andwent to take it to her. She was sitting at her computer and I told her itwas ready. She informed me to set it down and I did so giving her anothercurtsey although she never even looked away from her game she wasplaying. I then backed myself back to the kitchen and finished cleaningup. I made my rounds around the rest of the house getting all the disheswhen I heard the dogs barking.I looked outside and saw Alice and Mary were coming home. I acted asthough I didn’t see them and quickly loaded the dish washer. They came inand Alice saw me and knew what to expect it seemed but the grand daughterlooked a bit puzzled. I know she can be a brat seeing I was about theonly one to use any control over her attitude when I lived here before.But dressed like this and knowing it was different this time could onlyanswer what ever questions she asked, no matter how stupid or weird theywere.”Why are you dressed like that?” was her first question seeing she couldtell who I was.Her mom tried to get her to leave me alone out of respect for me or justthe awkwardness of the situation. But Betty heard it and told me toanswer her. I didn’t know what to say but, “Your Grandma wants me dressedthis way.”That wasn’t good enough answer I guess and she asked, “Why?”I didn’t have a very good answer to tell a 4 year old and hesitated whenBetty yelled in there for Mary to come to her. I quickly got back to workand saw Alice shaking her head as she headed down the hall. I heard Bettyexplaining that I was going to be here a lot again and I liked dressinglike a girl and it was my choice and that it would be ok. She also wenton to explain that I was going to help all of them by doing a lot ofchores and things that need done around the house for now on. I finallythought I had the kitchen squared away and went into the Living room toclean it as well. Betty was still on her computer so I approached her andasked if I could get her a refill for her coffee after giving her acurtsey. She turned to me and gave me her cup. “Yes you can Jill.”I took her cup and went to refill it as I heard Mary ask even morequestions to her grandma. She was wondering why I had a collar on my neckas well as why I did that little thing after addressing her. Bettyexplained that the collar was just like jewelry and the thing I did wascalled a curtsey, which all servants should do to their superiors.”And in this house, you as well as everyone else is a superior to Jill,”I heard her tell a 4 year old.Although I heard her, I acted like I didn’t as I went about cleaning theplace up. Mary went back to watching her cartoons and Betty went back toher game. I had the place looking pretty good again except for the messesthat brat kept making when Alice walked out back on the porch. Ieventually was running out of things to clean and thought I best askBetty if she needed anything else.”Is the room good enough for you Ma’am?” I said as I stood next to herand curtseyed again.She looked up and seemed nonchalant when she told me it would do for now.Then she told me to go gather the laundry up making sure I got all ofAlice’s and Mary’s as well. I gave another curtsey and backed away eventhough that really pissed me off. I took a great big pile of things fromboth ends of the house to the laundry room and then returned to Betty.Mary said she was hungry and Betty ordered me to go fetch her a bowl ofcereal which I did. Betty then had me go out back and pick up the mess onthe porch where Alice was. I went out back to do so and was hit rightaway with the smell of pot. Alice knew I didn’t like that around me andinstantly tried to hide it out of respect.”I’m sorry, do you want me to put it out?” she asked me. I assured her itwas ok and I would be fine.She seemed ok with my answer and quickly got it out again and tookanother hit while she messed with her phone. While I got busy picking upthe porch, I noticed how bad the backyard had gone to crap since I was nolonger taking care of it. Alice then started chatting how she knew allabout this situation for awhile now and it was all her mother talkedabout the last month or so. She also said she would do her best to helpme anyway she could if she could but also knew her mother was determinedto make me a sissy of the house. She was explaining to me that she knewme and Betty were together a long time and we got the house togetherbefore she and Mary moved in and she felt sorry for me before I heardBetty speak up.”You don’t have to worry about feeling sorry for this loser, you as mydaughter will soon be ordering her around as well,” Betty explained.Alice got quiet as we both noticed her mother coming outside. She cameright up to me and teased me some by rubbing over my legs and then shetold me to place my hands on my head. I did as instructed and she madesure the grand k** wasn’t around before she raised my skirt exposing myundies. Then she pulled down my hose and the back of my panties showingher my marks from earlier. Then spun me around to show her my locked upclitty. After a good laugh she pulled back up my things and lowered myskirt. Only then did she say it was ok to lower my hands. With a deepkiss and pat of the behind she shushed me away. I quickly got back towork as Betty went on to talk to Alice.”Jill will be at all our beck and calls for any and everything we need ordesire,” she told her. It will be sweet revenge for the disrespect heshowed all of us at the end of his time here. Betty even went as far totell her that I was to be used to make dommes out of her and Mary fortheir future self’s. She had plans on teaching Alice and Mary all aboutbecoming very dominant as well.”Jill’s new house will belong to us as well and we can build a dungeonover there to play in or you can use it to have your own party place ifyou like.” she told her daughter to which I saw her eyes light up withpossibilities.Alice looked at me with a curious look on her face and asked, “And youdon’t mind?” I never had a chance to answer her when Betty spurted outthat I had no say in the matter.I saw Alice look at me that very moment as my face changed to a surprisedlook I guess and I looked down.”I might really like that,” she told her mother as she took another hitof her joint. To my greater surprise, Betty took the joint and hit it aswell, blowing the smoke in my face as I got close cleaning away.They both seemed to get a kick out of that or maybe it was the way Ilooked , I’m not sure. Betty went on to say that the very first thing Iwould be making was a new bed frame for Betty’s bed with a cage builtunder it for when I stayed there. Then I could make the rest of thedungeon stuff as they both come up with it for my house.”Ed would love banging my brains out knowing Jill is there ready to serveas we wished, or maybe Stacy as well can share it also with her,” shetold Alice as Alice turned a bit red thinking about it.I wasn’t sure who Ed or Stacy were so I asked softly, “Who are theyMa’am?”She looked at me in a disgusted way and I wasn’t sure if I should haveeven spoke up.”Well you are going to find out soon enough I guess,” she said with alook of hate in her eye.She explained to me in front of Alice, who seemed to already know them,Ed was her bull and Stacy was another sissy sub like me, but a willingone at that. Ed she went on to explain was very much Bi but despisedpeople like me. Whenever he was around I was to address him as Sir,Master, Daddy or anything else he came up with or he would gladly put mein my place. As for Stacy, I still would be beneath her as well but shewas more like a big sister to me.That was when Alice spoke up telling me that, “Stacy is a very prettygirl like you and Daddy is a very strong dominant type guy you best watchout for.”Betty chuckled and told me that was an understatement but I would soonlearn how to please him as well and learn a lot from my new sister aswell. She went on to explain that mostly I would be just serving her andBrad but whenever he seemed wanting to pleasure him anyway he said.”You will find out all about that next weekend when he comes over but fornow I need to pee,” she said as she got up.She motioned for me to follow her as she headed for the house and I didso as she lead the way. As we walked past the living room and a new messthe k** made, we went into her bedroom. She continued to the bathroom andonce there told me to take off my blouse and skirt. I quickly did so inrecord time and placed them on the counter. She then told me to kneel inthe garden tub and as I did so started to worry as I thought what she hadin mind. We had never done water sports before but I knew what they wereand was thinking that was about to happen here. She stepped in the tuband pushed me back on my ass as she straddled my legs. Opening her robeexposing her naked body, she told me to eat her pussy. I leaned forwardand began licking away as her hand caressed my cheek. She was reallygetting into it I thought and I would be giving her yet another orgasmwhen She told me to lay back. I stopped and lend back against the tub andshe spread her lips while pushing them closer to me.”Open your mouth,” she instructed me as she reached down grabbing mycollar pulling me inches from her. With that I froze as she hovered overmy face and then it happen, she started pissing all over my face andmouth.”I want you to swallow it.” I was told as the flow continued and it wentin my mouth and all down my body.I felt very sick as I did so but did my best anyway to swallow as much aspossible. As the flow began to stop she pulled me closer and closer untilI was right there and I began to lick her as I thought she wanted. Aftera minute or so of doing so she grabbed both side of my head and groundherself hard against me using my face and mouth to get her off one moretime.”Now you can get dressed back in your things and wear my scent and yourwet undies the rest of the day to remind you who you belong to and howmuch I despise you,” she hissed at me.With that she stepped out and closed her robe back, leaving me in totaldefeat, sick to my stomach, soaked and realizing that I might be stuck asa sissy for the very near future. She left me to get dressed and I slidmy skirt and blouse over my wet undergarments. Went to look in the mirrorand fixed my messed face and started about crying thinking how did I everlet this happen. The only thing that kept me from balling was knowing itwould just ruin my make up again. I gathered my composer the best I couldand left the bathroom. I walked into her bedroom to see her in her bed.She had my phone once again and told me to come to her. I did so and gavea curtsey as I stopped next to her. She showed me a bed frame she wantedme to make from a page on the web and told me to go home and how sheexpected it done and I could come back tomorrow to assemble it.”Oh yeah and don’t you dare think you can go home and change either, Imight stop by anytime,” she warned me. Then she told me I was dismissedwhich I quickly accepted and gave a big curtsey before backing out of theroom without my phone.I told Alice good bye as I left and didn’t even think about it beingdaylight until I was already in my truck. I then hurried to leave andwondered how I was going to get home dressed like this or who else mightsee me.Well on the short trip back to my house I was very conscious of who mightsee me and looked for any cars I might recognize. I couldn’t imagineanyone I knew seeing me dressed like this. I slowed down before turningon my street as I was able to see my house from the corner. It lookedlike the coast was clear and I whipped in my driveway and dashed insidemy house. Slamming the door behind me freaking out but pretty sure no onesaw me either. I sat on my couch for a minute trying to figure what to donext. I thought I best get a shower and get these wet things off as theystuck of Ms Betty’s golden shower she made me take. I also knew Icouldn’t go out to get supplies to make her bed frame dressed as a girlso I decided to still be compliant with her rules I would wear the girlythings under my boy things.I went and found some white panties and bra as well as white stay upthigh highs. I then took a very long shower washing the terribleexperience off from earlier. When I was finished I got dressed and aftermaking sure none of the under garments showed thought I best go. I wore aturtle neck to cover the collar she locked in place so no one would seeit as well. I made sure to make a list and have my wallet before lockingthe house and heading to the hardware store.I got there and picked up the boards, pvc pipe, hinges and paint that Ineeded as well as the screws. I then quickly went back to my place tocreate her project. It was a simple one where I cut the board to lengthand drilled holes for the pipe to make the bars. I then cut the pipe tosize and then made the door. I put the hinges on and made sure they fitbefore assembling the mattress supports. I was satisfied she would likeit and was just about to disassemble it when I heard someone pull upoutside. I went to check it out and to my dismay saw Ms Betty getting outof her car. She came up to me at the door to my garage and stared at me,looking me up and down.”Well I hope you have the same undies on under those things,” she saidlooking a bit disturbed.I didn’t want to tell her no so I didn’t answer her and just stood therewith the door open. She walked right up to me and reached with the palmof her hand, pressing it against my chastity cage in my pants. She heldit there a few seconds and then squeezed my balls very tightly causing megreat pain.”These pants aren’t damp now, are they my stupid slut,” she said as shetwisted my balls a bit in her grip.”No Ma’am,” was all I could say as she had my balls in her hand andcrushing them so.She backed me into my garage as she guided me that way. I had no choicebut to follow her lead. As we entered it she must have seen the bedbecause she let my crotch go and I saw her eyes light up just a bit.She went over to it and looked it over pretty close and then told me,”You best learn to do as exactly told because I own you now and alwayshave and will.”She did go on to tell me the bed looked really nice and she couldn’t waituntil I put it in her house tonight. Then she came back to me as I stoodthere watching her every move. She stood right in front of me and raisedher hand as I flinched a bit. She snatched my collar under my shirt andwith her free hand slapped me hard.”Now I want you to take those things off so I can see what you have on,”she said as she let go with a shove of my collar.I began with removing my turtle neck and leaving only my bra exposed. Ithen undid my belt which she motioned for me to hand it to her and I didso. I then kicked off my shoes and took off my socks as I sat in a chair.She could see from that the color was white instead of dark blue. I slidmy pants off and then stood back up placing my hands behind my back andlooked down as I knew I screwed up. I then noticed the door was stillopen and was hoping no one would pull in or come over as I was afraid tointerrupt her.I saw her feet as she stepped back and heard her say, “Turn around youstupid Bitch.”I slowly did so as she guided me to the chair. She instructed me to placemy hands on it and bend over. I quickly did so as she told me this is alesson that I best learn from as the first blow of my belt smacked mybackside. That was quickly followed by several others and I cried out inpain. At that moment I didn’t care who heard it and she didn’t either asshe went on delivering more blows to my backside and thighs.She only paused to tell me to hold still and started again beforestopping after several more blows and more fidgeting from me. She pausedthen for a minute and then pulled me up by the hair.”Place your hands together over your head,” she said as I quickly did astold.I then watched as she tied them with some rope I had in the garage. Aftershe had them secure she threw the other end over a rafter. She the pulledit tight until I was left on my tippy toes. Then she tied it off to myriding lawn mower and walked back to me. I tried to no use to get looseseeing how she was such an expert at rope bondage. She toyed with mynipple before tugging on my chastity cage and whispered in my ear, “Nowmy little girl, this will hold you.”She then took a few shop rags and stuffed them in my mouth. “And thesewill keep you quiet as you learn to pay attention to what your told.”With that she stepped back and began again. Right away I began screamingmuffled screams into the rags as she smacked away. She swung my beltquickly and all over my back side, sometimes hitting my thighs and lowerback. Tears were following as the assault went on and soon I was hanginglimp by the ropes. My lower body was burning from the strapping Ireceived. She then undid the rope and lowered me back to my feet flat onthe floor. She then removed the rags before untying my hands.”I didn’t hear a thank you, did you want more?” she asked.I quickly gave her a curtsey and told her “Thank you Ma’am,” as I triedto control my sobbing.She went on to say, “Much better, now give me a tour of our new playhouse.”I quickly gathered up my clothes and wasn’t sure if I should put themback on when she told me to hurry up. I asked her if I could get dressedand she assured me I could at least until I get inside and find my wetthings from before. I got dressed in record time and didn’t even botherputting on my shoes as I lead her to the house, I started the tour in theliving room and showed her the bathroom and spare bedroom. Then thekitchen and dining room were next followed by the laundry room. I thentook her to the upstairs where I slept along with the upstairs bathroom.”This is much better then I expected from you and we will have a lot offun here,” she said as she had an evil grin on her face.She went on to say that, “In fact I think you should build another bedframe cage for here as well.”I was upstairs and found my wet nasty undies from before and gatheredthem up. As Betty went thru all my things, I slipped off my boy thingsand white undies, exchanging them for the nasty wet black ones I had onearlier. After getting them back on I pulled my jeans over them followedby a t shirt. Although this time I put my silicone breast forms in eachbra cup before doing so.”I think tonight I will have Stacy met Jill and show you both the meaningof making your Mistress upset,” she told me as she looked thru my girlclothes I had d**g out.She found my butt plug and called for me to come to her. I quickly did soand gave a curtsey in my own room to her as I saw her standing thereholding it.”I think you should be wearing this, don’t you Jill?” she said ask aquestion but I knew was a request.I slowly undid my jeans again and slid them down to mid thigh and watchedas she sat in a chair. She asked if I had any lube and told me to get atowel. To which I got both and quickly returned giving yet anothercurtsey as I approached. She snatched the towel from my hands and placedit across her lap. Betty then reached up and pulled my wet panties andhose down to mid thigh as well and patted her lap for me to lay acrossit. I handed her the bottle of lube and did as she wanted.Betty told me as she ran her hand up my inner thigh and pushed my legsslightly apart. “I think you should be wearing this unless told or youare going to relieve yourself for now on, it will keep your pussy readyfor use without to much struggle.”With that I laid there watching as she lubed it up just a bit and thenfelt as she pressed it and moved it around my hole. I hated that thing asit was so big and from having wore it in the past knew how much it filledmy hole to the point of discomfort. I t especially was unpleasant as Iinserted or removed it. Betty teased my hole with it before I felt mybackside stretched open as she gave it a quick thrust. I didn’t squirmbut wanted too as she pushed it all the way in and in place. I guess fromthe look on my face she could tell and wanted to see it again as sheslowly pulled it out and did it again.”This will help keep my slut loose and ready to please,” she mentioned asshe held it in place for a minute so my cheeks had a chance to grip ittightly.When she thought it was going to stay in place she let go and patted it afew times causing me to feel each tap deep inside me.”Now get up!” she said sternly as she motioned for me to do so and I slidoff her lap.I gave yet another curtsey before she helped me pull my undies back upand then tugged at my chastity device and smiling at me. Betty told methen to get dressed and she got up.She went on to say that she expected her bed to be finished soon and Icould bring it over along with her favorite nighty and the undies I justtook off when I came over this evening to her house. She said that Icould install the bed and by then Stacy should be there and tonight itwas going to be about being slutty more so then my maid duties.And with that she started back down the stairs and I followed rightbehind her after turning off all the lights. As we got to the foot of thestairs she turned and told me, “Before I go I want you to kneel and kissmy feet.”I did as she said after she kicked off her shoes and paid extra attentionto each one and could tell she was getting excited by my efforts. Shealways did like it when I worshiped her feet and this was no exception.She then stopped me and told me to slowly kiss my way up her legs. Istarted softly kissing as I climbed further up getting both legs equally.Betty pulled her dress up a bit as I continued to climb further. And whenI reached her thighs, she let her dress fall over top of me but guided mewith her hand on my collar thru her dress. Pulling me up to her very wetspot under her panties I heard her moaning loudly.”Pull my panties aside and eat my pussy you sissy,” she got out betweenmoans.As I did so she began to grind it on my face and I worked her pussy hardwith my tongue. It only took her a few minutes before I felt her tense upand with both hands pull me all the way into her as the flood washed overme. She held me there for a minute before pulling me back and letting go.After placing her panties back and licking her some more, I climbed outlooking up to her from the floor.She caressed her dress a few times and turned telling me I best get busyand be at her house later tonight at 6. I got up and gave a curtseytelling her, “Yes Ma’am Ms Betty,” as I followed her out.She got in her car as I held the door for her and was again reminded ofmy place at this very moment when she pulled my turtle neck down,exposing my collar. “I can’t wait to have you and Stacy to abusetonight,” she said as she shut her door before pulling out of my drivewayand taking off.As I was left in my driveway, I quickly tucked my collar back under myshirt and headed back into the garage to finish the bed frame. It didn’ttake long and with my power painter had it ready to deliver in no timeflat.I still haven’t got my phone back from Betty yet and was really wonderingwhat Kim was thinking and if I could ever escape this situation I am innow. I sat there on my couch and couldn’t come up with anything to getout of this and decided that I should just go ahead and go to Betty’splace just a bit early to set up her bed. I wasn’t sure if I shouldchange or not and just decided to take the things and stay the way I wasnow. I loaded the frame in my truck and headed over to her place.When I arrived I saw Betty’s and Alice’s cars in the driveway and didn’tsee any others. I thought I would see if she wanted me there early or notbefore I unloaded the bed frame. After knocking on the door andannouncing my arrival as I entered the house, I saw her sitting at hercomputer. She quickly let it be known that this was her house and I bestwait for now on for her or someone to let me in before just walking in.”I am terribly sorry Ms Betty, please forgive me,” I found myself sayingeven though that really upset me seeing me and her got that housetogether.She then had the nerve to tell me to go back outside and try it again towhich I did. She made me wait and the dogs were going nuts before shefinally opened the door. “Thank you Ms Betty ,” I told her.She then told me I needed to announce my arrival by saying, “Goodafternoon Ms Betty I am here to serve you and follow that with acurtsey.”I repeated what she told me and gave a curtsey standing for anyone to seeon the front step before she stepped aside and let me in. I stood thereat attention as she shut the door and she headed back to her computer.She told me to come in and take a seat and asked why I was so early. Iwent to the table and took a seat by her and sat down.”I wanted to put your bed together before 6 so I would have it donebefore the time you said,” as I sat there worried.She didn’t acknowledge my answer and the grand k** came strolling out andabout from the back of the house. I sat there watching as Mary was makinganother mess when Alice came out dressed very nice and told Betty theywere leaving and she would be back late tonight after her date. Theycarried on their conversation as if I wasn’t even there. After they leftshe kept me sitting there without talking to me for about 5 minutes. Ifinally asked her if I could ask her a question to which she replieddisgruntle I could.”Why are you doing this to me after you yourself wanting me to leave inthe first place?” was what I had really been wanting to know but toafraid she might get mad.She turned and looked at me from her game and told me her same delusionalstory about how I was the one who decided to leave and she never saidsuch stuff. She went on to tell me how big an asshole I became and thatwhen we were together, it was me who said I belonged to her until shedecided I was no longer hers. “And this is what you deserve and know youreally want. she told me.”Now enough of this bullshit, go get busy and setup my bed,” she scoldedme. I replied with a dejected yes Ma’am as I was no longer wanting tochat and get her anymore upset then she sounded already.I took her bed apart and d**g it out to the living room before gettingthe new frame I built. After setting it up and placing the mattress backon top, I made the bed for her to finish the look making sure the sheetsdidn’t hang to low and you could see the cage below somewhat.”What would you like me to do with the old frame Ms Betty?” I asked as Iwas ready to show her my creation.She slowly got up and made her way past me and told me to take the frameback to my garage to which I loaded it in my truck before coming backinside. I noticed she was in her room examining my work and seemed verypleased.”Crawl inside Jill,” she told me as she held the cage door open.I knelt down and slipped under her bed and heard the door slam shutbehind me I then saw her slid her foot in and told me to kiss it and Idid. She then disappeared onto the bed and began to bounce a few times.”Well done slut, I’m impressed,” I heard her say as I was locked awayunderneath her.She then reached down and saw her unlock the door latch and called me tocome out. I crawled out and was again told that I would be staying inthere when not being used at night when I stayed there.She went on to tell me to go get a shower so I could get out of my nastywet undies and prepare for the fun she had planned tonight. I quicklytook my nighty and clean things and went into the bathroom. After a fewminutes and when I was ready to jump in the shower , Betty entered theroom. She went straight to under the sink and produced a big red bag andsome hoses.”You will be clean inside and out at all times, is that understood?” sheasked holding the bag out for me to see.I had only had an enema once in my life and remember that I really hatedit. She told me to take my butt plug out and have a seat on the toilet soshe could show me how to properly clean myself out and what she expectedeach time from now on. I worked the plug out and slowly sat it in the tubbefore sitting as told. She added some water and then a bit of dish soapto the bag as I watched. She then topped off the bag with more warm waterand replaced the cap.”Now lean up,” was all she said as I tilted my weight and she reachedback behind me inserting the nozzle into my hole.I now had a tube in me as she hung up the bag. I felt her begin to fillmy insides as she opened the switch on the tube. After a minute or so, mystomach felt bloated and I thought I was full. She then took the bag andgave it a big squeeze empting the contents into my insides filling meeven more. My stomach began to cramp very badly and I felt very ill atthis moment. I wasn’t sure if I could keep the fluid in me when she toldme to lean up once again. She then took a grip on the hose up close to myhole and with a quick tug yanked it out but just as quickly inserted mybutt plug back in.”Pppppppppplease Ms Betty, it hurts,” I cried out in distress as shestood up.I watched as she filled the bag again the same way and I though my insidewere going to explode. I heard her laughing as she told me I would getuse to it after a few times and that she expected me to do this myselffor now on. She made me sit there for about 10 minutes and the pain anddiscomfort was killing me when she finally told me I could pull the plugand drain the fluid from deep inside me. I didn’t hesitate and as soon asI did so, the waste shot out into the toilet. As soon as I finished shehanded me the bag and told me this time I was to do it.”Please no Ms Betty not again,” I pleaded with her to a look of a happyMistress at my dismay.She told me if it came out clear this time I wouldn’t need a third roundwith that dreaded bag. I did as she wanted and when she finally allowedme to expel my bowels, I looked and it was pretty clear liquid that cameout this time. She must have approved as well because then she told me Icould get in the shower and while I was at it, put my plug back in. Isoaked in the shower but shortly told to hurry up by Betty. So I quicklyfinished getting clean and going over my whole body looking for any signsof stubble. After making sure I was smooth all over, I climbed out andbegan drying off.”It’s about time as Stacy should be here any time as well as a guest ofmine,” I was told as that had me wondering who it was.I had to ask as I quickly started getting dressed in my things. “Who elseis going to be here Ms Betty?”She wouldn’t say only telling me that is no concern of mine. “All youhave to do is be the best sissy I know you can be.”I was very concerned though but knew she wasn’t going to say so I startedputting on the things she said I had to bring. I put on my white bra andpanties before sliding on each leg my white lace top thigh highs. I wasjust about to slip on my nighty she told me to bring when she came intothe bathroom holding a very fancy sissy dress.I have another surprise for you Jill,” as she held it up for me to see.I looked it over closely and saw how sissy it looked with all it’s satinand lace and very pink with a touch of white. I also noticed how veryshort it was and that she was also holding a very fluffy white petticoat.I did not want to wear such a thing but knew better to say so as I slowlytook them as she handed them to me.”I got these for you to wear tonight, what do you think?” she asked as Istared at the dress.I quickly knew what she wanted me to say, “Thank you very much Ms Betty,I love it.”She bust out laughing because we both knew better and she thought it wasfunny I was so much hers. She also said that I would be getting more suchdresses as time goes by in all sorts of colors. She told me that Stacyalready had some like it and would be in her blue one that matched minetonight. They aren’t cheap I know and she explained that as well. “Youwill be doing a lot around here and for my friends to pay for them to.”She then told me I should finish getting dressed as she got undressed totake her a shower. I sat the dress down and stepped into the petticoatpulling it up in place. I decided I should do my makeup before getting onmy dress and sat down at her makeup table before hearing her call me. “Iwant you to be ready by the time I am done in here, is that understood?”I assured her I would be and gave a curtsey before backing out of theroom and franticly getting busy. I hastly did my makeup and too mysurprise it wasn’t too bad. I then put my breast forms in and then slidon my new dress. I heard her about to finish up and quickly threw on mywig. I heard the water being shut off as I was putting on my apron. Imade it back to her just in time as the shower door opened. I grabbed atowel and held it out for her to step into and began drying her off asshe stepped out.”I want you to go get me my black leather skirt with flames on it and mycorset.” To which I went to get right away.I quickly came back and saw her doing her makeup still naked in themirror. She stepped back and pointed to the floor at her feet.She stood there and waited saying, “I want you to sit with your legs outright here,” as she looked my way.I quickly put her thing over the door on their hangers as I quickly satdown where she told me. As I did so she straddled my body and pressed myhead between her thighs and the counter. She began to finish her make upas I barely heard her say, “Get to work slut.”With my head trapped in place and my face smashed into her, I beganlicking away at her pussy, my hands were pressed flat on the floor andafter struggling to breath as she held me in place with her legs. after afew minutes of this I had to breath but knew better to stop so I slid ahand up her inner thigh on it’s way to her wet spot to buy me somebreathing room as I did my task.”I suggest you put your hand back on the floor, I don’t think I said youcould touch me with your hand,” I heard as her thighs clamped eventighter to my head.I quickly returned my hand to the floor and as soon as it did so, I felther shifting her weight some. I then had my hands stepped on as shefinished her makeup. When she finished I felt her getting into my effortmore and soon had my hair intertwined in her fingers just before sheflooded my face with her orgasm.”OH JILL, WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING THIS MORE ALL THESE YEARS!” I heardher scream as her body quivered a bit.As she settled down some she finally let loose and loosened her vice likegrip on my head. She backed away and off of my hands leaving me sittingthere soaked and needing to redo my own makeup. She had other plans asshe told me to help her get her skirt on. I did so and then she wanted myhelp with her corset. after making sure it was tight and she wassatisfied, Betty went and sat at her makeup table.”I want you to put on my thigh highs,” she whispered knowing how muchthat her wearing them and touching them turned me on.I slowly rolled one up and as she held her foot out to me, began slidingit up her leg. As I did the next one she reached in my top and brateasing my nipple like she does so well.Then when I finished she had me stand up.”Raise your dress sissy,” she told me in a seductive voices and as I heldit up she gently grab my balls and chastity cage.She twisted and inspected it softly, “I see it is doing it’s job as yourclitty is swelled up to the limit”And with that she let go and pulled my dress back down as far as it wouldgo and patted my butt as she laughed at me. She then had me put her bootson her and zip them up after kissing each foot. I was then told to put onmy new 4 inch heels she got me as well with white feathers on them. As Islipped them on I was thinking how tall I would be and how hard it wouldbe to walk in them.”And they best stay on your feet no matter what all night,” she hissed atme.Then I was told to sit next to her and she told me since we were in ahurry she would fix my makeup back. I sat there a few minutes and just asshe was about done I heard the dogs starting to bark. Someone was hereand she knew it as well as the dogs were announcing their presence. ThenI heard the door as they knocked and Betty told me to go answer it. I gotup and gave a curtsey and backed out of the room when they knocked again.I opened the door expecting to see Stacy and to my shock and surprise, itwas someone totally different, in fact there were two people. I stoodthere thinking I knew the one person but wasn’t really sure it could beher. When I was brought back to the moment with “Well are you going tolet us in you stupid sissy?”I then realized who it was and was wondering how it came to be thatMistress Bobbie was standing at Betty’s door. She was a trans-domme who Ihad been chatting with about belonging to after me and Betty split up.She was with another cross dresser as well who looked dressed almost ableto pass. She had a stable of subs and a daddy type boy friend who I wasgoing to serve but chickened out right before meeting Kim. I stopped allcontact with her and just disappeared I guess. Bobbie was talking aboutme being a total sissy for her and her family and all sorts of rules,discipline and service which scared me to death. Now standing herelooking at her in the flesh and sort of in the same predicament I was inwith Betty.”Well let them in you stupid slut and introduce yourself,” Betty told meas she watched my reaction.I held the door wide open as she stepped in looking very upset with me.She was dressed very nice in a skirt and blouse and did pass well enoughjust like all the pictures I saw of her before. I did as told and madesure to give my best curtsey to them. She stood there eyeballing me upand down before slapping me hard across the face.”You do know that you should have never stood me up you sissy slave,”Bobbie told me as I rubbed my face.I was then ordered by her to put my hand back down and was hit withanother slap. She hit me so hard I stumbled back a step in these heels.But I dared not move my hands this time to rub away the sting. She toldBetty that she couldn’t wait to see what I could do and Betty told me tostart cleaning the house as they chatted. I got right to work in theliving room as the Ladies sat and watched but I was to busy to tell howmuch. I did hear them talking though and heard them saying how I wasgoing to be loaned to her often, like at least once a week. I was goingto belong to Ms Bobbie as if she was Ms Betty.”Has she solved her bi-curious state yet?” I heard her ask Betty.She assured her I had and told her she wasn’t so sure I liked it. Bobbiewent on to explain that didn’t really matter as it was not a requirementthat I liked it, but how good I did as told. They both laughed and Iheard them chat how Betty snooped in my phone and realized I was chattingwith Bobbie. She also said since Bobbie was retired and that Betty didn’treally care for me or want me around 24/7 but also kept as sissy aspossible, that this partnership would work great. I found out that theother person there was Ms Bobbie’s sub Gina, who I would be beneath andwould learn a lot from.”Get the bottle of wine sissy,” I was told as Betty stopped me fromcleaning.I gave a curtsey and went to get it and a couple of glasses beforereturning. I poured each a glass giving Betty hers first still worriedabout how Bobbie was going to treat me. Betty went on to explain that Iwas going to be a total obedient sissy slave for the rest of my days. Tobe owned and used and abused as they deemed fit. I then heard the dogsalert once again as another car pulled up. After a minute or so elazığ escort I heardyet another knock on the door. I looked at Betty and didn’t need her totell me to get it. I quickly answered the door to see Stacy standingthere dressed in a blue outfit just like mine. I introduced myself andlet her in as well.”Awe Stacey, my favorite sissy, you have at last arrived,” Betty told heras I watched her curtsey much better then I could.She motioned for her to come in and Stacy handed me some flowers shebrought for Betty. I also took her bag as she went right to her and kneltbefore her kissing both feet. She then waited until told and stood upgiving a curtsey to Bobbie as well.”This is Mistress Bobbie, Gina and Jill,” Betty told her and sheimmediately got up to curtsey to the other two Ladies.Betty went on to say that she owned both me and Stacy and although Stacywas fulltime, I would be. We both would also be loaned to Ms Bobbie asthis partnership took place. Ms Bobbie seemed like she meant businessfrom the looks she was giving us.”Well just don’t stand there Jill, get your ass in here and stand atattention with your feet together, hands behind your back and head bowedas you await your Mistress’s next command,” Bobbie told me. I quicklywent before all of them and did exactly as told after giving them acurtsey.While they made us stand there waiting a few minutes Ms Betty told me togo retrieve her surgical gloves and the bottle of lube from her room. Ihad a suspicion what that meant but didn’t hesitate. I returned handingthem to her and then she told Stacy and me to kneel in front of the othercouch facing it.”Betty may I please be allowed to show your slaves something aboutdiscipline,” Bobbie chimed in.I began to really get worried as Betty told her it would be a pleasure towatch. Ms Bobbie then had Gina get her riding crop and in no time flat Iheard it swishing thru the air in some practice swings. I had just metStacy and now was right by her side about to learn about pain I wasthinking. Ms Bobbie lined the crop up against my cheeks as she told us weeach would count them and thank her for each stroke. I then felt thesting slice across my backside and a pain shot up my body. I tensed upbut did as told and then it was Stacy’s turn. Bobbie took turns until Icounted 10 strokes and Stacy received the same.”This is how I train a slave to listen,” Bobbie said as I could feel eachwelt from her.She then handed the crop to Gina to put away as she told Betty she wouldlike an example of our oral skills. Betty told her sure and then Iwatched as Gina slipped her skirt off and then removed Ms Bobbie’s skirtas well. Gina then slid off Ms Bobbie’s panties before removing her own.Gina was already very excited as Bobbie stepped in front of me and Ginastepped in front of Stacy.”Now to see what we have to work with here,” Ms Bobbie said as she stoodover me as I turned to see her cock inches from my face as she had herhands on her hips waiting.Gina was standing with her hands behind her back as Stacy started rightaway sucking and stroking her. I glanced up to Bobbie for mercy and sawnone and slowly started to massage her cock. I was told right away tokeep my hands behind my back unless told otherwise and I did so as Ireached my mouth to take her in. I began sucking her and felt it grow asshe just stood there and kept her hands on her hips watching.Bobbie told Betty that I was pretty good at this for not liking it somuch as the three of them laughed and me and Stacy worked. I was suckingslowly and sliding up and down a few inches with each stroke. As I did sofor a few minutes I glanced up to Ms Bobbie to see her looking down on mewith disdain in her eyes. I then glanced over to Stacy to see her reallyworking on Gina and Gina holding her head as she seemed to be enjoyingher efforts. I then quickly glanced to Betty to see her sitting in herchair with her hand under her skirt pleasuring herself as she watched.”KEEP YOUR EYES ALWAYS FOCUSED ON THE ONE YOUR SERVICING,” Bobbie yelledat me snapping my focus back onto her.My effort got more intense as I began to take even more of her cock andat a much quicker pace. I could hear light moans coming from Gina andBetty as I felt every inch Ms Bobbie’s cock as it slid in each time.After another 5 minutes of nonstop sucking, I heard Gina start to moanvery loudly. I then picked up the pace as I could tell Stacy about wasfinished. I was told that my skills would be trained a lot under MsBobbie she told me as I felt her stiffen up a bit. She took a hold of myhair and began to thrust even further with each stroke. Soon enough I wasfeeling her tense up some and I was prepared to receive her load. Shepulled back just a bit and told me, “Don’t you dare sallow any of it, youwait until told.”Betty added, “Show us your reward when you receive it.”Another minute and a couple more thrust by Bobbie and I felt gobs of cumfill my mouth. So much so some of it overflowed down my cheeks. Shepulled out and I tilted my head back as Gina was doing, waiting for mynext orders. Ms Bobbie then told me and Stacy to kiss each other deeplyswapping our rewards. I turned to face Stacy and she kissed me deeplyright away and spit her load into my mouth followed by her tongue. Bettythen told us we could swallow it with which I did although that was toughto do. It was so much it took about three big gulps.”I think it’s time to remind you two who you belong too,” Betty said asshe stood up and stood between us.She snatched each of us by an ear and turned us to face the couch onceagain. Guiding us to lean over the front of it again I was afraid I wasin for yet another whipping. It turned out it was going to be worse. Iwatched as she took the surgical gloves and began to put them on. Thelast time she did that was years ago for me when she tried fisting me. Ireally didn’t like it and she never really completed the task back then.”I own your two asses and it is time to show you the literal meaning ofsuch, and you best not move,” she said as she flopped my dress over myback.She then did the same to Stacy and pulled down each of our panties. Shekicked my knees apart some and pulled my butt plug out, rubbing myopening with some lube. I watched as she did the same to Stacy and thenpulled a chair into the room behind Stacy. I watched as she started toopen her up with a finger as she worked it in and out. Stacy seemed tolike that and soon Betty was adding another finger. She had three fingersin her and I heard Stacy switch to moans of pain instead of pleasure.”Stacy you seem very tight,” Betty said as she scooted her chair closerto my backside after pulling her fingers out of Stacy.She told the room that, “I know Jill is going to be tight.”Betty then pressed a hand on the small of my back and inserted a fingerdeeply into me. A squeal escaped me but she pressed more firmly on myback reminding me to hold still. I struggled to stay still as she addedfinger after finger until I felt split wide open. I could feel inside meas she pushed and twisted as she worked her fingers in and out.”Yes she is very tight indeed,” I heard her say just as I felt her wholehand enter me.I began to be very distraught and thought I couldn’t handle it any longerwhen I began to rise up off my knees when Bobbie stepped up and pushed meback down. Betty worked her hand in deeper and made a fist as she poundedaway causing me to scream out, “PPPPPlease Ms Betty.”She didn’t stop though for another minute or so and yanked her fist outin a ball as I cried. Betty then slid back behind Stacy and she receivedthe same treatment. I froze sobbing as she worked on Stacy feeling verysick to my stomach. Stacy was crying now and soon enough Betty wasgetting her point across to both of us very well. After she pulling outof her, Bobbie told Gina to get Betty a towel. She cleaned her hand upand told us both to thank her for the lesson. We each turned to Betty andas I watched Stacy leaned over, we both kissed her feet and thanked her.”Now I want my girls to show their Mistress their gratitude,” Betty saidas she stood up in front of us.She reached behind her unzipping her skirt and I watched as it fell tothe floor leaving her pussy exposed. Stacy picked it up as Betty steppedout of it and sat back down. she then pointed to her pussy and Stacy gotright to it. Betty then pulled her titties out of her corset and told meto take care of them. Now she had two girls hovering over her tending toher desires. She began moaning as we clung to her pleasuring hertogether. Stacy kneeling between her thighs and me d****d over herattached as I bent over to her breast.Bobbie spoke up and said as we did our task, “I think they are missingsomething here.”And with that she had Gina get our butt plug and reinsert them in place.I felt it get pushed back in but didn’t hesitate in my efforts and tookturns equally with each breast the way I knew she liked. She roughed upmy wig the more she got excited and then suddenly she had us switchplace. I kissed her softly as I moved into place sliding between herknees as Stacy did the same moving upwards. After I arrived at herswollen wet pussy, it was just moments of resuming my task I felt herexplode. She reached down holding me there as she soaked my face and thenpatted my head telling me and her to stop.”Now girls, go get your leashes,” she told us as we both waited for hercommand. I quickly went and got mine as Stacy got hers. We both stoodthere holding them out to her and she took each one and attach it to eachof our collars as she had us kneel.”Now to finalize this partnership,” she told the room as she held theends of both out for Bobbie to take.Bobbie had Gina get up and retrieve them for her as Bobbie sat upstraight awaiting them. We each crawled following her lead as shedirected us to our new other Mistress.Bobbie took them and told Betty, “Thank you Betty, I will train them withhelp from my family to be the best sissies a person would want.”With that she gave them both a slight tug and I knew I was in for a newlife I didn’t want. She then had Gina go get her bag and we both satthere staring up at her. Gina returned and Bobbie told her to fix ourmakeup, wigs, and to also apply some nails and paint them to match ouroutfits. With that she handed our leads to her and she told us to get upand follow her to Betty’s room which we did.She lead us to the makeup table and told Stacy to kneel and wait rightnext to it as she had me take a seat. She then started fixing me back upand was an expert at it so it seemed. She then got out some long nailsand glue and got right to work on my nails.”I hope these come off easy?” I asked her interrupting the silence whenshe looked at me sternly.She then told me or us, “You are not to speak unless spoken too, I amhere as a leader to train you two and get the same treatment you willshow all others.”She then answered my question telling me that the glue was the best andwould last at least a week before we could even pry them off. “Wouldn’twant one falling off in the middle of servicing our Mistress now wouldwe.”When she finished with me she told me to go fix my outfit and make sureit is perfect as she reached over taking Stacy’s lead and getting her tosit by her. I went and did as told and when I returned gave her a curtseyas I stood by her. She told me to take my place and wait where Stacy oncewas and I watched her do her magic on Stacy. After what seemed like onlyminutes but was actually about an hour, she said she was finished. Ginathen had Stacy stand up and fixed her outfit, reaching under to caressher clitty some.”Let me inspect you,” she told me and I got up and stood next to her.She looked me over satisfied with me and then did the same but instead ofmy clitty, she caressed my chastity cage and balls thru my pantiesinstead. Gina then told us to follow her as she took our leads and leadthe way back into the living room. We entered the room and were made tostand in the middle of the room as they looked us over. Ms Bobbie saidthat Gina did a great job and Betty agreed. She thanked them and told usto curtsey as she tugged our leashes. After doing so Bobbie took theleads from us and then handed Stacy’s to Betty.”Well we really need to be going Betty, I will take good in hertraining,” she told Betty.I was wondering what this meant when I heard Bobbie say, “First I need togo relieve myself of some of this wine.”She then lead me behind her as we headed for the bathroom. We got to thetoilet and she told me to get her dick out and hold it as she relievedherself and I best not let her skirt get in he way. I pulled it up andlowered her panties below her balls and aimed it for the toilet.”I expect you to do this all the time my little one,” she said to me asshe kept her hands on her hips.After a brief pause and a yes Ma’am from me, the flow began to go. I washolding it there making sure to not spray it outside the desired spotuntil it slowed and after a few last twinkles, thought she was finished.I then gave it a few shakes to get the drips off when Bobbie jerked myleash closer and downward.”You will drop to your knees and clean me with your mouth sissy, younever shake it clean, is that understood?” she told me as I was beinglead to my knees next to her.I assured her I understood and quickly took her in my mouth suckingsoftly the entire member until I knew it was clean. She then pulled backsome and I looked up waiting until she tugged me to get up. I was thenlead back to the living room where Gina was ready to go and Stacy wascleaning as Betty was dressed and waiting for us.Betty told me I best learn fast as Bobbie and I headed for the door.Bobbie and Betty gave each other a quick kiss and Gina got the door asthey lead me out to their car reluctantly but corporately as well toavoid any further humiliation.I had no ideal what was in store for me but heard Betty say, “When youbring her back tomorrow night I will introduce you to Ed.”To which Bobbie told her it would be a pleasure. I was placed in the backseat as Gina got the door. And I started to cry a tear as we pulled outof the driveway and I saw nothing good coming from this and we droveaway.I was seating now in Ms Bobbie’s car as we were on our way to her place.Gina was up front with her and I was in the back seat not sure what toexpect when we got there. I was dressed as sissy as possible in my newpink sissy outfit and brought nothing else to change into or knew howlong I would be there. I was wanting her to live further away then thehalve an hour I knew she did as I felt a bit safe back here.”Ms Betty gave me a key to your chastity device and if your a good sissywe might just take it off,” Bobbie told me as she drove.Gina looked back as Bobbie watched me in the mirror. Gina motioned for mewith a finger and I lend forward. She reached back giving me a soft butpassionate kiss. I thought that this might not be so bad after all atleast until Bobbie laughed.After Gina broke off the kiss I heard Bobbie say, “And then maybe not,but you best be good either way.”It wasn’t long and we arrived in the neighborhood I thought she lived infrom our earlier chats and was right seeing how we pulled into a condocomplex a few minutes later. It was a pretty well off place and she hadher own garage she opened with a remote. Even before she shut the door Iwas summoned out of the back as Gina opened my door. She told me Icouldn’t stay there as she reached in getting a hold of my leash “Youbest get a move on and not make Mistress Bobbie wait.”I had not much choice in the matter as she pretty much dragged me out ofthe car. I was then informed that Bobbie’s daddy was inside waiting tomeet me as well. I was getting very nervous as we kept going and havingsome trouble keeping up in these heels. We entered the condo and afterwalking thru the kitchen entered the living room. I did notice how cleanthe place looked and scanned the room for anyone else but didn’t see asoul. That was when Bobbie stopped and Gina handed her my lead. Bobbiethen told me to wait right here while she went to get daddy. They bothleft me waiting in the middle of the room and shortly returned along witha guy about my size but dressed very manly instead of being dressed likeI was.”So this is Jill,” he said as he came up to me and walked slowly aroundme. I didn’t move a bit as I stood looking down and how I was taught. Heraised the short hem on my dress and inspected me thoroughly.”She is very pretty Bobbie,” he said as he ran his hand over my legs andass.I felt very nervous and scared as he did so and a bit like a new toy ondisplay for him to play with.”Oh Steve, she is very pretty and here to learn to be a perfect sissy aswell,” Bobbie said as she took the end of my leash and handed it to him.I was then told to pull my dress up by Steve and he pulled gently on theback of my panties. He let go and they snapped back in place as I felthis hand tug on my collar from behind. Bobbie then told him that I wasdecent at giving head and should do as exactly told or they would beshowing me the errors of my way. I would be learning how to do so underGina’s direction as the lead sub and doing whatever anybody told me todo.Steve seemed eager to find out and stopped right in front of me. He tookmy chin in his hand and told me to relax as he made me look into hiseyes. He caressed my cheek and then I noticed he undid his belt. Bobbieand Gina went to sit on the couch to watch as he slid down his pants andshorts. Not looking as I stay focused upward, Steve took one of my handsand guided it to his cock. I softly took it in my hand and could feel howbig and massive it was, much bigger then mine.”Well let’s just see what the sissy can do don’t you think,” Steve saidas he put a hand on my shoulder urging me to do as I thought he meant.I slowly lowered as he pushed ever so slightly and I melted to the flooron my knees, sliding with my face against him. When I finally stopped onmy knees he was holding a semi erect cock in my face and after I didn’ttake it, slapped my lips with it a few times. That was the cue I knew asto take it in my mouth and I parted my lips as he took his hand off myshoulder.”Make daddy happy,” was all he said as had the tip of his cock in mymouth.I learned from earlier to place my hands behind me and instantly put morein my mouth as I applied a steady suction. After my mouth was full I felthim grow a bit and started sliding back and fourth on him as I looked upinto his eyes. He caressed my face as I eagerly tried to get this overwith but to my surprise he told me to slow down. He grew to it’s fullerection and was bigger then my mouth could contain. I was doing the bestI could and by the sounds he was making, it seemed he liked it. I wasn’tgetting every inch though and he placed a hand on the top of my head andforced me further on him causing me to gag as it went into my throat. Hepulled back only to do it again just as I caught my breath again.Steve then said as he held me fully onto him and I gagged badly. “We willhave to work on this though.”He held me there and I thought for sure I was going to puke and my noseand eyes started to water. Then he pulled back allowing me to breath onlyto start a deep rhythm with me gagging each time he passed the back of mymouth.”I want to see you swallow every drop sissy girl,” he told me as he wenton using my mouth hard.Snot and spit were escaping me uncontrollably and then he trusted deeplyonce again holding me there. I then could feel him as he erupted down mythroat and he didn’t let go until he was finished. Afterwards he pulledout and I couldn’t get enough air and get to breath again. He told Ginato go get me a towel.”Here you are Jill,” she told me as she wiped my face and dried mywatering eyes.”Yes daddy, she needs some work,” Bobbie told him as Gina finishedcleaning me up.They then took my leash pulling me to my feet as he pulled his pants backon. Steve then went and kissed Gina and in return she snuggled up veryclose to him. Bobbie also went to him and from behind him told him thatshe needed sometime as well with him. I watched standing before them asthey seemed to get into him more.Bobbie then took my leash and said, “Let me put Jill away and we can goplay.”She then led me down a hall to a door that went to the basement.Following her down there I noticed the room was a dungeon fully assembledwith all sorts of things. The wall was lined with fake stone siding and abit dark. I saw tables, benches, and all sorts of things hanging on thewall. Paddles, canes, and stuff I could only imagine I might feel and Ialso notice a wooden bondage cross. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind asshe stopped by a cage.”Put your hands together in front of you,” she told me as if I best doit.I did as told and soon enough had leather wrist restraints attached. Shethen took a rope and ran it thru the loop on my wrist. She the stepped ona stool and ran the other end thru a loop on the ceiling. As she steppedoff the stool, she pulled my arms upward. She then kept pulling tellingme to tippy toe. As I reached the limit of my stretch, she tied the ropeto the wall leaving my body hanging. I was barely supported by my toesand she warned me, “Don’t go no where sissy while I go play.”It wasn’t like I was really able to go anywhere and could no longer seeher as I hung in the dim light. I did hear her laugh and then heard herheels clicking as they made thier way up the stairs leaving me alone. Myarms were already starting to ache a bit and were killing me when thelight came on. I had been down there for what seemed like days butprobally only an hour. I heard some more heels coming back down the stepsbut couldn’t see who it was.”WHO IS IT?” I shouted out very scared about now.My whole body ached as I said, “Please let me down and I promise to begood.”Then I felt someone grab my hair pulling very hard. It was Gina who toldme I was to never speak unless spoken to as she let go of my hair. I wasinstructed that I was property and nothing more for now on. Then I sawher get a cane off the wall. I was still stretched out when she lit me upwith a fierce stroke of her wrist.”Is that understood?” she asked me and I quickly replied yes Ma’am as Ithought she expected.She then went on to explain that every infraction I made would meanpunishment, either her doing it or someone else. Then she hit me with yetanother stroke of the cane. She then pulled my hair once again pulling myhead back and whispered in my ear “would you like for me to let you downnow?”I quickly replied yes Ma’am again and added a please to it as well. Shethen sat the cane back on the wall and stepped behind me once again. Veryshortly after that I was lowered quickly down. I collapsed to the flooras my body was to exhausted to stand and with her help, I got up again.Gina waited and helped me gain my composer before taking my leash andslowly heading for the stairs.”I don’t like disciplining people but as the head sub in this family, ithas been made my position,” Gina explained.I thought to myself that she does a very good job of it as well. My legsI was sure had a couple new marks to show now even without looking. Shealso explained that this family likes to spend a lot of time down here.As we started up the steps, my legs were still weak and we had to pauseas I wobbled a bit. She seemed very caring as she made sure I didn’t falland then we continued up. She lead the way back to the living room and Inoticed another person sitting there as I entered the room.”Welcome back sissy, this is Jenny,” Ms Bobbie told me as Jenny waved tome.Gina took my leash and handed it to Ms Bobbie. Bobbie then guided me tomy knees and I do so without hesitation kneeling next to her. She went onto explain that this was her whole family and though there might beothers, this was the core of her family. I was explained that I was not afull member of it seeing how I stood her up and also belonged to MsBetty. I was like the bottom rung of the ladder and that went for anyguess she might have over as well. I was here to do as told at all timesand expected to learn to anticipate my duties. Gina would be in charge ofmy progress and I best treat all of them as I would Ms Betty.”That is understood is it not?” Ms Bobbie asked me like I was going todisagree or something.I quickly told her yes Ma’am as I looked up to her face from my spot onthe floor. They all seemed pleased in my answer and then I heard Bobbiesay, “Since Jill is all sissied up nice and pretty, I think we should goon a little trip.”My heart sank and my stomach did a flop as she said that but the rest ofthem seemed very excited to hear her say so.’I think we will take her to the book store to practice a bit,” Ms Bobbietold everyone.They all seemed to have been there before but I was wondering why abookstore would get them so excited. I surely didn’t want to go to abookstore dressed like this and wondered how inappropriate I would bethere. Gina then asked if she could get a new skirt she saw last timethey went and she was told she could. Now why would a bookstore haveskirts I thought to myself. I really didn’t want to go clothes shoppingdressed in a sissy dress.”Ok then let’s go so we can see how well Jill here can perform,” MsBobbie said.I had heard enough and had to ask, even protest just a bit. So I got thenerve up as everyone got up and ready to go. “Don’t you think my outfitwill be out of place shopping Mistress,” I said very softly but loudenough she could hear me.That was when Jenny spoke up telling me, “It’s an adult bookstore silly,”as everyone laughed as they saw my anguish.”You will be fine and dressed perfect for where we are going and for whatyou will be doing,” I heard Steve say.Ms Bobbie told me that the place had a glory hole in the back and I wasgoing to be the one doing the blowing as they all watched. I was alsoexplained that it got them a discount when ones sissy performed as theowner liked sissies very much.”Besides it is great practice for you as I plan on pimping you out whenour family isn’t all here and your services will be perfected, startingtonight,” Ms Bobbie said as she tugged my leash leading me out to thegarage.Jenny and Gina got in the back seat and Bobbie waited and reminded me toget the door for her before telling me to get in on Gina’s side. I shutthe door for Bobbie and climbed in the back with Gina as Daddy startedthe car. All the way there I was off in my own world worrying about theadventure to come. Then Jenny lend over and began rubbing my legs andcomplimented me on how pretty I was.”Thank you Ma’am as are you,” I told her. And she was too, a bit overweight and on the heavy side but very much pretty.She was a genetic girl dressed in a white dress with flowers on it andnude panty hose with some very nice heels. She began doing more thenteasing me and soon enough grabbed my collar and pulling me across Ginafor a deep kiss. Then she told everyone what a good kisser I was as well.She let go but took my hand so it rested on her lap. She then pulled herhem up so my hand was resting on her nylon clad legs.”She has me so wet Mistress, may I please use her services,” she asked MsBobbie.Bobbie looked back at the scene in the back seat and told her yes shecould and with that Gina helped and guided me to Jenny’s side of thebackseat. Jenny then guided me to the floor between her legs and pulledher dress further up exposing not panty hose but thigh highs and very wetpanties. Jenny then put her hand on my head and forced it down to her lapas there wasn’t much room for my tall frame bent over like this.”Come on Jill hurry up before we get there,” she whispered down to me asI began kissing her thighs.She pulled me tightly up to her wet spot and I pulled her panties asideand began licking and sucking away. Jenny began moaning very loudly andsqueezed my head tightly against her, humping my face as I made sure towork my mouth and tongue. It wasn’t too long before she was tensing upand held me in place as she came and the flood of juices filled my mouth.She held me in place as I heard Steve say, “Sounds like my baby girlapproves of the sissy slut’s efforts”She then pulled me away slowly and told everyone “OMG Yes I really likethe way she does that,” Jenny said in a state of excitement.Gina then helped me back to my side of the backseat as Jenny pulled herdress back down. I regained myself just in time for us to pull into anadult bookstore parking lot just off the exit. I saw the place only had acouple cars and not much else around. As we came to a stop, Gina remindedme to hurry and get the door for Ms Bobbie and hand her the lead to myleash. I did as Gina told me and soon enough we were all entering theshop. I followed closely behind Ms Bobbie for protection I guess as I wasscared to death. They all went to the counter where a big fat guy was andto my shock all of them greeted him like a long lost friend. Jenny andGina gave him a deep kiss and Steve shook his hand. Ms Bobbie gave him abig embrace followed by a kiss as well.”This is a new sissy, Jill, that we will be training and thought we wouldbring her here to start her training Joe,” Ms Bobbie told the Man.The man stepped out from behind the counter and told her that I was afine looking sissy at that and Steve told him I was pretty good at givinghead as well. I watch his face as he seemed to get very interested andtold him how much he would like to find out for himself.”Well Gina would like that skirt she found the last time and the othergirls might want something as well, Does the discount still apply?” MsBobbie added.He circled around me inspecting my outfit and what was under it. I wasvery worried about his answer and then I saw Bobbie hold my leash out tohim as she told me to kneel.I did as told as the others started looking around the store. I then sawa few gay guys in the back shopping as well. Joe then took the leash inhis hand and told Bobbie, “The discount sure did just like always butfirst I want to see what she can do.”With that I was jerked to my feet as the man turned and we headed to theback. He told a girl who was in the back room to go watch the counter andled me to a table. He clear the garbage from it and then forced me to layacross it face down. After fondling my legs and ass he walked around tostand in front of me. I watched in horror as he was quickly undoing hispants. I then heard Ms Bobbie behind me say, “you best do a good jobsissy for my dear friend here.”And then without warning he shoved a fat smelling cock to my lips. Idon’t think this guy had has a shower in a few days and was glad his cockwasn’t to big. I parted my lips and as soon as I did he filled my mouthwith his meat. I sucked him very hard and started to use my hands as wellas he had me sprawled over a table sucking him. His grunts built quicklyand it didn’t take long at all before he was ramming it in and out beforepulling my mouth tightly on him. I felt him build up and then explode asI swallowed all of his seed as I was held in place unable to do anythingelse. After the nasty fat smelly man deposited his load down my throat,he pulled out and smeared it across my face. I few more jerks and just abit more oozed out and was left smeared on me.”MMMMMMMMMMM Bobbie she does give good oral sex, how about we try theother end in a bit?” he snarled as he spoke.Bobbie assured him that for just a bit more of a discount, that couldsurely be arranged. He laughed and said that would be no problem andBobbie suggested first her and I should get set up in the glory hole. Hetold her that he would tell everyone their cocks were needed if theyliked and then he disappeared thru the curtain.”Now Jill I want you to get over here and get on your knees and get readyand the quicker you get them off the faster you can finish.”Bobbie explained as she led me to a closet in the room with no light. AsI was getting in position on my knees and she turned the light on, Inoticed how disgusting it was. There was a whole on the wall along withall sorts of writings. I saw all sorts of degrading things wrote thereand it looked about as clean as Joe was.”Now when you see a cock come sticking thru the whole, you are to take itand get it off as quickly as possible,” Ms Bobbie told me as she stoodbehind me.We didn’t have to wait long and the first average size looking cockentered the whole. I sort of hesitated and was hit on the back off thehead as a sign to get going by Bobbie. I looked up to her as I reallydidn’t believe what was happening.”Go on Bitch SUCK!” she snapped at me.She reminded me again what I was there for and reminded me as well thatshe could easily beat my ass if I hesitate again. I didn’t want that andafter a few strokes attached my lips around the cock and started suckingat the same time I was stroking a strangers cock. It took just a fewminutes for it to explode and I caught it just as it did and pulled itout spraying the wall. I froze while still holding it until Bobbie toldme after grabbing my hair “You best suck them dry and swallow everydrop.”She then wiped her fingers thru the mess on the wall and held them to mymouth. I looked up to her very sick feeling but still sucked her fingersclean. As I pulled off of her fingers she told me ,” As soon as you draineach cock you can let it go but not a second sooner.I then let the cock in my hand go and not long afterward it pulled out ofthe wall.I was hoping that was the end to this ordeal but was sadly mistaken whenanother cock appeared where the first one was. It was a bit bigger but Iknew better to hesitate any at all. I quickly stroked it a few times andthen sucked it hard. I thought this time I would go much faster and itseemed to work as it didn’t take as long. This time as it gushed in mymouth I heard Bobbie say, “I want you to show me the cum every time.”The cock stopped flowing and I pulled my mouth free and showed Bobbie amouth full. She told me I could now swallow and what a good sissy I was.I let go of it with my hand and it quickly pulled out of the wall aswell. I stared at the wall to see if another would appear and to my gleenone did. I waited watching that whole when Bobbie came up behind mebending down and running her hand across my butt plug and on to mychastity cage.”How is my sissies clitty doing down there?” she asked me.I responded right away by telling her it was very limp and she gave mycage a tug as she pulled her hand away. I was wondering if I was now donewhen she reached over me and into my dress top, finding my bra. Sheslipped her hand in and under my breast form and teased my nipple aminute or so. Now that caused my clitty to swell and me to moan.”Now how is my little slut’s clitty doing?” she asked as just thenanother cock popped into my view.I didn’t answer her but instead instantly began sucking another cockfeeling more slutty about now. This time she kept teasing my nipple whileI sucked and also guided my head as she moved it to the pace she wanted.”It looks like I have found sissy’s slut buttons,” she whispered to me asI sucked quickly and slowly depending on the pace she set with her gripon my head.She then pinched my nipple hard as she forced my head fully onto him andheld me there until I gagged. She pressed my face firmly against thedirty wall. She let her grip go and seeing how it didn’t erupt, I beganmy own fast pace on this cock. Soon enough I felt it begin to swell evenmore and then twitch a bit. I knew from past experience that it was goingto cum and prepared myself for another load. I was right and soon caughtyet one more slimy load and showed her my reward for an effort wellearned.”My gurl is getting better at this it seems,” she softly said as shecupped my chin before allowing me to swallow yet one more load.I closed my eyes and opened them to her still holding my chin andstareing into my face. I was barely able to swallow that last load andcould feel and taste it mixed with the rest in my throat.As we waited another minute with no new cocks appearing, she told me howI would get even better with each one I sucked. She told me as well thatthis would be a regular stop for us and Joe was one guy who could get mesome paying gigs.”Well I think we are finished here, lets go see where the others are,”she told me as she helped me off my knees.I got up and she had me fix my outfit and she touched up my makeup bywiping my face and applying some more lipstick. She then took my leashand we headed back out of the room. At least that is what I thought wewere doing but she suddenly stopped and I acedently bumped her into thetable as I followed behind.”WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU STUPID BITCH!” she screamed at me as Ibacked up.She turned to look at me and gave a look that she was pissed. I bumpedher pretty good and knew I screwed up but I was also very eager to leavethis place.”When we get home you are in for a very serious spanking but first youwait here,” she said as she wrapped my leash around a hook by the door.Leaving me standing there she told me she would send for me after Joe wasfinished and they were ready to go. With that she disappeared into theother room. I remembered now that Joe said he wanted to have a go with mybackside as well and I was hoping he wouldn’t show up. My hopes weredashed a couple minutes later when he bust into the room and walked rightup to me.”Now lets just see how tight a sissy hole you have back there,” he spitout as he undid my leash from the wall and dragged me back to the table.He forced me over it face down and kicked my heels apart and groped meunder my dress. I looked back at him as he was undoing his pants andquickly had them down around his knees. He pulled my dress up over myback and held it there and with his other hand ripped my panties aside.”Please Sir, don’t ruin my panties and be easy Sir,” I pleaded with him.He didn’t have an tolerance for my plea and pulled my panties even morecausing them to actually rip. Yanking them off as I watched him grab hisfat nasty cock and come closer. Not wanting to be his prey I pleadedagain, “Please Sir don’t.”He smacked my butt cheeks hard and told me to shut the hell up and beganpressing the tip hard against my leg. I could feel how stiff he alreadywas and knew he probably wasn’t about to be gentle. “Do you have any lubeat least Sir,” I cried out as he ripped the butt plug from me and droppedit on the table by my head.”I said shut the hell up sissy,” as he smacked my ass hard and thenwalked around the table shoving his cock into my mouth.”That’s it, get it nice and wet for your ass bitch,” he instructed as Isucked it adding as much spit to it as I could.He pulled my hair as he took his cock out of my mouth and told me I bestnot move.He then stepped back out of sight but I felt him adjust my hips up as heheld them in place. Then with a hand on my back I felt his cock at myopening. He didn’t try and take it easy either as I felt him pushing veryhard with it pressed there. With out any lube and just some spit on hiscock, I felt like he was tearing me in two as his fat cock spread mycheeks.”MMMMMMMMMM Bitch you are tight even after having a plug in,” he murmuredas it slowly entered me fully.My cries fell on deaf ears as he began to unmercifully attack my backsideholding my hips so I couldn’t move an inch. He deeply and at a veryvicious pace slammed over and over into me. All I could hear was himsnarling and grunting and his legs slapping mine. I could feel eachthrust as it split my cheeks and after a couple minutes he thrust itdeeply and I felt it explode deep inside my stomach. He then pulled outand wiped it on my backside. telling me he would get me a different pairof panties.”Don’t you move Bitch, I’ll be right back,” he said as I felt him stepaway.He returned and so did Gina as he threw some ruffled panties that werepink on my back telling Gina how he planned on getting me as much work asBobbie would like. He then left us alone and I began crying softly asGina helped me up.Gina was very caring as she helped me out of my tore panties. “Don’t cryJill, it gets easier and he is a real jerk.”That I knew but also thought there was no way it could get easier. Islipped on my new panties after Gina helped me reinsert my butt plug andthen she helped me go join the rest of Ms Bobbie’s family. They were justbagging up a bunch of stuff and I couldn’t even look at anyone as I feltso humiliated, sore and used. I did hear Joe tell Bobbie that she coulddrop me off anytime she wanted and he would put me to work. To mydisgust, she told him that would be wonderful.I didn’t even think before I spoke and blurted out, “You can’t beserious?”To which I was suddenly reminded how out of line I was when Gina slappedmy face. She demanded I apologize to which I did and gave a curtsey toall as well. Ms Bobbie then harshly took my leash and told the room thatI was in for a spanking to remember when we got home.We left as I heard Joe laughing and Bobbie dragged me to the car. Shedidn’t wait for me to get her door, instead telling me to get in as shetossed my leash in the back seat. It was a bunch of talk about all thenew stuff they got tonight on the ride home and then we stopped at anapartment building. Gina leaned forward kissing both Bobbie and Steve andgathering up a couple bags.”Thank you Mistress and Daddy for the things,” she said right before herand Jenny embraced.Then she got out and headed for the building where I guess she lived.Jenny scooted closer to me as we got back on the road for the short tripback. After Jenny playing with my leg and the garage door opening andclosing, we parked.”Get out,” I was told as Bobbie opened the door and ordered me out.I climbed out of the back and instead of her grabbing my leash, shegrabbed my ear. We made our way into the condo and straight for theliving room. Soon enough Steve took a seat on the couch and Bobbie toldJenny to get a chair from the dining room and her cane from the basement.Bobbie finally let go of my ear and I watched as she pulled her dress upto the top of her thighs.”You see this you stupid sissy, you did this to me,” she scolded me as Isaw her looking at a run in her thigh high.She pointed to it and continued “You bumped me into the table and ruin mystockings and left a bruise, now I’m going to teach you a lesson onpaying better attention and leave my own marks on you.”I became very worried as Jenny returned and put the chair in the middleof the room. She too saw the tore stockings and handed Bobbie the cane.Jenny then sat next to Steve and snuggled up close to him after tellingme, “Oh Jill I’m so sorry.”Bobbie didn’t hesitate and told me to lean over with my hands on thechair and legs straight. After assuming the position I felt her pull mydress up tucking it into the top of my panties.”Don’t you dare move and count each one as you receive them,” she told meas the tension built.I heard the cane cut the air and then she placed it against my thighsjust below my ass. Bobbie tapped me a few times. “I think ten strokeswill serve as punishment don’t you sissy?”I told her yes Mistress just before she pulled it back and quickly sliceit across my thighs. I felt like she just cut my thighs deeply andscreamed out in pain. I couldn’t believe how bad that little stick couldhurt and wasn’t sure I could handle ten.She tapped my thighs right where she just struck me. “COUNT YOU STUPIDBITCH,” she screamed at me.I counted one and thanked her just in time for the second one to land. Igot very weak in the knees and dipped a bit but managed to count two andthank her again. I then thought that I best get back in position and getthese over with as soon as possible. She prepared once again by placingit against me and with a swish hit my butt cheeks right in the middle.The pain was unbearable and I screamed out once again before counting itas well and thanking her. I dipped down a bit to ease the pain and washaving trouble getting back up and in place.”Come on we don’t have all night,” she told me as she tapped the outsideof my leg with her cane.I slowly got back up and braced for another when she quickly did itagain. I counted four but only after screaming out a cuss word from thepain. I dropped this time all the way to my knees and thought for sureshe would see I had enough. She came up and grabbed my arm suggesting Iget up.”Please Mistress no more,” I pleaded as she helped me up onto my heels.She didn’t seem to care in the least and after I thanked her again shetold me to kneel on the chair and lean over the back of it. “If thatdoesn’t help you handle this, then we can always start over in thedungeon downstairs,” she told me to my horror.I turned to look at her after climbing up on the chair and Steve chimedin saying, “You best turn around Jill.”I turned and leaned over the back of my chair and Bobbie ran her handover my backside before replacing it with her cane. She tapped me acouple times and repeated the last few strokes with another. I screamedout in pain again but managed to thank her and count five. It was easierto stay in position but not any easier to take. She lit me up with acouple more as I counted them as well pausing before giving me the lastone.”I hope you have learned a valuable lesson here sissy,” she told me and Ianswered with a yes Ma’am.She then thrashed the cane once more and after thanking her and countingthe last one she handed the cane to Jenny. Jenny took it as Bobbieinspected her handy work by rubbing each welt and mark. I dared not moveuntil told and even though her touch hurt very much as she ran her handacross them. She then ran her hand thru my legs and gently gripped mychastity device before pulling it back and patting my butt plug.”The sooner you accept your fate sissy, the less one will be punished asI now own your ass even if I have to share you with Ms Betty,” she saidsoftly.I agreed with her by telling her, “I will do better Mistress I promise.”She only told me she knew and didn’t mind either way as she undocked mydress from my panties. She then took the leash off my collar as shepulled me up by it “Now go stand in the corner.”I quickly got up and made my way face first into the corner. I rubbed mybackside some and moaned from the pain. More like a whimper then a moanbut still a moan. I was told to put my hands down and then I did so as Iheard Jenny return. The three of them got up and headed for the bedroomas Bobbie told me,” And to think I was going to unlock your chastitydevice and let you have a release for a reward, but now you stay thereand think about what you did.I waited as told and didn’t move a muscle for maybe an hour when at ofthe silence I heard Steve call me to him. I turned to see him taking aseat on the couch and he pointed to the seat next to him. After sittingdown he rubbed my thigh and told me he wished I didn’t have to enduresuch punishments but it was for my own good in my training.”Yes Sir I know and I promise to be good and I’m trying my best,” I toldhim. He turned my head with a soft touch of his hand and kissed medeeply.He broke the kiss as Jenny and Bobbie had entered the room and Jennyasked him if he was ready to go. He got up leaving me on the couch andtold me, “When it is just us you can call me Daddy Jill.”Bobbie then told them goodbye and after a few kisses they left us alone.Bobbie had me lean to one side as she inspected her marks and they stillfelt raw. She then had me sit back up and with a hand on my lap began tocaress my leg.”I have trained a many sissies and you are doing better then most butstill have a lot to learn,” she told me as I looked into her face.It might not always be so harsh but until I get my act right, I wouldprobably endue much more. She went on to say that Betty probably wouldn’tbut Bobbie and her family would gladly have lots of fun once I realize Iam an owned sissy and follow the rules like Gina does. “All you have todo is realize you are no longer a free will man but an owned sissy and itwill get easier a lot sooner Jill””May I please ask you something Ms Bobbie?” I asked seeing how at easeshe seemed at the moment.She told me I could and I asked, “But I’m not so sure I can get thru someof the stuff I am asked to do.”She kissed me softly and caressed my hair as I began to sob somewhat. Sheleaned my head onto her shoulder and wrapped an arm around my shoulder.She went on to tell me this is no different then if I accepted her offerto be hers but now I have Ms Betty to serve as well. As she reached intomy sissy dress top and slowly removed my breast forms one at a time. Shethen told me to repeat after her “Yes Ma’am.”I repeated it and was a bit confused as to why.”Whenever you are in doubt of a doms orders, just say Yes Ma’am or Sirand do the next right thing which is to do exactly as told,” she told meas she teased a nipple of mine. She sat there teasing my nipple until Icalmed down and my sobs turned to moans of pleasure. At least until myclitty was fully confined in it’s cage and couldn’t get any bigger.”I’ll tell you what, if your a good gurl and do so very eagerly, I willunlock you and give you a release,” she whispered to me as I began tomassage her thigh.She had changed into a silky nighty and she had me begging for that. Iassured her that I would do anything for a release and she seemed veryhappy at my response.”Very good Jill, Now get my camcorder from the table and set it up on thetripod facing me,” she instructed me to do.As I was figuring it out she explained that she had all her sissies makea movie proclaiming my submission to her and where to place the camera. Ihad it ready to go and was told to turn it on and turn the view finder soshe could see it and bring her the remote control. I retrieved it andhanded it to her as she started the movie.Tell me your name little one,” she asked me as I stood before her.I responded very eager to make her happy “My name is Jill MistressBobbie.” She then told me to tell her what I was and who I belonged too.I saw where this was going and looked into the camera saying, “I am yoursissy Ms Bobbie, I belong to you totally of my free will.”She then had me turn exposing myself as I had to lift my dress up to showthe camcorder my panties and thigh highs. After doing so she had me stopthanking me to which I gave her a deep curtsey. Bobbie then pointed ather feet I took as a clue to kneel there. I quickly got on the floorlooking up to her with a smile. Bobbie then pointed to her heels and toldme to kiss each one and I did so with no hesitation and kept it up untilshe told me to slowly kiss my way up.”Yes Mistress Bobbie, right away,” I said loud and clear with a smile onmy face.I took equal turns on each foot a few times and slowly kissed softly asmy lips climbed her legs. As I got back up and from my knees kissed eachthigh, she slipped open her nighty. She didn’t have any panties on andheld her erection out for me and the camera to see.”What would my sissy Jill Like to do?” she asked as she waved her cock afew times at me.Not really wanting to do this as my stomach was still overflowing fromcum from earlier. I also didn’t want to screw up being allowed a releaseand remembered what she just told me. Do the next right thing so I saidwith a smile and bat of my eyes “Your sissy would love to suck myMistress Ms Bobbie.”And then I bent over taking her fully into my mouth and began suckingwith earnest. Slow but steady I concentrated on making her cum. She toldme to keep my eyes focused on my Mistress as my head was bobbing up anddown, never letting go as I sucked hard. She made sure my wig didn’t getin my face and I saw her zoom the lens in the view finder.”That’s it Sissy, suck your Mistress like an owned sissy should,” shesaid as I worked to do as such.I didn’t stop to agree and batted my eyes as I kept steady suction. Islipped her cock between my lips from tip to base. Soon enough she wasmoaning and I knew she was close. She kept encouraging me as I suckedher. Then she thrust her hips forward and I buried myself on her. I felther tense up just before she filled my mouth with a few blast of herload. From all the others I knew to save it and show her and await hercommand to swallow. I pulled off saving every drop and tilted my headback and opening my mouth to show her and the camera.”Such a good sissy,” she told me as she took my chin closing my mouth.She held it closed and I swallowed it all and then showed her it wasgone. She patted the top of my head and told me to go turn off thecamera. I quickly got up and gave a curtsey before doing as told. When Igot it turned off she told me to bring it to her. I handed it to her andshe began to watch it as she reached for a key on her ankle.”You did a good job Jill, now lets see about your treat I promised you,”she said as she lifted my dress.I held it up for her and she unlocked my clitty from it’s cage. As shepulled off the cage portion, it sprung to full erection. She sat down thecamera and told me the ring part around my balls would stay on. I thenwatched as she took my clitty into her mouth and felt overwhelmed as thefeeling took over my body. It was even better that she was stroking theback of my nylon covered legs as I held my dress up watching. I am notsure if it was that or the fact I had been stimulated so much whilelocked up but I felt like I was going to bust a load after only a minuteor so.”May I please have a release Mistress Bobbie,” I cried out as she pulledoff squeezing it.”That was fast and yes you may my little one,” she told me just beforeshe reattached her warm moist mouth.A couple more pumps of my clitty and waves of ecstasy came flooding overme. My entire body convulsed with ecstasy as I finally got some relieve.I clutched the air and froze hoping this feeling or her sucking me wouldever end. She then slowly pulled her mouth of me.”Now see it is not all bad being an owned sissy now is it?” she said asshe looked up to me in my frozen state.I finally regain a bit of composer and answered her “No Mistress Bobbie,that was wonderful thank you.”She then pulled me down to her level and kissed me deeply telling me thatMistress too like to suck clitties and cock’s. I then watched as shepicked up my chastity cage once again.”Now lets get you locked back up,” she told me with me not wanting to doso.I wanted to get a longer break from it then a few minutes and was stillhard as hell anyways. She tried to force it on anyway but it wouldn’tbudge with my clitty so hard. I think it was my body telling her no whenI knew better.”Go to the kitchen and bring me a cup of ice,” she suggested as she gaveup.I went and found the cups and ice and filled the glass full. I still hadmy panties tucked under my sac and returned handing her a glass full ofice. I suggested that I could make her drink for her but she reached inand got an ice cube.”Don’t be silly little one, it’s not for a drink,” she told me as shetook it and pressed it against my clitty.She ran it all around down there and in no time my clitty shrunk back toa couple inches and very limp. She then put the ice cube to my lips and Itook it in my mouth. She then had no problem putting the cage portionback in place. Then I watched as she locked it once again and put the keyback around her ankle. She told me to go to her room and find a nightyshe left out for me to wear as she began to watch the movie we just made.”You may relieve yourself if need be and freshen up your make up beforeyou get back Jill,” she said as I headed to go find it.I got in her bed room and found a silky nighty sort of like hers but moresheer and a lot shorter then hers. I did have to go relieve myself andgrabbed it on the way to the bathroom. I went in and closed the door andquickly sat down and lend over taking my butt plug out. I then quicklyrelieved myself and went tinkle as well. I was just about to wipe myselfwhen the door opened wide. Bobbie came right in and up to me telling methat a sissy never shuts a door and explained that it is always to beopen unless told otherwise,”You serve here and not live here and a sissy has no right to privacy,besides it is easier to check on ones property with the door open,” sheremarked.She also asked if I went number one or two and when I told her she toldme that I needed to use an enema and jump in the shower to quickly cleanwhile I was at it.”One must always be clean inside and out and ready to serve and thatmeans every hole,” she went on to say.She found the bag and filled it handing it to me and watched as I did so.She told me I did a good job and refilled the bag. I repeated the taskand after she inspected the results told me I could jump in the shower. Iwipe my backside a bit and then got up and took off the dress. Steppingout I picked it up and found a hanger to hang it on. I then removed mybra then my panties. Lastly I rolled down my thigh highs after slippingof my heels. I almost forgot to take off my wig when she told me I couldleave it on when cleaning after an enema.”Just get in and out and a sissy should be quick about it,” she told meas she washed the bag and was putting it away as I got in the shower.I did as told and made it quick and then she handed me a towel as Istepped out. I dried off and she handed me the nighty and informed methat no bra was needed for bed but panties and thigh highs are always amust. She handed me a pair of red thigh highs and matching silky undiesto wear and I had them on in no time. She had me get my heels back onthough and then started to leave. “Hurry up and do your make up and meetme back in the living room.”I went and did the best I could as quickly as I could and then went tosee what she was doing. She told me to get a glass of water if I likedand join her on the couch. I did so and when I returned gave her acurtsey and told her “Thank you Mistress as I was very thirsty.”She patted a spot next to her on the couch and told me it was ok and tohave a seat. She then pulled me close to her and put my head on hershoulder. She placed a leg over mine saying we would relax and watch someTV before bed. I began caressing her leg and felt my clitty stir a bit init’s cage from the feel of her silky legs. Soon enough I was confined alltoo well by the cage as I softly caressed her leg and she played with mywig as she watched her TV show which I didn’t even notice”Jill would you please go get me a glass of wine and get yourself a glassof water,” she kindly asked me as she pulled her leg away to allow me toget up.I quickly got up and went to do as she wished and brought her a glass ofwine. She looked a tad upset at me ,” I thought I told you to getyourself a glass of water as well.”I tried to explain that I wasn’t thirsty but she explained instead aftercutting me off that wasn’t the point. She reminded me that no matter whatI was feeling I should always do as told so I went and fetched myself aglass of water.”Here little one, take these pills,” she told when I returned and heldthem out in her hand.I was curious and asked what they were to find out that Ms Betty and herboth wanted me to start a massive dose of hormone replacement therapy. Itried to ask what that was and why I needed such when she told me not toworry any.”That way you will quickly get over losing all your male macho stuff andsoon be able to accept your new sissy self a lot quicker,” she stated.She went on to explain that the benefits of such were less shaving softenand that my hair would grow quicker and finer. I might gain some weightbut on my skinny frame I could use it. Besides she said the weight wouldshow more in my ass, hips and my very own growing breast. I also wouldfeel more feminine and less like my old male self.”But Mistress this stuff was suppose to only be seen by people in thelifestyle and vanilla people, such as family and friends would neverknow,” I tried to explain.She just laughed a bit and told me that was not possible seeing I wasgoing to be Ms Betty’s sissy as well as hers 24/7. I then tried to tellher about what Ms Betty and I agreed on but again was cut short.”Are you trying to argue with me Jill?” she asked as I noticed her tonebecome more ominous.Not wanting to upset her, I quickly stopped and told her no Ma’am andtook the pills and swallowed them. That seemed to defuse the situationand make her happy. I drank the whole glass and then had to show her Iswallowed both pills. She told me after seeing a doctor I would soonstart injections which were much faster. But also told me to not worryany about it now “Now it’s time for bed, tomorrow you have a big day andI have to get you back to Ms Betty.”I acknowledge her with a yes Ma’am and helped her up and she lead mebehind her by taking my hand. I followed her to her room and she told meto climb in. I pulled back the sheets and she too climbed in taking meand rolling me over so she could spoon up close behind me locking me inher arms. She told me to kiss her goodnight and I leaned my head backdoing so before she turned off the light and prepared to drift off tosleep. It didn’t take me long and soon enough I was sleeping like a baby.Sometime during the middle of the night I felt her teasing my nipple frombehind and when I began to stir, she pinched it very hard. As I turnedand rolled over to face her she didn’t say a word and just guided mebelow the covers. She gently pushed my past her waist until my head wasby her stiff clitty and then she held me there. I knew what that meantand got right to my task and started sucking her. Bobbie trapped my headthere and her legs worked up and down my body as she got excited. Notlong after that I felt her stiffen and her body tense up knowing she wasvery close. I picked up the pace to finish the deed and soon after sheexploded a load into my mouth. I swallowed it and sucked her a bit more.When she was satisfied she softly let me up with a tug of my arms. Shedidn’t say anything and pulled me up to her for a kiss before breaking itand guiding me back to my side as she embraced me with her body frombehind once again. I am thinking she went right back to sleep and afterawhile I did as well.A couple hours later an alarm went off and she turned it off nudging me.”Go get the coffee and yourself ready and come back and wake me.”She then rolled over and looked like she was going back to sleep. I snuckout of her bed and went right away to start the coffee and then I had topee. I went and sat on the toilet and relieved my self although withmorning wood and a chastity cage it took extra time. I then thought abouther telling me about getting ready and did the enema thing a couple timesbefore jumping in the shower. I got out and dried off and got back intomy undies and nighty before putting back my butt plug. I then worked onmy wig and makeup before deciding which outfit to wear. I decided on thenighty as it was easier and then went to get her a cup of coffee like sheliked it. I took it to her side of her bed to a sleeping Mistress andheld it as I gentle touched her.”Your coffee Mistress,” I whispered to her as she started to wake.She took the cup drinking a taste and seemed pleased I made it right. Shethen told me to crawl under the sheets from the foot of the bed and kissmy way slowly up to give her a morning blowjob. I went and did as shesaid as I watched her get her phone and start looking for any messages. Inoticed she too had morning wood and during the task I heard thru thesheets “I expect this after you hand me my coffee every morning sissy.”I finished my task with another load recieved from her and she reacheddown pulling the covers off us and took a picture. Then instructed me toshow her and the camera before being allowed to swallow and show her itwas gone.She then put down the coffee and phone and got out of bed. She motionedfor me to follow her as she headed for the bathroom. As she stoppedstanding in front of the potty, she told me to hold her clitty as sherelieved herself. When she finally quit and the last few drops flowed Iknew I had to clean her. I sank to my knees still holding her and suckedit clean. She then patted my head telling me to go start her breakfastwhile she got dressed.I got up and gave a curtsey and yes Ma’am before running along and gotbusy making her some eggs, bacon and toast. Halve way though though Itook the coffee cup from her makeup table as she was getting dressed andrefilled it and brought it back to where I found it. I then quietly wentback to making her breakfast. When it was finished I went and told her.She was about ready for her day and doing her makeup and told me a thankyou. I gave another curtsey and backed out of the room making myself acup of coffee before cleaning the mess I made.”It smells wonderful sissy,” she said as she came into the room. Istopped dry the dishes and thanked her again and was summoned to her asshe took a seat. She told me to go while she ate and to change into thedress she laid out for me to wear today “I am pretty sure it will fit andI want you looking hot when I return you home.”I went to her room and saw a silky short black and polka dot dress andsome red polka dot underwear, red thigh highs, as well as some jewelrylike the hoop ear rings, matching wrist and ankle bracelets as well assome perfume. She even had some heels laid out and although they wereabout two sizes to small, I managed to get me feet in them and get themstrapped on. I took off my things from the night before and changed andthen checked my make up once again. I was getting a lot better at doingit myself already and soon enough was satisfied. I returned to see shefinished the food I made and was now on her computer so I took the dishesinto the kitchen and took her more coffee before returning to finish mychore.”Hold on and turn for me,” she told me as I started to walk away.She then had me pull the dress up and show her what it was underneath andturn some more. She told me I looked smoking hot and did a good job andcalled me closer. Still holding up my dress she grabbed my chastity cage.”I almost think I would like to take this off and let you do yourMistress, almost,” she said before she told me to go finish the dishesand then we could go.I had them done and put away before wiping down everything else and thenwent to inform her. She had me knell next to her and laid my head in herlap as she finished whatever she was doing on her computer. I looked upto notice she had a movie of my morning blowjob and soon enough closedall the screens. She then told me it was time to go and we got up and Igathered my sissy dress and was told I could leave the rest as she gother keys and we headed for her car and Ms Betty’s house. She then stoppedme and handy me a small black purse, some lipstick, a 20 dollar bill anda splash of some perfume, and some condoms telling me, “A girl shouldalways be prepared, now we are ready, let’s get you back to Ms Betty.”I did feel very pretty and at ease at least on the car Ride home as MsBobbie drove us back to Betty’s house. She keep rubbing my leg and wedidn’t talk much but when she did she kept telling me how pretty I lookedand what she expected from me to make Betty happy as well.As we got close and I could see Betty’s yard I noticed my truck wasparked on the side of the house out of the way and not where I left it. Ialso noticed Betty’s car, Alice’s car, Stacy’s car and a truck I didn’trecognize. It seemed someone else was here and after parking I followedMs Bobbie closely as we came to the door. She knocked and quickly afterStacy answered it and greeted us in the perfect sissy way. She had a bigsmile and did a perfect curtsey as she held the door open as we walkedin. I noticed Mary and Betty first and Bobbie told me in a whisper to gogreet her properly.I went straight to her and did so. “Hello Ms Betty, I am here to serveyou,” was what I thought she would want me to say as I gave her a deepcurtsey.Betty looked me up and down and told Bobbie that I wasn’t very sissy likebut did look really pretty. “You do a wonderful job transforming him,maybe I could send you all my girls to make up.”She then told me that Ed would really like it as well when Mary took herattention with the stuff she was busy crafting. I then had a chance tolook the place over and noticed Stacy busy picking up another mess thek** made. I also noticed my computer in the corner of the living room aswell as my TV. Alice then came out from the back and she went right to mycomputer and sat down logging on, not paying any attention to me. Thatmade me very curious and I had to ask as Bobbie was sitting down at thetable and I still stood next to Betty.”Why are my things here Ms Betty if I may ask?” I gently told her.She looked up with a disgusted look on her face and stared at me harshly”Because we went last night and took what you don’t need from your placeand brought it here.””Don’t worry yourself none, as Alice and Mary needed a computer and youwon’t as your days of chatting and watching porn or over,” she flatlytold me.She then handed me not a smart phone but a generic tiny phone andinformed me that Alice had my old phone as well. She explained that theonly phone I needed was one that would receive phone calls and text whenI was called into service. I guess she could tell by the look on my facethat I was shocked and dejected as she went along.”That’s not going to be a problem is it sissy?” she asked as I looked toMs Bobbie for help but found none.I assured it wasn’t but I don’t think she believed me or she didn’t careeither. She then told me to go help Stacy pick up the mess Mary madeearlier and I gave another curtsey before going to help. Bobbie and Bettystarted chatting as backed away. I heard Betty ask Bobbie how it went andwas glad Bobbie was very pleased and told her so. I could only imagine ifshe said something otherwise what would be my fate.I helped Stacy pick up the k**s toys when I was summoned back to Betty. Ihurriedly made my way back and gave another curtsey as I stopped next toher. She told me to turn around and show her my ass and the marks Bobbiehad left. My first thought was Mary was right there but noticed shewasn’t paying any attention.”I said turn around sissy, don’t make me have to tell you again!” shedemanded as I hesitated.As I turned to do as told I said, “I wasn’t sure with Mary hereMistress.”I pulled my dress back up past my panties and held the position so shecould inspect the marks. She reached over and pulled my red polka dotpanties down exposing my red and bruised ass. She then reached back andgrasped her paddle and let me have a very hard smack across both cheeks.”When I tell you to do something you do it, no matter who is here,” shetold me as I held my position. She then got up and put her hand on myback and swatted me four more times as everyone watched, including thek**.”Besides I want her to see how to handle a sissy such as you so when shegrows up she will know what to do,” as she pulled my panties back up andlowered my dress.The swats really hurt but I think my pride, what was left of it was hurteven more. Mary went back to making a mess and Betty told me to turnaround. I turned to face her and she was putting the paddle down as shetold me there was another person she wanted me to meet and he was gettinga shower and that I should go introduce myself and assist any way hewished. Once again I looked to Bobbie to help as I got very nervoussuddenly but again she seemed to look a bit upset with me as well.”Yes Ma’am right away,” I told her before giving yet another curtsey andbacking away.I had to walk by my computer and Alice but she never looked up and Islowly opened Betty’s bedroom door. I didn’t hear the shower going butthe light in the bathroom was on so I slowly crept in there. As I enteredI saw a very big guy primping in the mirror with no shirt on but dressedfully otherwise. I noticed his muscles were a lot bigger then mine as hewas also a inch or two taller as well. I stopped in the door way andspoke up “Hello Sir I was told to introduce myself and find out if Icould assist you anyway.”Well well, what do we have here, you must be Jill,” he said as he turnedto look me over more.I got even more nervous and my voice shaked a bit as I answered him “YesSir.”He told me to come in so he could get a better look at me and I did so.He ran his massive hand down my side and then down my leg before cuppingmy chin softly so I had to look up to him. He then had me raise my dressto show him what was underneath as he stared at me. I slowly did so andhe seemed pleased with my polka dot dress and panties, as he got reallyclose. His hands ran down both my legs as he looked me over front andback. He cupped my chastity cage and ran his hand under my bottom to pusha bit on my butt plug. He then leaned me over the counter a bit andreached around to cup my fake breast.”I have heard all about you Jill and think I will enjoy using you andyour services when I’m here,” he whispered as his hand crept up my back.I then felt a tug on my collar as he pressed his body against mine frombehind. I felt his hand intertwine in my wig and then he slipped it undermy chin. I watched in the mirror as he pressed his thumb to my mouth.”And I love what they have done with your make up, especially thoselips,” he whispered in my ear.He turned me to face him and pushed his finger harder to my mouth which Itook as a clue as to what to do. I sucked it as he held it in my mouthuntil he pulled it out. Without saying another word he guided me with ahand on my should to my knees before him. I slide down the front of himkeeping my eyes focused up to him. He left me kneeling as I watched himunbuckle his belt and unzip his pants.”Pull out Daddy’s cock sissy and do what sissy’s do,” he told me as I wasstarting to shake a bit with fear.I reached up and in his pants freeing a huge cock much bigger then any Ihad seen yet. He was already very hard and I finally sprung it free. Itstuck out about 6 inches from his pants and it’s massive width I couldbarely wrap my hand around. I surely didn’t want to upset him as he wasbigger, and the bull Betty mentioned and might just beat the tar out ofme. I stroked it a bit a few times to pause but didn’t want him to thinkI was stalling but was. So I rubbed my cheek against it and then lickedthe whole shaft from base to tip slowly. As I reached the tip he put hishand on my head and shoved it between my lips. It kept going very quicklyfilling my mouth and started down my throat. I gag and he pulled it back.”Awe I see sissy will need lots of practice to handle such a cock,” heteased me as he pulled it almost out.Then he started a slow rhythm of having his way with my mouth. Every oncein awhile jabbing it further until I gagged again. After a few minutes ofthis I heard Betty say, “This might take awhile as he just had his waywith me and Stacy already this morning.”I heard Bobbie and betty laughing as I glanced to see them watching theshow. Ed then picked up pace and breathing became an issue as well but hedidn’t stop. In fact he speed up after another minute or so and as Istruggled to breath, he clamped my head in his grip. Tears startedfilling my eyes from the gagging and snot and slobber was oozing outsome. Then I felt his massive cock twitch and he grunt right before aflood of him filled my mouth. I tried to catch and save it and it toostarted oozing out some.”Go ahead and swallow, it is the only way to get it all Jill,” Betty toldme as he held me on his cock.After he drained his cock into my mouth and throat of all it’s remainingjuices, he pulled my head off of him. Letting me go as he smeared hiscock across my face. Betty then had me put his cock away and told me tothank him.”Thank you Sir for allowing me to suck such a big cock,” I told him asthey watched a pathetic sissy put his cock back into his pants.Betty asked Bobbie to help me clean up to which she did telling everyonethat she too might like a go at him in the future. They all laughed ather remark and then left us alone so Bobbie could do her magic. She wipedmy face and redid my makeup and fixed my wig for me telling me how proudshe was of the show I put on. I didn’t feel proud at all and reallywished I could find a way to get out of this whole situation. We thenboth went back into the living room to join everyone else and then Stacysaid it was about time for her to go home.”Jill I want you to follow Stacy into my room so I can give her rewardfor such a great weekend of service,” Betty said.I saw Stacy’s eyes light up at that and then Betty led the way as Stacytook a hold of my hand. I followed them right back into the bedroom andBetty sat on the bed and ordered me to my knees in front of Stacy. I didso and then was told for her good behavior I was going to suck her aswell.She was then allowed to take of her sissy outfit before changing to gohome and when she was left only in her undies Betty told me to, “Make hercum and be quick about it Jill, we don’t have all night.”She then told her to pull her clitty out and I saw she was all ready veryexcited. Betty had me do whatever I thought would get her off thequickest so I stroked her and licked her several times as I did so. Ithen latched my lips around her and thought I was very lucky she wassmall like me and began sucking very fast. Betty had me work her buttplug in and out as I did so and after only a minute or so, she was askingpermission to release. She was given permission and I caught every dropand then pulled off to show them my collection. About that time Bobbiecame back in just in time for us to kiss and swap the contents betweenus.”Would you mind if I received her release Betty,” said as we were in theprocess.Betty told her sure and she swooped in and kissed Stacy deeply after wegot done. She swallowed all of it and ran her hand softly across my facebefore fondling Stacy. Betty told me then to help Stacy get her things asthe two Dommes went back to the other room. Stacy thanked me and told mewhat a pleasure it was to meet and serve along side me. I agreed with herand as she put boy clothes on over her undies, I watched as she gotdressed. I saw her backside had a bunch of the same bruises and marksmine had. When she was dressed we gathered all her stuff and went back tothe other room as well.Stacy and I came out of the bedroom and she said her goodbyes to everyoneand I went to stand by Bobbie. She then left and Betty had me help her toher car as she started to go. I carried some bags for her and afterloading her car was thanked again and told she couldn’t wait to comeback. I got a bit sad not because she would be coming back but that shewas leaving and I was stuck here and seemed most likely to be here nomatter how long it was before she returned. Stacy then got in her car anddrove away as I waved goodbye holding back a tear. After watching her cardisappear I went back inside and went to Ms Betty.”She’s gone Ms Betty, what would you like me to do for you?” I asked as Igave a deep curtsey.She was finding her things as she told me, “We are going out to eat.”I was actually starving myself and although I didn’t want to go dressed,I was willing to go so I could eat. Betty then informed me that Bobbie,Ed and her were the ones going and not me.”I can’t wait to see what all you have done and discuss you further withBobbie,” she told me as she took my hand.I wasn’t sure why she had my hand if I wasn’t going with them but shestarted to head for the bedroom and I quickly followed behind. Bettystopped when she reached her side of the bed and the side the door to thecage under it was.”Get In sissy,” was all she said as I stood there hesitating.I tried to plead with her since I didn’t want to crawl in there “Youaren’t going to leave me here alone are you Ms Betty, what if there is aproblem?”She looked at me really annoyed and then a slap hit my cheek. Sheexplained to me that I was to do as told and never question her or acommand. I didn’t want another so I knelt down and opened the door andstarted in.”Beside Alice and Mary will be here and you won’t be alone and even ifyou were, don’t you dare ever question me again,” she scolded me rightbefore I was fully in.I was almost fully in when she kicked my ass as I made it in. As soon asI did I heard the door slam shut and turned to see her put a lock on thedoor as well. I had plenty of room but that didn’t help my growlingstomach. Betty then slipped her foot in and told me to kiss it before sheturned and left closing the bedroom door and leaving me there. Besidesbeing very hungry, my stomach was a bit twisted feeling as I needed torelieve myself. It probably is a good thing since I’m locked in here thatI have a butt plug in I thought. I could hear Mary and Alice every oncein a while arguing and talking every once in awhile but other than thatit was very quiet. All of a sudden I saw the bedroom door open and Marywalked by on her way to grandma’s bathroom.I don’t think she even saw me as she passed by and noticed after goingpotty, she started going through the drawers in there. I watched as shegot Betty’s makeup out and started playing and making a mess. Then Alicecame in and found her and told her to get the hell out of there and tostay out before they left me alone once again. I watched while she ledher away and the brat threw a fit.It was probably about a halve hour or so when the door quietly openedslightly again. Mary was back and this time got a chair and climbed up onit and started to go into all the cabinets she couldn’t reach otherwise.She dropped things and got all sorts of stuff out and I heard Alice yellfor her.Mary heard her too and quickly got down and while putting it back inBetty’s room see dropped some blush on the floor. When she bent over toget it she looked under the bed and to her shock saw me there.”What are you doing under there?” she asked me with a puzzled look on herface.I didn’t know what to tell her and kept silent as she sat on the floorwatching me.She started trying to do her face and was getting the powder everywhere.I finally spoke to the k** and told her,” I bet your grandma and momwould be upset with you if they knew what you were doing.”She acted like she didn’t hear me and ignored me as she got out even moremakeup and made a bigger mess of herself and the floor. I watched her afew more minutes untill I thought Alice wasn’t ever going to come get herand finally spoke up, “Mary stop, put that stuff away.”She didn’t slow down and ignored me again and I told her once more alittle more sternly. Her response was one that used to really make memad. She told me I wasn’t her boss just like a spoiled little brat would.So I reached through the bars of the frame and grabbed her pants tellingher a bit harsher even once more.”Well I don’t care little girl but you better stop,” I said hoping shewould get the message.She had really made a huge mess by know and as I had her pants leg shescreamed out for her mommy. Alice came running in and asked her what waswrong and I let het her go. Alice yelled at her about the mess she madeand snatched her up taking her away. Alice closed the door and once againI was alone.About two hours later the silence was broken by the dogs alerting someonewas here. I then heard everyone else come back home. They didn’t come tofree me right away and I could hear them talking about nothing special.Twenty minutes later I saw the bedroom door open and saw Betty come in.She must have saw the mess and instead of letting me out called forAlice. Alice came in there and Betty questioned her as to the disaster inher room. She explained that Mary did it and then Betty called for her.She too came in there and as Betty asked her what went on she playedstupid as always. When Betty got a bit upset with her she told Alice sheshould have been watching her better. Alice explained that she was on thephone and only found her after I stopped her and Mary screamed for her.”And she grabbed my leg and yelled at me grandma,” Mary told her as shebent over and looked at me.Betty didn’t sound to happy with the k** and said, “Oh really,” as Iwatched her turn her and barely swat her backside as she sent her to theother room.Betty then came around to inspect the damage some more and then backaround to her side of the bed. I watched as her hands unlocked the doorthinking she was going to reward me for helping by letting me out.”Jill get your ass out here this instant,” she demanded.I started to crawl out and just as my head came out she snatched my ear.She literally dragged me from my spot under her bed and to my feet. I wasquickly slapped hard several times in the face before she told me tonever ever touch, or talk to her family ever again in such a manner.”But Mistress she was making,” was all I got out before she slapped meagain and turned me by my ear and tossed me over the edge of her bed.With Alice still there looking on she stomped into the closet and Ilooked back to see her with that dreaded cane in her hand.Fear washed over me and Alice could see it I guess and spoke up “Hedidn’t hurt her and only tried to help mom.””I don’t care’ Betty told us both as she had me pull my dress up as Ilaid across her bed.Alice tried one more time to stick up for me but that seemed to pissBetty off even more. She then handed Alice the cane and told us that shewould be the one giving me the 20 lashes then. I began to tear up butknew better to say a word.”I don’t want to do it Mom,” she told Betty only to be told if she didn’tI would receive 40 strokes from Betty.Alice looked at me and after another plead was looked at and told lastchance. She knows her mother as well as I do and placed the cane acrossboth my cheeks. I felt it lift and she struck me but not very hard atall. I counted one and thanked her only to hear betty’s displeasure withher effort.”You best hit him hard or I will and the count will be 50,” Betty saidand I looked back to see what Alice would do.She hesitated but eventually placed it again on my ass. Betty told her tostart over and this time it best leave marks she told her. Alice didn’twant to and as I turned away and gripped the sheets tight the next blowsliced a welt straight across both cheeks. I screamed out in pain andthen thanked her and counted one again. She sized up her next stroke andsoon enough hit me again. After thanking her each time and eventuallycounting to ten, she pleaded one last time with Betty.”Go on finish it or I will and we will start over,” Betty said and Alicestruck me again. She finished her task and had me sobbing, in tears andwith fresh welts all across both cheeks. I was then told to get up andbetty had me kneel and kiss both feet of Alice. I don’t think she likethat either and went away a bit mad at her Mom when finally told shecould go. Betty picked up the cane and threatened me the next time itwould be 50 strokes. She then reached down as I was rubbing my cheekslightly in a sobbing mess on her bed.Pulling me up by the back of my collar back to my heels she instructed meto go apologize to Mary and Thank Alice once again. As she let go of mycollar I gave her a curtsey and in between sobs said ‘ Yes Mistress rightaway.”I backed out of the room lowering my dress and went in the living roomwhere Ed, Bobbie and Mary where followed closely by Betty.I went to the k** and she looked up to me and I gave her a curtsey andquickly told her, “I am truly sorry to have upset you Mary and it willnever happen again, Please forgive me.”She said ok quietly and then went back to coloring her book. I then askedanyone where Alice was and Bobbie told me out back.I thanked her and gave another curtsey before making a haste out back.Betty followed and stood in the patio doors as I gave Alice a curtsey aswell.”Thank you Alice and I am truly sorry for treating you and your daughterwith disrespect, please forgive me Ma’am,” I told her as she said ok andI could still tell she wasn’t happy but saying so because her Mom waswatching.Betty then told me to get back in the living room and go to the cornerand be quick about it. I found my corner as I almost ran to the spotplacing my hands behind my back and my nose pressed firmly into thecorner. Betty then told everyone what I had done and how pissed she was.Bobbie thanked Betty and Ed for the diner but also said she needed to begoing. She got up and after saying her goodbyes came up behind me. Sheran a hand over my fresh welts and told me she would expect me on Tuesdayas she tucked on the back of my collar. Then she let go and stepped away.I was left there as she left for about an hour or so and long enough formy legs to hurt almost as bad as my cheeks. Ed and Betty messed with thecomputer and watched TV and then Betty told me I could finally get outand she wanted me to go clean the mess in her room. I was glad to beallowed out and thanked her with a curtsey and backed into her bedroom.”I don’t want you taking all night either and it best be clean,” she saidloud enough so I could hear her.I quickly began to put the things back in place that the brat got out. Ithen picked up and sweep the mess all over as well. I was getting upsetthinking how she lets that k** do as she pleases and now I have to acceptit or face her wrath. I had it all cleaned up when I decided to checkmyself in the mirror and make sure my outfit was still as should be. As Ifinished my insides began to cramp really bad and I figured I would goask permission before relieving myself.I went back into the Living room to find it empty and so I went out backand found everyone out there. I hurried over to Betty and waited for heracknowledge me with a glance.”All finished Mistress Betty, may I please go relieve myself as it isreally needed,” I asked her.She was busy planting flowers and seemed to be chatting with Alice and Edand the k** was running wild throwing gravel around the yard. Betty toldme to hurry and then report back to her so she could show me what sheexpected for diner tonight. I thanked her properly and then hurried backto her bathroom.I got and prepared the enema bag and sat down on the toilet pulling up mydress first. I then pulled my panties down around my ankle as I removedmy butt plug. Almost instantly I discharged my entire insides I think. Ithen did the cleansing part of my new ritual and repeated it again makingsure it came out clear. I then wiped and got up and then took off mydress and then removed my false breast. Then finally the heels, bra andthen panties before starting the water for a quick shower. I didn’t takelong and as I was turning off the water and set to dry off I heard Bettyand Ed enter her room.Betty came into the bathroom as I was dry my body and told me to “Hurryand get dressed again and come to my room as your sissy service areneeded.”I got dressed very fast and made sure everything was back in place beforeentering her room. The two of them were laying on the bed making out hotand heavy. Betty was already naked and Ed had his shirt off. I approachedBetty’s side of the bed and gave a curtsey although I don’t think shenoticed.”All finished Mistress, thank you, how may I serve you?” I asked as theycontinued their love fest.She and Ed were kissing and stroking each other like I remember Betty andI doing in years past.She sat up and told me that “I want you get get him prepared to have hisway with your Mistress.”Ed got up and stood next to me waiting and staring at me. She made itvery clear that I was to use my mouth to get him very wet and hard so shecould ride his huge cock. I automatically fell to my knees before him andthen looked up to the man I was about to suck once again. He just lookeddown and gave me a pathetic stare. I reached up and before freeing hiscock, I rubbed it through his pants. I rubbed it a few times as the twoof them watched.”Go ahead sissy, take off my pants,” Ed said in a low demanding voice.I undid his zipper and then his belt before undoing the button on histrousers. I pulled them down and he stepped out of them. I folded themand laid them in a chair before turning back to remove his boxers. As hestepped out of them I saw his huge cock was soft but still a lot biggerthen mine.Betty was waiting and urged me on, “That’s it Jill, now suck thatmagnificent cock and get him rock hard.”I kept my eyes focused to my new Master and gripped it softly around thebase. I gave it a few strokes and followed that with a long lick. Icircled my tongue around his member before parting my lips and taking itin my mouth. I began to massage his cock with both a hand softly and mymouth very hard. I sucked very hard as I moved along his cock and back tothe tip again. I applied steady pressure and started a slow rhythm as Idid my task. After a few minutes I felt him start to grow much larger inmy mouth. Soon enough his cock was very stiff yet the skin was soft and Ifelt it jab my throat each time I trusted down on it. I would stop whenthis happen so not to gag as it stretched my jaws very wide.”That’s it Jill suck that cock like the sissy you are and see feel what areal man feels like,” as betty coaxed me along.When he was fully erect and I had it very wet as well, he put his hand ontop of my head and picked up the pace. Now each time he thrust fully inmy mouth I gagged. I think these two like it when I struggle with hiscock and the way his cock and the control they have over me.Betty then told me as she stopped him by gently grabbing his arm. “That’senough Jill I want to ride that cock now.”He gave it one more deep thrust and held it there for a few secondscausing me to gag badly and struggle for air before escort elazığ pulling it totallyout. Betty then pulled him to her and told me to knell next to the bedand make sure I watch closely. Ed laid down and Betty rolled on top ofhim as she straddled his body inserting his cock into her. Moaning loudlyas she looked over to me as I was looking down not wanting to watch.”Jill you best be watching as I want you watching to see what you willnever be doing again,” she said as she slowly rode his cock .I watched from only a couple feet away as he moved his hips and sherocked on top of him. Her face was very much a happy face and sometimes Iwould see that look of total satisfaction from her. Ed would reach up andmassage her breast some and other times hold her hips. Her pace was aslow but steady pace and sometimes would speed it up. Soon enough Iwatched as I could tell was getting off and she drifted off into apowerful orgasm. She rode on him a bit more as it subsided and thenrolled off.”Roll over sweetie,” Ed told her as she climbed off of him.Betty rolled over on her stomach and he positioned himself behind her.She glanced over to me as he pressed his swollen cock against her. I sawanother satisfied look on her face as she shut her eyes the moment heinserted it deeply into her. He pumped her hard and her moans were veryloud. I saw her gripping the sheets as that massive cock of his worked inand out, pounding away. Then after a few minutes his grunts became louderand soon all one could hear was them moaning and grunting and fleshsmacking against flesh. The smells of sex were taking over me and Bettyreached over and pulled my collar hard as I watched his face and then Isaw him pause with a deep thrust.Betty screamed out in pleasure, “Oh Daddy that was wonderful.”Ed ground against her hard a few more times before pulling his hard cockout of her leaving her gapping as the two of them collapsed on the bed.Betty never let go of my collar and pulled me more until I was sliding upoff my knees. Betty summoned me back into service as she guided me towhere Ed’s cock was sticking straight up.Betty pushed me across her body and straight towards his cock. “I wantyou to clean Daddies cock like a good sissy Jill.”I looked at it all slimy and wet from their sex and looked up to him. Hejust looked down as if to say I best do as told. I then held it still andparted my mouth wide. I lowered it over him and only closed it when Ifelt the tip touch the back of my mouth. Betty teased me by teasing myown pussy as I sucked him even harder. She stopped and I took that as asign to stop. I pulled of off him sucking him all the way hard.Ed then spoke up telling me to do the same for her as she pulled mycollar leaving me between her legs. I saw a gap between her lips and theresults of a full load deposited by Ed oozing out some and starting downto her ass.”Make sure you get every last drop sissy,” Betty commanded as she pulledmy face into her. I stuck my tongue out and began lapping up the grossslimy mess. I licked her pussy some more before she pulled me deeply intoher and I began to struggle to breath. I was told to get it all inbetween her moans as I knew she was about to explode more juices over myface. And I was right as just about then she flooded my face and mouthwith more juices along with the gobs of Ed she had stored deep in her. ASher pleasure waned, she let go of my collar and sort of kicked me off ofher. I sat up from between her legs and watched as she attacked Ed with avery passionate kiss. They broke their kiss and started to get up out ofbed.”I think I should just take you out to eat since you decided to take timeto have your way with me darling,” Ed whispered to her just before hekissed her neck.Betty turned and kissed him deeply again and got up. She found herpanties and held them out to me to take. I took them and wasn’t sure whatto do with them. Then she told me to put them back on her and help herget dressed. I climbed of the bed and after all this abuse noticed thatmy little cock was straining hard against my chastity device, strugglingto get fully erect with no chance of that happening. I quickly kneltbefore her sliding on her panties and pulling them up as she stood up.She then handed me her pants and I helped her with those as well. Shethen retrieved her bra and turned around telling Ed what a good idealthat is.”Could we go get some steak sweetie,” she asked him as I wrapped her braaround her big breast.He told her anything she wanted while I helped put her blouse over herhead. I then was told to put her shoes and socks on as she sat back down.Ed was dressed and came over standing over me as I tied her shoe, kissingher deeply once again. As I finished her shoe I stayed there until theyfinished their embrace. She then told me to go find Alice and ask if theywanted to go along as well.”Yes Mistress Betty right away,” I told her before backing out of theroom.I went and asked Alice like I was told and she told me to go tell her shewould be there in a minute. I returned and as Betty was touching up hermakeup announced that she would be here in a minute.”Alice said she would like to go with us but needs a minute to get readyMs Betty,” I told her after giving a curtsey.Betty looked at me and laughed loudly and then told me I wasn’t going andthat I was going to dismissed and could go home. I was shocked and gladall at the same time but still hungry as well.Betty then told me after I make sure the place is spotless and I changethe sheets on her bed that I could be dismissed for the night. I thankedher and gave yet one more curtsey and asked if I could assist her anymorebefore I started my task. Betty told me I could go get busy when Edwalked in and stood by the door. I stopped by him and gave a curtseywhile backing out of the bathroom. Getting the bed changed first beforetaking the dirty stained things to the laundry. I then got busy cleaningup more of the Brats new messes up and picking up the dirty dishes theyall left laying around as they all got ready to go.”Before you go make sure you look very pretty because I want you to stopby a very good friends of mine on your way home Jill,” Betty told me.I couldn’t believe what I just heard as I was cleaning the house. Theyall were just about to leave and I was very scared of going out dressed,having to meet someone new, wondering why I had to meet her and I spokeout to ask when she elaborated more.”She is a new friend of mine who lives in the apartments you use to livein at apartment 404, I want you to stop by and do whatever she tellsyou,” Betty went on to say.”I also better hear from her how delighted she was and not disappointedwith you, is that understood Jill?” Betty warned me.But instead of just agreeing and a yes Ma’am, I asked about my wholesituation instead.”But what about our agreement and others seeing me this way Ms Betty.” Iasked as it was still very much daylight still. She told Alice to takeMary to the car as I was running off at the mouth with another question.I went on to say that I should at least be able to dress as a guy againso my friends and family don’t find out.I was in the middle of saying, “You said that I was yours and was to doas you said or you would tell everyone so why should I go dressed likethis, everyone I know will…….”That is when she stepped right up to me and slapped me so hard I stumbledover off my heels. It got me to shut up and a shocked look came over meas my eyes began to tear up. I opened my mouth again and in a quietertone continued.”But Betty it is hard to hide my secret if I am told to go out dressedall the time Ma’am,” I told her as she leaned over me.She reached down and grabbed my collar shaking it and me. She looked veryangry and disgusted as her face came within inches of my face. I darednot to say another word and looked deep into her eyes as she spat at me.She spit right in my face and let go slapping me hard once again knockingfurther down onto the floor. I was laying there with my head up and mycheeks stinging very much.”I really don’t care who see’s you like this and the sooner you get thatthrough your sissy head the easier it will be for you.” Betty told me.She went on saying, “Your life as you knew it is over and I am takingmore control over you as I should have a long time ago, if you can’t dealwith others seeing you like this too bad,” she said as I looked up and afew tears began to run down my cheeks.She grabbed my collar and pulled me even closer telling me that she woulddeal with my outburst later and that I best do as told or it would be theworse thing I have yet experienced when she does.”I’m sticking to what I said a long time ago as I’m not telling anybodyabout you being my sissy, but if you get seen as such so be it.” Shescolded me.”And another thing, if you don’t want anyone to see you like that thenit’s up to you to make sure they don’t, just make damn sure you always doas I say or you won’t like what happens to you,” then she threw me back abit as she finally let go.I totally felt helpless to my fate at this very moment and began sobbingas tears freely flowed. I was warned to stop my crying right away. I didmy best as to not upset her any further and began to get off the floor.”Yes Ma’am Mistress Betty,” I told her as I got back up on my heels andpreformed a curtsey for her.Her and Ed both looked at me very much upset and I hurried to finishpicking up the desk when Betty told me to stop by Wanda’s before I wenthome. She told me she was a bigger Lady then herself and I was tointroduce myself as she is expecting me. I am to be on my best behaviorand do whatever is asked and be there as long as she says. I told her Iwould do as told and then I was told I was to be back here tomorrow at 7A.M. and I best be dressed to her standards.With that they both left and I made sure the place was spotless andlooked outside to make sure they all were gone. I then gathered my keys,purse, and new cell phone with only a few numbers in it like Ms Betty, MsBobbie, Ed and Alice’s numbers although I’m sure more would be added bythe sound of it later. I then gave one last look around before locking upand heading Wanda’s way.It was just a halve mile or so from my house and still very much daylightout so I was very nervous, especially never having been there or meether. I wondered who would see me or if it was even the right place. Ialso worried what was in store for me when I did find it.I arrived and pulled up in front of 404 and fixed my makeup as a couplek**s played just down the street. After making sure my wig was brushed, Igot out and made my way to her door. It didn’t take her long before sheopened the door some. I stood there in a dress looking at a stranger Ifigured was her. Betty was a big Lady sort of and this lady was evenbigger as Betty said. She must have been as tall as me but about 400pounds.”Hello Ms Wanda, my name is Jill and Ms Betty sent me to be of service toyou,” I told her and then did a small curtsey to her as well.She made me wait a minute as she looked me over and even made me turnslowly around for her on her door step. She then opened the door more andtold me I could come in. She shut the door behind me and I watched as shelocked it causing me some distress. She then walked up to me and asked meif I was going to do any and everything I’m told.”Yes Ma’am, I am yours for as long as you wish Ms Wanda,” I said loud andclearly for her.She seemed to accept my answer and had me turn again for her and thenpull my dress up so she could she what was underneath. I did as told andslowly showed her everything from my underwear to my butt plug andchastity device.”Very nice, Ms Betty has a fine looking gurl but can you do householdchores as well as service me?” she asked as I watched her rub her dressbetween her legs.I made it very clear that I would do anything asked and I guess to testthat she had me kneel and kiss both feet, which I immediately did. Shethen told me I needed to clean the liter boxes of her 5 cats, clean herkitchen, and make her bed.I would be coming here often she informed me and this was a test to seehow good I do and what kind of report Ms Betty would get. She then toldme to get started and told me where everything was.”Ms Betty told me that I could use any means necessary to correct you ifneed be as well,” she told me as I saw her get a thin board I took was apaddle.I quickly did the liter boxes and made it noted that would not be needed.I was cleaning the kitchen as she watched T.V. when I noticed she wasstanding behind me. She didn’t say or do anything while I cleaned, makingsure to do an extra good job. I then went to her room and she called fora pizza. I almost had her room done when she came to check on me. I askedher where the few things went that I wasn’t sure about and after puttingthem away prepared to go do her bathroom.”I’m really impressed Jill, you do a great job,” she told me as she saton the edge of the bed.I thanked her giving her a curtsey as well when she told me to comecloser. I stood right before her and she ran her hand up my leg and undermy dress. Too bad I was locked up because she wanted to use my clitty shetold me as she cupped my sac in her soft hand. She let go of it andslipped off her dress exposing herself in just panties with no bra. Shethen turned and laid face down on the bed and told me to get the lotionfrom the nightstand.”I would like you to give me a full body massage now,” she requested.I gathered the bottle of lotion and worked a good deal in my hand andwarmed it up before leaning over to massage her back. She told me toclimb in her bed and to make sure I get her whole body. I started at herneck as I straddled her extra large frame. Taking my time as I worked thelotion in, I worked downward. After doing her shoulders I worked down herback.”Take my panties off Jill so you can do my backside as well as you getthe rest,” she said as I started to hear her moan.I was told how good my hands felt as I massaged her huge ass and began todo those massive thighs. After working all the way past her calves shelifted each foot to have me do them as well. When I finished she didhesitate, she rolled over and I saw so much flesh I couldn’t believe it.She had rolls on top of rolls and her breast sagged way down. Her stomachcovered her private parts and she told me to pay extra attention to eachbreast as I went along.”I love the way your hands feel and your doing a wonderful job Jill,” shetold me as she closed her eyes and moaned softly as I worked towards herright breast.I massaged it and then teased her nipple causing her to get reallyexcited. I spent a few minutes doing that one before switching to theother. She seemed to enjoy that just as much and then I started on hertummy. Then I did her hips when she told me to use my tongue to get herwet spot. I leaned down and she pulled her rolls of fat up out of theway. I saw a huge pussy under all that fat and licked her softly. Shewent crazy with delight and soon I heard her moaning louder then ever.She let go of her girth with one hand and pulled my face deeper into theabyss. I licked away hoping to make this as quick as possible. After sheexploded with a orgasm she let go and I sat up.”OMG Jill that was wonderful,” she cried out as she regained hercomposer. She then told me to finish her legs and after using a quarterof the lotion on her, she finally sat up.I think she really enjoyed my effort and enthusiasm and I was hoping shewould. I then asked her a few questions I wanted answers too myself whileshe was still in a state of extreme euphoria from the orgasm she justhad.I just was looking for a way out of all this still and asked “Did youenjoy that Ms Wanda?”It took her a few seconds of silence before she answered me, “Oh yes Jillvery much, I was expecting a guy who wasn’t worth a damn in a dress andyour so much more and such an attentive girl.”I then keep asking questions like, “What is the connection with you andMs Betty if I may ask Ms Wanda?”She reached down as she sat on the edge of the bed looking for those tentof panties she took off earlier. I beat her to them as I quickly got onthe floor and not only assisted her in finding them, I helped her putthem back on over her large legs.”Well Jill I loaned her some money when we worked together and though weno longer do so, she told me about you and we became really goodfriends,” she explained.She went on to tell me she heard all about how I dumped her and how shegot me back as well. She also said that I was going to do this on aregular basis for now on because Betty wants someone close to my place tokeep an me and Betty still owed her money, to which I was earning forher.”And after that massage and super great oral service, she won’t have toask me twice,” she said as we both helped her get her dress back on.She told me it has been years and about 100 pounds since she had any typeof sex and although I was in chastity, I definitely would do. She thentold me she knew I was eager to get home and that I could go. I still hada lot of questions I wanted to know the answers to but also was veryeager to see what was left at my place. I thanked her and gave a deepcurtsey to her and then held her dress up to slide over her massive body.After getting her dressed again I was about to ask if I could bedismissed when she asked if I had her phone number just in case sheneeded me.”No Ma’am I will add it to my phone and I live just down the street ifyou need anything Ms Wanda,” I told her as I programmed her number andthen called it so she had mine.I asked if there was anything else I could do for her and she told me notat this time so I gathered my things before leaving. She walked me to thedoor and before I left thanked her again and gave yet one more curtsey.She bid me farewell and I didn’t look back as I got in my truck.At last I get to see what my place looked like after a visit from Bettyand her bunch.I finally got to get back to my own place alone for the first time inwhat seemed like a long time. I didn’t even check at the corner to see ifanybody was around and might see me dressed like this. I pulled up andall I thought about was what she did to my place and what else she took.I was at my door step before I even thought about being dressed in ashort polka dot dress, red thigh highs that were starting to fall downwith a run in one of them and a wig and make up that were in poorcondition. I unlocked the door and glanced outside seeing the one personout there staring my way. I quickly shut the door and turned to noticeshe was very busy it seems.Not only my computer and T.V. were gone but my Favorite couch as well. Idon’t remember that at her place but feared she threw it out because allthe years we were together, she always wanted too. I noticed all mypictures were gone as well as my sport stuff. I next went into the sparebedroom and noticed that T.V. was gone as well. In fact the room waspretty empty as not a picture or any of my spare clothes were there. Iwent to the kitchen next and saw most of it was still in tack but openedthe refrigerator to find it nearly empty. A few things left but all mybachelor food like microwave stuff was missing. I then looked where mycomputer was and my dining room table and both were gone.Feeling very depressed, I slowly made my way upstairs to my room. I couldsee right away that she made a mess of my dressers. The drawers were outof them and all my boy clothes were replaced with girl things. A pilealso was on the bed of all sorts of undies, skirts and dresses, blousesand uniforms, both sissy and maid uniforms. I looked in the closet tofind more dresses and stuff and not one pair of my many jeans could befound. I picked up a pair of yoga pants that was piled in the floor andsaw all sorts of them but no jeans.I sat on the bed and looked over to where I kept my guns in the cornerand even those were gone. If I had one at this very moment I would eithershoot myself or go to her place and shoot her. Not having that option, Ijust was overcome with depression and began crying. I went to my bathroomafter sitting there for about 20 minutes and saw all the makeup she leftme. I also saw plenty of wigs and finger nails as well. I went and sat onthe toilet as I needed to pee. I then realized my fate as I looked downand saw that dreaded cage holding my little bit of manhood and realizedshe controlled not only that but my whole life now. Betty had takeneverything near and dear to me and I am sure she is going to let everyoneknow what a sissy I am one way or another.Just when I thought all hope was lost the phone she gave me rang jarringme back to reality. I didn’t even look at the number and answered itsaying hello.”I just got off the phone with Wanda and she said you made a good firstimpression, that’s a good thing for you, you little sissy,” the voicesaid ine the phone.I knew right away it was Betty on the other end and my depression turnedto anger as I listen more. She went on to tell me she hoped I liked thethings she left here and would like my bed to match the one I built forher as my next project.”I also left some bright pink paint in the spare bedroom you need topaint, because that is going to be your room whenever you stay there,”she instructed me.She also said we would be building a dungeon in the garage so the bigstorage room I had will need to be emptied out. She wanted a few benches,a cross, a bondage table, some stockades, as well as a cage and hooksinstalled from the floor, walls and ceilings.”But I don’t expect all that over night, but in the near future,” Bettywent on to say as she drove home her dominance over me.”I also want you dressed in your maid outfit when you get here in themorning, is that understood?” she asked me as I tried not to blow up.I didn’t answer her and was try to decide what to say, either yes Ma’amor what have you done. She asked me again and I just had enough andblurted out in anger.”Where did all of my things go, and I would like them back,” to which Iadded a please too.I didn’t stop there as those questions were just the tip of the ice berg.I told her I was about done with all of this and didn’t care if she toldeveryone in the world about my secret life. I was going to end this allhere and now and wasn’t going to take another bit of her or any of this.I was just about to tell her more when she hung up on me and the phonewent blank.I was so angry but that really threw me off, now worry set in. Maybe Ishould have said yes Ma’am and took it. Or maybe I should have just gotin my truck and drove away until I run out of gas. Either way I thought Iwas glad I finally stood up to her. I went down stairs and looked aroundagain noticing the paint and everything she took from me again. I didn’tcare because there was no way I was moving to the spare bedroom andpainting it pink and the rest I can always get again. I was so relievedas well now also that I was ending this nightmare. I sat on my only couchremaining and stared at the blank walls and thought I should have donethis from the time I ran into her at diner the other night and I wouldstill have my stuff, girl friend and freedom.Then out of nowhere came a car screeching into my driveway. I lookedoutside and saw it was Betty storming out of her car and did she everlook mad. I sat up but it only took her a few seconds to go from her carto standing inside my house even though the door was locked. I had forgotshe had a key now and then She stopped standing right over me.”I think it’s best if you kneel and kiss my feet and beg for forgivenessyou little bitch!” she screamed at me.I looked up at her and was ready to fight even dressed as I was when shewaited for an answer. I stood up and told her again I had enough and thiswould be no more. I was expecting her to try and hit me or something butshe didn’t. She didn’t even say anything either. She got her phone outand hit the screen a few times and then showed me all the videos and allthe people she was about to send them too. There was my family, mom, dad,grand parents and k**s as well as all the rest. She also had everyone ofmy friends and acquaintances I knew as well as everyone I worked with.She had people I ever met from as long as I could remember on that listas she got them from my phone, computer and emails. I thought for aminute and knew all she had to do was hit that send button and my wholelife was ruined it an instant.”Well i’m waiting for your answer you stupid sissy?” she asked as Ithought with no money or gas in my truck, I had little choice.I looked one more time as she showed me her phone and then put her fingerover the send button. It washed over me the big stand I took not 20minutes ago was one I was regretting already. I admitted to myself Icould never live with myself if she did so and I was too chicken to killmyself. I slowly slid down her front looking for mercy on my way to do astold.I kneeled before her and looked up to her one last time. “Please MistressBetty I don’t know what came over me and I am yours forever to do as youwish.”I looked deep into her eyes with my eyes and although tears were fillingmine, all I saw in hers were anger. She did bring her finger away fro thesend button and brought the phone down as she pointed to her feet. Ileaned over and kissed both of them giving them long kisses as Iworshiped her feet.”I knew you would have an outburst sooner or later and hope that it isfinally in that stupid head of yours that I own you and your life as youknew it is over, your ass is mine,” she told me as I kissed away.She then reached down and pulled me up to look at herby my collar. Shethen went on to say that outburst just cost me a month in my cage and abeating I won’t soon forget. She slapped me hard a couple times beforeletting go. She then told me to stand up and take my clothes off. I tookoff the dress very quickly and started to remove the rest when shestopped me.She went into my new bedroom and came back with my skimpy see though rednighty. It barely covered my ass and one can read a newspaper though it.”Put it on Jill,” she demanded as she held it out to me.I had it on in a flash and then she told me to go to her car and retrieveher cane. It was still daylight out and I looked and saw a coupleneighbors I talked with on occasion out in front of thee apartmentsacross the street. I looked at her and knew better to question her so Iquickly went outside and didn’t look at anyone hoping they wouldn’t seeme. I made it to her car and when I tried to open the door, the car alarmwent off and the door didn’t open. I looked at the house to see herwatching me and after a minutes of this saw her unlock it and turn thealarm off with her key bob. I then got in and got then cane and quicklywent back to the house only to find out she locked the door. She left meout there so everyone could see and I ended up knocking on the door. Shestood there and I could see her just watching me thru the window.”Please Mistress Betty let me in,” I begged her but she just stood there.I begged some more as it was the middle of the afternoon and I lookedlike a freak standing out in front of my own house. Then after a minuteor so she pointed across the street and I turned to see a few peoplewatching the whole thing. I begged one more time and pleaded when sheturned and walked out of sight. i sat down in the door way holding thescreen door open and began to cry. Then after another minute or so thedoor opened that I was leaning on and she slightly kicked me as I turnedto see.”Get up you sissy and give me that cane,” she said loud enough foreveryone to hear.I got up quickly and handed her the cane and she grabbed my arm andwalked me over to the railing on the deck. Betty then told me to leanover it and grab the spindles and keep my head up looking straight ahead.”Now who are you and who do you belong too?” she asked even louder.I noticed one girl across the street getting her phone out and lookedlike she was making her own video as this all went down. I staredstraight ahead as told and was trying to ignore the people watching. I amstanding on my deck in a nighty you can see thru and thigh highs, heels,bra, panties and fully down up in makeup and a wig. I felt her raise thenighty up from behind and she tucked it in the waist band of my panties.I knew from other experiences that this was not going to be pleasant formy backside.”I am sissy Jill and I belong to you Mistress Betty,” I said loud so sheand they others could hear.She didn’t end my humiliation there and continued and she pulled mypanties aside and pulled out my butt plug and placed it on the railingnext to me. I then felt that wicked cane placed across both cheeks andprepared myself for the coming whack.”I am going to give you ten strokes and expect you to count them as mysissy should, is that understood Jill?” she said as I awaited.”Yes Mistress Betty as you wish,” I said just before she warred back andsent it crashing across both cheeks.I took it the best I could and counted and thanked her like she wished.She placed it against me and quickly sent the next stroke slashing acrossmy ass. It sent a sharp burning pain to shoot across my rear but I stoodthere leaned over the railing and counted it as well. She didn’t hesitatewith any of the other blows and after receiving the tenth one, she pulledmy nighty out of my panties and snatched a hold of my collar.Pulling me up, she whispered in my ear, “Now the whole neighborhood knowsor will know about your secret so now you won’t have to worry about it.I turned to face her after she let go and she demanded I get in side soof course in my defeated state told her yes Mistress Betty and I hurriedinto the house. I was followed closely by her and she slammed the doorbehind her. Betty then shoved me towards the couch and I stumbled ontoit.”I hope this will be the last temper tantrum you throw because the nextout burst like that, and I will hit that send button,” she warned me asshe stood there and tossed the cane next to me.She then informed me that she was leaving and still expected me tomorrowat 7 am sharp. She went on to say the rest of the night I shouldconcentrate on picking up the place I best not change until I wake up inthe morning. She then took one hand of her hips and summoned me to her. Ijumped up and went to stand right in front of her.”Now kneel before me and kiss my ass while your friends all watch thruthe window,” she told me as she turned and pressed her ass against mylips.She then stepped away and just before she left told me to go stand in thecorner and when she got home she would call me and only then could I getout. While I was heading for the corner I saw her opening the curtains soeveryone could see. I stood there and heard the door open and shut butdared not look just in case it was a test. I did however rub my burningcheeks and began crying like a baby. I waited there for 20 minutes or soand then heard the phone ring. That was my cue to get out of the cornerat last as I turned to answer it.”Yes Mistress Betty?” I asked as I answered it and heard her say I besthave the place spotless by the time I go to bed.Then she hung up without saying another word and I placed the phone downand glanced outside to see a couple people still talking and looking thisway. I first closed the curtains and then looked to see the damage shedid to my rear end. I looked it over and couldn’t believe the welts sheleft and how high they were raised up back there. I then went to lock thedoor feeling very much humiliated, shameful, defeated, and exposed. As Ilooked out the front door I noticed my butt plug still on the railing andmade my mind up I had to go get it. I opened the door and really quicklygot it before shutting the door behind me and locking it shut.I spent the next hour picking up the piles of clothes she left and takingthem to my new bedroom and putting them away. Then all of a sudden myphone rang again in the other room. I stopped what I was doing and ran toget it. On the third ring I picked it up and just answered it.”Hello Jill, I was just wondering if everything was ok over there and ifyou would like a visitor,” the voice said on the end.I then looked to see who this Lady was on the phone and realized it wasWanda. I was not wanting her or anybody over and wanted very much to bealone. I told her it was fine here and I had a lot to do and was prettybusy. She told me nonsense and that she was coming over anyway. Before Icould say anything else she told me not to argue with her.”And besides I was wondering if you might give me the pleasure of anotherorgasm with that sexy mouth of yours,” and after getting reminded byBetty of my place I told her sure anytime she wished.She told me she would be here in just a minute and I decided to go washup real fast and redo my makeup and such. I was fixing my face when Iheard somebody knocking on the door. I quickly put down my lipstick andrushed to the door seeing Wanda standing there with a big smile on herface.I opened the door and stepped behind it giving her a curtsey as I toldher, “Welcome to my place Mistress Wanda, please come in’.”Wow I never knew you lived here and you look totally amazing Jill,” shesaid as I quickly shut the door behind her.She stood there looking me up and down as I told her to please sit down.She didn’t take a seat but rather came up closer to me. She grabbed me bythe hips and kissed me deeply and in return I accepted her kiss.”Oh Jill I’m not sure with you dressed like that I can keep my hands tomyself,” she said as I felt her hands slip from my hips to my ass pullingme closer to her.As she pressed her hands against my butt cheeks, I made a noise as thewelts were pressed. She must have thought I really was turned on and shekissed me again, this time longer. Her hands then began to move and rubboth cheeks when she stopped and broke off the kiss. She turned me andpulled up my short nighty as she let go of my backside. I turned just abit and she pulled back my panties to look.”Oh my Jill where did those come from, you didn’t have them a bit ago?”she asked as she looked in my eyes and I looked down.She demanded to know what happen the last hour or so and when I didn’tanswer her, she gently raised my head to look at her with her handholding my chin. I broke down and began crying once again and a tear fellfrom my face.”Mistress Betty just left and I blew up on her and was very defiant butshe showed me the errors of my ways,” I said in between sobs.She had me turn and pull my panties down to show her which I did. Shetouched them again gently and after I pulled away a bit told me she wouldput lotion on it for me if I had some. I told her I didn’t think I didand she told me to come to her house then. I told her I was to stay inthis outfit and what she did earlier outside and I didn’t feel rightabout going out again dressed like I am.”Nonsense Jill, I will call Betty and tell her I am taking you to myplace,” she told me to my horror.I begged her not to call her and would do anything to have a night awayfrom her tonight. I told her they would go away in a bit and I would befine. She opened her arms to me and I gladly accepted a much needed hug.We embraced for a minute or so and she made sure to keep her handswrapped around me and away from my butt. I then wanted to thank herproperly and told her so.”Thank Mistress Wanda I really appreciated that,” I told her and then Ilaid my head back against her full breast.I stayed there another minute or so and remembered why she came over inthe first place and wanted to really think her for her acts of kindness.I slid one hand around and down to her ass and when she didn’t protest,slid the other up to one of her breast. I noticed she really liked myadvances so I began to work her breast a bit more. She began to moan someand I began to kiss them thru her dress.”Where is your bedroom Jill,” she asked me softly as I was driving herwild.I then broke off my advance and took her by the hand and lead her to mynew bedroom. When we got in there I quickly started clearing the bed ofthe clothes Betty left and then Wanda started helping me. When the bedwas clear she stopped me from picking up the rest and took me in anotherembrace for yet another kiss. She broke the kiss and the silence as shetold me she really thought I was hot.I took her cue and told her, “Mistress Wanda I think you are a very sexyLady yourself.”I then started to rub my hands over her girth even if I really thoughtshe was a supersized BBW. She did show me the most kindness I got allweekend and a softer side then the others. I began to rub her thighs, assand then slid a hand down the front of her body. She did the same as wemade out standing by the bed. She ended up cupping my false breast as shemade sure to avoid my butt.”May I please lick you and worship your body Mistress,” I whispered toher.She told me to lay down and then she slipped her dress off. She climbedonto the bed and I felt it bow from her weight as she hovered over top ofme. She kissed me once again and I placed a hand against her breast againas well. She then took my hands and pulled them over my head telling menot to move them. Wanda then started sucking and kissing my neck causingmy little cock to stir a bit. She ever so slowly worked her kisses downto my nighty top and mouthed each one thru it. She then began to slowlykiss further down as her hands stayed on my falsies. Seeing how they hidmy nipples which really were the most thing that turned me on, it didn’tdo much for me but her kisses were nice. She keep going until she reachedmy chastity device and then stopped.”I’ll tell you Jill, I don’t give blowjobs but today I would but yourlocked away so I can’t,” she whispered from down below.I told her it didn’t matter because that didn’t do much for me anyway.She asked me what did and not wanting to lie to her, I told her.”My nipples are the things that drive me wild Mistress Wanda,” I told heras I kept my hands where she told me too.She then started her way back up my body kissing as she climbed and whenshe reached my bra, pulled the nighty down below it. I watched as sheremoved each one of my falsies. She then began sucking and teasing myright nipple causing my cage to fill beyond capacity. I began to squirmfrom her doing so and she noticed right away. She teased it for awhilebefore giving the other equal attention. I ended up very horny and alsowished now I wasn’t locked up. But then again it was and I wished shewould stop.”My Jill your nipples seem more sensitive then most girls I think,” asshe began to drive me crazy kissing, licking, sucking and teasing themwith her hands as well.I told her they were in between moans as I thought my cage was going tobust and it began to cause a good deal of discomfort. I then beganpleading to her that I wanted to service her although I really justwanted her to stop and leave my nipples alone. Besides she was beginningto squash me under her and I wanted to be out from this before I couldn’tbreath. I saw her pull her panties off as she rolled over in the bed likea huge walrus. She was all worked up and I could already smell her as shereached up grabbing my arms and then pulling me on her.”Don’t you like me pleasuring your nipples little girl?” she asked as Ibegan running my hands over her body.”Yes Mistress Wanda, I just don’t like it being locked in my cage,” Iresponded as my hands worked her huge breast.My mouth was kissing on her neck when she said, “Well it still seems toturn you on very much.”I then told her it was like torture not being able to get a fullerection. Let alone not being able to have a release but also it was moreimportant that I do as told and I was here to do as told and at this verymoment here to please her.She took my chin and stopped me from trying to please her and made melook at her. She told me that was so unfair and I should get somethingout of it as well. I told her I did, knowing I was pleasant to whoever Iam serving at the moment and do exactly as told.As she let mine chin go and put her hand on my head guiding me back toher breast she told me, “Well I’m going to see if I can’t get a key tothat thing and let you loose when your with me.”I licked and sucked her tits and looked up to her very happy to hearthat. Not so sure Betty would agree but it is nice to know not everyonewants me to suffer. I pleasured each one of her breast before working myway down each of her rolls towards where I thought her hole was. Shehelped me find it by pulling her fat out of the way and I teased her witha few licks of tongue.”OH JILL,” she screamed out as I teased her so. I then buried my mouthdeep into her and sucked and licked her like a wild man.She began to moan very loudly and then started to squirm about. Justbefore I brought her to a climax, she clamped down hard with her thighson my head. I worked her clit feverously and then a flood of her juiceswashed over me. Lapping her up as she screamed out in pleasure and shefinally released her grip of her thighs. I slowly kissed my way back upsucking each breast one more time. I then accepted a deep kiss from herand a huge hug.”You are an amazing girl Jill and I can’t wait to get that key to returnthe favor,” she told me after breaking the kiss.She asked me, “Would you like it If I did that for you?”I told it was always nice to get my cage taken off even if it is just tobe allowed a release. I thanked her and gave her a big kiss as well. ButI also told her I didn’t think Mistress Betty would allow that as shereally liked the control she could have over me even when we are apart.”So are you happy Jill being owned by her or an owned girl in general?”she wanted to know.I told her I have always been submissive somewhat and cross dressed offand on in the past. I told her that I was so sure about being a sissy ordoing it 24/7 like Mistress Betty was doing now. I also said it was afantasy of mine but like most fantasies, reality is a lot different.”My secret is going to get out to everyone I know, the discipline is alot harsher then I ever imagined and being owned is not something I everplanned on really happening,” I told her as I looked into her eyes.She then told me that it is just Betty doing for me what I could never dofor myself and it would get easier. She went on to reassure me that I ama very pretty girl indeed and something I would grow into and blossom at.She also told me as long as she is allowed to be a part of my life andlook after me, She would make it enjoyable as well mostly.”It doesn’t have to be all bad when your with me Jill, as long as we bothget something good out of this, it will workout in the end,” she said asshe sat up and I did as well.She asked what I was doing before she came over and after getting herdress and helping get back on. I told her about Betty’s orders to geteverything put away and picked up tonight. To my surprise she said shewould help me do so. We spent the next few hours folding sorting and suchputting everything away. By the time we were done it was starting to getlate.I was very exhausted and after helping me Wanda said she was as well. Shetold me she was going to go home and I knew I had to be at Betty’s earlyalso. I gave her a big hug and kiss as I thought she was leaving and inturn she accepted both gladly.”I am going to have a talk with Betty tomorrow about a few things,” shestated as she started for the door.I thanked her for everything as I held the door for her and watched herwaddle out to her car. I then closed and locked the door and after goingto the bathroom got in my bed. I set my alarm for 5:30 A.M. and quicklywas asleep. I dreamed none of this ever happen. Then I was awoke by myalarm clock going off and it seemed like I only slept an hour or so.The first thing I noticed after waking was my attire and then my chastitydevice seeing how I was swollen inside it. So I quickly realized itwasn’t a dream but at least I was in my own place even if Betty wastaking over there as well. I still had my own house all to myself butright now I needed to get ready as Betty told me if I want to make sureshe doesn’t have a reason to be mad at least. I went straight to thebathroom and sat down to pee as this chastity cage makes one do. Whilepeeing I noticed a enema bag in the corner and thought I best do that aswell. I stripped off my nighty and panties and went and got the dish soapfor my cleansing. I then found my maid outfit she told me to show up inand then I did that thing a few times with the dreaded red bag. I thenjumped in the shower and cleaned off and got a towel as I climbed out.I then sat down and put on my bra and panties before slipping on eachthigh high. I made sure to smooth them up each leg and that the lace atthe top wasn’t twisted. I then went to find some makeup and worked to getit the best I could. That wasn’t an easy task today for some reason but Ieventually got it all on as good as possible. I then brushed out a wigand pulled the maid dress over my head and body. I just wish it wasn’t soshort and at least went down my thighs more. I put on the apron and thenthe wig checking in the mirror to see if it was all in order. And thenfinally found my 3 inch heels and seemed ready to go. On the way out Ifound the purse Bobbie gave me and with one last look around, darted formy truck. I was glad it was still dark for the short trip to Betty’shouse.As I arrived I noticed just her and Alice’s cars in the driveway andparked to the side of the house out of the way. I wasn’t sure if the doorwould be locked since she told me to knock but yet everyone still seemedasleep. So I tried the door and it opened up and after the initial dogsbarking seemed very quiet. I went right to Betty’s room and peeked inseeing her sleeping away. I then decided to do as she said and made hercoffee and picking up the place while it brewed. I gave the dogs sometreats and then made her coffee the way she liked it.Sneaking into her room and shutting the door behind me, I nudged her andtold her, “Your coffee is ready Mistress Betty.”I then placed it on the night stand and went to the foot of the bed. Ithought I didn’t really want to do this but she told me how to wake herproperly the other day. I pulled the sheet up and slid under it at herfeet. Kissing her softly as I crawled further under them. I kissed my wayup her legs and she began to stir a bit. As I got closer to her pussy shemust have woke up because she rolled a bit so I could gain access. Iwrapped my hands around her thighs and lowered my mouth to her more andcould smell her sex coming from her and began licking away at her likeshe described. I stayed there about 10 minutes when she began to moan. Ifelt her tense up just before a flood of juices washed over my face. Ithen licked her a few more times before sliding back out the way Icrawled in.”That was very nice Jill, you did a good job,” she told me as i got backon my heels and looked up to her.I thanked her and came around getting her the coffee I made her. I handedit to her and she sat up in bed naked as the covers fell off her and shetook a sip. I was really hoping she liked it so much she would unlock mychastity device. That didn’t happen as she kept sipping her coffee makingme wait.”How may I service you Mistress,” I asked her after she looked at myuniform.She told me I could get her phone off the charger for her and then go fixmy makeup before starting breakfast. She wanted eggs, bacon toast andorange juice and while I was at it go see if Alice wanted some.So I take it no release for me then and I told her, “yes Mistress, rightaway.”I gave a curtsey and started to back out of her room where I use to sleepfor years. Just as I was about to walk out she summoned me back to her. Ishut the door again and stood next to her wondering if maybe she wasgoing to reward me. Instead she lifted my short dress and tugged on mycage and told me to turn around.”It’s good to see your excited in your little cage but where is your buttplug sissy?” she asked.I couldn’t believe myself that I forgot that and she told me I wouldanswer for that when she got up.”Now go get breakfast as I check my phone,” she told me with a stern lookand tone in her voice.I told her another yes Ma’am and gave another curtsey and hurried for thedoor. I made it out of the bedroom and shut the door behind me again. Ithen went to get the food out and then crept down the hall and knockedlightly on Alice’s door. I knocked a bit louder until she told me to comein. I could see she just woke up and seemed surprised I was there anddressed.”No I think I’m going back to sleep,” she told me as she laid back down.I told her O.K. and apologized for waking her up before shutting her doorand heading back to the kitchen. I started making the food like she toldme and when it was about ready I noticed she came out and sat at hercomputer. I was in a lull for a minute so I went to see if she neededmore coffee.I approached and asked “May I get you a refill Mistress Betty?” I askedas I saw her answering some chat messages.She didn’t even look at me when she handed me her cup and kept ready hermessages. I simply took her cup and backed away as I went to get hermore. I was just finishing up her food as well and took both back to her.”So it seems you made a good impression with Wanda yesterday and shewants to come over this morning,” she stated as I sat her food on thetable next to her.I was hoping she would not be upset by anything Wanda might have said toher and found out another surprise as well. She got up and went to sit atthe table as I stood there at attention. I then got her chair for her asshe sat down and listened as she said she figured out a way to pay myhouse payment. I thought she was going to do that but I guess not andwith me having to quit work to be a fulltime sissy for her to control.”I have another friend you know that will be moving in with you and willhelp you find work,” she said as she began to eat.I didn’t want anyone moving into my house as it was bad enough sherearranged and stole my stuff. I watched as she stuffed her face and tookan opportunity to speak up.”I thought you said you had money from your parents and you wanted to paymy house payment so I could be your sissy fulltime Mistress,” I blurtedout.She put down her fork and motioned me to her with a finger wave. Istepped up closer and she just reached up and slapped me hard across theface. I stood my ground without stumbling backwards but it hurt verymuch.”For one thing, never speak to me without getting permission orresponding to a question,” she told me as she grabbed my collar.”Secondly you seriously think you are going to get a free ride and nothave to pay your own way?” she went on to say and then she let go.I was then told to go to her closet and retrieve her cane and when I gotback holding it out for her, she snatched it from me and told me to standin the corner to wait as she finished her food. I went and stood therewith my face pressed against the wall and she went on to tell me how itwas going to go while she ate. I learned a whole lot as I waitedlistening to every word and not believing what she told me but also knewshe was right. She is always right and I am stuck in this situation withlittle I can do without losing everything from family and friends toeverything I own.”You remember Rick from my group, he said he could put you to work,” Iheard her say as I heard her get up from the table.She came closer telling me how he would be moving in with me in the nextweek or so. She told me that tomorrow we would be doing a bar night withher leather group to raise money and that I would be very involved inthat. They usually sell raffle tickets and a few demo’s are preformed butI had a feeling this would be very different.”He said we could use a slut like you to raise money as well as selljello shots and raffle tickets,” she told me as she pulled up my outfitand rubbed my ass.I then felt her tapping my inner thighs with that cane “I think after heuses you and pimps your sorry ass out, we might even find you a regulargig as a working girl.””Get this through your stupid little head once and for all that I ownyour sorry ass and you will do exactly as told from now and you have nosay in it,” as she pulled my clasped hand I have behind my back furtherup behind me causing me some pain and to tippy toe in the corner.She went on to tell me as she whispered in my ear “I don’t care what hedoes to you, be it **** you, pimp you out or beat you, you little worm.”She still held my wrist as she pulled me out of the corner and told me tolean over the table for her. I quickly did so and was told to hold thefarther edge of it and place my face against it. I could feel her run herhand up my thigh and then pull my dress up exposing my panties. I knewwhat was coming next and knew it wasn’t going to be good. She then hadthe dogs go outside and locked them out so they wouldn’t get excited ather destroying me because they don’t like any roughing around. She thencame back to me and shook my chastity device before placing her caneagainst me.”No need to count and thank me for each stroke this time seeing my k**sare still asleep, and you best keep quiet yourself,” she said just as thefirst blow landed across both cheeks.I jumped up off the table just a bit as the pain shot thru my body andthen landed back across the table. She then placed the cane in positionright where the last blow landed and hit me again. The pain hurt so bad Ibegan to cry, wanting to scream out but knew better as I bit my lip. Ialso wanted to stop the assault and run away but knew I was at her mercyeven if she had none for me. Another four strokes landed and the tearswhere flowing and she seemed to enjoy my pain.”Someday you will learn your place and pay more attention to details,” asyet another blow lashed my cheeks.”If you would follow the rules you have and also remembered your buttplug, you wouldn’t be over my table right now,” Betty said as one moreblow landed hard again.I wasn’t sure if I could take another blow or knew if she had a number ofthem left to give when the knock at the door surprised her and saved me.She placed the cane next to me and grabbed my hair pulling my head up”Don’t you dare move while I see who that is.”She then let go and my head fell against the hard wood table and into thepuddle of drool and tears I made. Betty went and answered the door and toboth our surprises it was Wanda standing there. Betty’s demeanor changedinstantly from totally pissed to very friendly. She welcomed her insideand I turned my head to face away like Betty left me so she wouldn’tnotice I moved it.”So nice to see you Wanda, would you like some coffee or something?”Betty asked her as she shut the door.Wanda told her sure but she said she just stopped by to discuss me asBetty told her to have a seat on the couch. Betty went into the kitchento get her coffee and I was hoping Wanda would come over and stick up forme and let me up. I stayed sprawled over the table not moving as Bettyreturned.”So what was it you wanted to talk about Wanda?” Betty asked as she gaveher the coffee and sat down.I heard Wanda ask what I was doing over the table like that and Bettytold her I keep forgetting the rules. She then told her that was the bestway to keep me from becoming a lazy unruly girl.”Someday she will learn the rules and pay better attention to what isasked of her,” Betty said.Wanda then told Betty that I was a very attentive girl for her and seemedvery well mannered girl when I was with her yesterday. Betty told her itwas because of the discipline and her effort she has instilled in me tokeep me so. Wanda thanked her for allowing me to come over and also forallowing me to serve her as well.”No thank you for everything you have done for me Wanda, it’s the least Ican do, I’m just glad she was on her best behavior for you,” Betty toldher.Wanda then asked Betty if she would mind me servicing her even more inthe future. Betty told her anytime I wasn’t busy I was to do whateverWanda wished. Wanda said she would like then to be able to have me staywith her some nights and her stay at my place as well. Then I heard herask the question that I wasn’t sure Betty would like and might get madover.”If you don’t mind I would like a key as well to her chastity device so Icould use her clit sometimes as well,” Wanda asked her as I held mybreath.Then I heard Betty laughing some as she replied ,” I don’t think so Wandaand besides she will be very busy with the plans I have for her,” Bettytold her in response.Betty went on to tell her that I needed locked up for my own good butother then that she could use me as she saw fit. I was to do whatever andwhenever Wanda said if I wasn’t busy serving Betty’s plans. As for mestaying at her place or her staying at mine, well that won’t be possibleas she had plans on me having a room mate soon enough and I was going tobe busy in the near future. She Explained to her that her friend Rick wasgoing to be helping her as well with me and that he was planning onmoving into my place very soon.”But if you still want to stop by, I will tell him it is O.K. andintroduce the two of you,” Betty told her.I was hoping Wanda would put up a protest on my behave but didn’t hearsuch. Instead I heard Betty call me to them to which I got up and pulledmy dress back down as I made my way to them. I stopped in front of themand gave a deep curtsey and acknowledged her command.”Yes Mistress Betty?” Was all I said as I looked into her face and triedto avoid looking at Wanda.Betty had me kneel next to her and she stroked my hair as she reminded meof the things she just told Wanda. Betty asked me if I agreed with herand I eagerly did so to avoid making her mad. After agreeing with her andmaking her fell very happy, she pulled my head to lap as I kneeled nextto her.”I thought I would at least ask as she is a very nice girl and I wouldlove to be able to reward her as well as use her more,” Wanda stated asBetty stroked my head.Betty then pulled my head up by the chin to look at her as she told WandaI get more rewards then I deserve “Don’t you Jill?””Yes Mistress Betty,” was my reply and I saw Betty looking at meexpecting such an answer.Betty then put my head back in her lap and returned to stroking my hairgently. Her and Wanda spent the next 20 minutes or so discussing me, thebar night coming up, what was expected of me as well as what Rick mightdo with me.”A girl needs to pay her bills somehow don’t you agree Wanda?” Bettychuckled as she brushed me off of her.To my horror I watched as Wanda too laughed about Betty’s statement.Betty then told me to refill their coffees to which I got up andretrieved the coffee pot along with a small tray of cream and assortedsweeteners. I refilled Betty’s first and then Wanda’s and then went tomake more coffee just in case. After doing so I returned to stand next toBetty as she has taught me and await her next orders.Then Mary the grandk** came in the room and crawled up in Betty’s lap.The talk turned from me to her and Betty asked her if she was hungry. Thek** told her yes and I was told to go make her some eggs, bacon andtoast.”Yes Mistress Betty, right away,” I told her as i gave a curtsey andbacked away.I was in the middle of making the eggs when Betty called me back into theliving room. I stopped in the middle of cooking and returned to discoverthe brat changed her mind. She now wanted cereal and I was told to gether that and chocolate milk instead. I returned after telling her yesMa’am and made the requested stuff and served it to the table. I thenwent back to finish the cooking so it wasn’t wasted. I was getting hungrymyself and hoping the food I made would go uneaten so that I might haveit when Betty and Wanda came into the kitchen as I was cleaning up. Theconversation had then returned to me as I heard Wanda saying what a goodsissy I was.”She is learning but still needs a lot of work,” Betty said as she tookthe left over food I wanted and gave it to the three dogs who werewaiting.”Good morning,” Alice said as she too entered the kitchen and greeted hermother and Wanda.Betty kissed her and asked if she was hungry to which she said surebecause it smelled so good. Betty then told me to make her some food aswell even though I had done cleaned up mostly. Making sure no one saw howmade I was, i just got everything back out and started making more. As Iserved Alice her food I over heard Wanda asking if I could go with herfor awhile.”No I’m sorry but she has a lot to do this today with cleaning and I planon her working outside as well,” Betty told her as I looked at Wanda.Wanda then told Betty she would love to at least use me for a bit andBetty told her that was not a problem. Betty then told Wanda she coulduse her room if she wanted to right now and she jumped at the chancetelling her a big thank you.”Jill go show Wanda my room as she needs your assistance,” Betty told me.I told her right away and took Wanda’s hand and led the way shutting thedoor behind us. Wanda whispered to me as soon as the door was shut andtold me how sorry she was she couldn’t get a key to my chastity device.She also told me that I looked so hot in my maid outfit she was allworked up.”It’s ok Ma’am and how may I assist you,” I told her as she embraced mein her arms.She ran her arms up and down my thighs and told me that I could work mymagic with my mouth if I wanted. It isn’t a matter of what I want I know,especially with Betty in the other room. So I just got right to my taskand slid down the front of her undoing her pants as I hit my knees.Tugging them down over her huge hips I could see her panties were alreadyvery wet. I massaged them first before pulling them down as well andlicking her wet spot under her fat belly. Wanda pulled it up for me and Istuck my tongue deeply into her working it up and down as I licked away.”Oh Jill you are so good at this,” Wanda moaned quietly as I sucked andlicked her from my knees.Soon enough she was tensing up and rested her huge belly on top of myhead as she used her hands to pull me deeper into her. I struggled butmanaged to work my tongue faster until she exploded on my face. I washeld there for a minute before she let go of her grip. I pulled backafter kissing her thigh and looked up to her.”OMG Jill you are amazing and I wish I could return the favor but we bestget back out there,” she told me as she reached to pull her panties up.I helped her get them up and then her pants making sure I was the one whofastened them for her and only getting up when she suggested so bytugging at my arm. “Thank you Mistress Wanda for the opportunity toservice you and it is ok,” I told her even though I truly wished my ownswollen cock could be relieved as well.We both entered the living room where I noticed Alice was done eating andleft the dishes at the table. I quickly started to clean them up beforeWanda told Betty she was going to go. She thanked Betty again forallowing me to serve her as well and Betty looked over to me, giving methe cue to escort Wanda to the door. I watched as she walked out and thenshut the door.Betty then called me back to the present telling me that “Right now JillI want you to pick up the dishes and kitchen, then gather the laundry andall the bed sheets.”While I started doing so the two ladies got on their computers and thek** played and watched cartoons. After I got that started I was told Iwould dust, sweep, mop, vacuum, and if that wasn’t enough, make lunch anddiner as well. Betty also said she expected me to work on the yard todayas well. And I was sure she meant dressed like this as well. They say amaids work is never done but this is ridicules. I managed to geteverything done she told me to do without pissing her off any the rest ofthe day. I even went outside dressed like this and pretty sure theneighbors could tell it was me but at the moment I just focused on thetask at hand. They never said anything to me but I am pretty sure theyall know my secret now. None the less after non stop working, Betty had aspotless house and a big start to what the yard use to look like when Ilived here before.”Jill you need to come in here,” Betty yelled as I was finishing weedingthe yard and I quickly got up and hurried inside.”You called Mistress Betty,” I asked her after finding her in her bedroomgetting dressed.I gave a curtsey and waited for a response as she finished putting on herskirt. She told me to get her boots and I did so helping her get them onwhile she told me my day was done here and I could go home. She was goingout with her Man Ed and that I had to make sure to get ready for my bigday tomorrow. She started putting on her jewelry and left me wonderingwhat she meant by my big day.”If I may ask Mistress, what is tomorrow and what do I need to do, Ithought Tuesday was my day to go to Mistress Bobbies place?” I asked withmy hands behind me and my head bowed.Betty told me that tomorrow is the big bar night with her leather groupand my service will be in great demand as she will be there as well. Ineeded to be ready and over here at noon to prepare the food and jelloshots. I also would need to be in my yellow sissy outfit along with MaryJane shoes, ankle socks, tan thigh highs under those along with whiteruffle panties and petticoats. She also said a matching bra and myfalsies of course along with a slutty outfit as well.”In fact bring two slutty outfits with you, the school girl one and thatshort pink skirt and pink blouse as well,” she instructed me.She then told me I was dismissed and I best be here and ready like shesaid or else. I then Thanked her and backed out of her room and headedfor the door in case she changed her mind, I couldn’t wait to get homeand sit down and try and find something to eat. I know about those barnights and how those gay leather guys look down on cross dressers, letalone sissies. I was by no means looking forward to that but for now awarm shower would feel nice.Well I made it home after a very long day at Betty’s house and besidesall the cleaning, I almost had the yard back to the way it was when I useto live there. My maid outfit was very dirty as was I and I guess she hasa very busy day planned for me tomorrow. I made it home after dark and inthe house and just sat on the couch exhausted trying to relax before Iwashed up. It wasn’t long though and my phone rang and when I looked atit, realized it was Wanda. She was not what I expected and I thoughtabout not answering it. Then I thought that might get me in trouble so Idid it anyway.”Hello Mistress Wanda, how are you tonight?” I asked her.She told me she was fine and wondered if I had eaten yet to which I toldher no. She told me she was going to McDonalds and wanted to know if shecould get me some as well. I was sure there wasn’t much to eat here so Itold her sure but I couldn’t pay her. She told me she understood and Icould pay her back another way after we eat. She then told me she wouldsee me soon and hung up. I’m not sure if it was the big day coming up orthe long day I had today or not wanting to serve her or all of itcombined but I started to break down and cry. I thought about calling thepolice and ending all of this once and for all but also knew if I did soI would not only have to explain it all, loose my home and anyone I everknew that doesn’t know my secret will find out if they even believed me.I already am way behind on my bills and haven’t showed up to work inabout a week so and now don’t have a job either.Wanda then pulled up and I realized I hadn’t even moved since I first gothome. I was still all dirty and my makeup was a mess and even more sonow. I really wasn’t wanting to see her or anyone and didn’t get up offthe couch until she reached the door. I opened it for her and steppedaside as she walked in. She could tell right away what a mess I was.”What is wrong Jill?” Wanda asked as she turned to get a good look at me.I just told her I just had a very bad and long day but would be alrightin no time. She seemed very concerned and told me to sit down on thecouch as she sat next to me and put the bags of food down by us.”Now tell me what is really going on here baby girl,” she asked me.I looked up at her and really didn’t want to tell her as I was afraidsomehow if I do it will get me in more trouble. She put one hand on mythigh and the other brushed away my tears. I sat there unsure what to dowhen she asked me again and then softly kissed my lips. After the kissshe pulled back and looked at me waiting.”I’m so sorry Mistress Wanda but I’m not sure I can do this anymore,” Itold her as she rubbed my leg a bit.She kissed me one more time and then asked “What do you mean you aren’tsure you can do this anymore, is it me?”I looked into her eyes and let it all out as I started by telling her itwasn’t really her but everything. I explained to her that Betty and I hada long femdom relationship but nothing like this. It ran it’s course andwe both moved on and this house was my new start. I had a really nicevanilla girlfriend until Betty came back and here I am now. Now it is somuch more then when we were together along with others to have to servebesides just Betty. I explained that it’s true I have been a life longcloset cross dresser and Betty expanded it a great deal, but nothing likeit is now. Now it is nonstop control and 24/7 dressing as a girl and nowit is and I don’t pass that well either. Betty has a no nonsense policythis time around expects me to work and serve as a girl without anyvanilla involved. She even has taken control of everything from chastityto my new relationship and home.”Well I realize it is a lot and as long as I am a part of it you will bemy baby girl and a very sexy one at that,” as she hugged me in a very bighug and embrace.While holding me tightly she told me I did look very much like a realgirl and deep down it seems I always wanted this. She held me for aminute and then leaned back and said if I truly wanted this all to endthat she would help anyway she could. But I still didn’t trust her toldher it was ok. I also knew no matter what, Betty would do anything tokeep control over me and if she knew I tried to get away it would be verybad if she ever caught up with me. Even worse then it is now and I wouldhave to move very far away to have a chance but with no funds to do so Iwas stuck.”Thank you so much Mistress Wanda but you have already done so much forme I could never repay you,” and not wanting her to thank any different,I kissed her cheek.I then began softly kissing her neck and told her I would always lovebeing her gurl whether I belonged to Betty or not. She accepted myadvance even though I was a dirty mess and tilted her head back as Istarted kissing her neck. She pulled me to her and really started gettingworked up so I began doing my part and working her huge breast in myhands softly. I started to kiss further down her neck to the neckline ofher dress. She then started rubbing my legs and working her hands furtherup as well. That was when I remembered I had that damn chastity devicelocked on when my lil dick started to grow.”Oh Jill you are definitely an amazing gurl,” she told me as she shiftedher huge body trapping me against the couch.She then took over and held me there as her hands began to really roamand now she was rubbing my falsies in my bra. Her other hand was all overmy legs and she parted them as she explored further up my outfit. Shethen stopped and started to untie my apron and had me take it off. Shetugged at the hem of my maid outfit and started pulling it up.”Take this off baby girl and let mommy see your sexy body,” she whisperedas we both pulled it up and over my head.Leaving me there in my panties, bra, stockings and heels, she quicklyresumed her advances.She held me down on the couch with her elbow as her hand caressed myfalsie in my bra again. Her other hand spread my legs and worked strokingmy silky thigh highs driving me wild. She began kissing me and soon movedher kisses to my neck. I tried to return her advance with some of my ownbut she then took my wrist and pulled them over my head.She then told me not to move them and keep them there as well as “Somedayday sweetie I will get a key to your chastity device but from theswelling in your cage, it seems you still are enjoying yourself.”Wanda then slide her hands into my bra and took out both falsies and setthem aside. She then reached around me unhooking my bra and removing itas well. Placing one leg over mine, she spread my legs again as she thenproceeded to kiss my nipples causing me to moan loudly. As one handteased one nipple and the other stroked my legs, you mouth attacked mynipple. I dared not move as told and was very worked up but stillstraining very much in my cage. She then switched her tease with hermouth to the other nipple and began rubbing my ass under me. Slipping herhand into my panties she began to tease my hole. My moaning got evenlouder as she had me so worked up.”My baby girl seems to like this so much by the goo coming from insideyour cage, I even think you came like a girl does,” she told me as sherubbed her finger over my cage.I think she might be right but it was not a normal orgasm like I usuallyhave but there was lots of goo as she said and I was very worked up aswell. She then stopped and pulled her dress over her head and reached uppulling my arms down. She placed my hands on her breast and I took thatas my cue. I instantly began kissing her neck and working very hard topleasure her by teasing and pinching her nipples.”Oh that’s it baby girl, show me how much you want me,” she whispered inbetween moans of pleasure.I did this for awhile until she spread her thighs and began to guide meout from under her and onto the floor. I kept kissing her softly as Ilowered to the floor and teasing her breast as I reached up. Wanda thenpulled her panties off and as she raised up to remove them took my headand pulled it to her pussy. Not able to get to it because of her fat, Ijust kissed around where I thought it might be. She then pulled it upexposing her wet spot as she took her other hand and put my face tightlyinto her. I licked and sucked her vigorously as she spread her legs wide.Soon enough she had both hands on my head and had it moving as she wishedback and fourth and up and down.”MMMMMMM JILL YOU ARE AMAZING,” she screamed out as she tensed up and Iwas flooded with a wave of her juices washing over my face.She held me there jerking a few times as I continued my licking away.Then she relaxed I could feel and her grip lessened on my head. She thentook my collar pulling me back up her body as she let her girth go covingup her now even more wet spot. I kissed her softly on the way back upuntil our lips meet and we twisted our tongues around each other in adance.”That as always was amazing Jill, did you like it as well,” she asked aswe both collapsed into the couch exhausted.That was actually amazing as well I thought and although I didn’t have aninstant orgasm like normal I was spent and there was a gooey mess comingfrom my cage. I told her she was the amazing one and I always love theway she made me feel wanted and a special girl. She reached over gettingthe bag of food and realized it was very cold now.”I’ll tell you what little girl, you go get cleaned up and I will makeyou something else to eat,” she told me as she ushered me up off thecouch. I got up and helped her first get her dress and put it over herhead as she got up.”Yes Ma’am, as you wish Mistress,” I told her as I headed to get me a newset of panties and a nighty.She headed for the kitchen as I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Iwas about finished in the shower when she came in the room and told methat she couldn’t find much food in there and instead of a nighty, shewould like me to go with her to get the place a few groceries. I turnedoff the water and climbed out into a towel she held for me.”I will pick you out something to wear while you dry off sweetie,” shetold me as she headed for the door.”But Mistress it will take me a while to get my makeup done,” I explainedto her stopping her in her tracks.She turned to tell me it was late and just a bit of make up would do andshe would pick out something not so flashy to wear. She assured me itwould be a quick trip and ok. I again told her a yes Ma’am and got mypanties on as she went to find the rest of my outfit. I quickly appliedsome light makeup and looked horrible when I went to find her. She wassitting on the couch eating the cold fast food with my clothes she wantedme to wear next to her. She had me a dress like hers, a long black softdress and a bra along with some 2 inch heels.”I look horrible Mistress,” I told her as I fixed the wig back on my headand I looked at her.She told me nonsense and she handed me the bra along with my falsies toput on. I did so and she then helped me put on my dress and she stoodback saying once again how nice I looked. I still didn’t believe her butdidn’t want to argue with her either. I was then told to get my heels onand that we would be right back. So I did as told and followed her out toher car. She opened the door for me and I climbed in and she went aroundgetting in herself. She took my hand as we drove off and soon arrived atthe store and found a parking spot. She got out but I was still verynervous and sat still until she told me to come on. I reluctantly got outand she took my hand again and we walked in. She grabbed a basket andhanded it to me as she picked out some stuff to make to eat. She got somechicken and potatoes as well as some veggies. We picked up some sweet teaand then she lead us to the counter. I tried not to notice the peoplestaring as we went along but did notice and felt very much like a guydressed in a dress.She noticed my anxiety and told me, “Don’t worry about them Jill, theyjust see a very sexy Lady.”She paid for the stuff as I bagged it up and not soon enough for me, weheaded back to her car.`We put the stuff in the car and as she started it, I put the cart away.I then got in and she told me, “See that wasn’t so bad was it.”I told her no but was only doing so because that was what I know shewanted to hear. We got home and made it back into the house and she toldme to go relax while she made us diner. I went to sit down when shestopped me and told me now I could put on that nighty. So I went tochange and then I sat down on the couch and closed my eyes as I was verytired. Soon enough she woke me up saying the food was done. I went to thekitchen and she made us each a plate heaping in food. I followed her tothe living room and sat back down after her and we began to eat.”This is so good Mistress, thank you,” I told her as she was shoving herface full of food.I only could eat about halve of what she made before I was stuffed and Itold her so. She couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to eat it all and askedif I was sure I was full. I told her I was and after she finished herplate, ate the rest of mine as well. I then took the plates to thekitchen and when I returned my phone rang. I looked at it when Wandahanded it to me noticing it was Bobbie.I answered it by saying and greeting her, “Hello Mistress Bobbie.”She told me hello as well and asked if I was ready for the big daytomorrow and how she will be there as well. I told her I was although Ithought that Tuesdays were the days I was supposed to be at her service.She said it would be and that while serving at the bar, I would beserving under her as well. She told me there will be plenty of Tuesdaysin which I will be at her place and Thursday I will be expected there aswell still.”In fact little one I will was planning on being there early tomorrow tohelp you with your makeup, but then again why don’t you come over herenow and we can show up tomorrow together.” she informed me as I listenedin shock.”Daddy, Gina and myself will be going tomorrow as well and it would beeasier if you just come here tonight,” she told me as I sat looking atWanda.After a moment of silence on my part she asked in a more stern voice”Well have you got your stuff and on your way yet, Daddy is here and weare waiting.”I didn’t want to go but knew better then to say no, I feared her and whatBetty would do to me if I did. I told her I was on my way and saw Wandalooking at me and hearing my end of the conversation. Bobbie wasexpecting me there in about 30 minutes I knew so I told Wanda I was goingto Bobbie’s as she told me too.”I will be there soon Mistress as I am leaving now,” I told Bobbie andshe told me to bring my outfits and a nighty for tonight as well.I hung up and Wanda said she didn’t want me to go but she understood. Shethen asked me if I would rather stay here and I told her I would but thatwas impossible as Betty sort of gave Bobbie control over me whenever Iwasn’t with her. Wanda didn’t understand because that is the same thingthat Betty told her. I had to explain that Bobbie was more so a veryexperienced domme and was more so right behind Betty in this chain ofcommand.”Well that not right because I’m just as important as she is,” Wanda toldme.I didn’t have time to explain or argue so I told her that if I didn’t gonow it would be very bad for me and besides, Bobbie was more so incommand because she too had a key to my chastity device. That seemed toreally upset her and she got up off the couch and wanted me to callBobbie back. I told her that wasn’t a very good ideal and would only getme in trouble. I again told her I had to go so I wouldn’t be late andWanda looked madder then I ever seen her before.”Well fine you go then and leave me here, I see now who is more importantto you,” she told me as she gathered her stuff and headed for the door.I wanted to stop her and try to ease her mind but then again I knew thatwould be difficult and Bobbie was already waiting. I watched her pull outand speed off and then quickly gathered my yellow sissy dress and acouple slutty outfits that Betty told me to bring tomorrow. I quicklychanged into the school girl outfit for the ride over and put everythingin a suit case along with the nighty I just took off. Making sure I tooka few pairs of panties, stockings, garters, thigh highs, and another wigas well just in case. I then grabbed my purse and keys and took my stuffand headed for my truck. I was on my way when I noticed I needed gas or Iwouldn’t make it to her place. I saw one gas station full of cars and theother across the street was pretty much empty.I pulled in and realized I didn’t have a card anymore thanks to Betty andonly had the 20 bucks Bobbie gave me. So I had to go inside to pay andafter a strange look from the young sales girl was back pumping my gas.My phone buzzed as I was hanging up the nozzle and I saw it was a messagefrom Wanda.It read “I hope you like the choice you choose tonight, have fun withthat.”That just made it even harder not to turn around and rush back to her.But knowing better I got back in my truck and kept going to Bobbie’splace. I arrived and parked behind a car I figured was daddy’s car infront of her garage. I gathered my things and knocked on her door. Sheanswered it by opening the door and looked a little upset with me. Thatcaused me some worry and I dropped my suitcase and gave her a curtseywhile standing on her door step.”Here as requested Mistress Bobbie, sorry it took so long,” I told her asI held my curtsey and waited for her to respond.She looked me up and down for a few seconds before stepping aside.”Nice choice in outfits little girl, Daddy is going to love it,” she toldme as I gathered my stuff and made my way past her.As I did she reached under my very short skirt and rubbed my butt. I’mjust glad I didn’t forget to put my butt plug in this time and Icontinued to the living room. I stood there wondering where to put mythings until she pointed to the corner of the room. I dropped it in thecorner and then went right to her and gave her another curtsey. Shelooked amazing once again in her red night gown and black stockings andof course her heels. Her makeup was flawless even for it being so late,much better then mine was.”I was starting to worry about you Jill and wondering what took you solong,” she stated as I stood before her.She went on to explain that she doesn’t like to be kept waiting and weboth have a busy day planned tomorrow. I told her again how sorry I wasand hoped she would forgive me. I tried to tell her that Wanda was thereand had plans for me at the time of her call and it took longer then Iwanted for her to leave.”OK, Lift up that skirt and show me what my girl has on under thatskirt,” she told me as I held the hem in a curtsey already.I lifted it all the way up exposing my lacey thigh high tops, panties,chastity device and my butt plug. Bobbie had me slowly turn to show hereverything and only then was I allowed to let it down. Still holding itas I stopped and looked at her when she pointed at her feet.”Come here and kneel little one,” she commanded me as she stood with herother hand on her hip.I approached her and knelt before her looking up to her with my handsplaced behind my back together as I was taught. She then told me to kissher feet to which I got on all fours and did so softly tending to eachtoe as I kissed them both. With a nudge from her foot I stopped andreturned to my previous position. Then I saw her part her night gownexposing her panties and cock. Pushing it forward a touch she then toldme to kiss it as well.”Yes Mistress,” was all I said before getting right to it and I leanedforward kissing her cock thru her panties as she moaned her approval.She reached down stroking my wig as I kissed it a few times beforetelling me to get up. She said Daddy was in the bedroom and she couldwait for him to see me. I was told to grab my nighty and follow her. Igrabbed my Nighty and she waited and then I followed right behind her. Weboth walked into the room and Daddy was already naked in the bed underthe covers. He took a look at us and pulled them off as he sat up.”Oh Jill you look delicious,” he said as he held his arms out for me tocome to him.He took me in his arms for a warm hug and then held me away from him sometelling me to hold still while he looked me over. He then ran his handsover my legs and up to my ass and kissed my chest right above my blouse.He gripped my cheeks and ran a finger over my hole. I followed his leadas he guided me over his lap and he pulled my skirt up. I watched Bobbiewhile he rubbed my ass and told me how nice it was to see me again. Hethen let me up and Bobbie told me that I should thank him properly bykneeling beside the bed and kissing his cock.”Yes Mistress right away,” I told her as I knelt besides the bed next tohim as he spread his legs a bit for me.”Good evening Sir,” I told him just before I leaned in and kissed hiscock softly and his hand went right to the top of my head holding methere.I kissed it a few more times very softly even though he was already veryhard. I gave him a lick like I thought he might like as well. He moaned abit as I did so but let go of my head as well. So I sat up on my kneeslooking up to him and he brushed my cheek with a soft touch.”Go ahead and change into your nighty Jill, we will wait,” Bobbie toldme.I told her another yes Ma’am before getting up and getting it. I turnedto go to the bathroom when she told me to change right there. So Istopped as they watched and slowly unbuttoned my blouse taking it off.Then I reached behind me unzipping my skirt, letting it fall beforestepping out of it and putting both in a chair in the corner.”So sexy Jill,” Daddy told me as I stood there in my undies as I sortedout my baby doll nighty I brought with me to wear.I slipped in it and adjusted the straps over my shoulders and as Ifinished Bobbie sat in the bed and motioned for me to climb in betweenthe two of them. I then went to the foot of the bed and saw she still hadher heels on so I left mine on as well and crawled up between them.Bobbie patted the pillows between them telling Daddy that “you ought tosee the other outfits Betty told her to bring for tomorrow.”As I situated on my back with them on each side, Daddy had me roll overto face him for a kiss. He took me in his roaming arms and kissed medeeply. My hands ended up on his waist but not for long as he guided oneof them to his massive cock. His hands were on my breast forms and assand legs. With my back to Bobbie she too played with my ass and soonenough had my panties pulled down in the back. Soon enough as well Daddyguided me downward towards his cock that was throbbing in my hand. Bobbiethen pulled out my butt plug causing me to moan a bit as it popped out.”Come on Jill and taste your Mistress on Daddy’s cock,” he told me as henow pushed my head down to it.That forced my rear end up a bit and Bobbie took my hips and gave my assI lick. She commented that I hadn’t washed my pussy lately but that wasok. Daddy shoved his rock hard cock to my lips and I didn’t hesitate towrap my lips around it sucking softly. As I did so he moaned and Bobbiestuck a finger in me making me suck harder. Daddy was holding my head inplace as well as working my breast forms. I really wasn’t the least bitwanting this by the way my own cock was lifeless and Wanda already had meexcited earlier but I kept going anyway.”Oh Jill your pussy is still so tight even with wearing your plug, didyou wear it all night?” Bobbie asked me as if I could answer her with mymouth very full.I just moaned a whimper in response as Daddy started thrusting his hipsslowly. Bobbie then moved my legs some so she could get between them andDaddy held me on his cock as he used my mouth. I felt Bobbies legs rubmine and that felt a bit exciting until I felt something insert into mybackside. I squealed some as she thrusted into me from behind.”MMMMMMMM Jill you feel so good Bobbie said,” and Steve agreed as hispace quickened.I was then trapped being used on both ends while she poked my back sideand he jabbed my mouth. He began to twitch in my mouth I could feel witheach thrust and I thought he was getting closer so I sucked even harderwanting this to end. He began to moan and grunt louder then and soonenough held me deep onto him making me gag a bit.Steve then shot a load into my mouth as I tried my best not to puke.Bobbie at the same time picked up her pace on my pussy as well. Steveheld me on him until he started to soften and then pulled out. Bobbie onthe other hand kept humping away at me from behind and now she wasreaching under my breast forms to tease my nipples. I reached behind mepulling her closer by my hand on her ass and soon after she too tensed updeep inside me. I could feel deep min me her explode a warm feelingdeeply inside me. She bit my neck some and then sucked on it until shefinished giving me her full load.She then too pulled out and pulled me to her to taste her cock after shefinished as well. I swung around and locked my mouth around her suckingthe slime from her cock. The taste was horrible and I now wished I didtake the time to clean my insides before coming here.”Now you know why I say you must always be clean inside and out,” Bobbietold me as I sucked her clean.As I was in between her legs, I felt my butt plug go back in by Daddy.When she felt I cleaned her enough she tugged on my arm to get me up. Ipulled off with a slurping noise and she patted the pillows between them.I crawled to the pillows and the three of us laid down.”Good night sweetie,” Daddy told me as he rolled over wrapping an armaround me as he pressed his naked body against me.Bobbie got up and said she needed to go to the bathroom and that shewould be right back. She was gone for a few minutes but soon returned,climbing bed with us and then snuggled up closely behind me. She thenwhispered in my ear a good night and also told me the alarm is set for meto make the coffee in the morning.”Yes Mistress Bobbie,” I told her and then she kissed the back of my neckand soon enough my exhausted body was asleep.I was awaken by Bobbie nudging me after turning off the alarm. She toldme to go get the coffee ready and get cleaned up before coming back tothe bedroom. So I snuck out of the bed and out from under Steve’s arm. Hedidn’t even seem to notice probably because I looked at the clock and itwas 5:30 A.M. in the morning.I whispered out loud “OMG I feel like I just went to bed.”I hurried to start the coffee and then quickly went to the bathroom as Ialmost pissed myself. While sitting on the toilet it took a minutebecause of my morning wood trapped and confined in it’s cage. Afterfinally going I saw that dreaded red bag and did that as well. I did it acouple time after removing my butt plug and then got up and turned on theshower. I went back to the living room and got new panties and decided towear the same nighty until I was told what outfit I should wear. While inthe shower I decided to make sure I was hair free as well for the bigday. Then I got out and dried off slipping on my thigh highs and pantiesalong with my nighty. I touched up my makeup and was fixing my wig whenBobbie came into the room.”You need to wear your sissy outfit today but that will do for now Iguess,” Bobbie told me as she watched me fix my hair.She then told me to come help her pee with her standing there over thetoliet with morning wood of her own. I held it for her and aimed it sonot to make elazığ escort bayan a mess while she went. She kept her hands on her hips andwhen the flow stopped I was told to suck her clean. I knelt next to herand did so until she ushered me up.”Now go get my coffee and bring Daddy one black coffee,” she orderedbefore she headed back to the bedroom.I went back to the kitchen and made two coffee’s like she wanted andbrought them to her room. When I walked in, Daddy was sucking her and Isat his down and walked around the bed and handed hers to her. She tookit and thanked me while playing with Steve’s hair. I stood there watchingfor a few minutes with my hands behind my back when I could tell she wasclose. Then I saw her tense up and I thought she exploded in his mouth.He kept going another minute and then sat up and pulleed me to himswapping the contents to me with a deep kiss.”Now swallow your Mistress’s gift Jill,” he told me as he shut my mouthtightly yet gently.I did so and then Bobbie said I should give him his morning blow jobtoday. He agreed and sat on the edge of his side of the bed and motionedfor me to get started with a wave of his hand to him. I went around thebed and stood before him and watched Bobbie get up. She said she wasgoing to freshen up as he gently took my arm and guided me to my knees onthe floor. I sat there on my knees looking up to him as he got his coffeeand stuck his raging cock out at me.”Come on little girl, it’s not going to suck it’s self,” he told me as heplaced a hand on my head urging me to get going.I leaned in stroking him a couple times and then placed my mouth aroundhim. I held him steady and began to very slowly stroke him with my lips.”Put your hands behind your back Jill and just use your mouth,” he toldme as he took my hair in his fingers.He slowly moved my head some for a few minutes before picking up the pacedriving it further in each time. Very soon he was hit the back of mymouth and throat and I gagged each time. That didn’t slow him down but hewouldn’t ram it in so deep the next thrust. I could feel every vein as itpassed by my lips and soon enough he was tensing up and then he held mefully down on his cock. I began to violently gag as his load was shot inmy mouth and down my throat. He pulled my head back just enough tocollect it all and swallow it before letting go.”MMMMMM Jill that was wonderful, now lets go see what Mistress is uptoo,” He said as he pulled my head off of him.He let me go and got up and I wiped my mouth face and eyes and got up tofollow him. Bobbie was in the bathroom doing her makeup and he to had mehold him while he went pee. As with her when he finished he told me tosuck him clean to which I did.”Go start breakfast Jill while we get dressed and then we will get youready for your big day,” Bobbie told me as I got back up.I told her with a curtsey before leaving to do as told “Yes MistressBobbie, right away as you wish.”I then backed out of the room and headed to start there food feeling abit ill myself. I started the eggs, bacon, toast and then went to refillthere coffee before returning to finish the food. Bobbie thanked me asdid Steve and I quickly went back to cooking. I made each of them anorange juice and set the table for them before going and telling them itwas ready. Bobbie told me they would be there in a minute so I returnedto make sure it was perfect.”It smells wonderful Jill, I’m starved,” Steve told me as he sat down andbegan to eat.Bobbie soon joined him at the table and also said it smelled good. Halveway through the two of them eating Gina walked in. I was standing in thekitchen doing the dishes when I heard them greeting each other so I wentto do the same. I entered the room and gave her a curtsey before sayinghello.I then got a good look at her dressed in yoga pants and her t shirt. Shelooked stunning in her outfit and of course her make up was flawless. Inthose tight pants I couldn’t see any buldge at all and one could easilymistake her for a genetic girl.”Thank you Jill you look very nice as well,” she told me as she came overand gave me a small kiss on the cheek.Gina seemed very excited about the days events as she went on talkingabout the fun they would have tonight. Bobbie stopped her by remindingher that first we needed to go to Betty’s and a lot of food still neededto be prepared.”Yes Ma’am, I am ready to go non the less,” she said as she got excitedagain.The two of them finished eating and Gina told me to help her clear thedishes. I washed them and wiped down the counter as Gina came in to checkup on me. She told me what a good job I did with the kitchen as shereached her hand under my nighty. She massaged my panty clad ass and gavea slight tug to my cage.”We need to get you dressed,” she told me so we can go as she took myhand and lead me into the living room.Bobbie told me to wear the school girl outfit for now and we both couldget our sissy outfits on later at Betty’s. I gathered it up and startedfor the bathroom when Gina told me to just change there. So I took off mynighty and she helped me get dressed. A few minutes of her help and mymake up looked pretty good.While Bobbie was shutting down her computer she asked if we were readyand Gina told her, “Yes Mistress we are.”And with that we both gathered my things and then Bobbie’s and loaded thecar. The Gina announced that everything was ready and they all came outto the garage. Bobbie told me that I would drive my truck and the restwould take her car. I pulled out and waited for her as Daddy drove out ofthe garage. I then followed them closely behind for the ride to Betty’s.I pulled up and parked to the side of the house as I saw a bunch of carsalready there and we were even early. There was Ed’s, Stacey’s, andWanda’s parked out front and another one I didn’t recognize. I saw Ginagetting the stuff out of the car and went to help her as Bobbie and Steveheaded for the house. After carrying the large load in and setting it onBetty’s bed, Gina and me went to Betty and greeted her with a curtsey.”At your service Mistress Betty, how can we assist you Ma’am,” as Bobbiesmiled at the two of us and our greeting.I saw Betty get that look of total happiness as she always got when shegot to hold court so to speak and was the center of attention. She lookedat Gina and told her to go help Stacy in the kitchen where she wasalready preparing food. She then turned to me and motioned for me to comeclose.”Don’t you just look like the perfect little slut Brad,” she told me asshe raised the hem of my skirt with a big smile across her face.She went on to tease me more by saying how much fun she was going to havetonight at my expense. Watching me in my sissy outfit at the bar, workinglike a good sissy should, All the guys using me and knowing all the whilehow humiliating it would be for me.”And if need be we will have no problem making me do whatever is asked ofyou,” she said as she picked up her bag I knew well full of whips,paddles, crops and such.”No Mistress, I plan on being your very obedient sissy tonight,” I toldher and gave her another curtsey.I then saw Wanda looking at the bag full of stuff very interestingly.Betty then called Ed into the room and I gave him a curtsey as well. Hecame up and kissed Betty deeply and asked her what she needed.”Doesn’t Jill look lovely Daddy,” she asked him as he eyeballed me up anddown.He agreed with her and then she took me by the collar. She pulled meright up close to her and then looked at Ed.”I think she looks so nice she deserves a reward, don’t you Daddy?” sheasked him as he ran his hand up my thigh.He thought so as well and I felt they both had something other than areward in mind for me. Betty tugged on my collar until I hit my knees infront of the whole room.”I think for a reward Daddy, you should let her suck your cock,” she toldhim as I look up at his huge frame next to me.He didn’t need to answer because I saw him undo his pants but he asked meanyway if that was what I wanted. I knew better to say otherwise andasked him please. I stood up straight on my knees before them and hepulled me to him and rubbed my face across his cock. He then placed it infront of my lips as I put my hands together behind my back. I parted mylips and he instantly shoved it in fully and gagged me from the start.They all seemed to think it was very funny, watching the biggest cock inthe room gag a sissy.”Awe it seems Brad still needs some work learning how to deep throat acock,” Betty said as she giggled at me.He kept driving it in and out forcing me to fall back off my knees butBetty was there to make sure I didn’t fall all the way down. My handsfell to the floor behind me as well and Ed’s hand on my head made himable to continue. I was kept there and did my best in between gags totake every inch of him. I managed not to puke, my eyes were wateringterribly, and he made it hard to even breath when I heard Betty say itmight take awhile since it will be his third load of the day already.”He has already pleased me and Stacy has already serviced him as well,”Betty said as she laughed even harder.Ed then took me by the ears and really picked up the pace as I struggledto breath. I had such a hard time that I started to struggle against himbut he just held me in place. That must have really got him excitedbecause it wasn’t long after that I felt him swell even more and then herammed it fully in and exploded.”Make sure you swallow it all Brad, you will be getting an overload ofprotein today,” Betty chimed in before letting me go.I swallowed it all and then he slowly pulled out and wiped his cock on myface. Then I watched as he pulled his pants back up and walked awaybefore I sat totally up again. Gina was the one who came in and helped meget back up off the floor and Wanda told me to hold on a second.She wiped my chin telling me, “here you go Jill you missed some, “as shestuck her fingers in my mouth and I sucked them clean as well.Betty made sure that I thanked Ed for my gift before telling Gina and meto go into the kitchen and get to work. I gladly did so following Ginaout of the room and away from Betty. I got in there and saw Stacy cuttingveggies and food being made all over the place. Gina told me that I coulddo some dishes and wiped my face for me as I struggled to regain mycomposer. It was a little later when Wanda came in there and told me togo around and serve some drinks to everyone.”Yes Mistress Wanda right away,” I told her as I began to load a try fullof glasses and assorted drinks.Wanda stopped me and asked if I was enjoying myself in a very sarcasticway. Then she went to taste everything that was there so far. I startedaround the room when someone knocked on the door. Betty motioned for meto get it even though Gina was already heading that way. I got to thedoor just as it opened and Sherry, Betty’s best friend walked in andlooked me up and down. I stood back and welcomed her to the home and shetoo just laughed at me as she went to see everyone else. I went back tomaking sure everybody had what they wanted to drink before going back tohelp in the kitchen. Gina and Stacy were very busy and had most of thestuff done when I returned. I was standing out of the way waiting forsomething to do when Betty came in the kitchen.”Jill what the hell are you doing, why aren’t you working!” she screamedat me.I started to tell her I just got back in there but she cut me off midsentence. She told me that I should be doing the dishes that where now inthe sink from the last 20 minutes of prep the others put there. She cameup and snatched me by the ear and spun me over the counter and held methere as she grabbed a wooden spoon which she broke over my rear endafter only two swats.”Stacy go get my riding crop,” she told her as Stacy ran off to get it.Betty held me with my face pressed against the counter when Stacyreturned and gave her the crop. Stacy was told to hold my skirt up andthat I best not move. Stacy did as told and held my skirt up with her onehand and the other she placed on my back. Betty then told me to get myass higher and I tippy toed as high as I could. She brought that cropdown across my ass several times reprimanding me after each one. Aftershe hit me about ten times she told Stacy to take the crop.”I think it is time for you girls to go change,” Betty as she pulled myskirt back down and jerked me off the counter by my collar.Gina and Stacy both gave a curtsey and told her Right away and I did aswell before following both of them to Betty’s room. We all went right tothe bathroom where Gina took charge. She told us we needed to all get ashower and make sure we had no hair or stubble. Gina started to helpStacy with her dress and told me to get undressed as well. I removed myskirt and blouse and was starting to undo my bra when Stacy was naked andstarted to help Gina get undressed. I watched them as I set my thingsaside. I was removing my panties and thigh highs as Gina took off heryoga pants.”How come your dick doesn’t make a bulge in your panties Ms Gina,” I hadto ask.She laughed and slide her panties off reveling her tucked cock betweenher legs. She told me how she did it and said I would to if not for thechastity device. Stacy said she would like to learn as well for tonightsince she wasn’t locked up. She seemed very excited about that and all Icould think of was how I was the only one locked up in chastity. Ginathen took of her shirt and bra and I was amazed at how big her breastwere.Were you born with such big breast?” I asked her as they were much biggerthan mine, maybe a big b cup or even a small c cup.”It’s years of hormones Jill but the ones they have you taking won’t takethat long,” she told me to my horror.I then noticed how small her cock was after her saying how it has shrunkeven though it was still about as big as mine. She also said my hairwould grow finer and longer and my body hair would as well be finer. Shewent on to let us touch her skin to show how soft it was because of themas well.”But your feelings and emotions will change as well for the better Jill,”she told me as she noticed my demeanor get sad.She told us we best get in the shower as she started the water. Sheremoved her butt plug and then took mine out as well. They both got infirst and we all helped each other and were ready for any inspections wemight have to endure when we got finished. We all dried off and Gina toldme to go get my panties, thigh highs and bra on while she was busy orteasing with Stacy. I went and did as told when Bobbie came in to checkon us. She told me to not put on my dress until she did my makeup andthen saw Gina sucking Stacy in the bathroom.”GINA, we don’t have time for that, get busy!” she scolded her as Ginawas startled and quickly got up off her knees.The two of them got busy and soon enough Bobbie had me sit down andstarted doing my makeup. She had me done up and called for Stacy next andI went to get my yellow sissy outfit on. Gina was busy doing her ownmakeup and was about finished as well. She helped me look like theperfect sissy by putting bows in my hair after fixing my wig on my head.”Well don’t we look pretty,” I heard coming from the door way.I turned to see Betty and Sherry standing there and Betty also said howmuch she looked forward to having all three of us serving her tonight atthe bar. I was about ready dressed in a yellow short sissy outfit with apetticoat, ruffled panties, tan thigh highs, ankle socks and a lacy whitebra. Along with a heavy dose of make up, wig with a couple bows and myMary Jane shoes.”Now all you need is this “as she handed me my butt plug and attached alead to my collar.I pulled my panties down after taking the butt plug and started to put itin. Sherry laughed at me as i worked to push it in. Betty then handed mea bottle of lube and told me to hurry up. I wiped a fair amount on theplug and the rest on my hole. It went in much easier and I held it so itwould stay in until I pulled my panties back up to hold it in place.Sherry turned away and headed back to the living room but Betty pulled meto her.”I want you to be on your very best behavior tonight or else and thatgoes for all three of you,” she warned me and the other two.She went on to say that no matter what is asked of me, however disgustingor humiliating it seems, I best do as told.”If not Brad you will regret it after the beating you receive and I posteverywhere the videos I have, not to mention the things you will losewhen I take every last thing you own,” she whispered in my ear rightbefore she d**gged me past the others to show me to everyone.She made me show the whole room my outfit and told me to freshen up theirdrinks while the others got dressed. Wanda was sitting next to Steve whenshe took my leash and pulled me to the floor spilling a drink on my tray.Lucky for me I thought it only hit the floor. But to my surprise itactually spilled on her leg and she was pissed.”What the hell,” she screamed out drawing everyone’s attention to us.I tried to apologize but that wasn’t going to be enough it seemed asBetty started over my way. I picked up the glass and set down the tray Iwas carrying as Wanda got up and Betty snatched a hold of the back of mycollar. I was scared to death as she told me to go get a towel. I quicklyreturned with it and wiped her off first before kneeling to clean thespill on the floor. When I had it cleaned up Betty was still standingthere and waiting.”I am so sorry for her incompetence Wanda, should I have Ed disciplineher,” I heard Betty say as she snatched my ear tugging on it hard.”No if it’s ok with you I would like to use that paddle I saw in the bagearlier Betty and do it myself,” Wanda told her.Betty told her that was no problem at all and told me to go get her bag.I put the bag down next to Wanda and she sat down and rummaged thru it.She found one of Betty’s favorite paddles, a 2 inch wide and 2 foot longwooden shoe horn.”A very nice choice, Brad loves that one,” Betty told her as Wanda pulledher dress up patting it to show she was ready for me.Betty told me to go on and get across her lap and be quick about it. Ilaid across her huge thighs and Steve held my legs down on his lap. Wandawent about pulling my dress up and my panties down. I was scared,humiliated and embarrassed as the whole room gathered around to watch herspank me.”This is going to hurt you a hell of a lot more then me Jill,” Wandalaughed as she began.She hit me very hard and fast and the pain caused me to squirm as I triedto get away a bit. She held my waist as Steve held my legs. Betty orderedme to hold still and my cries got very loud after each smack against myburning cheeks. She finally stopped after a couple minutes and thenrubbed my flaming hot cheeks.”I think I like this paddle Betty, it makes her cheeks bright red,” shesaid as she pulled my panties up and then Steve loosened his grip.Betty laughed as well and told her she could take it home for when I wasthere and she would get another one. She also asked if she thought I hadenough as well. Wanda told her she thought so and Betty jerked me up offher lap still very mad. She slapped me hard across the face and told meto go stand in the corner and pull my panties down around my ankles.”Hold that sissy dress up so everyone can admire those red cheeks Brad aswell,” Betty told me as I went straight there doing as told.I heard her loud and clear tell me that I best do better tonight or itwould be worse, but then again I don’t think it would matter what I did.I stood there with my face pressed hard against the corner and holding myshort dress up as my panties were around my ankles as they all went aboutchatting away. Every once in awhile I could hear some talking about meand even some would touch my ass.”MMMMMM this ass is so hot,” I heard a guy say as I felt him rubbing itbefore he squeezed a cheek.Charlie was another one of Betty’s leather gay guys from her group whoshowed up. I figured he was talking about the temperature of it but foundout he meant the look. He was a bigger fat guy and full of himself Ialways thought.”I sure would like to bang your little sissy about now,” He said justbefore he tugged a bit on my butt plug.I cringed as I heard Betty from across the room tell him that he couldtake me to her room if he liked. He must have liked because he took mywrist and pulled me backwards out of the corner. He turned me around toface him and looked me over more. He then cupped my balls and chastitydevice in his big hand.”Follow me sissy ,” was all he said as he took my leash and started forher room with me in tow.I began to trip over my panties around my ankles when he stopped and toldme to leave them because I won’t need them for a few minutes. I steppedout of them and then he took off jerking my collar as he went. We bothgot in there and with the door wide open still and Bobbie still in therewith Stacy, he shoved me face first on her bed.”Turn around here and get my cock out sissy,” he demanded and I looked toBobbie for mercy.Seeing her ignore me I turned and undid the zipper on his leather pants.I then undid the button and spread them enough to see his shorts andlowered them as well. I then took his hard fat cock and freed it as itstuck out to me.”Now back on the bed Sissy, I’m going to bang the hell out of you,” hesaid as I saw him reach for some lube.He smacked my ass hard and told me to back up to the edge of the bed andget my ass higher. I did so and was now on all fours as I looked back athim applying the lube to his big cock. He then wiped the rest on my thighand jerked my butt plug out tossing it on the floor. He took my hips inhis hands and I couldn’t watch so I turned and looked again for Bobbie tosave me.”You are very tight you little faggot,” I heard from behind as I felt himslip right in strain apart my cheeks.I gripped the sheets as he went fully in me and I even squealed gettingBobbie to turn to watch. He pounded away very quickly and I was hopingBobbie would say something but instead she got turned on.She told Stacy to get on her knees and pulled her dress up exposing herpanties to Stacy. I saw her guide Stacy down to her crotch just before Iburied my face in the bed. Charlie kept pounding away holding me in placeand between my moans, his grunts and Stacy’s slurping, I could now hearothers sort of talking as well in the room. He didn’t waste anytime andsoon enough I felt him grind deeply and he began to tense up. Then I felthim shoot a warm load deep inside me and he pulled out letting go soonafterward. He let me go and I collapsed on the bed finally looking up.”Here you go Brad, put this back in,” Betty told me as I saw her hand memy butt plug and making another movie of the events with her phone.I took it and laid on my side putting it back in place and then sawBobbie explode in Stacy’s mouth as Betty videoed them as well. I wantedto die from the embarrassment that I have endured already today but alsoknew we hadn’t even begun really. Stacy was so gently treated and I wastreated like trash it seemed to me. Maybe that is why she had a big smileon her face as Bobbie helped her up.”You will have to send me a copy of that video for my website Betty,”Bobbie told her as I watched them all laugh.Betty then told Stacy to go help Gina start loading the stuff in the carsas I got cleaned up a bit. Bobbie volunteered to help me by patting thebench she was sitting on. I climbed off the bed and with no panties onwent to sit by her. She kissed me on the cheek as everyone else left theroom. She fixed me up and told me how proud she was just as Bettyreturned.”Come here and help me get ready Brad,” Betty told me as she went intoher walk in closet.Bobbie looked at me and ushered me off saying she was done with me. Iwent in the closet and she handed me her flame skirt, bustier, and boots.She then returned to the bedroom and got in her dresser pulling out somethigh highs and panties. She stood by her bed and held her hands up asshe told me to remove her dress.”I am going to go check on things out there, holler when you are readyfor your makeup Betty,” Bobbie said as she walked by.Betty then told me to remove her panties and I did so looking up to whatI use to see all the time. She then sat down on the bed and told me toput on her thigh highs as she lifted her foot up to me. I then repeatedit on the other foot for her before she even said a thing.”You still like what you see Brad?” she asked me as she spread her legsshowing me her body.Betty wasn’t a model or anything and a bit on the heavy side but stilluse to turn me on very much so, and still does. I could tell she knew theanswer already as she teased my chastity device with her nylon coveredtoe.I looked into her eyes and told her, “Yes Ma’am very much so.”She looked down at me and told me too bad as she pulled her foot away. Iwas told that I blew that a long time ago and the best I can hope for nowis to clean her after sex when she wishes.”That little cock of yours is pretty useless anyway, calling it a clittyis perfect for the sissy you are going to be from now on Brad.” she toldme and then she had me kiss her feet before getting up.She stood up and handed me her panties to hold for her as she stepped inthem. I helped pull them up for her as she got her skirt. I did the samewith it and zipped it up as well. She then put on her bustier and told meto tighten it for her which I did before lastly kneeling again to put herboots on her.”You can go help the other gurls Brad, you sissies will be busy the restof the night,” she said as she pushed me away with her boot.I got up and gave a curtsey before telling her yes Ma’am and backing outof the room as she went to do her makeup. She told me to tell Bobbie shewas ready when I got out there just before I left. I went out to theliving room and everyone was still relaxing when I saw Gina and Stacyreturn. I went to Bobbie first to tell her Betty was dressed and askedfor her.”Mistress Bobbie please excuse me but Betty is ready for you now,” I toldher as she was talking to Wanda.She thanked me and left us alone in the corner of the room as Wandasquinted her eyes at me making me feel a bit nervous. She reached aroundme gripping my ass in her meaty hand. She lend in closer to my ear as Ifroze with fear not knowing what she was up too.”I really liked spanking you earlier and think you and I will be on muchmore spanking terms in the future Jill,” she told me before she let go.She also told asked me if I had taken my hormones yet today. I told herno and she told me to go get them for her. I saw the other gurls takemore stuff outside and wanted to help but instead got my purse andreturned to Wanda. I got out my pill bottle and she took it from me. Sheopened it and gave me two pills and told me to swallow both as she handedme her soda.”But Mistress, I only take one pill a day,” I told her only making herlook at me more sternly.She told me that she already discussed them with Betty and the others andBetty told her since she lived so close, she could be in charge of makingsure I take them.”So quit talking back and take them unless you want another more serverspanking,” she scolded me.I did so very fast as showed her they were gone and she patted me on thehead putting the bottle in her pocket of her dress. I explained to herthat betty wanted me to help the other two and she told me to go on then.I thanked her and gave a curtsey before catching up to Gina as she camein for more stuff.”You finally going to help Jill?’ she asked me as she looked a bit upsetwith me.She handed me Betty’s bags she wanted loaded and I took them out to thecar. We had the stuff packed in each car and went back inside as everyonewas about ready to go and helped them get their things. Betty calledeveryone to her as she gave final instructions as to what was expectedfor the trip there. Like who was driving and who was riding with who. Ifound out that I along with Stacy were going with her, Ed, and Sherry inher car.”I hope you all have fun but always remember we are there to raise moneyas well for the homeless as well as for our group, so if you are allready let’s do this,” she said as she took my leash and pulled me out ofthe way.She told Gina and Stacy to also get their collar and leashes on before weleft and everybody else headed outside. We waited as we were the last toleave and soon enough were making a caravan to the bar.We were off on our journey with Ed driving Betty’s car and about fivemore cars in the caravan we created. In Betty’s car was Ed who wasdriving, Betty, Sherry and Stacy all up front but Sherry with Stacy’shand on both there laps and Betty’s hand on hers. I was cramped up in thebackseat with my feet stuck between stuff and a hot dish Gina made in mylap. There was very little room on my side but Sherry had nearly nothingon her side. To make things even worse, my leash was d****d tightly overthe front seat and Betty kept it tightly under her control. They allchatted about the nights events and the closer we got and more theytalked, I wanted to jump out of the car and run away.”We are going to have so much fun tonight, but not so sure about yousissies,” she said after reminding us of our duties for the night.They mentioned how we are expected to do whatever is asked of us, servejello shots, sell raffle tickets, be demo dummies if asked, and do it alleagerly and without hesitation. She said they would be doing somebondage, electric play, spankings, floggers and the sort in their demosand I somehow figured they all would require my services somehow.Sherry asked about who all would be there and Betty explained that alongwith our group, mostly gay leather guys. Although she also said a fewgirls would be there as well. But I knew we would be the only sissiesthere because gay leather guys don’t care much for sissies. We drove forabout an hour and I had to pee very badly by the time we arrived.”Ok gurls, start unloading the cars, we can go ahead and go inside,”Betty barked as we all got out.I had been here a few other bar nights when we were a couple but neverdressed and never as such an obedient sissy. Stacy and I were joined byGina unloading the stuff while everyone else meet the bar owner and othertwo people already there. Of course with no one holding the ends of ourleashes Gina quickly took charge. She handed me a tote and some bags andI managed to make it inside. After setting down my heavy load in thecorner, I thought I was alone so now would be the best time for a pottybreak. I hurried to the bathroom and only squatted over the seat as Ipeed. As I finished and wiped my chastity cage off I saw Gina.”Did Betty or anyone else tell you that it was ok to go to the restroom?”she scolded me as she stood in the stall doorway with a stern look.”No Miss Gina they did not, I’m sorry,” I told her before she told me topull my panties up and get back to work.I did so and told her right away and hurried back to the car. I saw Ginastop by Bobbie and Betty and was very worried I was in trouble. As I wasunloading more Stacy returned. She got some more stuff and it seemed thatwas the last of it.”I think this is everything,” Stacy said as she locked the car up and weboth went inside.We set the stuff down and caught Betty’s eye so she called for us to cometo her. She then took all three of our leashes and introduced us. Shealso told Brian, the bar owner that we would be doing most of the servicework and whatever else is required. She even asked him if he rememberedme, Brad, and he was shocked at my transformation.”Sure, I am sure we can put them to work and keep them busy Ms Betty,”Brian told her as he smiled at the three of us.She laughed as she told Brian a lot has changed recently between the twoof us. She explained that with my useless clitty, I was best suited to bea total sissy now and she had a real man in Ed.”Brad is my sissy cuckold slave 24/7 now and I keep him locked away, showhim you cage Brad,” she told him and then I lifted my dress as he toldher nice.Right now though Betty told us to follow him and he showed us his kitchenas well as another room we could use to change or whatever in a moreprivate setting. He left us in there and Gina told Stacy and I to go geteverything and bring it in there.”Right away Miss Gina,” I told her as we went back to the bar to gathereverything up.On our way thru everybody I noticed another couple people showed up aswell. Everyone was drinking and socializing while we carried the thingsback to Gina. We made a few trips back and fourth when I was summoned toBobbie. I approached her and gave her my full attention as Stacy got thelast load.”Yes Mistress, how may I serve you,” I told her after giving her acurtsey.She smiled and took my leash and gently pulled me closer. She told me thecurtsey was nice and I should do that every time I am summoned,complemented, or when ever in doubt. She also told me that as long as mymind was right and in the sissy mode, tonight would go very smoothly.”If not I will not only punish you but not be able to save you if theothers treat you worse, is that understood Jill?” she whispered in myear.She then let go of my lead and told me to go see if Betty needed me foranything. I told her yes Mistress before doing yet another curtsey forher and Steve. I then backed away to go find Betty as told. I saw her,Ed, Sherry, Wanda, Brian, and a couple other guys from her club. Iapproached like Bobbie reminded me and gave them all a curtsey afterannouncing my presence.”Mistress Betty is there anything I do at the moment as we haveeverything put away,” I told her.She stopped talking and looked at me with a hint of frustration forinterrupting her conversation. She took my lead and scolded me for notwaiting to be told when to speak. I was only doing as told and was verypolite in doing so but also knew she was in her element as the center ofattention and told myself that won’t happen again tonight.”I think you should go set up up my things by the Saint Andrews cross andthe table in the corner, get my bags of rope, paddles and my electricplay set,” she told me.I told her right away and started to back away when a guy from the barlifted my dress to get a look. I kept going since no one told me to stopand he let go eventually. I was very embarrassed but also knew that wasnothing compared to what I thought might be in the works for me tonight.”Put the stuff out so she can easily get to whatever she wishes, I willwatch the stuff,” Wanda told me as she followed me and took a seat in abooth next to the cross.I began laying it all out like I did long ago when we did this but foundit so much more humiliating in a short sissy dress. I had to bend at theknees to make sure my dress didn’t expose what was left of my panties tosee that didn’t already show. I think the petticoat helped as well butnot much. Wanda was chatting with Greg when she called me over to her inthe middle of my task. I approached them and gave them a curtsey andusual greeting I was told.”Yes Mistress Wanda, how may I be of service to you?” I told her and sheto took my hanging leash in her hand.She informed me that Greg was a tattoo artist and they all had big plansfor me tonight. He showed me his tool box he had out on the table andexplained what they all had in store for me.”Betty told me that you are getting a couple tattoos and a couplepiercings as well,” and I about fainted from shock.Then I got mad as he said one was a tattoo of “Property of MistressBetty,” on my ass in a small one and a big tramp stamp across my back. Iwas told that would be a tribal design with a few flowers and “Sissy,”right in the middle. I got even madder when he told me both ears, mytongue and my clitty would be pierced once the night got under way.”Don’t worry Sissy it won’t take long so the pain won’t be too bad, wellat least it will be over quickly,” and then the two of them laughed veryloudly at me.They then dismissed me as I went back to setting things up in this pissedoff mood now. I couldn’t believe she would do that but then again I did.None of this was to ever be a permanent thing and although the piercingscould come out, but Tattoo’s? There was no way I would let that guy touchme because there would be no way out of this if he did. Just as I wasplacing the whips, floggers, canes and paddles out someone pushed meagainst the cross from behind. I looked over my shoulder to see a guy Inever met before forcing me there. I tried to struggle but he was muchstronger and then I noticed Betty and a few others were watching intentlyas well. I then stopped struggling as he placed one wrist in the leatherwrist band and secured it then the other.”I would really like to found out how this whip does,” he said as hekicked my ankles apart.I watched in horror as he picked it up and admired it and then cracked itin the air. I was terrified that the next crack was going to hit me. Hecame back up close and ran his hand up the back of my legs and up to myruffled ass. I started to freak out and he really scared me. He thensmacked my cheek with his hand very hard and stepped back. I turned tolook as he stared down at the whip.”I think my boy would like this, I’m going to have to get one,” he saidas he handed the whip to Betty.”Yeah besides the sissy would have to be naked or I’m sure it woulddestroy her pretty outfit,” the guy said as he stepped aside.Betty took it and agreed with him as she sat it down but instead pickedup a small leather paddle that was about 2 inches wide. She told him thishe could use it without fear of messing up the outfit. He just laughed atme but told her that was ok. I thought I was saved by a stranger but thenWanda stepped up and asked her if she could. Betty laughed and saidanytime she wished she could always have her way with me.”I think I’m starting to like this,” she spouted as they both laughedharder.She stepped up and took my collar with one hand holding me so she couldwarn me.”I really do think I am starting to understand what a girl like youneeds,” and with that she let go and raised my dress.She then pulled my panties below my cheeks. Getting the petticoats out ofthe way as well was when I turned to look at the wall knowing she was toostarting to like this too much. She took that paddle and commenced tosmack me over and over very quickly. I screamed out in pain as each blowlanded and that just seemed to delight everyone watching. Wanda stoppedafter about a minute but already had turned my cheeks bright red andrubbed them harshly.”I can’t believe the toys you have and all they can do Betty,” Wanda toldher as she smacked me one more time.She set it down and to my surprise I saw Betty come over and she undid mywrist. She told everyone. She announced to everyone to remember that theywere here to raise money for charity tonight. She forgot to mention thatthey also wanted halve the money for her leather group and to feed herbig fat ego as the queen sadistic bitch she was.”There will be plenty of time later to use her and the toys later but ata meager cost, and if we wear this sissy out there are two more,” shetold the now somewhat busy bar.She told me to go get the snack trays we made earlier and see if anyonewanted any. Once again Wanda was too eager to lend a hand and told Bettyshe would help me. Wanda took my leash and we went to retrieve the stuff.”I am going to keep a close eye on you tonight Jill,” Wanda told me asshe tug a jerk of my collar and we disappeared into the back room.She took the lid off the tray and ate a few things before handing it tome. While my hands were full she stepped up right in front of me andlooked me right in the eyes. She reached her hand under my dress andgripped my sissy balls and cage very hard.”You know Jill I don’t think you like all this but after you chooseBobbie over me, I think somehow you do as I am learning to like itmyself,” she let me know before releasing her grip.She then ate a couple more salami rolls before telling me to follow heras she snatched me by my leash again. I did my best to keep up with heras we stopped by the first two guys and she offered them some partyappetizers. Both declined so we started making our way around the place.I did notice that halve off Betty’s group wasn’t there and after makingour rounds she took me out back to the patio. There I saw where they allwent as Wanda keep me on a very short leash. Betty was sitting in themiddle of a large group where she liked to be and I saw a few more off tothe side. I then saw the side attraction as Wanda was offering appetizersto everyone and I held the tray. They seemed to be enjoying the show asSteve was having his way with Stacy bent over and Bobbie in front of herwhile Stacy sucked her off. I felt very badly for her but she didn’t seemto mind as much as I was worried that could easily be me in her place.”You know Brad is a much better sissy then he ever was as a boyfriend,” Iheard Betty tell her court as they all agreed with her.She noticed us making our rounds and called Wanda over to her. She wentright to her and I had no choice but to follow close behind. Betty tookthe end of my leash and told me to kneel. I sat the tray on the table anddid as she told me.”Lift your skirt and show everyone your sissy cage Brad,” she told themas I looked up in total embarrassment.I did it anyway and was the punch line in her bad joke yet again. Kiss myfeet sissy was my next command and I lend over on all fours withouthesitation and kissed both boots.”The key is her cage along with strict discipline to changing him to theperfect sissy, along with help from Bobbie and Wanda,” Betty told them asmy head was at her feet.She then nudged me with her boot in discuss and ignored me again as shehanded my leash back to Wanda. She pulled on it until I got up and toldme to get my tray again. Wanda told them we were going to make anotherround and that I should curtsey before we left. I dipped into the bestcurtsey I could while holding the tray and then we were off.”You do realize how silly you look in that thing don’t you, I much preferyou in your maid outfit,” Wanda told me as we entered the bar again.”May I speak to you Mistress Wanda,” I asked her as we were finally alonefor a second.She stopped and turned to look at me and told me to “Go on, what?”I looked up to her and told her how I really did like her very much andthat I realized she must be very upset with me still. I also told her Iappreciated her kindness before the other night happen and as she couldsee the other two I belong to are so cruel.”I just wish you would be my friend more so then a Mistress to me, pleaseMistress Wanda,” i begged her as I began to tear up.She paused for a second and I was hoping she had a heart like I thoughtshe did. I so wanted her to be more like when we first meet. She thenloosened her grip some on the leash and put a finger directly in mycollar pulling me closer and then she kissed me deeply. I returned herkiss very passionately hoping to bring her back to my side.”Follow me Jill,” was all she said as she took my leash again.We walked past a few groups of people and she headed for the back roomwith me in tow. She looked to see if anyone was watching and then shutthe door before turning to me. She didn’t say a word and took anothersalami roll before setting down the tray on the counter. She then pushedmy shoulder downward urging me to my knees before her. I looked up as sheate the bite of food and pulled her dress front up.”I want you to eat me Jill, show me how much you care for me,” she statedas with her free hand pulled her massive belly up and out of the way sortof.I quickly thought it would be best to eat her like my life depended on itand instantly reached in under her lifted dress and slide her panties toone side. I then buried my face into her snatch and licked and sucked herthe best I could. She began moaning right away and soon had a handpushing me further into her.”That’s it Jill right there, keep going,” Wanda told me as I really triedto drive her wild.I then slipped a finger in as well and continued the assault on her asshe pulled me even harder . She began to grind up and down on my facewith her belly rolls pushing against my forehead as she went. I was therefor about 5 minutes when she took my head in both hands and then floodedmy face with a tidal wave of her juices.”oooooooooh Jill,” she screamed out just as Bobbie and Gina came in theroom.I saw them out of the side of my eye and Wanda kept me there until theflood stopped and she regain some composer.”I see Jill is doing a good job in here Wanda,” Bobbie told her as shelet go of my head.I kissed her pussy a couple of times and then her thighs as I stayed inplace. She pulled back lowering her dress as she lovingly brushed mycheek. A rush of emotions came over me of being horny, nervous, andwondering as well as out of breath as I awaited her to respond to Bobbie.”Yes she is very good at that and that one was one of the best yet,” shetold her as she helped me get up.”She brought me in here to get me to help her out and try and watch overher and step in on her behave tonight,” she told her as my heart sank.Bobbie looked at me with a surprised look and she just said, “Really isthat so.”Wanda then told her that was not possible though because she thought shewas really liking and beginning to truly understand this D/S stuff. Shethen took my leash again and told Bobbie that although they shared me, Istill was owned by Betty first and it would be a rough night for me shethought. Bobbie agreed with her and took my collar as well.”I told you that it was going to be easier to accept your place andsituation Jill, there is no way to get out of it so you best learn toenjoy it,” she told me as she turned to look at Gina.”You like you position don’t you Gina?” she asked her as she held on tome.”Very much so Mistress,” Gina told her and then Bobbie turned back to me.She finally let go and told Gina to show Wanda what a good sissy she wasas well. I watched standing next to Bobbie as Gina gave a curtsey andthen slide to the floor and pulled Wanda’s dress back up. She beganlicking and flicking her tongue on her massive fat thighs causing Wandato get very excited once again. I watched as Gina seemed to know what assbbw liked and what it took to please her as she pulled her wet pantiesdown.”Oh yes she really knows how to do this so much better then Jill,” Wandagot out in between her moans of passion.Bobbie told us she has tons of experience as Steve’s girl Jenny he ownsis a bigger girl as well. She was making her squirm more then I ever didmaking me think maybe she was better at it then me. My eyes began towonder away from the show and Bobbie noticed. She took my chin anddirected me back to the lesson as I saw Gina spreading her lips andworking her over good.”Yes you best be paying close attention Jill, I expect better from youfor now on,” Wanda told me just as she started to cum for the second timein a few minutes.She slurped on the wet hole and then pulled her panties back up for her.After pulling her dress down for her, Gina got up and walked up to me andtold me to open my mouth. I did so and she immediately stuck her fingersin and I sucked them clean. She then pulled them out and I looked at thethree of them. Wanda told Bobbie that she should go tell Betty of myplans and Bobbie said she thought so as well.”She is going to learn the true meaning of being a sissy by the time thenight is over I’m thinking,” Bobbie said as Wanda snatched me up by theeleash again.”ppppppppplease don’t tell her Mistress,” I cried out as she began todrag me out of the room.Bobbie was right behind me and snatched me by the hair. Pulling my headback as Wanda held my leash tight, she shouted in me ear.”Listen here powder puff you best pull up your big girl panties the restof the night or I will beat you silly, even if Betty doesn’t,” she toldme before tossing my head forward as she let go.”Now move,” Wanda said as she turned and started once again pulling hardon my leash.I was about in tears again as I dreaded what was about to happen. Thefour of us were outside in no time at all and I noticed Stacy was nowstanding directly behind Betty instead of the center of attention. I hada very bad feeling I was about to be in just a second. We stopped as thegroup was having a leather group meeting before the nights events reallygot started where Betty was the vice president.”Excuse the interruption Betty but this one had a plan I think you shouldhear,” Wanda told her as everyone watched on.Betty looked uop to the other two Mistress’s I belonged to and could seethat maybe she should step away for a minute. She excused herself andtold Stacy to stay with Ed and she got up looking very upset. Wanda,Betty and I were off to the corner of the patio as Betty asked her whatthe issue was. Wanda explained that IU tried to use her as a scape goatto get out of this and what I did. She stopped and looked at me and thenWanda again. Then she turned and asked me if it was true. I knew betterto try and lie so I said it was. I was rocked with a very hard slapacross the face and then Betty took the leash.”We will be right back, I need to have a chat with him,” Betty told heras she lead me back inside.I didn’t say a word as we were stopped by some people but again Bettyexcused us. She told her friend Brian that we needed a moment with nointerruptions and he told her that was no problem. With that she took mein the back room and closed and locked the door. Then she turned andwalked up to me and slapped me hard two more times.”How dare you think you can escape what I have in store for you, youlittle Bitch,” she yelled at me.She then pinned me against the wall with her elbow and continued herverbal assault. She told me she owned me and will always own me for aslong as she lives. She kneed me in my sissy sac causing me to feel verynauseous. She reminded me that I had no job, no way to pay my bill’s, shehad all sorts of pictures and videos and all my passwords and contactsready to share if she wished. She also reminded me that I was going to dowhatever the hell she wanted for the rest of my life. I got so mad as shehit me with yet another slap and I began to struggle back. I pushed herweight off me but she grabbed my hair.”Don’t you dare defy me you silly gurl, I own you Brad,” she yelled loudenough for everyone at the bar to hear.I had enough though and didn’t care anymore. Between the stuff she said,the things she expects me to wear and telling me what to do all the time,I missed my manhood, freedom and all. I was ready to fight back andshoved her off me.”I don’t care what you say or do anymore Betty, I’m done,” I yelled backat her.She hesitated and I felt a tiny bit of my manhood return. I went on toyell at her that she could do whatever she wanted asnd I was leaving. Iwould rather start all over and be homeless before I ever endure one moreinsult or command from her or anyone. She came at me again with a fireburning in her eyes but I pushed her away once again.”I swear Betty you take one more step and I will hit you stupid cunt,” Ishouted as loud as I could.I then backed up to the door and unlocked it and started to open it. As Idid she stopped and I turned to go. I stepped out of the room and lookedat Brian who was wondering what just happen and I headed for the door. Igave that dump one last look around and then stepped out onto the stepoutside. I gazed around and felt so good about what I just did. But rightthis instant I was wondering what and where I am going now. I took theleash off tossing it down feeling total freedom as I did so. I guessfirst somehow I need to get back to my house. I started down the sidewalkpast the parked cars on my way out of this. Then suddenly I was slammedagainst a car with my arm pinned behind me. I thought it was going tobreak it was pulled up behind me so hard.”LET GO OF ME,” I screamed as I looked behind me to see it was Ed who hadme squashed between him and the car.He hit me in the back of the head with a forearm with about knocked mesilly. He told me to shut the hell up or he would break my face. I stillcontinued to struggle when I felt something slapped around my wrist. Thenmy other wrist was dragged behind me and it as well had something slappedaround it.”WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” I screamed at him as he then spun me around andforced me with my back flat against the hood of the car.I then saw Betty, Rick, Bobbie and Steve coming outside and headed ourway. I looked back up to Ed and told him one more time to let me go buthe just held me backwards over the car hood by the throat.”You really think it was going to be that easy you stupid ass,” I heardBetty yell at me.”I hope you finally realize once and for all that I own your worthlessass once and for all,” she said as she came up and took my balls and cagein a vice like grip and twisted.”You see Brad, Ed here is a detective with the City police department andRick here is a correction officer at the jail,” she told me as my headstarted to spin.”Your only leaving here as I say your leaving, one way or another,” shewent on as she let go of my twisted sac.She went on to say that if I wanted to go then Ed was going to arrest mefor domestic assault and Rick would make sure everyone at the jail wouldknow for sure I was a faggot if the outfit didn’t let them know. She thengave me a shot with her knee right in the balls as Ed still had mesprawled out. My stomach felt very sick as the situation and painovertook me.”So what is it going to be, do you want to go now or go later?” she askedme as they all gathered around me.I was so scared and the news I just received was like a final nail in mycoffin of the plan I always had of escaping this somehow.”You see Brad not only will you get a charge of assault but also,resisting arrest, fleeing and eluding, grand theft auto, d**g possessionand a few more I can charge you with no problem at all,” Ed told me as hefinally let go of my throat.”And once you get to my jail, I will add of few charge every once inawhile to make sure you stay there, not to mention I already have a fewguys in mind to give you to,” Rick added.I slid down the fender of the car to the gravel parking lot and began tosob and cry and then threw up. Betty lend down and rub my face in itbefore pulling my head up by my hair after my wig fell off.”So tell me Brad what will it be,” she asked me again as she held myhandcuffed self with her hands intertwined in my hair.Not only was it hard enough that I was going to really start over withabsolute nothing but now I have to worry about spending the rest of mylife locked up as the prison bitch. I would rather be dead at this momentbut know I could never do that either.Bobbie then added “I told you Jill it would be easier if you justaccepted your role and went along with it.”I then had my head turned so I was looking right into Betty’s face. I wasa mess with no wig, my make up all smeared and puke on the side of myface. But I also knew I totally screwed up and was screwed now with nohope of ever escaping her.”PPPPPPPLEASE MISTRESS BETTY, I AM SORRY,” I screamed as she pulledtighter on my hair.I went on to tell her I was sorry and know now that I an her sissy bitchfor the rest of my life. I belong to her knowing how hard a life that isgoing to be but still better then what she could do to me if I don’t.”Please Mistress I will do anything to make this up to you, I am trulysorry and belong to you forever,” I pleaded with her.She eventually let go of my head and I collapsed into the parking lot andshe kicked me in the side with the boots I helped put on her feet. Edthen reached down and pulled me back up to my feet where he helped holdme up and from collapsing again.”Let me just warn you one last time Brad, I own you and always will, I amyour only concern for now on and if you ever try this again YOU LIVE TOREGRET IT!” I was told as she squeezed my cheeks.”Yes Mistress Betty, I am your bitch to do as you wish, when you wish, Iam sorry please forgive me,” I begged her.With that she took my leash and reattached it sealing my fate as hers.She then slapped me again across the face and the wig sort of back on myhead.”OK Ed I think you can uncuff the stupid cunt, I think she nowunderstands,” Betty told him as he undid them freeing my wrist.She didn’t waste much time and started back inside with now a verydefeated sissy on a very short leash and everyone else . Before westepped back in she stopped and turned to me and got right in my face asI looked into her burning eyes.”Now you must be punished severely Jill,” she hissed at me before turningand walking in as Bobbie held the door open.She dragged me very quickly over to the bar and asked Brian for some cardboard and a marker. He gave her the side of a case of beer and she wrotesomething on it with the marker. Then she took the ribbon out of my hairand attached it to the card board. Then quickly turned and her and I wentstraight to the bathroom. She to me to the first urinal and told me tokneel. I quickly did so and she placed the cardboard around my neck andwarned me not to move until she came back.”Sissy toilet,” was written on the sign she made and placed so everyonecould see it as they entered the room she showed me.”And I mean you best not move,” she warned me one last time beforeturning and leaving me there after she hand cuffed me to the pipes.I was a mess and beat up some but this was the lowest moment so far byfar of the whole ordeal. Hopefully no one would do such a thing tosomebody as I cried chained to the pipe next to the pisser. That was whenRick and Steve came in the bathroom and without saying a word walkedright up to me. I looked up to Rick as he undid his pants and pulled outhis huge cock.”Suck it Bitch,” he commanded as he held it in front of me. I sat up abit and very quickly took it in my mouth and sucked him very hard.He only hand me do it few a few seconds then shoved me back to theground. I stared up in fear and watched as he aimed it right at me. Thenhe commenced to piss on my head. I closed my eyes very tightly and felthim soaking me as he relieved himself. I felt complete humiliation as hisflow became a trickle. Only then did I open my eyes to see him zipping upand then Steve take his place.”Open your mouth sissy,” he command as he to unzipped his pants.I did so as I saw him aim to my face to repeat the humiliation. I was sohumiliated and scared I had stopped crying. As I watched his cock startto shoot his piss towards me, I quickly shut my eyes and turned my head.I couldn’t escape his aim and sat there in the flow and puddle they madeas they soaked me.”Hope you enjoy water sports sissy because you might be here the rest ofthe night,” he chuckled as his flow came to an end.I only then opened my eyes again and watched as the guy who took my placewith Betty complete his dominance over me in a very harsh way. The two ofthem picked up their beers and turned leaving me in a wet smelly puddle.A couple others came in after they left and repeated the process. Yetanother couple guys came in but to my delight used the urinal just abovemy head instead of me.Another guy entered and asked “well what do we have here?” to which Ididn’t answer out of shame.I watched as he too unzipped his pants and pulled his average size cockout. Instead of pissing on me though he told me to suck him. I had neverseen this guy before but instantly started sucking him anyway. He stoodthere as I worked his cock with my mouth drinking a beer. He grew fairlylarge as he got hard and soon enough started swaying back and fourthusing my mouth to get him off.”I think I love this bar,” he said as he took a hold of my head andpicked up his pace.After sucking him a few minutes I saw Betty come in and stand behind him.She put her hand on his back as she leaned over to watch.”So I see you like my sissy Bitch,” she told him as he didn’t even slowdown.He kept ramming his cock in and out and told her he sure did. She watchedseveral more minutes until he seemed like he was about to blow. He heldmy head very still and jammed his cock fully into me as I felt his saltycreamy load hit the back of my mouth. I swallowed his load as best Icould as he tensed up in his orgasm. He then gain his composer and pulledout.”She is one fine cock sucker Ma’am,” he turned and told Betty as his hardon was still in front of my face.She the told him I was also the perfect toilet as well as they bothlooked back down at me. He steadied his stiff cock at me and after aminute or so began to force his piss thru it. I closed my eyes and turnedmy head again.”Oh no Brad turn and open your mouth,” Betty told me as he continued tourinate on my face.I sat there as he had pretty good aim and his piss hit my mouth before itflowed down my chin and body. He finally quit and thanked her for myservice before zipping himself up and walking out.Betty bent down and got closer “So have we learned a lesson tonight?”I looked up to her feeling sicker then ever and shook my head yes at her.”Yes Mistress Betty I am sorry and will never do it again,” I told her.I also added that I totally deserved to be punished and would like tothank you for showing me the errors of my ways. I also told her that Iwould like a fresh start and it would never happen again.”I hope not but your punishment isn’t going to be that easy Brad, get upand go cleanup and put on that pink outfit,” she said as she unlocked myhand cuff.”I will send Gina to help you,” she told me as I climbed up to my feet.”Yes Ma’am Mistress right away,” I told her as she turned and left metrailing behind her.She went one way and I quickly headed for the back room to the stares ofeveryone as I passed. I made it in the room and quickly puked in thegarbage can and yet still felt sick and could taste cum. I then began tostrip off everything which was now very soaked. I tossed the stuff in thecorner and was totally naked when Gina came in along with betty. All Ihad on was my chastity cage and butt plug inserted. My make up and wigwere ruined and They immediately began to help me wash off. Bobbie saidshe would go see if there was anyway I might find a shower in thisbuilding.”I hope you don’t screw up anymore Jill, your making it harder for Stacyand I,” she told me as Bobbie left us alone.I told her I did and how sorry I was to her for doing so. She didn’t seemto care about my apology as she worked to scrub me very harshly. That wasthe least of my problems though because I didn’t think a harsh scrubbingwould get the smell of nasty piss off of me. Then after a minute oftrying, the door swung open and Bobbie returned.”Well I have good news, Brian said that there is a basement with a showerin it we can use,” Bobbie explained as she took my hand and gave me atowel to wrap around me.We went thru the kitchen and down a stairwell where there was a nastylooking shower. She told me to get in after she turned on the water andit got very hot. I stepped in and she handed me some soap and told me tomake it quick. I washed the cleansing water over me and quickly soapedoff. I didn’t have any shampoo so I used the soap to wash my hair.”Ok that is good enough,” she told me as she reached in and turned offthe water and handed me the towel.I was dry and wrapped the towel around me again as we returned to thebackroom. When we arrived Gina and Stacy were halve way getting changedthemselfs. I went to the bag with my things packed in it. I found myoutfit Betty told me to change into and got it out. I had a very shortpink leather skirt, pink sheer blouse and white lacy bra and pantiesalong with a lacey white garter and lace top thigh highs. I put on thegarter first as I was taught long ago so when the panties, which went onnext, go on they can come off with no problems. I then put on my bra andplaced my falsies in each side. I then slide into the skirt and put onthe blouse. I then found a chair and sat down to roll each thigh high on.As I did so Gina and Stacy were finishing their makeup with Bobbies help.”You girls go find Betty and get started as I help Jill finish up,”Bobbie instructed them.Stacy left and Gina did as well after she looked at me very disgustedfirst. Bobbie was busy brushing my spare wig as I tried to get the garterstraps attached. I hate doing that but love it after they are attachedbecause one doesn’t have to worry so much about them always falling down.”We need to hurry Jill so hold still,” she told me as she fastened thewig to my head.She then came around and started on my face Appling my makeup and sheadded a bit more to give me a more slutty look I think. When she thoughtI was ready, which doesn’t take her nearly as long as it would take me,she said it was time to go.”Yes Mistress Bobbie, thank you for all your help,” I told her as Islipped into my high heel shoes.She took my leash and we made our way back to the ever growing crowd. Isaw much more people there then before and we had to work our way aroundthem to get to Betty. Bobbie stopped when we arrived at her table andhanded her my leash.”Well don’t we look like a slutty gurl doesn’t she Rick,” Betty said asshe asked Rick who was sitting with two other girls.He looked me up and down and told her I needed a touch more makeup hethought. He turned to one of the girls sitting next to him and told herto fix it.”Tonya, I want her looking like she is a cock whore,” he told her and shegot up and into her purse.She was a heavy set black girl dressed in a pair of yoga pants and lowcut skin tight shirt. She got out more eye shadow and lip stick making melook more so as he wished.”Jill this is Tonya and that is Missy, they belong to Rick,” Betty toldme as I held very still for her.When she finished doing what she was doing to me she put her things awayas Rick complimented her handy work. I looked around and saw Wandawalking Gina and Stacy around selling the jello shots. Betty then askedBobbie if she would take me and start selling the raffle tickets.”You do remember how to do it don’t you Brad,” Betty asked me as shehanded my leash back to Bobbie.”Yes Ma’am Mistress, crotch to floor for $10 or 10 for $5,” I told herseeing we have done plenty of bar nights before.I also know that unlike the other times I would be the one doing thecrotch thing and that meant touching plenty of guys crotches. Bettyhanded me the tickets and told Bobbie to remind them it was for thehomeless and they can split the pot if they win. Bobbie told her sure andwe started to make our rounds. We stopped at the table next to us wheretwo guys were sitting and Betty watched as Bobbie asked them if theywanted to buy any.”Sure I think I will take the $10 crotch amount the very first guy said.I quickly dropped to my knees and stretched the roll of tickets from thefloor up to his crotch. I saw Betty watching and made sure to fondle theguys cock as I held them up to it. Then I tore them off handing them toBobbie. The next guy seemed very interested from seeing this and quicklygot out his $10 and stood up as I turned to face him from my knees.”You need to work a bit harder slut to sell them I’m thinking,” Bettysaid as the guy waited standing in front of me.”Yes Mistress as you wish,” I told her as I looked up to him and brushedhis crotch with my cheek.”Would please like to buy some tickets for the raffle to help thehomeless Sir,” I told him.He handed Bobbie the money and then looked back down at me, pulling meback to grind a semi hard cock against my face some more. Then I rolledoff enough tickets to go from the floor to his cock. I made sure tomassage it as I held it there for a second before tearing them off andhanding the tickets to Bobbie.”Much better slut,” I heard Betty say as I removed my hand from hiscrotch to his gazing smile down to me.Bobbie handed him back his tickets and then waited until I got up beforetaking me to the next table. There she told me to ask them and make sureto curtsey after I did so. I did so several more times and it seemed mostliked the way I was selling them or they really wanted to just helphomeless people, I’m not sure. Then we stopped next to Wanda and thegurls to sell some tickets and Wanda said she wanted some also.”I would like the $10 crotch tickets please,” and as I started from thefloor up her massive legs, she lifted her dress and put it over my head.”That’s it slut, lick my pussy,” she told me as her sweaty hairy pussywas barely covered by her panties.I pulled them to one side and she pulled my face deeply into her. I beganto lick away as she smothered me in her juices. She held me there for aminute before letting go. She told me as I climbed out from under herdress that was very nice. A cowboy looking big guy was sitting there andhe stood up saying he wanted the same. I stretched the tickets from thefloor for him and noticed he pulled out his cock as I reached his crotch.I looked up to Wanda and Bobbie and their looks only confirmed what wasexpected of me.”Go on Jill make him happy,” Wanda told me as he waited for me to suckhim.The next guy got up also and began to get his cock out as well. I was nowstaring at two huge cocks and noticed everyone near by was watching. Thatis when Bobbie stepped in telling Gina to assist me with my task.”Yes Mistress,” Gina said very eagerly as she was on her knees next to meand sucking the other guy before I even touched the cowboy.I reached up and took his huge soft cock in my hand and as she did,wrapped my mouth around it. He filled my mouth fully and wasn’t even hardyet but soon started to grow. He soon began gagging me as he forced hiscock past the back of my mouth. Gina was a lot better at big cocks then Iwas as she seemed to have no trouble at all with her guy. After a coupleminutes she had her guy Cumming and my guy was still going rock hard. Hethen took my ears and began to ram himself in and out and I tried to keepa steady suction between gags. Then I felt him shove that thing deep inmy throat and he followed that with a gush of salty cum.”Damn girl that wasn’t very bad,” he said as he finished feeding me hisload.Then he pulled out and waited as I wiped my mouth of the excess mess.Bobbie then told me to give him his tickets and zip him back up. I did soand also gave three more blowjobs before we finished making our rounds.”Lets go see what Betty wants you to do now Jill, you did a good job,”Bobbie told me as I got off my knees after selling a ton of tickets.”Yes Mistress,” I told her as I got up and brushed off my knees and shegave my leash a tug.We returned to where Betty was and she hadn’t moved from her spot ascenter of attention. Bobbie handed her the jar of money and informed herwe were done making our rounds. Betty then told her to take me to get herrubber gloves and the lube.”I think it is time to give Jill here a bit more of her punishment andremind her who owns her,” Betty said as she looked me very evil looking.I know what usually come with that combination and it is not good for mysissy pussy. We went and got the items she requested and before wereturned I asked her if I may go pee, trying my best to stall.”Yes I think you can but you better hurry and we best not keep herwaiting,” Bobbie told me as we made a detour to the bathroom.She let go of my leash long enough for me to sit in the stall and peebefore I wiped my chastity device and we started back to her table. Wemade it out of the bathroom and I saw Betty gathering everyone around thepool table.”Before we all eat, I would like to do a demo on fisting if any of youare interested,” Betty told the crowd as they all gathered around.Bobbie handed Betty my leash and I handed her the gloves and lube. Shetold me to hike my skirt up and get over the pool table. I didn’t want toknowing how much this was going to hurt but also did it because I knew Iwas on thin ice already. I went to the side of the table and pulled myleather skirt up above my waist as everyone watched, exposing everythingunderneath. I then laid over the table and pressed my body flat againstit and gripped the far side to wait.”First off one needs to wear gloves not to make a mess of themselves,”she said as I watched her put them on.Then she pulled my panties down to my ankles and told me to step out ofthem. She explained that it was much easier to do without them in theway. She then kicked my ankles apart and pulled out my butt plug. Iwatched as she explained that lube made the whole thing easier for her,weather it helped me or not as they all laughed. I then looked across thetable knowing what was next and focused on Stacy next to Wanda. I couldsee in her face fear of what I was about to receive.”You should know that you start slowly with a couple fingers before youcan get your whole fist in,” she told the crowd as I felt her press herfingers deeply in me.She worked them some first before she added another. She began to stretchmy pussy as she calls it now even though I had been wearing a butt plug aminute ago. She liked to curl and twist her fingers as she inserted themdeeply in me. I did my best to hold still Knowing she would get irate ifI didn’t. She soon had four fingers in me as she went along and the painwas growing very unpleasant. She knew this as well but she seemed toenjoy torturing me. After a minute or so of this she squeezed all of herfingers into my hole. This was when I always backed away before but knowif I do so now I was had. I gritted my teeth as she didn’t stop and soonpushed her whole hand inside me. My mouth popped open as I thought shewas tearing me in two.”She seems to like it,” somebody said not able to see the pain I was inor just being a smart ass, I’m not sure.But she was really hurting me now and as she worked her hand aroundinside me , I began to squirm. Bobbie saw this and went around the otherside and placed her hand on my back to sooth me and yet hold me in placealso.”Jill DOESN’T CARE FOR THIS SO MUCH,” Betty screamed as my moans of painbegan to get rather loud.She worked her hand into a fist and then had her way with me for a fewminutes and tears began to flow. Thank god for water proof mascarabecause tears they were plenty. I didn’t really cry out except for theuncontrollable moans at least until she finished. She had her fist in meand then suddenly pulled very hard pulling it out.”And that Ladies and Gentlemen is how you fist someone, after we eat Iwill show you all a demo of some C.B.T. if you like,” as she removed hergloves and tossed them on my back.Gina picked up the gloves and Bobbie let me up as I could barely do. Myass was so sore when I felt Gina lean me back over and stuck my plug backin place. It went in with little effort, a lot less effort then it tookto keep it there until I got my panties back on after Stacy handed themto me.”Girls, go start bringing out the food,” Betty ordered as they helped meget back on my heels.Wanda took my leash and the other gurls as we were led to get the food.We were in the backroom where she had to taste all of it before we werealoud to gather it for delivery. We each took a tray and she led us backfor the first trip and then went with her to get more. I got a tray andso did Stacy as Gina got the cups, plates, napkins and plastic utensils.”That is good, now I want you gurls to go around the table and serveeveryone their food,” Betty explained as we finished bringing it all out.We went to the other side as the line formed and I was given a big spoonfor the potato salad to dish out. Wanda tied our leashes together and sata dish on them as we served the guest. After everyone was served, shegathered our leashes and got her a heaping plate of food. She took thethree of us to a table as she sat down. She told us to kneel next to herand not talk as she began to stuff her face. I was very hungry myself butalso very sore as I kneeled but was not alone as the others were rightthere by me.”Would you care to join me,” Bobbie told Gina as she took her leashleaving Stacy and I next to Wanda.As Gina got up and went with Bobbie, I looked over to Stacy and sheseemed a bit scared. I took her hand and tried to calm her nerves. Shelooked at me and asked me a question I thought I knew the answer to.”What do you think they have planned for us the rest of the night,” sheasked me with a terrified whisper.”I am sure you are safe and all the really bad stuff they have plannedwill be at my expense,” I told her as I saw her start to relax just abit.Wanda kicked me with her meaty foot and warned me to shut up. Stacyjumped at the sound of the warning as I quickly quit talking. I watchedas they all ate and then saw Ed come over and get Stacy’s leash tellingher to follow him. He helped her up and didn’t even acknowledge mesitting against Wanda’s leg.As they walked away, Wanda petted my head and said, “I guess Betty andthem left you for me Jill.”She kicked me softer this time and told me to slide under the table asshe ate. She spread her thighs and her dress was already raised somewhatas she told me to finish what i was doing earlier. I climbed up andpushed her flabby flesh rolls out of the way before finding her pussy. Ithen moved her panties so I could get my mouth to her and began lickingher as the folds of flesh fell back against my head. I was down there forseveral minutes before she reached under and pulled me even closer and Ifelt her explode on my tongue.”Now go get me some pie of my own,” she told me as I climbed out fromunder her fat.I crawled out from under the table and started to get her the desert shedemanded when Greg stopped me to fondle my ass. I was worried he wanted ablowjob or something more when he let go. I then went about my way to geta plate of every desert I could find. I started back when Betty told meto come to her.”Yes Mistress Betty, How my I be of service to you,” I told her as Idipped into a curtsey.She told me it was about time to do the next demo and she needed the bagof toys she brought. I told her right away and went to give Wanda thefood and news. She seemed a bit upset with me but started to get up. Shetook the goodies and set them down taking my leash. She gave it a sternjerk before taking me across the bar to get the bag. We returned and Igave it to Betty who told Wanda to announce the next demo.”Brad I want you to go lay on your back on the table after you move thefood,” Betty told us.I again gave her a curtsey before being dragged to the pool table. Wandaannounced the next demo on C.B.T. and Stacy, Gina, Tonya and Missy allhelped remove the food. As I returned I notice Betty getting out clothespins, wire ties, rope candles and her crop. She motioned for me as thepeople started to gather again. Betty motioned for me to hurry and thentold me to get in place. I quickly removed my panties and sat on thetable.As I started to lay on my back with my skirt pulled all the way up againBetty told them “This demo is going to be a C.B.T. demo.”I laid there motionless as she got her key and unlocked my protectedclitty from my chastity device freeing it from it cage. She removed thering around my sissy cock and I heard Tonya say she has never seen such asmall thing. They all laughed but all I kept thinking about was what shehad planned for me.”Yes now you all can see why I have a real man and he is my gurl,” Bettytold them as they laughed.She then picked up some clothes pins and one by one started to attachthem pinching my sac and cock not noticing or caring how much it hurt meeach time. She attached about 20 of them before she stopped and leftlittle room for any more. Then I watched in horror as she picked up hercrop. After a few minutes of explaining how much those hurt, she whackedone of causing the pain to rush thru me. I jump and jerked a bit and assoon as I settled, she repeated the act.”This is a very good way to teach your sub how to accept pain’ she toldthem as she knocked off several more.She went on until the last one came off and instantly got a wire tie andstrapped it around my sac very tightly. Getting the rope next, sheexplained to them as she twisted it around and around my sac and cock.Taking scissors she cut the wire tire leaving the rope tightly encasingme.”And this is rope bondage and this really hurts,” as she pulled my bondedcrotch and pushed me flat against the table.I cried out in serious pain but to no avail. She then stopped only torepeat the process several times with me yelping each time. Then sheundid one end of the rope and quickly jerked it as it unraveled. That tohurt like hell but the rope was off at least. My sac was purple thoughand the pain was still there very much so.”You see how discolored they are as the blood collects in them,” she toldeveryone as she tapped it with her crop.All I could do was turn my head and cry as I heard her say that candlewax was a thing one needs to make sure to get the right type of candle toavoid permanent burns.”That doesn’t mean your victim won’t feel the burn of the wax though,”she said just as I felt it drip on me.I gripped the table edge as she covered my clitty and sac and it turnedhard as it cooled. She then whacked me several time knocking a bunch ofit off making me feel very sick once again from pain. She then told thecrowd that there was much more they could do with some imagination ifthey wanted. But then she took my hand helping and allowing me up.”Well done Jill, I’m impressed,” she told me as my sobbing self sat up.That was the first time in a long time she gave me anything but harshwords. But then she followed that comment up with another.”Don’t think your punishment is over though, we still have some spankingscoming later,” she whispered in my ear as I climbed off with my ear byher.”Yes Mistress, thank you I said as I reached down and gathered mypanties. That was when the cowboy guy came back and approached Betty. Hewhispered something to her and she stepped back as I was pulling up mypanties.”You need to ask Rick how much,” she told him as she pointed Rick’s way.I just got them up and was adjusting my skirt when Wanda came over andBetty handed her my leash. She then told her to wait a minute before weran off and I noticed rick and the cowboy come back. He handed Rick somemoney and Rick reached over and whispered to Betty something giving herthe money.”Wanda would you please escort Jill with Jim here to the backroom,” Bettytold her as he stepped aside and motioned for us to go first.Wanda told her of course and tugged on my leash to get going. We all wentin and the cowboy shut the door. He told Wanda and I that he was going topound my ass as he was undoing his pants. He motioned for me to come tohim as he dropped his shorts and that huge cock sprang out. I hesitatedand Wanda told me I best get going as she walked me over to him. I wasstill very sore and didn’t want to have anything shoved in me let alonetouch me when Wanda spun me around with my back to him.”Either you get them panties down or I’ll rip them off slut,” he told meas I looked at Wanda for mercy.No mercy was there and I knew it so I slowly pulled my skirt up andstarted to lower them. I guess not fast enough because he helped me pullthem down and then bent me over holding my hips and his big hand on myback. Kicking my legs apart as Wanda then helped hold me bent over, hetook both hands on my hips and prepared to have his way with me. With aquick motion he had my plug removed and his cock inserted. Jamming itfully in me and then humping me slapping his balls against my thighs ashe drove in each time. He didn’t slow his pace even though I wassquealing like a pig each time his massive cock slide in. His cock seamedlike it was ten foot long and about to split me in halve when I felt himgrind hard against me. He then flooded my insides with his load beforepulling out.”That was the best $20 I spent tonight, now clean me off,” he demanded ashe let me go.Wanda let me stand back up and I was a bit wobbly in my heels as I turnedto face him. Wanda pulled my collar and I took her guidance to my kneesbefore this guy. I took him in my hand followed by my mouth wrappedaround him yet again tonight. I sucked him hard and then he pulled itfree from my grip. I watched from the floor as he picked his pants backup and turned to go.”Come on Jill let’s go,” Wanda told me after he walked out but I wasn’tsure I could go on.She helped me up putting my plug back and took my leash as we headed backto the crowd. We returned just in time to find Stacy and Gina assistingsherry with the electric play set and a willing victim. I was hoping toavoid another demo and know from the past I hate electric play. Lot’s ofpeople get off on it though and from the looks of things, I think I willbe spared this time.”Come here Jill,” Bobbie told me as we walked by stopping Wanda also.She had some rope in her hand and told us it was time for me to take abreak. She had me back up to the bars on the wall and kneel for her. Shethen proceeded to tie my hands behind me and the rope around me securingme to the wall. She then tied my ankles together and told me to relaxawhile and take a load of my feet.”Don’t go anywhere,” she told me as she tucked my leash in the back of myskirt and took Wanda and walked away.I was left there for a long time with lot’s of people coming by totorture me by teasing my nipples, having me suck their thumps, and suchbut no one went much further. I was happy not to have to do much otherthen stay there, that is untill a couple hours later when Betty cameover.”Well Brad it is time for the rest of your punishment, are you ready,”she asked as she looked down to me in my helpless state.I told her I was and she went about freeing me from my bindings. My kneesached as she told me to get up. I was then led by my leash back to thepool table where she announced the last thing was $5 swats of a sissyslut for the homeless. She got her cane out and swished it thru the airand told me to assume the position.”That’s $5 a stroke people, lets see how many marks we can put across herbackside as we raise money for charity,” she asked as she pulled my skirtup and panties down.She then removed my plug and told me this was going to be great. Goodthing she didn’t untie my wrist as it made it easier to attach them tothe legs of the table on the opposite side. I watched as a few people gotinto their wallets and wondered if I would be able to keep from having togo to the hospital or not. I then noticed Wanda getting into it by liningout Betty’s other weapons of mass destruction. She got out all of herpaddles, crops, floggers and whips she had brought with her.”Who’s going to be first,” Betty exclaimed as I saw one drunk guy getloud and hand Ed some money.Ed told Betty he paid for three swats as he went and stood behind me. Isaw him get the cane from Betty and she stepped back as not to get hit. Ibegan to tremble a bit Knowing this was only the beginning of them yet tocome. He placed it firmly against my thighs when Bobbie gratefully helpedhim raise it to my cheeks. I looked forward and braced the best I couldas I waited, then I felt him remove it from me. Quickly followed by astrike right across one cheek. I bite my lip as the pain shot thru mequickly and he swung it back ready to deliver the second blow.”That’s one, two to go,” I heard Betty tell them and then a second harderstrike hit both cheeks this time.I was terrified of getting more and wished I could get up but had nochoice to lay there as the assault continued as I was tied down. Hefinished his turn and handed the cane to Betty. The next guy came up andI heard two swats announced. He hit a lot harder and when he finished,Betty raked her nails across the swelling welts that began to raise on mybackside. I already began to flow more tears again and bite my lip hardcausing it to bleed. The taste of blood was nothing compared to what Ithought my backside would look like. After about 5 guys and 10 swats theline was about gone. The only guy left was that cowboy guy.”I don’t need that cane, I have my own,” as he undid his pants removinghis belt.Betty told him that I had 15 coming and she stepped back. He didn’t waitlong before he busted my welted cheeks about 5 times with the leatherstrap. I screamed out very loud as he did so and Betty took my pantiesand stuffed them in my mouth to shut my screams up somewhat. I felt hishand on the small of my back just before he hit me again.”That’s six Betty told him as he went on to hit me 4 more times pausingbetween blows this time.I was sobbing uncontrollably now but that didn’t stop him or neither didanyone come to my rescue. The last five came in another round of rapidfire form. I didn’t even look as he put his belt back on because I wasspent and semi conscious I think.”Anyone else want to work her over some more?” Betty asked and to mysurprise I watched as Gina asked Bobbie if she could.Bobbie didn’t say a word but told her yes by giving her $10 as Gina nowdisappeared behind me. I couldn’t believe those two would do this to mebut then again Gina seemed not to like me much. Everyone else thought itwas very funny that one of the sissy’s was going to do such a thing. Shetapped me with the cane she picked up with much delight before strikingit across both thighs. She hit me low enough that she missed all theother welts but also where she knew it would really hurt the most.Everyone cheered but Betty told her that was a bit low.”I am sorry Mistress,” she told Betty but somehow I didn’t believe her.She tapped my welted cheeks and soon enough stroked me right across boththis time. She then too gave Betty back her cane and Betty asked again ifanyone else wanted a turn. One guy spoke up and my crying got worse. Hegave her a $20 but told her he wanted to use Gina as the spanking object.I turned to watch as she now was getting a turn at the business end ofthat thing. From the look on her face after the first blow, she didn’tlike it a bit. When he finished and no one else stepped up, Bettyannounced that they had raised $845 towards the night and she thankedeveryone still there.”Hold on a second,” Greg said as he opened his wallet as well.”I am willing to make it an even $900 if I can use it on you,” he toldBetty.She looked at him and smiled, you see she likes it but then she told himonly 3 swats and he had a deal. He accepted and she then laid over thetable besides me and received hers with less crying or in fact no cryingat all as I watched him hit her hard each time. The last one was all Ithink she wanted anyway and besides she got hers over her clothes.”Ok if no one else wants a shot at one of the gurls, then I think it hasbeen a wonderful night, thank you all again for coming,” Betty said asshe got up.Bobbie then removed my panties from my mouth and told Gina to wipe mybackside as it seemed I was busted open in a couple spots. Bobbie thenuntied me and they both helped me up. I couldn’t even stand from the painat first but soon did so.Bobbie cleared off a table and told me I could lean over it while theothers gathered everything up and loaded the cars. I thanked her and leftas Sherry brought me a rag full of ice and gave it to me for my buns.Then Betty came up while I was thanking her and raked her nails across mystill bare ass.”Well I seriously hope you now understand I own you completely Brad,” shetold me as her nails caused me to flinch terribly.”yes Mistress I have, I am yours to do with as you please, please forgiveme it will never happen again,” I told her with a shaky voice as Ipleaded to her.That was when her friends all started to gather around and she told themthey should have a quick meeting before they all left. Her and herleather club cleared an area and went over the night and the money wasput away as they all said their goodbyes. I was still there with Sherryand Wanda when Betty, rick, Ed and Ricks girls came back.”Brad, put your panties back on and kneel,” Betty ordered me as shehanded me the panties.I slipped them on and gingerly up over my beat ass cheeks and thenlowered my skirt before kneeling as told. Betty then took my leash in herhand and told me once again who I belonged to and how I was to do astold.”I want you to go with Rick and you best do as told or he will make youand I don’t care how and when I find out, you will think this is nothingif you don’t,” she told me as I watched her hand him the leash and my keyto my chastity device.”I will bring her back in a couple days and trust me he will complyBetty, one way or another,” Rick told her as he handed my leash to Tonya.Bobbie came back telling Betty that everything was ready and they wereleaving. She looked down at me with my eyes very wide like she knew whereI was going as she smirked at me. Gina handed Missy my things and Bettytold Rick that I had plenty to wear at my place when I got there. I thensaw Bobbie hug Betty and turn and leave me kneeling next to Rick. I thenwatched as Wanda, Sherry, Stacey and Ed all say their goodbyes to rickand Brian before they too turned and left us there.”Ok get up Bitch,” Tonya told me as she pulled me to my feet and Missygrabbed my bag.Rick told me to hold on and bent me over the table pulling my pantiesdown. He spread my cheeks with his strong hands and shoved my plug backin before yanking them back up and letting go.”Now we can go, get the stupid slut in my car,” he barked and then Tonyajerked my leash and we hurried to do so.I was placed in the back seat with Missy and we waited for Rick toappear. Tonya climbed in the front seat holding my leash as he got in.”I think you are going to be pretty worthless for a few days but shouldheal in no time, you at least can still use that mouth of yours ifnothing else,” he said as he pulled off.I was beat, humiliated, shocked and very tired and it didn’t take long,passed out for the ride home.

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