Angie, Baby, you’re a Special Lady!

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Angie, Baby, you’re a Special Lady!As goes the Helen Reddy song goes, I met Angie last night. Angie is a server at a roadhouse, and had just gotten off duty when I entered the establishment for dinner.Angie was seated at the bar, having a drink with her brother-in-law. I had a great time, BSing with the folks at the bar. Angie and her BIL were cordial, and we talked as though we’d know each other for a long time. Angie was especially friendly. I had such a good time, I bought Angie and her BIL a round of drinks. They were appreciative, and Angie must have thanked me 1/2 a dozen times.I returned to the roadhouse tonight for dinner. Who had just ended her shift? Yes, Angie! I got an incredible greeting. Angie appears to be in her mid to late 40s, about 5’3″, slender but with a nice set of tits that give her tops a great shape. She’s very light-skinned, and appears to be a natural blonde. She has green eyes that draw one’s attention right to them. She was drinking with about 5 or 6 people at the bar, so I sat at a table by myself. Tracy (the bartender) got me a drink and took my food order. Tracy wasn’t gon 30 seconds when Angie came to my table and invited herself to sit down with me. We had a nice conversation, and she gave several come-hither looks. I asked her what she had planned for the evening – she said, “Not much!” I told iskenderun escort her I was going to go back to my hotel and hit the hot tub.She returned to her party, and my food was served shortly thereafter. After my dinner, I prepared to leave. Angie saw I was leaving, and took a few quick steps toward me. She put her arms around me, gave me a big hug. She told me she was glad to see me, and I returned the compliment. I reminded her of my invitation to the hot tub, whispering in her ear “319.” She said, “I’ll see you later!” I left.I drove back to the hotel (2 miles) and settled in. After checking some e-mail and voice messages, I donned my trunks and grabbed a towel. With my hand on the door latch, there was a knock on the door. It was Angie – bundled up in a winter coat that covered her from neck to foot. I invited her in, and she said, “Well, you said you’d have some clothes for me to wear in the hot tub!” I took her to be sleeping room of my suite, opened a drawer, and handed her a white cotton V-necked t-shirt and a striped pair of boxer shorts. She laughed and said, “Is this it?” I said, “Well, it’s that or nothing!” I winked when I said it, and she winked back. Angie agreed to the outfit and popped into the bathroom. Out she came in a minute, wearing my underwear. It was tres cool! We grabbed towels escort iskenderun and went to the hot tub. It was a good time, with the 104 degree water pummeling our bodies. She turned red almost immediately, and began to sweat. The t-shirt was clinging to her body in a sensuous way. We talked very suggestively, making comments that were somewhat subtle, but mostly overtly obvious. Sitting next to each other, we began to touch. She was VERY friendly!We’d had enough hot water and groping, so left the hot tub. God, she has great tits! My white t-shirts are relatively thin, so they leave nothing to the imagination when wet. I had to comment on what I saw, and she thanked me. When we walked toward the elevator, she slipped her arm around mine. Nice.On arrival in my room, I offered her the bathroom to change back into her clothes. She laughed, and said, “Hey, you’ve seen most of me anyway – why should I hide behind a door!?” With that, she peeled off the t-shirt – exposing her marvelous tits. She then pulled the boxers down, revealing her delightful hairy V between her thighs. I grabbed another towel and began to dry off her body. She didn’t move at all – just stood there and let me caress her body with the terry cloth. After I dried her off, I handed her the towel, stripped, and said, “My turn!” She did the same to iskenderun escort bayan me as I’d done to her. She rubbed gently, being very thorough.We finished toweling off, and I said, “Well, we have a decision to make! How’s this going to go?” Angie said, “Well, we’ve known each other for about 24 hours. I’m not sure fucking is the best decision. On the other hand, I’m pretty stimulated. You seem to be, also” as she pointed down to my dick. I replied with a, “I have an idea – how about doing each other without doing each other?” Angie said, “Sounds good!”We went to the bed and began to kiss and caress each other. Hands moved all over, and stimulation led to REAL stimulation. I could tell she was getting wet, and I was certainly getting hard. We agreed to stroke each other, with the first one to cum being the loser. Have you ever lost, but really believed you won? That’s what happened to me tonight. We caressed and stroked and played with each other, and I had no intention of trying to hold back. Her tiny hands were soft, and talented. Sooner than later, I began to feel an orgasm building. I tipped my head back and surrendered. I blew my load up in the air, and it landed on Angie’s hand and arm, and my belly. I kept playing with her cunt, stroking her clit and massaging her G-spot. She didn’t last too much longer. She had an excellent orgasm, and I felt great about that.So much for our evening. Hot water, transparent T-shirt, hairy beaver, hard cock, and orgasms all around. It’s been an interesting 24 hours! We agreed a few more encounters were in order before we totally do “the wild thing!”

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