Anita wants another visit to a glory hole

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Anita wants another visit to a glory holeThat evening during dinner, my sexy wife told me she wanted to go to an adult book store where she could suck cocks through a glory hole. Anita said she was in the mood for sucking tonight.I offered my own dick; but she laughed, saying she wanted a huge black one to suck tonight.I asked her if she wanted a huge black cock in her sweet wet cunt after sucking it. And she laughed again, saying she would decide later about letting a stranger fuck her tiny cunt…After having a coffee at home, I drove Ana to the adult book store.As we parked outside, she asked me how far would stand I to go; then I answered as far as she wanted to go. We headed inside. My sensual bitch was wearing a nice tight red dress, with no bra and nor thong. A pair of sexy red stilettos completed her outfit.We walked inside and made sure the men in the store saw her going to the glory hole area. I saw at least ten men there as we entered. Then we got into a booth.There was a hole on each side of the booth, with a video screen and a small bench under it. Ana wanted to watch a movie.It was not too long until a guy’s dick entered from the glory hole. Anita got closer and took it between her long fingers. She told me it was a pity, but this cock was not the black one she was waiting for.I smiled at her and my sexy wife started to stroke this pale white cock with her hand. Anita jerked him off for a few minutes and the guy soon shot his load all over the floor. My wife smiled…A few minutes later, another white cock appeared from the other ordu escort side. Anita reached down and started to stroke it. Suddenly she woke up, took off her tight dress and went back again to continue the hand job. She looked at me, saying she wanted to suck this cock; but did not want the stranger coming over her dress Then she bent on her waist and began licking the cock as she jerked it. She grabbed the hard shat and took his head into her soft mouth, starting to suck off. I saw her moving a free hand to her pussy and she fingered herself as she sucked the man’s dick.Ana was now on her knees sucking a stranger’s cock right in front of me. She pulled her head away and smiled at me; she continued to jerk him off. Then with out warning, he began to shoot his load. My wife held the dick so he shot onto her chest. When the cock withdrew from the hole, she cleaned herself and kissed me.Few minutes later, I noticed a black cock entering the booth. It was really huge. Ana got down on her knees and began to suck on this magnificent piece of black cock. I could hear the guy moaning as my wife sucked and licked him.His cock also began to stroke in and out of Anita’s mouth. I knelt down and began to finger her pussy.Suddenly the black guy erupted in her mouth and she swallowed it all. My sensual wife stroked his cock and got every drop in her mouth. The huge black cock withdrew and she stood up to kiss me.I asked her if she was thinking about fuck one of these cocks.Anita just smiled, but she said no word…Soon another black cock appeared escort ordu in the glory hole. Anita got again on her knees and began sucking it. Few moments later, as this black cock grew at full erection, my sexy wife got up; she turned around and backed up to the wall. I sat on the floor to watch.Anita had trouble getting the cock into her. She then braced herself against the wall and bent over to see how to put this stranger’s huge black anaconda inside of her. My own cock was raging hard watching my wife act like such a slut. She finally got the head into her and she screamed in pain…She then put both hands on the opposite wall and began to bang her butt against the wall. I could see the cock slide in and out of her as she did this motion.Ana smiled at me as she got fucked by the black stranger’s cock.Occasionally she stopped and held herself, letting him fuck her.She cried out loud, having a very intense and powerful orgasm. Then she just slipped off from that cock and started sucking it. Her head moved up and down on this black rod and soon he began to cum in her wet mouth. After getting her mouth full, she turned around and she kissed me, sharing the salty cum with me.Then Ana said she wanted some fresh air. So, she put on her tight dress and we went out of the booth. Two black guys were in the alley. My wife looked at them in their eyes and motioned them to follow us outside.Ana told me she would not get back inside a booth; now she was in the mood for some black cock in the darkened parking lot.The first black guy grabbed Ana’s ordu escort bayan waist and made her bend over the trunk of our own car. He lifted her tight dress and he smiled as he saw my sexy wife’s ass totally exposed, with her pussy lips glistening in the shadows. This black guy looked at his mate and then he shoved his hard rod into Ana’s cunt from behind. My sexy wife opened her mouth in surprise; but she could not cry in pain or pleasure. This black cock was huge and I was sure it hurt inside her tight cunt. But Ana kept quiet as the guy pumped his pussy with no mercy. Suddenly I saw her arching her back and this time she moaned loud, as she came over this huge piece of dick.The guy made some more strokes and soon he grunted, emptying his balls inside Ana’s womb.He slipped out and his mate did not lose time in positioning himself at my wife’s back. He put his hardened black cock onto her buttocks and asked Ana if she would let him to fuck her in the ass.Poor guy looked disappointed, when Ana told him she was not in the mood for anal sex. Then he slowly inched his huge cock into my wife’s slippery cunt.This time Ana grunted all the time, since this second black rod was even thicker than the first one. The guy pumped her slowly, enjoying having every inch of his huge dick buried in Ana’s cunt.Again Ana was the first coming. She raised her head and looked at me, as she came in the middle of leg shaking orgasm… The black guy could not stand it anymore and he groaned wildly as he filled my sweet wife’s cunt with more warm black semen…As both guys left, my sensual Ana smiled at me with an evil grin in her face. I asked her what was going on and she laughed louder.She whispered tonight she also was in the mood for anal, as she bent her waist over the hood again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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