Anl experience 5/27/2013

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Anl experience 5/27/2013The night all started when i decided I was gonna play with my self. His Strict word was I AM NOT ALOUD UNLESS ITS HAND. I tough i would test him. First he decided to Duck tape me. Witch After i decided to struggle alil bit i was able to get my hands out of it. He decided to cuff my hands behind my back. I behaved at that point. I feel asleep and he got some of his thing done that he need to do. When i woke up, I can say I decided to be a brat and try to use my foot to play. It seemed like he got a lil frustrated, He chained me down to the bed on my belly arms apart and feet together. What i didn’t know he had was binder clamps and a zip line. OMG the binder clamps hurt to pull them off. He left the zip line of cloths pins on me. It hurt so bad. Once it quit hurting he decided to pull it off. My legs are very touchy to start with and he made that hurt to when i teared güvenilir bahis up. Once it was over i was ok.PART 2He had me chained down on my back with a anal plug in and A wireless bluet vibrator. and left me there to deal with it. The big part is i was not aloud to get off at all i had to hold it back. I can say I was ok till he deiced to help. Decided to rub my clit as well it i got really close then stopped. Witch made it a lot worse. Then he walked away. Made me have to resort and case me self pain in different spots to keep my self from getting off. I got to the point was board.PART 3He set me up for failure. He know i can not completely deep throat him. He had me try from other ways but none of them i tryed that night i could not get him all the way down no madder how hard i tryed and almost throw up. I could get him always down half way but never all the way. I knew if i gave güvenilir bahis siteleri up he was going to take the place of the plug. I really did not want him too that would really hurt. I didn’t want anal at this point. Soon a nuff i feel back on my back because i gave up i just could not do it. No madder how hard i tryed :(PART 4He had me roller over on to my stomach and the he had me get on all fours. Pushed the anal plug back into my ass and then started to fuck me. No madder how bad i wanted to to cum i was not aloud to cum. When he started to fuck me alil rougher i started to beg him to cum, He would stop and not let me cum. He got me to the point i was begging him to cum and he could he how desperate i was at this point and he says, am i going to stop being a brat and testing him, will wear anything he wants. I said Yes he could take me any way he want or do anything güvenilir bahis he want with me. I complete submitted to him. i hold my word to that im going to go back to being obedient. Going to get back to be his lil slave/sub. trust him that he will take care of me. I trust him with chastity punishment that he will release me when he sees fit.PART 5Laying in bed. Getting ready to fall asleep. His cock started rubbing my ass. It felt so good. He decided to pulled my underwear aside.started rubbing my pussy. He used his spit and started to push this cock against my ass and slipped into my ass. next thing u know hes in my ass. rubbing my clit and started to fuck me. Next thing you know he is fucking my ass hard and im can feel this orgasm just building and my body would not release at all. All i know if he had me screaming in pleasure, this orgasm when it final released. It felt so good. He blow aloud in my ass. My body was spamming from how hard i came from that one orgasm. Killed my horny spell till i woke up the second time, Now im craving anal right now praying he will lube me up and take my ass again. I want it so bad right now.This was my night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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