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Another AirBNB BookingI love playing games with Lisa, she is so good at the roles and we enjoyed a quiet evening until I got an alert from Anika that an enquiry had come through for another AirBNB booking. I logged on to see the following message:“Good evening, sorry for short notice but need to book your room for tomorrow evening, too s**tty and forgot, I am a 23yo medical student and in town for a conference on Tuesday and loved your easy going and friendly profile. I do drink (will bring wine) and smoke (happy to use garden), very easy going. Please accept my booking, Mel x”It sounded interesting and I had to discuss with Lisa, she knew about the AirBNB as we chatted on Skype about it and she was all for it, we decided that she could sleep with me to allow Mel to have her room, just meant a big tidy up was needed in the morning, I hit the ‘Accept’ button and sent Mel a quick reply:“Hi Mel, thanks for enquiry and happy to accept, my daughter is staying (home from college) but your room will be ready for you, looking forward to your visit, Frank xWithin minutes I got a text from Mike:“Hey buddy, got a booking for tomorrow, some trainee doctor, can you have Jen?”I hated to disappoint but it seems that either Mel had double booked or she was visiting the conference with a friend. I sent a quick reply“Good mate, problem there as I have one too, obviously have to keep girls, enjoy!!” He replied with “Some bird called Nikki ” which told me it wasn’t a double booking.This was all new to Lisa and she had many questions on her role to play, I told her to play the innocent and just go with the flow, I reminded her that not all bookings were sexual and in any case Mel might be male. It was good that she drank and smoked as it would make for a pleasurable evening. As it happened Lisa’s room was in pretty good shape and just needed the bed changed and a tidy up so it shouldn’t take too long, we chilled out chatting and both excited at what tomorrow would bring.“Morning Daddy” came the voice that woke me up and a nice cup of coffee was on the night stand, Lisa sat on the edge of the bed watching as my eyes opened and focused.“Morning Babygirl” I replied back in a sleepy voice, it was a name she loved me calling her and I quite liked it too.We both knew we had a busy day ahead and as this was a source of income Lisa was keen to make it a success, I drank my coffee and we headed down to get some breakfast.“You sit down Dad, I will fry some eggs and bacon” Lisa said as she searched around for pots and pans, OMG I wish she wouldn’t bend down like that or maybe it was my fault for putting the frying pan in the bottom of the cupboard but she did give me some nice eye candy as her nightshirt rode up exposing her nice white cotton panties still bunched up her arse, so sexy.Lisa did love to tease and how we got through breakfast without jumping on each other is a mystery but we did.Eating eggs and bacon with a hard on is a new concept as was cleaning the house as Lisa was doing her utmost to keep me horny all day and boy was it working. It was just after 2pm when we finally got finished and decided to shower and get ready for our visitor, I grabbed a well-deserved beer and still in my boxer briefs I sat down to enjoy it and allow my erection to subside.I hadn’t even got half way through it when the door bell rang, oh dear god please don’t let that be her, I was in no way dressed or ready but I got up and walked to the door and opened it slightly to see who it was, my heart stopped as standing there was this beautiful young lady, she had shoulder length blond hair, green eyes and a smile that would melt ice, she wore a tight tee shirt which I could see the outline of her bra which was hiding a nice pair of what looked like 34b’s a slim waist and the tightest pair of jeans I have ever seen on a woman, they must have been painted on.“Hello” she said, “I’m Melanie, my friends call me Mel, are you Frank?” and she had the sweetest uşak escort softest voice you could imagine, she was holing a hanger which obviously was her outfit for the conference and a small overnight bag.“Hi Mel” I said assuming I was a friend, I was a bit flushed because of my state of dress, I looked and sounded hesitant,“Do come in” I said as I opened the door, she immediately saw how I was dressed but before she could comment I said “So sorry about my dress code Mel, I was just waiting for Lisa to finish in the shower and wasn’t expecting you so early” I hoped I had covered all bases and was pleasantly surprised at Mel’s response, she put her bag down and held out her hand, I shook it and she had soft hands, I had already decided to change doctors “It’s ok Frank, it was the relaxed atmosphere that drew me to your profile, don’t worry” she said and her voice alone was getting me aroused, I took a swig of my beer, why I took it to the door god only knows.“And I wouldn’t say no to one of those either” she said pointing to my can, she pulled out a couple of bottles of wine and handed them to me, “Here, you might as well put these in the chiller too” she said with a big smile.I grabbed some beer and showed her into the lounge, OMG did she had the cutest arse or what?, clad in tight denim it was as perfect as it gets, so tight around the crotch too. I gave her a beer and we went to the patio so she could smoke, I don’t mind smoking in the house but she offered plus it was an opportunity for small talk and I got to look at her amazing cameltoe and even she was glancing down at the bulge that was appearing.She then told me something that even I didn’t know and that was that once you have paid the fee and the booking is confirmed you can access the private area of the host’s profile which in her words she found ‘entertaining’ although she didn’t elaborate on but I am assuming that she saw the more personal pictures.The only hint she did give is that she chose me based on the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and also that she found the ‘host’ hot. “Can I grab a shower and get more comfortable” she asked so I grabbed her bag and followed her up the stairs, she must have known I was looking at her arse because not only did she walk slow she gave a little wiggle too. As we approached the bedroom, both bedroom door are opposite, I glanced into my room and saw Lisa putting on her big baggy tee shirt, I stopped to introduce them and Mel even commented at how Lisa was dressed saying it fitted in with what she imagined. Mel went into her room while me and Lisa went downstairs and sat out on the patio with a beer, Lisa opposite me with an empty chair next to her.I got a few joints ready just in case Mel was into that and it wasn’t long before Mel cam to the patio door,“Mind if I join you guys” she said in her sexy soft voice and as she walked over she must have noticed Lisa’s panties under her tee shirt, “Ah a girl from my own heart” she said pointing at how she was dressed, Mel looked stunning in a nightshirt and flowered PJ shorts, the night shirt could cross for a naughty mini dress but she looked good as she sat down, “Fancy another beer Mel?” I asked and I stood up as she nodded, I was still in my boxers and a semi was evident as I went and fetch another beer, on my return Mel and Lisa were chatting away which is always a good sign.Mel lit up a cigarette and relaxed back in the chair and I could just make out that she had red panties on judging by the view I had up the leg, I decided to fire up a joint which Mel declined.“It’s so nice seeing you guys out in the sun dressed like this without a care, reminds me of when I lived at home with my parents and brother” she said which was always a good topic of conversation, “Really” Lisa replied, “We think nothing of it, do we daddy” she continued and I though OMG she used the ‘daddy’ word, Mel carried on..“Mum was always stuffy about it but dad and Brian who is 2 escort uşak years younger than me had no issues if I sunbathed topless and in my knickers” and I got to thinking how good that must have been.“So what made you become a medical student, how long have you been doing that” I asked trying to get to know her better, Mel was very responsive and relaxed now, she even asked for a hit on the smoke and then coughed, “Wow!” she said getting her breath back.“I had always been interested in medicine and am 2 years into it, another 2 to go and the conference tomorrow is really just a way to let off steam, oh and I do a mean medical!” she said with a big smile, I think that perked up both of our interests as Lisa smiled too.“Really” I replied with a beaming smile, “That calls for another drink” I said with a smile and stood up, “Who’s in?” I asked and both girls nodded and strangely enough were looking straight at the bulge which seemed to be getting bigger. I brought another 2 cans as the wine was still chilling and handed them out, both girls now reclined and sitting with their legs apart soaking up the sun, it was always nice to see Lisa’s panties and now I had a better view of Mel’s as her PJ shorts were quite loose, thin and red, another of my favourite colours, they both had their eyes closed.“Have you used AirBNB before?” I asked and Mel sat up, “No, last year I stayed in a hotel and it was boring so this year I wanted something different where I could just be me” she stated, “I did a search and came up with your site and then clicked a few profiles and bingo, I found you” she said smiling, “I just had a feeling when I saw your profile that it would be a good experience and your reviews are fantastic” she continued and I was so pleased to get a good rating, the more she spoke the more aroused I was getting.“I’ve never had a medical” Lisa said which at her age was no surprise and Mel looked across at her eyeing her up and down, “Hmm” she said softly, “Maybe you need to have one” she continued and then looked over at me, “I have my bag (never leave home without it), if your dad is ok with it I would be happy to do it for you” she said and Lisa looked over to me with wide begging eyes, “Please daddy” she said and how could I refuse such an offer.“Of course” I replied, “Is it ok if I sit in? I asked and Mel looked across at Lisa waiting for a response, “Yes daddy” she said softly, “I’m sure it will be ok” and Mel got up to get her bag while Lisa and I went back in to the lounge, Lisa sat on the sofa while I got the wine and 3 glasses.Mel returned with a small doctors bag and a clipboard, somehow I was expecting her in a white coat but alas she still had her nightshirt and shorts on and I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra as her perky boobs wiggled about under her shirt. I sat in my chair with a good view of the proceedings as Mel asked Lisa to fill out the form which apparently by law has to be done, it was just personal stuff.“OK! let’s start this” Mel said as she took out her blood pressure thing and placed it around Lisa’s arm, that was all good and now came the stethoscope, “Could you slip your shirt off please Lisa” she said softly and Lisa looked back at me, I nodded to carry on and Lisa removed her shirt, she had her back to me and I had a great view of her arse with her panties still bunched up the crack, my cock was rising as I saw Mel smile, she was looking at the front.She took the stethoscope and held it to Lisa’s left boob and then again on the right and then moved down her belly to her panty line and held it there, Lisa giggled and the was asked to turn around, she was now facing me and smiled, her perky little titties with erect nipples in full view.Mel then proceeded to put the pad on her back in 2 or 3 places and then on each cheek of her arse which made Lisa giggle.“All good” she said asking her to turn back and face her. She opened her legs so Lisa could get closer, “I am just going to check uşak escort bayan for lumps and bumps now” she said as she took hold of each tit in turn, my cock was now rigid in my boxers and was straining to get out as I watched the examination.Lisa sighed as Mel fondled her little perky titties and sighed even louder when she pinched on a nipple, “Oh sorry” she said softly, “Just checking for finger sensitivity”Now from where I was sitting Mel had her legs wide and I had a clear view up the legs of her PJ shorts, mix that with her poking and prodding Lisa and it a pleasant experience.She moved her hands down her body feeling and prodding her stomach right down to her panty line, again all I could see was the back view and I needed to see better,“Can I move over there?” I asked and Mel looked up at Lisa, “Can your dad come closer Lisa?” she asked and Lisa turned to me and nodded, as I stood up I saw Mel look up and clearly saw the throbbing erection I had under my briefs, I sat down next to her and now had the perfect view.She ran her finger along the waistband and through the protruding pubic hairs, “I am just going to check finger sensitivity again Lisa” she said as she pulled her panties down slightly and put her finger down, Lisa gasped as she touched her little lady button and she held her finger there a few seconds, Lisa moaned as she wiggled it a bit before withdrawing and putting her panties back in place, she made a few notes on the clipboard before asking her to turn around again.She pulled her panties down to just below her arse cheeks and gently caressed the cheeks before pulling them wide open exposing her little shaded butt hole, I glanced and saw Mel smile as she surveyed what was in front of her, she took her finger and ran it up and down the crack stopping at the little creased hole, she poked and prodded and at one point licked her finger and pushed it in a little way, this made Lisa jolt but she kept her composure. “All good on the sensitivity Lisa, your are in good shape” she said still with her finger in Lisa’s arse. “With your dad’s permission I want to try another sensitivity test which involves taste” she said looking across at me, well I was all for innovation and wanted the best result for my babygirl so gave my consent, Mel asked Lisa to bend slightly and pulled her finger back and spread her cheeks wide again, this time she leant forward and ran her tongue up and down the crack a few times before stopping at her little creased hole. I looked on in anticipation with my cock straining as Mel flicked her tongue around Lisa’s back door, Lisa gasped as she made entry and her eyes rolled as Mel’s tongue went deeper.She pulled back and smiled pulling up her panties and asking her to turn round again, she looked up to see Lisa’s stiff bullet like nipples and again leant forward taking each one in her mouth, licking and flicking which seemed to make Lisa’s knees weak, “Mmm” said Mel softly as she withdrew, “Such good sensitivity” she said with a smile.She ran her fingers lightly down her body to the waistband of her panties, she teased a little before pulling then down so that her little pubic triangle was in full view. I thought to myself that any minute I am going to cum in my pants as I watched Mel go forward and bury her face in Lisa’s crotch.She manoeuvred her legs apart and all of a sudden Lisa cried out “OMG!” as Mel’s warm tongue made contact with her swelling clit, she reached around grabbing her soft arse cheeks pulling her closer as her tongue probed and explored between Lisa’s legs who was doing her utmost to push closer.Mel seemed to be getting into it and could obviously taste the juices but tried to remain professional, her head was moving about and Lisa was gyrating as Mel used her tongue to perfection, Lisa couldn’t hold it any longer, “OMG! YESSSS!” she cried as her legs shook and she filled Mel’s mouth with warm Juices which Mel expertly lapped up, this wasn’t the first time she had eaten pussy. She pulled up and with a straight face, “Good Lisa, that all seems fine” she said softly as Lisa was regaining her composure, she made a few notes on her board as Lisa pulled up her panties and put her shirt back on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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