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Another man’s wife-I turned her into the greaI was married when I first met Barb.From the moment she started working at the cabinet shop were I worked I so wanted her.I just had a feeling that she would be a good fuck.Barb was not much to look at tho.Around 45 years old back in 1994.She was 5’4″ tall.Slender build with b size tit’s.Thin blonde hair to her shoulders.A plain jane face.She looked the part of a small town girl living in the western part of New Hampshire along the river in the 80’s and 90’s.She did how ever have an amazing ass.Round and firm.Normally I am not into anal but her ass turned me so much I wanted to plow her’s.Has time went on she became freinds with the other couple’s that worked their with my then wife and I.We all hung out together and did the thing’s all normal couple’s do.As time went on I really flirted with her and she flirted back.Hell at one point my then wife asked me if I had a thing for Barb.I made sure that Barb really did know how much I wanted her.How hot her ass was.Once at work has we past each other in a quite hallway at work I cupped what I would later find out was a tight sweet slit of her pussy.She looked at me and said “Oh Baby”.But every time I talked to her about fucking her she always said “If I did cheat on my Winny her husband it would never be with someone I work with”.Well a few years past and I moved out and we started the divorce planning.I moved 2 mile’s away from the ex.Barb would visit the ex and then stop by to say hi and see how I was doing.Mostly with her hubby Winston (Non pussy eating quick to shoot his load lame fuck hubby.My ex told me Barb said that) but some time’s alone.She would call me at least 2 to 3 time’s a week.We still flirted.I said she was welcome to come over any time she wanted.About 6 month’s later Barb quit the cabinet company and took a night job at another company.Ya you guessed it.The very next time she called me I came right out and said.Barb I want to lick your pussy.Fuck you like you have never been fucked before.You get out of work at 11pm and I will leave the door unlocked for you to come in.Barb if you want a great no string’s attached fuck I am your man.She said “I’ll call you back”.It was 10 minute’s later when the phone rang.I almost jumped for joy when Barb said “Ya I’ll go out with you”.We chatted for a bit.Making our plan’s for the next night.I tuzla escort had her park at Valley Regional Hospital as it was 100 feet from the house.I picked her up and we went to my place.Inside I took off her coat.She was making small nervous talk.I could not hold back.I had waited for this moment for to long.I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me.We kissed.Deeply and longingly.So much desire went into the kiss I gave her.What happened next has only happened 3 time’s in my life.With my high school girl friend ,with Barb and with my now wonderful and greatest love wife.Barb just melted into me.I had to hold her up.When we pulled apart she looked up at me and said “I never thought I would get to fuck you”.That first night was the start of very intense sex.Like I said I always felt Barb would be a good fuck but I had no idea how great the sex would get.She turned out to be very open to trying new and wonderful things.She was soooo fucking horny.The first night we sucked and fucked so hard that when we were done and she needed to go to the bathroom she walked into the closed door.And the lights were on.I knew then she would be back.From then on we fucked 2 to 3 times a week.She found out she enjoyed her nipple’s being tweaked.Pinched.Gently bitten.God she was limber.I would fold her over like a swish army knife.We fucked standing up her back to the wall and me pounding away at her wonderful tight wet slit.Our cum juices dripping onto my feet and the floor.Doggy cowgirl.Oral.She never used to masterbate till I got her some toy’s and we would have phone sex when we could not hookup.I remember the first time she ever swallowed.Barb’s idea of giving head was more like her using her mouth to fuck your cock.She would gag some and make it slick with spit and keep on doing it.I however enjoy the sucking and worship.As time went on she would suck me and I instructed her on how to do it the way I enjoyed it.She got much better at sucking cock..Now when I cum I love to shoot into a hot wet pussy so when I was ready to fuck I would pull her up to me and get her into position.Then one night when I was ready to fuck Barb said “No Keith please let me finish”.I let her continue.She was sucking me for all she was worth.Taking me all in the way in.I could feel her really getting into it.I told her “Oh Barb I am gonna cum”.I felt her suck escort tuzla even harder and I unloaded into her loving mouth.When I was done she came up onto the bed and said to me “I did it Keith I took it all”That is when she became addicted to sucking cock.Barb was open to try anything and would really get into new idea’s.It was the pent up house wife who got married young in 1975 and never got a great fuck in her life.One day I asked if she ever took it up the ass.She said no and she did not think she would want to try.Okay like I said I am not really into anal anyway.So a week later on the phone she say’s if you promise to be gentle I want to try it.I never say no to Barb.So the first time we went for it started out rough.We were all lubed up and ready to go.She got on her hands and knees and I got behind her.As I started slowly into her asshole some how i slipped and jammed into her.I stopped right then as she was hurt.I held her.I kissed her.I knew she was hurt.I was ready to just let her be till she was ready to go home.Then she said “Okay lets try that again”.This time I was able to stay steady and slipped into her slowly.I worked her over slowly till she started to loosen up.When she was ready she told me to go faster.I picked up the pace.I was fucking her good and hard now.I remember saying “I cant believe I am fucking Barb Rowe ass.She said fill me baby.And I did.After she was on top of me.Working my cock with her wonderful pussy.I said to her “You are unbelievable not only is this your first time getting fucked in the ass but your really into it”.She said “You want to know how into it I am?”.She lifted her ass and I slipped out of her pussy.She moved her ass around my hard cock got it in place then said PUSH.From that point on she wanted anal just has much as her pussy getting fucked.SHE LOVE’D IT.For 2 years we rocked each other.We did what ever we wanted in bed.Licking sucking fucking.God she was fantastic.Then one day when she was at the ex’s house my ex said “If it was not for that other woman I could get Keith back”.Ann another wife of a friend who needed to suck me later told me this.And so it ended.The sex anyway.We still talked most every day.She moved on to another lover.She got her first computer and I helped her set it up.She quickly found yahoo chat rooms.She did alot of camming.Playing with her online friends.All tuzla escort bayan the while playing with her new lover who was also a family friend.So much so that she got her hubby to get into a mfm with Barb,Winston and the lover Rich.After alwhile Winston figured it out that she was fucking Rich on the side.Once that happened Barb kicked Winston out of her pussy for good.She had no use for him and his lame cock.Rich would go over to visit and she would have sex with Rich while Winston waited in the livingroom.She also had 3some’s with Rich and his friends.I recall one time when we were chatting that she just had her pussy licked WHILE she was getting fucked.She really loved that.She played them all.She was fucking her hubby tho not that much.She was fucking Rich on the side without Winston knowing.And all the while she was meeting men from yahoo and fucking them to.She drove an hour to Londonderry once to fuck a big cocked 22 year old when she was in her 50’s.She said she had fun but that was the last time for young guy’s for her.Another time she met a small buisness owner from across the river in VT.1st meeting at a trail head and she sucked him off.2nd meeting they parked in a field and fucked on the hood of his car “In the rain”.She thought that was so fucking hot.Her lover Rich owned a his own cabinetry company and when new clients would come to town he would whore Barb out to them to help seal the deal.Rich would text her to come to the office and Barb would suck the client or fuck them right there in the office.Depending on how well they knew the client she sometime’s got tag teamed.Barb lived less than 2 mile’s from Rich’s shop.Rich would text her to get ready and she would be dressed and ready to fuck when they got to her place.Barb alway’s wanted to have sex with a woman and she got her chance with Rich’s wife Donna.One night the 3 of them were in Rich and Donna’s hot tub having a few drink’s.I don’t know how she did it but she got to have sex with just Donna while Rich watched.Last I knew she had fucked more than 45 men in a 3 year span.And she fucked them more than once.Rich she fucked for 9 years.And he does not know of all the men she had on the side.Only I knew what she was up to.To tell the truth I am pretty sure I did not know every thing she was up to.The years past and I met the greatest woman for me.Barb and I lost touch many years ago with me moving away.Some times you need to let go of things.It has been almost 17 years since we last talked.But I will never forget how I trained and unleased the greatest slut I have ever known.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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