Another Mexico hookup for wife

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Another Mexico hookup for wifeThis is a very hot story from another Mexico trip…you may be asking if the husband ever gets to play around or does he always have to just watch? Answer is “Yes husband gets to play around also”…we will save that for another story.We had been playing around in the “Sexy Pool” all afternoon, and the pool was winding down a bit as people headed to afternoon siestas. We had been talking to a group of guys who had come down for a bachelors party, when one of the guys in the group says, “hey I think your wife likes my brother”…He points to the corner of the pool where my wife is embraced in quite a passionate make-out session with this 20-something guy. I responded, “Yes, I think she does seem to like him!”… Now, by this time we had had a few experiences with playing around, and we had already agreed when on vacation, as long as we were both ok with it, we can both have a “free pass” to play around. I continued my conversation with the other guys, as we all watched my wife and her new friend getting more and more passionate by the minute. They were facing each other…her arms and legs wrapped around him under water, and it looked like her bikini top was now undone. As they continued to get more and more steamy in the pool we could see her sliding up and down on him which completely got us all ordu escort imagining what was going on under the water! After about 15 minutes of this, I made my way over to them, introduced myself to this guy , then whispered in my wife’s ear to ask if this was the guy she wanted to have her “hall pass” with? She immediately replied “YES!”… She and her new Boy Toy got up out of the pool and she’s didn’t even bother to put her top back on as the three of us quickly went back to our room…In our hotel room, she immediately took her bikini bottoms off and took charge by removing his swimsuit revealing a very hard cock. She pushed him down on the bed and they began rolling around rubbing, caressing, and sucking on everything they could get their hands on. They looked like two teenagers going at it for the first time. I took a seat beside the bed and just decided to enjoy the show. After a while I decided the Boy Toy needed some instruction so I told him to lay down and let her go to work on you…which he happily complied with…She started out by positioning her pussy directly over his face so that she was basically sitting on his face and moaning with pleasure while he licked her pussy from below. She then worked her way down until she was straddling his hard cock…now we had always had a rule when we played that we ordu escort bayan could do anything but full intercourse…this rule was going to be a difficult one to follow I could tell. Her pussy was dripping wet and she proceeded to slide her wet pussy up and down on the outside of his hard shaft. I could see her pussy lips parting around his shaft over and over again. She then asked me if I was ok if she put the tip in just for a second. What else was I to say but yes! She reached down and grabbed his cock and lowered her wet pussy around the head of his cock. Once the top part was in she just held it there making little circles with it as the tip of his cock poked around the inside of her wet pussy lips. I almost felt sorry for the guy as he was literally begging her to push it all the way in! She decided she wanted to tease him more and rolled off him then moved her mouth down to his cock and took him all the way in her mouth until she was almost gagging on him. She continued sucking him and teasing him as the poor guy was dying to explode his cum in her mouth, but she would always stop just in time to continue her teasing. After many minutes of this playing the Boy Toy asked if he could fuck her completely because he said he was about to die from the teasing and playing she was giving him. My wife we have rules escort ordu against that, but then looked over at me with a sly grin and asked if it would be ok just this once…I was so hot myself watching this, I quickly said “Fine go for it!”, at which moment he jumped up and rolled her over on her back while spreading her legs all in one motion! He plunged his throbbing cock in her dripping pussy with a hunger and need to fuck that I had never seen before. She let out a scream in delight feeling him finally entering her all the way this time. I wish I could say that they fucked like his for a long time, but it was not to be. After a very hard pounding of only about 30 seconds — of seeing wife wife’s tits bouncing with every thrust and his hips hungrily crashing into her spread legs…he couldn’t hold it any longer. He pulled out and let out a deep groan as he shot his cum all over my wife’s amazing tits and stomach. What an amazing thing to see as his cum dripped off her nipples and down her stomach. He looked over at me almost embarrassed, as if to say sorry for the mess and thank you all at the same time. He stood up and got a towel to wipe her down. My wife was extremely horny still as she had not yet had any orgasms, but she told her Boy Toy that he could go now because she will now be finishing up with her husband. Needless to say he quickly ran off no doubt to tell his buddies about the amazing MILF he just got to fuck. I climbed between my wife’s legs to “reclaim” the area for myself as we fucked each other silly for the next couple of hours…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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