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AnticipationI’m home bored and lonely. I’ve cleaned the house so much you could eat off the floor. Watching TV just isn’t working for me. I’ve got to find something to do. Something to take my mind off being lonely. I want to call my friend but his wife might answer his phone. I take a chance and send him a text message. “U got a min?” Waiting for his response, I’m about to go crazy. When he does respond, he says what do you need baby. My response is simple and too the point, “You”. He calls me and asks what do you need from me baby? I’m trembling at the thought of the way he always makes me feel, the sound of his deep voice is driving me mad. He hears my breathing eradicate as I struggle to answer him. All I can manage to say is please come. He begins talking about what he would do if he was here. I’m already turned on and the husky tone in my voice has made that quite clear. I need to feel his touch. We talk a little more while I sit on my bed. This man has no idea what he’s doing to my head. I fantasize about him every waking hour of the day. When he’s not here it’s torture. I find my fingers wandering to ease the tension of wanting him. But the need for him is so strong my fingers only make it worse. I feel my self getting to a dizzying high when the doorbell rings and I drop the phone and snap back to reality. I try to gain my composure and find my phone. I yell out I’m coming where’s that damned phone. I reach under the bed and put my hand right on it. Tell him to hold on while I answer the door. Look in the mirror to make sure my body is covered hair isn’t disheveled and sex isn’t on my face. Control my breathing and open the door. All this regaining composure just to loose it again when I look into the face of my lover. burdur escort He looks at me with fire in his eyes. I drop the phone and begin to tremble in anticipation of love making thats about to begin. He steps into the house and closes the door. No words are spoken as he begins removing his clothes. His eyes are locked on mine while he undresses me. I feel frozen in place and can hardly breathe. He kisses me softly on my neck and takes a minute to linger there inhaling my scent. He groans a low groan and says I’m going to give you exactly what you need. His hands moving up and down my back sending tantalizing chills up and down my spine. I arch into him giving him full control. He teases my senses. He nibbles on my ear and I almost loose my balance. He places hot wet kisses down my neck to my breast. My nipples are pebbles and my breast are quivering. I need you baby is all I can whisper. In time sweet lady be patient. I’m going to pleasure you. He leads me to the bedroom, while holding me close to him kissing my neck, throat and mouth. His kisses are getting hotter more urgent and more demanding. His hands are on my ass squeezing and rubbing while we walk. Once we’re in the room he slides down my body kissing and licking all the way down. His hands massage the backside of me. I’m trembling harder than before anticipating his every move. He kisses my arms, breast, stomach and thighs. He places lingering kisses on my navel and inhales deeply. He whispers don’t move. I can’t help but quiver. He repeats don’t move baby and begins kissing my mound. He spreads my legs apart and lightly kisses my inner thigh. Licking and nibbling his way towards my sweet spot. I feel my honey begin to drip. He whispers yes baby thats it. Enjoy escort burdur what I do to you. I feel his warm breath on my clit then a suck and a lick. I explode into ecstasy with a cry of his name. He continues to suck and lick and I go weak in the knees. He grabs my ass and supports my weight. Before I know it my legs are over his shoulders and he’s standing up. My pussy is glued to his face. He’s munching, nibbling and sucking me good. I scream and cum. He mumbles girl you taste so good. I’m moaning and squirming enjoying this bliss. I cum again and again. Yes, enjoy yourself. He leans over and places me on the bed. Your gonna cum again. He kisses and licks my pussy. He sticks his tongue out and flicks over my clit. Oh my God I’m gonna cum baby. He says yes cum and tongue fucks me. I cum as hard as I can. He continues to lick me softly until I calm down. One swift motion and I’m on my stomach. He lays down on top of me moves my hair and kisses the nape of my neck. He places hot kisses all down my back. He leans back a little and grabs my ass. He kisses and licks it until I instinctively raise it up for him. He licks my asshole and dips his tongue in. I lunge forward. He grabs my hips uh uh you ain’t going anywhere. He takes a finger and dips in my pussy. Then puts it in my ass. I’m squirming and trying to get away. It feels too good. He’s finger fucking my ass. I’m moaning and groaning and cumming once again. He licks my lips and mumbles you’re too sweet. Sucks my clit just a little bit more. Now your ready. He gets on his feet on top of the bed in a squatting position. Teasing my clit with the tip of his dick. I feel him throbbing. He pushes just the head in, its pulsing and jumping. He’s bigger than he’s ever been before. burdur escort bayan He takes his time as to not hurt me. He pushes a little deeper and gives me a little more. I feel my body tremble uncontrollably as I head for another mind blowing orgasm stronger than the ones before. I’m calling his name over and over again. My ass writhing and head reeling. Please give me some more. He pushes all the way in and pulls all the way back. He does this again and again and again. I hear him moaning, this what you needed? Take it girl and he slams all the way into me. Take it. Take it. I’m blubbering his name over and over and over again. He slows his movements because he doesn’t want to cum yet. Pulls out, lays down and tells me to ride him while he’s pulling me on top of him. I squat down over his massive dick. And slide right down onto it. I cum just from getting it all in. He squeezes my nipples and says yesssssssssss enjoy yourself girl. He sits up and takes a nipple into his mouth. Gently biting it and begins pinching my clit simultaneously. He whispers yes girl, get that nut. My back arched, head back and eyes closed, I can’t help but tremble all over with this orgasmic experience. When I calm down again, he holds me close in this sitting position. I’m impaled and full of him. He lies down and begins to move his hips. His hands under my ass helping to assist me to move up and down up and down up and down on him. I begin to roll my hips just how he likes. He says slow down girl. I squeeze him inside me. He groans, this is some good pussy girl. His hips pick up the pace. I squeeze him again and begin riding him like a jockey on a horse. He groans a little louder. His hands are slamming me up and down on his staff. I’m singing his name in a falsetto. I explode into orgasmic bliss once again and he joins me in cumming. He pulls me closer to his face, says I love you baby, kisses me tenderly and we both fall asleep with him still inside of me, his arms around me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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