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Subject: Apple Of My Eye-Part 1 Apple Of My Eye-Part 1 IF YOU ENJOY THIS STORY, SUPPORT NIFTY! HELP THE SITE TO REACH THEIR GOAL THIS MONTH! Support Nifty in any way you can so we don’t lose this wonderful, free archive. Visit: fty/ Today was the big day, after 14 years of living in Phoenix Arizona, my entire life, we were moving to Washington State. I already knew the climates could not be more opposite, Phoenix was hot and dry whereas Lake Chelan had hot and very humid summers, spring and fall as well as snow in the winter. On top of the weather, I would have to get used to being the new kid and not knowing a single person. It was the middle of may the day the plane landed in my new home state, the announcement over the intercom said it was a bit above normal at 74 F and I laughed knowing it was probably over 90 in Phoenix. Getting our bags and the rental car was pretty simple since it was just my parents and me, carry on luggage was taken care of we exited the terminal and I got my first taste of humidity. It was hotter than what the place had said but I knew that was because we were at the airport I almost immediately felt myself start to sweat slightly, something that almost never happened in Phoenix. There it was so hot and dry that sweat mostly evaporated before I even felt it. Once our bags were loaded in the rental car we exited the airport and I had to admit the area we were driving through was beautiful and different than Arizona’s desert. The farther we drove the more beautiful it got, mountains, trees, and lakes making it resemble a puzzle or painting. Even though it was only 74 my father kept the air conditioner on, the humidity made it feel much hotter and still, I felt a slight sweat on my chest and under my arms. I knew my Father had bought some land and that we would be living outside of the nearest town but when we arrived I gasped, the house was huge and unlike houses in Phoenix, there was a little lake and some outbuildings including a large barn. My parents had no plans for using the land for anything yet, my Father just loved the idea of lots of space and that’s what was in front of us. He broke the silence by saying, “Well Waylon, go pick out your room. You can take anyone except the master bedroom.” I ran to the house and opened the door, inside there was an area to store jackets, shoes, and boots, and past that a large family room, to the left and farther back a large kitchen with an eating area, and to the right of that a more formal dining area. There was a door that led outside from the kitchen and when I opened it I gasped, the view was extraordinarily beautiful. There were 2 small washrooms on the ground floor and on the far side of the dining room, there was a good sized office. Another door led downstairs to a huge basement that I planned to explore later, but now I ran up the stairs and found 4 bedrooms, the biggest at the far end of the second floor, obviously the master bedroom, 2 of the others were nice but I settled on the one against the back wall, it had it’s own washroom and shower and that incredible view of the mountain behind the house. There was another washroom in the master bedroom and a large one between the 2 other bedrooms. There were enough closets for anything anyone could think to store and a set of stairs leading up to another floor. I took the stairs 2 at a time and came into a huge attic, the musty, old aroma hit me immediately, not an unpleasant smell by any means. The room had great views around the entire house on several huge old trunks and crates that I again planned on exploring later. It took days to get everything put away and set up before I was allowed to go off and explore my surroundings for any serious amount of time. I checked the outbuildings and barn first, they were interesting but mostly empty except for some old equipment and tools. Next, I explored the lake, which was, in fact, a very large pond, and was thrilled to see that it was very clean and swimmable, however, what I was not used to as I dove in for the first time was how cold the water was. Being from Phoenix I was used to ankara escort pools and lakes with very warm water, this however was so cold that I called out loudly as my body hit the water. As I swam back to shore I heard a noise in the trees and bush on the other side and looked up in time to see an old man running towards me. Had this been Phoenix I would have instantly been on guard, realizing I was just wearing shorts and a man I had never met before was running towards me but as he got closer he slowed his running, and still a good 30 feet away he called out, “You okay?” I could see he was tall and thin and in his late 60s maybe early 70 still with a full head of hair, wearing coveralls and boots. His face, what I could see of it was friendly and open, I waved at him, “Yes Sir, just not used to water this cold.” He walked another 10 feet towards me and I could see his smile, and the camera slung around his neck, “Cold? Where you from?” As he kept getting closer I pulled myself out of the water and wrapped my towel around my waist, then said, “Phoenix. Were you taking pictures of me?” My words had come out louder than I had intended, causing him to take a step back and say, “Yes, a couple. Sorry about that, I’ll delete them right now.” He looked genuinely sorry so I said, “Nah, it’s okay.” He smiled and walked up to me, holding out his hand, as I took it he said, “Names Mr. Rhoodes.” “Nice to meet you, Mr. Rhodes, I’m Waylon Jennings.” There was a slight pause and then like most others who knew of the country singer, he smiled and then laughed as I said, “Not related, my parents are just huge fans.” “Me too son, me too.” “We just moved here a few days ago, I’ve been exploring the area and thought I’d check out the water.” “Well Waylon, it’s good, clean, deep and you can catch some decent fish in it too.” “What do your parents do Waylon?” “My Father is a game designer and my mother is a therapist, they both work from home. Both of them wanted to get out of Arizona and move where there is more space, and here we are.” “I guess you’ll be heading into town come September to start school then?” “Yes Sir, but I’ve been noticing it is not much else around here, haven’t seen any other houses except yours.” “That’s cause there really aren’t any, there’s a big spread mile back to the west but they really value their privacy and keep to themselves, other than that the only activity is in town.” The idea that Erwin and I were the only ones around besides my parents was depressing, but I tried to make the best of it, “What do you do Mr. Rhodes?” “Well, I’ve got a small apple orchard that keeps me pretty busy. Other than that I paint, draw and I’m a pretty good photographer.” I was about to ask what he painted when I heard my mother calling my name, I shook his hand and told him I would see him around. Then as I bent to grab my other clothes he said, “Feel free to come by anytime Waylon, it was nice meeting you.” Over dinner, I told my parents about meeting Mr. Rhodes and the next day the 3 of us walked over and introduced ourselves. He took us on a long tour of his apple orchard, explaining how his place had been known for the best apples for the last 18 years, told us the history of the area, and even made a nice lunch for us. While everyone except me was drinking coffee the conversation turned to me and after a few minutes my parents both wondered aloud, “The only thing we never thought through is how to keep Waylon busy until school starts. Next year we may try growing some vegetables and getting a few animals, but that leaves the next few months.” Mr. Rhodes was silent for a moment and then, “Well, I could sure use some help around here. Used to be a couple of brothers from town who would come out and help but the family up and moved off to Florida. The harvest doesn’t start until August, but there’s a lot of other work around here, general maintenance, etc, and of course, I’d pay.” My head had started to slouch at the idea of working but when I heard him say he’d pay, it swung back up. There was a long pause and then my Father said, escort ankara “Good idea, do the boy some good to put in a day’s work. Does that sound good to you Waylon?” I nodded quickly and we agreed that I would start each morning at 8 am and work until 4 pm. After some more talk we left and the next morning I was back at Mr. Rhodes at 8 am. As soon as he saw me he smiled and then laughed, “Those are not what I would call work clothes Waylon, follow me, and let’s see what I got in the house.” Yesterday he had served lunch outside and this was my first time inside, everything was old but very well maintained, the furniture all antique it was very clean and tidy. There were many paintings on the wall and after he noticed me looking he said, “I did all of those.” “They’re amazing, really good.” “Wait here Waylon, I’ll be right back.” I watched him walk up the stairs and could hear the floorboards creaking as he moved around, when I knew he was at the far end of the upstairs my curiosity took over and I opened a couple of drawers, inside were papers and other odds and ends, the next cabinet had two drawers and 2 cabinet openings at the bottom, I opened the left one and saw a stack of books, pulling one out I opened it and then almost dropped the book. Staring back at me was a picture of a boy about my age wearing very short shorts, the next page was the same but with another pose. As I turned page after; page I saw that the entire book was filled with pictures of boys, all wearing shorts or towels, the ones near the back of the book were in much more seductive poses and that’s when I noticed writing at the bottom of the page, then as I flipped back I saw the same writing on each picture, it was Mr. Rhodes name, he was the photographer. I stood still and heard him moving around upstairs, still at the back of the upstairs, and quickly grabbed another book. The boy in the first picture was fully dressed, in overalls, a plaid shirt with a t-shirt underneath, a wide-brimmed hat, and a pair of work boots, and again around my age, as I leafed through the book more of his clothes came off and he assumed different poses. Halfway through all of his clothes were off and there were at least a dozen pictures of his naked ass from all angles, then he faced the camera. He did not look scared, in fact, he looked like he was enjoying what he was doing, a few pictures later his penis was obviously getting erect and for the last 15 pictures, he had a full erection. I heard Mr. Rhodes coming back and quickly pushed the book back in place and closed the door, then stepped back several feet and dropped my hands to my waist, at some point while looking at the picture my own cock had started to go hard. I knew what I had been looking at and I knew that I could and probably should have run, but instead, I stood still, my heart racing as he walked down the stairs, stood in front of me holding some clothes, paused, and asked, “Are you okay, your face is a little red?” Damn if my cock didn’t get even harder as I said, “Must be getting some sun.” He looked at me for a moment and then handed the clothes to me, “These should fit you, head in there and put them on.” I stepped into the washroom and kicked my shoes off then as I was pulling my shorts down I stopped and looked around, wondering if there were cameras in here, then laughed it off, pulled off my t-shirt, and then got the shock of my life, the shirt, and coveralls I was holding looked identical to the ones the boy in the pictures was wearing, even the sleeveless t-shirt looked the same. I felt sweat forming on my forehead and my heart raced, it could have been a coincidence, the boy in the book was blond and I had dark brown hair, he had light eyes, almost green and mine were a dark blue, his hair had been short and mine was shaggy. From the pictures and by holding the coveralls up against my body I could see easily that I was taller and more muscular as well, although, at 14 muscular meant toned, my cock was also a bit bigger, and unlike the boy in the book I was not circumsised. I stood for a long time, considering getting ankara escort bayan dressed and leaving or putting on the work clothes and seeing what happened, if he tried to grab me or do anything weird I could just run, one thing I knew for sure, was I could outrun him. In the end, I dropped my shorts and pulled on the t-shirt, noticing it was a bit tight, then the work shirt, it also a bit tight and scratchy like it had not been worn or washed for a long time, then I stepped into the overalls, something I had never done before. It took a moment for me to understand the straps, but once done I looked at myself in the mirror and decided I looked ready to work. Next, I pulled on my socks and heard, “You almost ready?” “Just finishing up.” I stepped out of the washroom and his eyes lit up, he started to speak then stopped, a wide smile on his face and it looked like he blushed a bit, “Those fit you well, how do they feel?” “Not bad, a little tight and scratchy.” “They look great on you and you’ll get used to them, let’s go.” After looking through the books I thought of Mr. Rhoides differently, he was still the kindly old man I had met a couple of days ago, but now I wondered if that had been an accident. There was now a completely different aspect to knowing him, from the books he obviously enjoyed boys my age or at the very least taking pictures of them. His comment about how the clothes looked on me made me briefly wonder if he was wanting to take pictures of me too. I decided to see how things went and after a few hours of clearing debris and other stuff from his land my shirt was soaked with sweat and it occurred to me that I was working hard. He made sandwiches and lemonade for us and we rested for about an hour, having a very easy-going conversation, but now I noticed him checking me out every time he thought I wasn’t looking. “Let’s move to the shady side of the barn for the rest of the day, too sunny and hot on this site.” Once on the other side we again started working and my shirt was now so damp I probably could have squeezed sweat out of it. I had to stop every few minutes to wipe my face and finally, Mr. Rhodes said, “Are you okay Waylon?” “Yes Sir, just not used to this kind of humidity, it’s pretty dry in Phoenix.” He looked like he was going to say something, then thought better of it and instead said, “You’ll get used to it, how about we take another break, get some fluids into you?” He went and got us both a large glass of water and I gulped mine down, leaving the last bit which I poured onto my head, then, “Do you have any other family around here Waylon?” I told him we didn’t, then asked, “How about you Mr. Rhodes?” He looked a bit shy at first then said, “Nope.” My mouth worked before my brain did, “How about in other parts of the world, children?” Having seen the book I realized my question might have made him uneasy but he quickly said, “Nope, never married.” I was still hot and sticky and wanted to take my shirt off, but instead worked the rest of the day fully dressed. I had no idea what was in those other books that the cabinet was full of and my mind called out a caution, finally at 4 pm he said, “Quitting time. You did a good day’s work, see you tomorrow.” I followed him and once inside I used his washroom and got changed into my own clothes as well, once done I carried them out and asked, “What should I do with these?” He smiled and pointed to the stairs that lead to the basement and said, “Leave them there, I’ll wash them and you can come to get them in the morning, take care, Waylon.” On the way home I stopped by the lake and stripped down my underwear and this time the cold water wasn’t as much of a shock, still cold but bearable. I had never sweat as much before in my life and so I spent a good 30 minutes swimming around and jumping into the water then headed home. That night in bed I replayed the day’s events and as I masturbated I wondered if it was the pictures of the boys, the idea of being photographed myself, or even the idea of being naked in front of Mr. Rhodes that had me hornier than usual. Thanks for reading this chapter. This is a new series that will explore what a 14 year old can get up to in a new town. I already have 8 chapters written and will submit them every other day. Commenst and suggestions are always welcome.

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