Ariel Chronicles: Cougar of Soho part 3

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Ariel Chronicles: Cougar of Soho part 3Part ThreeI looked proudly at my Amazonian reflection, clad in the black shiny latex Catwoman suit, with the soft leather thigh length boots and PVC Opera gloves. Brandishing the black leather bullwhip, I looked like the epitome of Latex fetish.My new found slave girl had walked into the main area of her sex shop and invited the guys to come through to the back to view my fetish glory.The guys swaggered into the back of the shop, with more than their fair share of smug arrogance. Their eyes widened and jaws dropped as they cast their lustful gaze upon my Cougar Bimbo body, shimmering in skin-tight black latex. The view pleased them immensely, but when I cracked the whip, all three looked somewhat startled.My slave girl smiled coyly as she spoke softly.“Mistress Ariel awaits your appreciation!”The guys looked somewhat confused, but took a step forward toward me.My student placed his large black hands on my Latex covered breasts. Smoothing his fingers over the black latex, he squeezed the firm flesh of my huge breasts. His two companions moved behind me, and true to form, grabbed a latex clad buttock each, marvelling at the feel of my ass coated in the latex second skin.My student began to unzip the front of the Catwoman catsuit, releasing my huge pierced breasts. His tongue flicked out and casually teased my erect nipple, rolling around the hard flesh before gently placing his teeth on my jewelled nipple. I sighed sexually as one of his companions, continued sliding the zip further downward.The hairless mound of my pussy was now in view, with the top of my tight shaved slit visible.His manicured hand slit beneath the tight latex and deftly rubbed my hairless mound.He continued sliding the zip, giving control to his other friend, who opened the zip all the way to the top of my buttocks.He knelt behind me, placing tuzla escort his full black lips on the crack of my ass. His tongue slithered out from his negro lips and pushed my cheeks apart. The warm saliva running off his tongue as the tip circled the puckered flesh of my tight asshole. The guy at the front stroking my pussy, knelt before me, kissing my shaved pussy softly. His thick negro lips were gently titillating the smooth flesh of my excited pussy. Placing his thumbs either side of my slit, he spread my pussy open, flicking the tip of his tongue on my unhooded clitoris.My clitoris was being stimulated expertly, with my breasts having attention lavished on them and a long young tongue was wriggling blissfully inside my asshole. I was in foreplay heaven.My young slave girl watched my student sucking on the erect flesh of my right nipple. She bent her head forward and placed my erect left nipple into her mouth, then began to suckle my breast like a starving newborn. I maternally held the heads of my suckling sex slaves, enthralled by the emotional and physical stimulation, while thriving on the carnal ass rimming and pussy licking I was enduring.My chest was heaving as my arousal level increased. The varied sexual sensations were incessant, as my sex slaves pleasured me relentlessly.“Stroke and suck the guys cocks!” I moaned to my sex shop concubine.Removing her painted lips from my nipple, she smiled obediently then knelt on the floor, opening the zips of the two guys rimming my asshole and licking my pussy. She licked her lips in excitement as the huge young black cocks were revealed. Her slender fingers wrapped around the firm strong shafts, as she slowly moved her milky white hands up and down the black lengths. Both guys moaned with pleasure in unison, the audible gasps of pleasures vibrating on my sensitive pussy and quivering asshole.I escort tuzla could feel a very powerful orgasm begin to build as the attention and exhibitionism of the scenario enveloped every aroused sexual nerve in my body. This was more than physical, it was almost spiritual the level of unbridled pleasure coursing through my entire being. My orgasm hit me with a violent surge of pent up sexual desire. My hips were gyrating with the exploring tongues as the sensory part of my brain fed on the erotic sensations my body was enduring. My breathing was laboured as the pleasurable sensations reached their crescendo. I looked down at my little sex shop slave, slobbering over the two black cocks as she sucked joyously on the ebony erections.I screamed out loud in primeval pleasure.“I’m coming!” As my whole body quivered to what felt like an all over body orgasm. No part of body was not a pleasure zone. The tingling electric impulses, shooting around my entire being, as the greatest sexual experience of my life unfolded.The two guys getting their cocks sucked so efficiently, groaned out loud that they were coming. My sex slave, placed both erupting cocks into her wide open mouth and let the spicy young seed burst onto her tongue and straight down her throat. This only prolonged my orgasmic pleasure, watching two perfect specimens of manhood, empty their loads down the throat of PVC clad young sex slave. My student stopped suckling on my tender sensitive nipples, holding his massive black erection, moved the two guys and their deflating cocks out of the way. Standing before my new sex slave, holding his cock, he began to stroke his shaft slowly as what looked like a colossal amount of semen, gushed from his proud erection, splashing her face and her PVC covered breasts. The white spunk glistened on her face and her PVC breasts. Everyone had orgasmed tuzla escort bayan except my sex shop girl, who I decided was to be kept on full sexual alert and would be permitted to orgasm when I felt she had earned the right.She looked up at me smiling innocently, her face splashed with come and a long string of spunk hanging from her bottom lip.“Lick all of that up and swallow it!” I demanded as she willingly obeyed, scr****g the spunk off her chin and cheeks and licking her cum drenched fingers clean.Smiling she stood up and went through the back of the shop. She returned seconds later, holding the Anal Beads and an Eight inch remote controlled replica cock.“As my mistress requested!” She smiled, with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.I smiled, pleased with her attention to detail and said to the young black guys.“Place the Anal beads in my asshole and slide the vibrating cock in my pussy!”The guy who had tongued my asshole, picked up the Anal beads and slowly slid the beaded rod inside my ass. Each ball increasing in size as the full length was placed in me. The guy who expertly licked my shaved pussy, held open my puss lips, and eased the eight inch replica cock into my pussy, until the base was the only thing visible. My sex slave handed me the remote control and I turned the vibrator onto its lowest setting. The tingling vibrations shuddered through my pussy, as I smiled pleased with the sensations this was creating.“Zip me up!” I ordered, as the zip of my catwoman catsuit was slowly closed. The anal beads and vibrating cock were sitting snugly inside me. The vibrating cock sending pulsating rhythms to the anal beads, doubling my sexual pleasure.I smiled at my slaves, lifting the face of my sex shop girl level to mine and ran my slithering tongue along her soft lips and said.“You will orgasm when I think you deserve it!”She looked wide eyed at me, quivering with subservient delight, nodding her head obediently.I turned the vibrating cock up to next the level and looked at my posse of sex slaves.“Let’s all go to this Halloween ball and see what pleasures await!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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