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Attorney Client RelationshipAttorney Jessica Hart drove through the winding streets of San Francisco while thinking about the case she lost in federal court the previous day. She made several mistakes that allowed the jury to convict her client, Ralph Freelander, of racketeering, prostitution, and gambling. The conviction carried a mandatory prison sentence of eighty years. The thirty year old attorney spent the previous night preparing the appeal paperwork. She stopped her car at the gates of Freelander’s estate, and nodded at the two guards. As she parked in front of the large house, she thought, “At least I got him out on bail yesterday.”Jessica adjusted her white blouse and short black skirt while determining how to apologize to her client. She rang the doorbell and smiled briefly when Cindy Freelander, her client’s daughter, opened it. “How are you Jessica?”“I’m sorry about what happened yesterday.”“It’s going to be all right. My dad is on the telephone. He wants you to wait in the library.”Cindy stepped into the library and placed the folder of appeal paperwork on the desk. As she paced nervously, she frowned when she thought she heard a whimpering sound in the next room. Jessica slowly opened the door and her eyes widened with shock when she saw federal judge Linda Osborne sitting on a couch. Jessica rushed into the room and studied the wide black tape wrapped tightly around Linda’s ankles and upper legs. Linda’s futile struggling on the couch caused her white skirt to slide up to her waist, and Jessica noticed her unbuttoned white blouse, and exposed bra. Long pieces of tape held Linda’s wrists and elbows together behind her back. A black cloth gag muffled her cries.“What are you doing here?” Jessica asked as she began removing the tape around Linda’s ankles. Immediately after Linda began moaning, Jessica felt something pressing against her back. When she turned, she saw Ralph Freelander standing behind her.“I’m glad you could join us counselor.” Freelander pushed a button and a strong electrical shock from the stun gun pressed against her back caused Jessica’s body to shudder violently before she collapsed onto the floor. Freelander smiled while admiring the u*********s woman’s attractive face and legs.When Jessica regained consciousness she immediately realized she was lying on the floor. She panicked after sensing someone pulled her arms behind her back and bound her wrists together. She began struggling after feeling the wide piece of tape covering her mouth and cheeks. When a door opened, she watched Freelander, and his son Gary and daughter walk into the room.“I’m glad you’re awake counselor.” Freelander stepped aside while four men carried two long wooden boxes into the room. “We’re running a little behind schedule.” “What do you think you’re doing?” Jessica asked, after Cindy removed the tape gag from her face. “You can’t k**napped a federal judge.”“I know exactly what I’m doing counselor.”“Why do you have us tied?”“I’m leaving from my ranch in Costa Rica in a few hours. You two will be accompanying me.”Jessica heard Linda attempting to speak while the gag muffled her words. “You can’t take us out of the country. It will make the situation worse for you.”“It can’t get any worse than spending the rest of my life in prison.”“You can’t k**nap us because the jury found you guilty.”“You didn’t do your job defending me, and this bitch judge made it her mission in life to convict me. I’m paying you back for what you did to me.” “This is ridiculous,” said Jessica before she began struggling. “You won’t be able to get out of that arm binder counselor. We’re going to put an arm binder on the judge, then we’ll get you ready for travel in these boxes.”“Can’t we talk about this?” Jessica asked. “It’s not too late for you to stop.” “I’m tired of listening to this bitch,” said Gary as he knelt beside Jessica. He grasped her jaw and forced her mouth open, before Cindy pushed a large red ball gag behind the struggling woman’s teeth. They slipped a leather strap under Jessica’s thighs while she lay on her stomach. Then they lifted her lower legs until her shoes pressed against her ass. Cindy wrapped the strap around the heels of Jessica’s shoes, then tightened it before tying the ends together. Jessica moaned when she realized her could not move her legs.“k**napping us will make your situation much worse,” cried Linda after Gary pulled the cloth gag out of her mouth. Moments later Cindy pushed a ball gag behind her teeth. They rolled Linda onto her stomach to pull a leather arm binder over her arms while she struggled. Then they secured her feet against her ass with a leather strap.“Get them ready to travel,” Freelander told his men. Two men lifted Jessica’s body off the floor and carefully placed it inside one of the wooden boxes. She screamed and struggled while she lay helplessly on her stomach, staring at the thick black padding lining the inside of the box. The men pulled a wide leather strap over Jessica’s shoulders, and another over her hips, to prevent her from moving. They closed the lid of the box and locked it, trapping Jessica in the darkness, while she screamed hysterically. Osborne struggled wildly as they secured her body inside the other box.The women felt Freelander’s men loading the boxes into a truck. More than an hour later the men placed the boxes into the cargo hold of a private jet. The muscles of their legs and arms began to cramp painfully when the airplane took off, before the fatigue caused both of them to fall asleep. Several hours later they awoke when the men unloaded the boxes from the airplane. After another hour of confinement, the lids of the boxes finally opened and the late evening sunlight bathed the bodies of both women.“This is my plantation,” explained Freelander, after his men pulled the women to their feet. “I’m remaining here to avoid that prison term.”“What are you going to do with us?” Jessica asked, after Cindy removed the ball gag from her mouth. “I’m going to make you suffer for what you did to me counselor.”“You’re insane,” said Linda after the men removed her gag. “I demand that you let us go immediately.”The balding and overweight Freelander laughed and motioned to his men. “You’re very attractive for a forty year old woman. The counselor is a knock out. I’ll enjoy seeing both of you naked.”“You can’t do that to us,” cried Linda as the men began dragging her, and Jessica, toward a huge barn.“Strip the clothes from that whore, ” said Freelander as he pointed at Jessica.“You can’t be serious,” cried Jessica, before Gary slipped his fingers into the neckline of her blouse. He violently ripped the material apart to expose her white bra and firm breasts. “Leave me alone.”“This bitch is very beauty,” commented Cindy after her brother cut Jessica’s bra with a knife and pulled the material apart to expose her breasts. She smiled when Gary pulled the woman’s skirt down to her ankles to expose her black panties. “Please stop doing this to me,” pleaded Jessica moments before Cindy pulled her panties down her long legs to expose the narrow patch of hair above her pubic mound. Jessica’s face reddened with embarrassment while everyone studied her body.“Tie her arms and legs together and put her in the corner. Then put the judge into the cage,” said Freelander. Cindy and Gary tied Jessica’s wrists güngören escort together behind her back with a leather cord. She leaned back against the wall and moaned after they wrapped another cord around her ankles, and one around her thighs. “What do you think you’re doing?” Jessica screamed defiantly as two men forced her into a metal wire cage, after tying her wrists together behind her back. They forced her to sit on a wooden stool in the cage before one of them grasped her long black hair. Another man slipped a thick wooden pole under Linda’s chin and attached it to the cage. Then he positioned another pole behind her head. As he attached the pole to the cage, Linda realized that she could not move her head. “You’re choking me. I can’t breathe.”“I won’t let you die bitch,” replied Freelander, as his men tied leather cords around Linda’s legs, just above her knees. “Please let me go.” Linda began panicking when the cords tightened to spread her legs apart. Gary pulled Linda’s skirt up to her waist to expose her white panties. “Open her blouse so that I can see her tits,” said Freelander. “They look fucking huge.” “Please don’t undress me,” begged Linda, in the moments before a Gary ripped her blouse apart. He unfastened the front of her bra and pulled it down to expose her breasts.“I’m going to have fun with those tits,” Freelander told his men.“It’s getting late father,” said Cindy. “They’re both covered with sweat from those boxes. We should let them enjoy the outdoors while we have dinner.”“That’s a good idea. Strip the judge, then take both of them outside.” The men dragged Linda from the cage and pulled off her clothes while she struggled and screamed. Cindy and Gary dragged the women behind the house where the men tossed ropes over the beams that supported the roof over a patio.“This is insane,” cried Jessica as Gary placed leather restraints around her wrists. After placing restraints around Linda’s wrists, the men tied the ropes to them. When the ropes tightened, they stretched the women’s arms high above their bodies. The men then tied ropes around the women’s ankles. They pulled the ropes apart to spread the women’s legs, before they tied the ends to the columns supporting the roof“Isn’t this a pretty picture,” commented Cindy. She stepped in front of Jessica and pulled a dildoe from her pocket. “I’m going to have fun making you scream for my father.”“Please let me go. Please.”“You didn’t do your job in the courtroom, and now you have to pay for it.” Cindy slipped the dildoe between Jessica’s legs and turned it on.“You can’t do this to me,” cried Jessica when she felt the dildoe slid between the lips of her pussy. Her face reddened with embarrassment when she felt herself becoming wet with excitement. Jessica moaned after Cindy pushed the dildoe completely into her pussy.“I’m going to have fun with your body,” remarked Cindy as she allowed the dildoe to slide from Jessica’s pussy. She rubbed the dildoe across Jessica’s firm stomach to spread the fluids from her pussy onto the soft skin. She repeated the process several times and Jessica’s face reddened with embarrassment after she noticed everyone watching the activity.“Keep that away from me,” screamed Linda as she struggled violently before Cindy pushed the dildoe into the blonde hair between her legs. After working the device deep into her pussy, Cindy spread the fluid across the woman’s stomach and breasts.“It will be dark in awhile,” said Freelander. “The mosquitoes, gnats, and biting flies are savage in this area of the country.”“Don’t leave us out here,” pleaded Jessica, after Freelander led his family into a screened porch. They sat at a table and began enjoying dinner together. Both women struggled frantically after swarms of flies and mosquitoes began hovering around their bodies. When it became dark, the insects attacked the women. The gnats flew into the woman’s eyes and mouth before they bit their soft skin. The mosquitoes bit their skin, but the flies were vicious and drew blood when they attacked. “I can’t stand this,” Linda screamed after swarms of flies and mosquitoes began biting her breasts and the lips of her pussy. The scent of the fluid from her pussy that Cindy smeared across her skin seemed to attract the insects to those areas.The two women began screaming incessantly while the insects feasted on their skin and blood. Freelander stepped onto the patio more than two hours later. “Do you two need more time out here?”“I’m sorry for what we did,” screamed Jessica before she began crying hysterically.“Be quite,” shouted Linda.“They’ve had enough,” said Cindy after studying the red bite marks covering the women’s skin. “They’ll be scratching for days.”“We’ll do something to take their minds off their itching tomorrow. Put them in the cages for the night.” “You can’t keep us prisoner here,” cried Jessica as the men freed her. “You can’t do this to us.”“sleep well,” said Cindy. “Tomorrow could be a difficult day for both of you.”The following morning Cindy found both women awake when she walked into the barn. After her men dragged them from the cages, she fastened leather collars around their necks. “Let’s give them a shower.” “We can work out something so that you won’t be charged if you let us go,” said Linda.“Shut up bitch.” Cindy attached a leash to each collar, after her men tied the women’s wrists together behind their back. She led them out of the barn where her brother mixed soap and cold water in a pail. He used a sponge to wash the women’s body with the solution while they struggled and protested. He poured the remaining water onto their hair. Cindy smiled while women screamed as she sprayed them with cold water from a hose.An hour later, Freelander walked into the barn. “These conniving bitches look rested this morning. It’s time to make them suffer.”Linda bent forward and grasped her stomach. “My stomach hurts. You have to take me to a hospital.”Freelander smiled. “I’m glad to see you’re already thinking of ways to escape.”“I know exactly what she needs father,” said Cindy. She motioned to the men and they pulled Linda from the chair and tied her wrists together behind her back. “I’m hurting. You’ve got to take me to a hospital.” “We’ll take care of you,” replied Gary before he placed leather restraints around Linda’s ankles, after the men forced her to lie on the floor.The men lowered two ropes from overhead pulleys and attached them to the restraints around Linda’s ankles. They tightened the ropes and slowly lifted Linda’s legs off the floor. The men continued until they lifted the struggling woman’s body completely off the floor. Her body eventually dangled upside down by her ankles, while the ropes spread her legs apart. “Put me down! Don’t leave me this way!”“If your stomach hurts that means you need a soapy enema,” said Cindy before she stepped into a room in the barn.“No, I don’t want that,” cried Linda. She screamed while Gary tied a rope tightly around a handful of her blonde hair. He pulled the rope upward and it painfully twisted Linda’s neck and forced her to look down at the floor. She screamed when he pulled the rope between the lips of her pussy, before he tied the end around her wrists. “Maybe I’ll fuck this cunt after my father is done abusing it,” said Gary as he began fingering Linda’s pussy. “Then I’ll fuck your escort güngören sweet ass.”Cindy walked back to Linda’s suspended body and hung two large red enema bags from her ankle restraints. The white hoses extending from the bags attached to a thick white nozzle covered with lubricant. “I’m sure this will clean you out.” “I don’t want this,” cried Linda, after Cindy pressed the thick nozzle against her anal opening. Cindy pushed down on the nozzle and smiled when Linda shrieked from the pain of penetration. She applied more pressure and the thick nozzle painfully forced apart the anal muscles as it slid through the tightly channel. “Stop, stop, you’re ripping me apart.”“Think of this as a fat cock fucking your ass,” said Cindy before she forced the remainder of the nozzle into Linda’s ass. She turned a valve and watched Linda’s body tense when the soapy solution began filling it.“The water is too hot! It’s burning me!”“It’s the right temperature to clean the shit out of a bitch like you. You’ll hold it until you’re screaming from the pain.”“Someone help me,” screamed Linda, while the hot enema continued filling her body.“How can you do that to her?” Jessica asked Freelander. “She didn’t do anything personal to you.”“Why don’t we talk about what you and the judge did do to me counselor.”“What do you want to know?” Jessica asked, after two men forced her to kneel on the floor. They pulled her arms behind her back before Cindy wrapped gray duct tape around her wrists. After they forced her onto the floor, Cindy wrapped tape around her ankles. “What do you want me to tell you?”“Everything,” replied Freelander.“I don’t know what you mean.” Jessica began struggling after she saw Cindy lubricating a long steel shaft with a wide ball at the tip. Multi-colored wires dangled from the end of the shaft.“This is going to help you answer my father’s questions.” Cindy knelt beside Jessica after one of the men spread the cheeks of her ass.“Don’t put that into me,” cried Jessica, after Cindy began pushing the steel shaft into her anal passage. “Take it out. Take it out now!”Freelander lifted a small control box off a table. He plugged the wires extending from the steel anal probe filling Jessica’s ass into the box. “Did you do your best to defend me counselor?”“Yes, of course.”“I don’t think you did.” Freelander pushed the button on the control box. He smiled when Jessica’s body convulsed violently, while an electrical shock from the steel anal probe passed through it.“Stop it! Stop! That hurts!”“Did you do you best to defend me counselor?” Jessica screamed from the pain while another electrical shock passed through her body. A stronger shock caused her body to convulse wildly on the floor moments later. As she gasped for air she screamed, “I could have done better.”Freelander smiled while listening to Linda’s scream of pain, as the enema began stretching her stomach. He asked Jessica, “Did you work a deal with that bitch judge to convict me?”“No, no.” Another shock caused Jessica’s body to convulse while she screamed from the pain. “We talked about a conviction. I held back, so the jury would find you guilty.”“You sold me out bitch.” Freelander watched Jessica’s body convulsing wildly. He felt a great sense of satisfaction listening to her screams of agony. He told his men, “Put her on a chair and tie her ankles and wrists to it.”“I’m glad to see you’re suffering judge,” said Freelander, while Linda screamed from the pain of the enema water stretching her abdominal muscles. “My stomach is going to burst. I can’t take any more.”“I told your father what he wanted,” Jessica told Cindy and Gary when they stepped to the chair. Gary forced her jaw open, before Cindy pushed a steel o-ring gag into her mouth. Jessica moaned while Cindy tightened the straps behind her head. “You have lovely hair for a bitch.” Cindy grasped a handful of Jessica’s long reddish-brown hair and slipped a metal comb into it. She looped more hair through the comb before she locked the two sections together. Then she tied a rope around the comb and hair. She slowly pulled downward on the rope and tied the end to the chair. The tension of the rope pulled Jessica’s head backward and forced her to stare at the ceiling.Cindy smiled as she slipped the end of a metal funnel through the o-ring in Jessica’s mouth. Jessica struggled wildly and moaned when Freelander moved a large pitcher over the funnel. He poured cold water into the funnel while saying, Cindy told me this can extremely painful. I want to watch you suffer for what you did.”Jessica frantically attempted to swallow the water flooding into her mouth through the funnel. She gagged and struggled while Freelander continued filling the funnel. Some of the water escaped from her mouth and it ran down her face before splashing onto her breasts and stomach. Freelander briefly stopped the water so the Jessica could breathe. Then he filled the funnel again and listened to her suffering. After emptying the pitcher, he took another from his son.Jessica moaned and squirmed on the chair while swallowing more water. Her stomach began to hurt as the water began expanding her stomach. After pouring five large pitchers of water into the funnel, Freelander smiled while studying Jessica’s body. She appeared to be pregnant with her stomach painfully bloated by the water. She cried and tears streamed from her eyes after Cindy removed the funnel and the rope holding her head in the awkward position.“Oh god, you’re killing me! You’re killing me!” Linda screamed as the last of the water in the enema bags emptied into her stomach. Relentless cramps caused excruciating pain, as the soapy solution remained trapped in her body in the inverted position. “I can’t stand the cramps.”Freelander told his daughter, “Plug the judge’s ass and lower her to the ground. I’m not done with her yet.”“My stomach is a mess. I can’t stand the pain,” pleased Jessica, after Gary pulled the o-ring gag from her mouth. “I should use your stomach for a punching bag, you bitch,” remarked Freelander. He jabbed his fingers into Jessica’s bloated stomach until she screamed from the pain. Cindy removed the nozzle buried in Linda’s ass, and then pushed a wide anal plug into the channel. The plug painfully stretched the muscles and Linda screamed, “Take that out of me. Take it out.”The men lowered Linda’s body to the floor where she cried and screamed as they forced her to kneel, before they placed a spreader bar between her ankles. They tied her wrists to the spreader bar behind her back and pushed body backward until she lay on her lower legs, and her arms. Her stomach appeared bloated by the enema water while she screamed from the pain. “I can’t hold the water. I can’t stand it inside me any longer.”“Let’s take your mind off the enema bitch.” Freelander lit a red candle with a match. “I always enjoyed seeing your tits in the court room. Now I’m going to enjoy abusing them.“Please stop,” begged Linda moments before hot wax splashed onto her breasts. She shrieked hysterically from the searing pain. “You’re burning my skin!”“Scream for me again bitch, so I know you’re not enjoying yourself.” Freelander allowed the molten wax to drip across both of the Linda’s nipples while she screamed. Her body shuddered wildly from the pain of the hot wax, and the cramps of the enema. “I güngören escort bayan think she’s had enough father,” warned Cindy several minutes later, after Linda’s eyes rolled back in their sockets while she screamed. “Any more, and she might pass out.”“Give the bitch a pail to shit in.” Freelander’s men pulled Linda to a kneeling position before they removed the spreader bar. Then they pushed a pail under her ass.“I want to use the toilet!”“Shit in the pail and shut your fucking mouth,” replied Cindy before she pulled the plug from Linda’s ass.“Oh god, I hurt,” moaned Linda. Her face reddened with embarrassment when water and shit began flowing from her ass while everyone watched. “I’m hurting. I hurt.”Freelander studied Jessica’s swollen stomach after his men pulled her to her feet. She cried out from the pain of the water when they forced her to walk. “Put that bitch into a cage. She’d done for the night.”“I need a doctor,” cried Jessica, as the pain became overwhelming while she walked. “Please get me a doctor.”“You’ve got to let us go,” pleaded Linda after the last of the enema water flowed from her ass. She appeared exhausted and continued pleading while the men forced her into a cage.“This is only the beginning of your suffering.” Freelander laughed while leading the group from the barn. Both women cried as their bodies ached from the abuse.The following morning Cindy and Gary washed and fed both women. They led them onto the patio where they forced Linda to sit on a wide wooden bench. They pulled her arms to the sides and tied her wrists to the backrest with leather cords. Then they spread her legs and tied her ankles to the legs of the bench. “I’m sorry for conspiring against you,” said Linda when Freelander stepped from the house. “Please don’t hurt me again.”“Why are you doing this to me?” Jessica asked, after Gary forced her to kneel. She watched two men move a narrow wooden table in front of her body. “You have lovely tits that need to be abused,” Cindy told Jessica. She grasped Jessica’s breasts and lifted before the men slid the table under them.“Haven’t you done enough to us already?” Jessica asked.“I’m just getting started,” replied Freelander. “Make this bitch scream for me.”“I’m going to enjoying fucking your ass when my father is done with you,” said Gary after he knelt on the other side of the table. “You’re hurting me,” cried Jessica, after Gary grasped her right nipple and stretched her breast forward. Moments later he pushed a long silver needle through the soft skin of her breast, before forcing the needle into the tabletop.“Stop! Stop!” Jessica began screaming hysterically. The pain increased after Gary pushed a needle through her left breast. Jessica howled in agony while Gary pushed five additional needles through each of her breasts to pin them to the table.“You never looked better counselor,” remarked Freelander while Jessica screamed from the terrible pain. “I love doing this to a woman.” Cindy knelt between Linda’s spread legs. She grasped the soft lip of her pussy and stretched the skin forward. At the same time, Gary slipped a hand under Linda’s chin and grabbed her long hair with his other hand, to prevent from her watching what was about to happen.“That burns! It burns! Take it out!” Linda screamed moments after Cindy began pushing a needle through the lip of her pussy. Linda’s body convulsed from the pain while she screamed, as the needle passed through the sensitive skin. Cindy pushed the needle into the wooden bench to keep the soft skin painfully stretched from Linda’s body. She stretched the other lip of Linda’s pussy forward before pushing a needle through it, and into the bench. “Take them out! Please take them out!”“I like seeing the two women that wanted to send me to jail suffering together,” Freelander told his c***dren. “I think my lawyer needs to be fucked. You two can fuck the judge.”“Let us prepare her mouth for you father,” said Cindy. After Gary forced Jessica’s mouth open, Cindy pushed a metal dental spreader behind her teeth. Jessica moaned and struggled after realizing that the device now held her mouth open and vulnerable. “This is what you get for screwing with me.” Freelander pulled down his trousers to free his short but thick cock. He straddled Jessica’s pinned breasts and grasped two handfuls of her hair to steady her head. Then he forced his cock into her mouth while the dental spreader held it open.“Ugh, ugh, ugh,” moaned Jessica while Freelander violently fucked her face. Each time he thrust his cock into her mouth her body shuddered. The needles caused excruciating pain while the attack continued, and Jessica screamed during the ordeal.“Go slow, that hurts!” Linda cried when Gary removed the pins from the lips of her pussy. As tears streamed from hers eyes, she noticed Cindy standing in front of her with a leather harness around her waist. A long black plastic dildoe dangled from the harness. “What are you going to do with that?”“I love women, and I’m going to fuck your pussy. You’re going to give my brother a blow job while I’m fucking you.”“I won’t do that.”“I’ll push needles through your nipples if you don’t do everything we say,” warned Gary. The men freed Linda and forced her to kneel on the patio. They twisted her arms behind her back and bent her body forward, before Cindy knelt behind her.“Let me go. Please, let me go.”“I’m going to enjoy fucking this bitch,” Cindy guided the dildoe between the lips of Linda’s abused pussy. She pushed her hips forward and drove the thick plastic head into the tight channel.“Oh, oh, that hurts, that hurts,” cried Linda. She struggled and screamed from the pain while Cindy forced more of the dildoe into her pussy. Linda’s screams excited Freelander as he continued fucking Jessica’s mouth. He enjoyed the sounds of her gagging each time he forced his cock down her throat. Several minutes later he began to orgasm, shooting streams of cum into Jessica’s mouth. He forced his cock deep into her throat and listened to her gagging while enjoying the final moments of pleasure. Then he pulled out of her mouth and rubbed the cum on his cock across her pinned breasts.“It’s time for you to suck on my boner,” Gary told Linda. He pushed his cock into her mouth to muffle her screams while his sister continued fucking her pussy. Several moments later he began to orgasm, and he filled Linda’s mouth with his cum.“Stop doing to this me,” cried Linda after Gary pulled his cock from her mouth.Cindy forced the dildoe deeper into Linda’s pussy and listened to her screams of agony. After she pulled the dildoe from Linda’s body the men allowed her to collapse onto the patio where she cried. Cindy stood over her and said, “I’m going to fuck your ass next time. Then I’m going to teach you to eat me.”“Please let us go,” pleaded Jessica.“I can’t take any more pain,” added Linda.“You are two whores are going to spend a long time here with me,” said Freelander while walking around the two women. “I’m going to enjoy abusing and using your bodies. This is your punishment for what you tried to do to me. You both wanted to send me to prison. Now you’re in my prison and you’re both going to suffer.”“Please don’t do this,” begged Linda.Freelander told his men, “Put them into the cages in the barn. We’ll start with enemas and deep anal examinations in the morning. I’m sure they not going to enjoy that treatment.” Both women screamed as the men dragged them back to the barn. They realized their efforts to convict Freelander cost them their freedom, with a promise of pain and suffering for many years to come.

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