Back to the garage

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Back to the garageI don’t know why but what happened in the garage with John was lying on my mind. A few days later I was passing and saw Dave go out in his breakdown truck, pulling in and parking up I entered the garage and there was John with his very pretty girlfriend, he looked shocked to see me, as he approached me he was shaking his head from side to side mouthing the word ‘no’.His girlfriend must have been 18 or so and she said “Hi can I help you?”, I looked at John and he looked very embarrassed, he led me to the office and said “Please don’t say anything” I said “Well that depends on how long your girlfriend stays”, he went back in the garage and spoke to his girl two minutes later she left.He came over to me and said “What the fuck you doing” and I grabbed him and roughly moved him towards the toilet, he said “I’m türkçe bahis sorry” and I replied “Shut the fuck up” as I pushed him in. As we stood there he looked sheepish, “I really am sorry it’s just something I wanted to try and the bird wouldn’t let me do it to her”.I grabbed his hand and placed it on my cock, “Rub me” I said, as he did I got hard very quickly, I reached down to his own crutch and rubbed him he was rock hard too. I unbuttoned his pants and they fell to the floor, reaching down I started to wank him off, his face was screwed up as he was experiencing being jerked off.Bending down I licked his helmet and he cried out, placing my lips over him I used them to simulate my fist and gave him a proper blow job. After only a few minutes he groaned and gasped saying “Oh my GGGOOODDD I’m coming”, as I güvenilir bahis siteleri licked his eye and squeezed his balls he groaned and sent a stream of hot thick spunk down my throat, as I took it all as he did for me.As I stood up he looked at me with pleading eyes “No please don’t” he said as I unbuttoned my jeans and let them fall to the floor. Grabbing him asnd turning him around he said “God please don’t”, I said “It’s my turn”, as I bent him over I spread his cheeks and he kept saying “Don’t please”.With my chunky cock in my hand I teased his ass, he was virtually crying at the thought, as I inched my 6″ into him, he gasped real loud as I managed to get myself up to the hilt. I started to fuck him hard and he was screaming and whimpering as I fucked him. Reaching round the front I placed my hand güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on his cock and squeezed his balls.As he groaned and moaned, I fucked him harder. After a few minutes I pulled out, he said “Thank God” as I turned him around I said “Sit on the seat” as he did I spread his legs again, got hold of my cock and pushed back in, he was literally crying, as I fucked him again. He looked up at me and I leaned forward and kissed him.”No” he said, so I just fucked his brains out. A few more minutes and I knew I was close, pulling out I waved my cock in his face. “No” he said “Wank me off then” I said, as he clenched his fist around my member he pulled me off, I shot my load onto his stomach, bending down I rubbed it into him, he looked shell shocked.As I got dressed he said “I didn’t like that”, I said “I might come back” he said “No please don’t” and I replied “Your dad should know what a dirty cunt you are”, “No please don’t tell him” “I might have to if you don’t let me fuck your girlfriend”, “Oh no not my girl”, “I’ll see you in a few weeks”, and with that I disappeared.

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