Bad Week For Mommy – Chapter 3

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Bad Week For Mommy – Chapter 3CHAPTER 3My cock slides easily into her wet cunt. I am very hot as I look at the welts on her bottom due to the whipping less then 10 minutes ago. Soon her sobs was changed into moans of pleasure. As I feel my cock slide in and out of her wet pussy, I know I will cum soon. “Do not even think of cumming, slut. You have not earned the right to orgasm, yet. And I’m going to whip you again tomorrow and every evening next week!” I was extremly horny the sight of her striped ass and the thought of whipping mother all next week had me very excited. I heard myself cry out as my cock explode in her cunt and fill her up with my semen. Pleasure was only mine. It was added humiliation for her, added punishment to be used only for my pleasure like the cheapest whore. I let her wash me in the shower. After all, isn’t that what a mother is for, to wash her son and to worship him? After showering we went into our bed. She was so lovely with nice ass, decorated with many angry red karaman escort welts. When she lay on her front, I put special baby cream on her so beautiful and decorated behind, and massage her to reduce the pain. I made her sleep with my hand on her pussy and a finger in her vagina. I suspect she didn’t sleep for some time because she was sore, fucked, extremly aroused and not allowed to cum…In the morning I woke her by caressing her pussy. I shoved my 2 fingers full of gel in her. This morning I decided to allow her to cum. I rubber her clitoris with my thumb of one hand while I finger fucked her with my other hand. She came explosively very quickly. I did not allow her to rest but continued rubbing her clit and finger fucking her. She moaned and spread her legs. “You are such a slut, Mother. Just as you start to cum, I will fuck you. I expect you to cum as my cock enters your slut cunt.” I slid in all 4 fingers. As soon as I saw she was close, I removed my fingers, mounted her and shoved escort karaman in my cock. She cried out, and I felt her muscles clamping hard on my cock. “Yes, that is right, cum, slut. Cum as your dear little boy fucks your greedy pussy!”With that I began fucking her hard. My cock drove into her all the way. She pulled her legs up so I could go deep. “Oh, God, fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried.”Do you like to be fucked by your son, you perverted whore?” I asked, driving my cock in and out of her wet pussy that was greedily trying to swallow my cock.”Yes! Yes!” she cried.”Filthy whore!” I cried as I came inside her. “I will have to punish you!””Yes, oh, God, yes! I deserve it!” she cried as her cunt muscles clamped hard on my cock and drained it.Later that morning after breakfast was over I told to her: “Mommy, you dissapointed me so much yesterday! This week you will learn NOT TO DISCUSS MY DECCISIONS EVER AGAIN! Especially not at the presence of other people! I will make sure the decision karaman escort bayan sticks.” I decided she needed some more humiliation. “Yesterday, I told you that you are GROUNDED for 2 weeks! Here, take the phone and call your lady friends and tell them that you are GROUNDED by me! And be sure to use those words: GROUNDED by me!” With the last words I went to our bedroom and returned with the flogger whip in my hand: “Tell them – if they want to come to our home – they are more then welcome!” I hung the flogger on the wall of our dinning room where it will be seen by all. “See this flogger! You are not allowed to touch it! I hung it on the wall, and I am the only one who can take it off! If your lady friends will come – you all will be here where you will chat your stories and drink coffee. And I expect that you explain to them what is this on the wall, and for what purpose it is used! I do this because I love you and want to provide firm guidance for you.” Mommy, the beautiful lady in her mid 50s, almost naked, dressed only in her black stockings, high heel shoes, and see through baby doll, with sore and criss-crossed lovely ass from last evening s whipping stand in front her only son and master, while her eyes became full of tears…

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