Banging James’ Mom Part 1 – First Time

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Banging James’ Mom Part 1 – First TimeI’d known James for all of my life. He always lived right next door, so when I was looking for somebody to hang out with, he was instantly top of the list, and 95% of the time he was there. We knew each other so well, more than anybody else did. His grandmother always pointed out to my mom how sweet and innocent we were. But we were far from it.From about 7 years old, we talked about, well, dirty things. We would lie out on the field adjacent to our houses and just talk. He told me about how he liked watching movies that aired late at night because there would usually be some sort of female nudity involved. One night, I was staying at his house and his mother, Julie, had already gone to bed. We were up alone, so we were channel surfing anf happened upon another “adult” movie. Needless to say, we watched it all the way through while also keeping watch on the stairscase. I had given myself wanks before, but James said that he had merely tried but gave up. “Hey, you don’t mind if I…slide these off?” James gestured towards his jeans. “Not as along as I can,” I replied. James slid his jeans down his legs and started jerking on his rock hard cock. I pulled my own cock out of my trousers and started jacking off. The scenes on the TV were getting steamy. A hot blonde woman was taking two cocks into her. “Oh my god, I think I’m gonna come this time…” he said. Suddenly, with a small yelp of excitement, James ejaculated all over his hand and stomach. I looked on and came myself a few seconds later. That was the first night we had any sort of a sexual experience together. But it certainly not the last.A few years later, we had both enrolled in different high schools but we still hung out whenever we could, between homework. One day, we were having one of our talks again and he told me about how his mom had broken up with her boyfriend. He then told me about one night, he was looking through the door at them, while she gave her boyfriend a handjob. He confessed to me that he did indeed have a wank thinking about them, but I told him not to worry. I confessed to him that I found his mother attractive. He then replied that he also considered mine attractive. We amused ourselves for a while aydın escort more then, talking about each other’s mothers and about how wet they were, with no shame.One day, I knocked around for him but he was out for the day. However, his mom was nice enough to invite me inside. She was wearing a pink dressing gown, with her brunette hair in a ponytail. She smiled at me and offered me a drink. I politely accepted a glass of water. We then started talking, and it just seemed very natural. She was very nice, and she laughed at everything she said. She had been cleaning around when I arrived, so a few times she bent down and I either got a nice look at her cleavage or her ass.After a while, I politely asked if I could use the bathroom. She pointed me on my way and I went upstairs. I was starting to feel horny, but I didn’t want to risk having one in James’ house. Lucky I didn’t. I fumled my cock back into my trousers and flushed the toilet, washed my hands and opened the door. Julie was standing there, waiting for me. “C’mere…” she beckoned, smiling, and turned away from me. She walked me down the hall to her bedroom door. She opened the door and stepped inside. “C’mon,” she bit her lip. “Come in.”I nervously did as I was told. She took my hand and walked over to the bed with me. She sat down and looked up at me. “Take it out. Go ahead, take it out…” she whispered. I knew that really, I shouldn’t do her. But at the same time, I had a raging hard-on and this hot mature lady was sitting on a bed, almost naked, asking me to get it out. Against my better judgement, I opened my fly and button and dropped both my jeans and boxers down my legs. My hard as diamonds cock jutted out from me, and she playfully licked her lips. She leaned forward and opened her mouth. She extended her mature tongue and placed it against the tip of my penis. The moment was so perfect, I could have squirted then and there, but I didnt’; I held on. She wrapped her fingers delicately around my shaft and then began to pull on it, while also licking and kissing my tip. She placed her lips over my head and slowly slid all of my member into her mouth, releasing me from her hands. I began to thrust against her, sliding in and out of her mouth. She escort aydın was continuously looking up at me and smiling at me over my dick. I wrapped my hands over her head, running my fingers through her soft brunette hair, and then firmly grasping her skull and jerking it back and forth. After a short while, she opened her mouth and my cock popped out, her saliva dripping off of it. She licked her lips and smiled at me again as she stood up and undid her robe. I watched as it slid off and fell to the floor, exposing to me her naked mature body. “Do you like my body?” She asked me as she reached out to pull my t-shirt off. I reached out and ran my hands up her sides, over her hips and then bringing them around to her stomach, then running them up her body before finally cupping her bare breasts. I rubbed my thumb gently on her dark brown nipple. She chuckled as I sensuously caressed her. “I love it…” I said absent mindedly. I leaned in and kissed her nipple, and she giggled again. She gently shoved me back and lay down on the bed. I climbed onto the bed and lay down on my stomach. She spread her legs apart for me; I planted a kiss on her flower. “Do you see?” She asked. “I shaved for you.” I had indeed noticed the absence of pubic hair. I gripped her by her thighs and pulled her down towards me, allowing me to climb up on top of her. “Wait,” she said, stopping my dead in my tracks. “Go over there, to that drawer. There should be a johnny in it.” I stood up and walked over to the drawer, pulled it open and fished out a condom. I slid it out of it’s packaging and dropped the packaging on the floor. Turning back to Julie, I slid the condom down onto my now limp dick. Taking hold of it, I rubbed it vigorously for several seconds, making me hard again. I returned to the bedside and placed my hand between her legs, sliding my finger into her warm, accepting clit. She moaned as I did this, while I rubbed my protected cock to keep it hard. I got back onto the bed and climbed back on top of her. With one, single thrust, I entered her. It felt slightly strange. This was the first time that I had fucked someone, specifically a girl, that I didn’t need to break through a hymen just to do so. Julie had been rode before, aydın escort bayan several times I knew, but it still felt slightly odd. She let out a cry as I slid in and out, wrapping my hands around her naked body and pulling her close to me. At first I fucked her gently, but as time wore on, I became more aggressive as I penetrated her. I slammed harder and harder against her each time, my balls bouncing against her ass cheeks as I did so. I grabbed her bare breast and licked the nipple again. With another moan, I rolled over and pulled on top of me. She straightened up on top of me, riding me with control and power. I felt her getting wetter and wetter in her crotch. Her hands slapped down on my bare chest while I clutched her by her shoulders. She closed her eyes and let out several moans as she rode me. “Oh, Julie, I’m close…” I moaned. Sweat was dripping down my back and forehead. I could see several sweat drops on her body too, and I knew that she was swetting as violently as she was fucking me. “I’m close too,” she panted. “Just a…few…seconds more. You have protection…so you don’t have to pull out of me…we can come together, come with me…” She panted more and more, as did I as I strove to please her and keep her satisfied. Seconds later, I shot out several hot loads of my cum, while she let out one final scream of ecstasy and pleasure. She rolled over off of me and lay on her back next to me, panting and sweating. Her pussy dripped with orgasmic juices. I reached down and pulled the johnny off of my cock. It slowly went limp again as we lay there. She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled a packet of cigarettes out of her dressing gown pocket and offered me one. I graciously accepted. We lay there then for what could have been hours on cloud 9, but I finally was awoken by a text from my mom, wondering where I was. “Sorry, I have to go,” I apologized as I quickly got dressed. She stood up, completely naked, and walked over to kiss me. “I’ll be thinking about you…later…” she whispered into my ear, taking my hand in hers and then placed it on her cunt. “And maybe we’ll fuck again some other time…” she kissed me againa and released my hand, but I kept in firmly against her cunt for a few seconds before reluctantly pulling it away and leaving. I longed to fuck her again, to ride her mature yet able body, to feel the warmth of her perky tits and her wet pussy against me. What I didn’t realise was that I would get to…and very soon.

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