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bedding my studentI am Jyoti 23 year bisexual girl with good looking body. I have always thought of girls ever since 18 of my age but never got chance to experiment it. When I was doing my bachelor degree from Delhi I rented a flat in a low cost area and was living alone in part time I used to teach biology in a coaching center and was popular because of good teaching.One day I was visited by a lady in 30 and was asked to teach her daughter in private and acknowledged that she is very week in biology. First I refused because of my own studies but her offer of very good amount made me to accept it .As soon I accepted her offer to her she called a girl standing near her car in t-shirt and tight jeans.The girl in near about 18 innocent as new born c***d.She turned to words me and said ”She is my daughter Babli”.“Good morning” Babli greeted me with sweet red lips.I replied “Good morning..!”Then her the lady asked ”When I can you come to our for private session”.“From tomorrow” I replied and gave her my address.Next day I went to her house as 5.30 and knocked the door.Babli’s mother opened the door and welcomed me and offered a tea. I thanked her and accepted the offer . she called Babli who showed up in tight t-shirt and jeans beautiful like a princes. She took me to her bed room which was her study room balıkesir escort too. After my one hour session I got ready to leave when her mother came and told me that she and her husband are in business and due to heavy work load they come back after 9.30 pm and she will not be there from next day.My time with Babli was going good she used to call me didi(this word is used for elder girls of sisters in India) as I was not to old in comparison to her. But I never gave her the freedom to be friendly to me. And even slap her when she used to do mistakes repeatedly without any resistance.I found her very cute sweet and enjoyed my dominance over her. I never used to miss any chance to touch her and always fantasized about her naked body.I was teaching her reproductive system and she was getting hot I was quick to notice and caught her touching her little boobs.She blushed and I had smile on my face I was hot. I knew this is the only chance I should not miss.“it feels great na..!” I said in low voice.She got nerves and didn’t know what to reply.I repeated my question and she shacked her head in manner to say yes.“you must me feeling when your bf would be kissing you and pressing you…” I laughed naughtily.“I don’t have bf ”she replied and blushed.“Then your gf” I again asked.“I don’t have either” balıkesir escort bayan she replied.I felt wetness in my panties as I found she was virgin.I took the initiative and cupped her boobs.“didi…..” she said and tried to resist .“shh…”I tried to calm her and pressured her boobs .She got calm and kept holding my hand and I kept creasing her soft sweet small boobs. Slowly her eyes got closed in pleasure and pink lips parted to take air in. I can feel her hart beet. I planted a soft kiss on her lips. She opened her eye in surprise. I took my hand behind her head and removed her hair band and started creasing her hairs. I pulled her by her head from back towards me and tried to give her a full lip lock kiss. “didi….”she said and tried to push me back fighting with her feeling.I pulled her forcefully and started kissing her slowly she stopped resisting and submitted to me. Ah… how soft her lips were .I started to invade her mouth with my tong and got more excited when I got response.I pushed her down on the bed and looked at her body so sweet innocent and lusty eyes I removed her t-shirt and bra without resistance from her and started sucking her as in my fantasies without wasting time.“Ah…..” she moned I could clearly hear.I then pulled down her jeans and panty. I started creasing escort balıkesir her pissy lips. The soft flesh of her pissy felt so great in my hands. Her pleasure sound gradually increased so I covered her mouth with my hand while I started playing with her pissy hole reedy to invade it.She was looking towards me with her lusty eyes. I tried to invade it but it was tight and did not allowed easy entrance. I gave my figures in her mouth and she took it with pleasure I started moving in and out my figures in her mouth. When my figures were fully soaked with her saliva. This time too I tried to in vade it but she trembled in pain and made a loud voice.I took her panties in my hand an filled her mouth with it now with all my force I entered my destination and without mercy I fill it with all my index figure and rested their for her pissy to adjust with the new situation.Slowly I pulled her panties out of her mouth and slowly started figure fucking her.She started making pleasure mone slowly and was I filled her mouth with my 4 figures and continued fucked her.After some time she stared twisting her body in pleasure vigorously and my hand was shocked in cum.I took her to the bathroom and made he sit on toilet basin started washing her .When I was done I ordered her to pee.She saw towards me in confusion.I again repeated be easy and pee….She obeyed and I can feel hot shower on my hand…..We went back to her room I waited her to get dressed and left from there for my flat…Please comment…I would appreciate if u email me your replies to

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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