Behind Her Back?

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Behind Her Back?“Congratulations!” The shrieking teller’s voice pierced the silence of the bank lobby. Kaylah Leonard peered over her monitor looking at the scene across the room. She glanced around and was satisfied that her stodgy boss had his office door closed. “What are we celebrating?” She stood up and walked towards the counter.The one who screamed looked at her fellow cashier and held up her hands.“You can tell her,” approved a cool-toned brown-skinned woman with a shrug.“Charnae’s preggers,” revealed the loud mouth.Kaylah paused a moment too long. She remembered where she was. “How nice!”“Thanks,” Charnae smacked her lips.“Well, let me get back to work,” the loan assistant excused herself.Kaylah sent an instant message to her boss saying she needed to run out for a bit. She rushed to the bathroom and locked the door. She turned on the faucet and vomited into the toilet. She cleaned her face and headed to her car. She drove home.Kaylah was jealous. At 27 years old, Kaylah had already suffered three miscarriages and now that Charnae was with c***d. She was also livid. The wench was sleeping with her husband, Cam. And now she was carrying his baby. She gripped the steering wheel firmly. Her beige hands reddening.Kaylah placed a call.“Hey, what’s up? This is Cam. Leave a message.”The voicemail upset her even more. “It’s me. Call as soon as you get this.” She ended the call and fired off a text message.Her phone rang.“What’s up, babe,” the smooth deep voice asked.“You tell me,” she screamed.“Huh?”“That bitch you been fuckin’ is pregnant.”“What?!?”“You heard me. Charnae is having a baby. She just announced it at work.”“That ain’t none of my k**. Did she say it was.”“Come on, Cam. She’s not going to admit out loud at work you two are fucking, but everybody knows it. And she announced she’s pregnant.”“It could be anybody’s.”“Including yours,” she seethed. “You need to calm down! Where are you?”“Almost home. You’re not even gonna deny it might be yours.”“I told you ain’t nothing goin’ on with me and Charnae.”“Whatever! I want you out of my house.”“You talking crazy now. Let me tell the guys I gotta run home real fast. We can talk.”“Fuck you!”“I’m on my way. Calm down.”The squat, caramel-skinned man hopped into his work truck and took off. When he walked in the house, his wife was throwing his clothes on the floor. “Kaylah! Chill out, man,” he boomed.She froze. Still sobbing uncontrollably.He approached her slowly. “I told you it’s all in your head. People just be making shit up to break us up,” he explained. They don’t want me and you to be together. They just jealous.”“Jealous of what, Cam? What,” she bawled.“Us, boo. What we got. You and me, girl!”“What the fuck? Nobody’s jealous.”“Yeah, they are. Most of these niggas and bitches in your ear is single and broke. They mad we doing our thing.”“Why would that matter.”“Misery loves company,” he reasoned.“I just can’t take this,” she shouted.“What you want me to do? Get a DNA test,” he clamored. “Yeah,” the petite wife sniffled.“For real! Man, you don’t trust me. I guess I should go. niğde escort Since it’s your house!”“Cam,” she wiped her face.“I’m supposed to just show up and tell this chick to give me a sample of her baby’s blood? Where they do that at?”“I don’t know. I’m just so…”“I know you’re stressed cause we had them losses, but we gon’ have what we supposed to have. We can adopt.”“But I don’t wanna.”“Okay. We’re still trying. But you working yourself up ain’t helping things.”“You’re right,” Kaylah acquiesced. “You want some peppermint tea?”Kaylah nodded.Cam went into the kitchen of the 1,100-square-foot, 3-bedroom, ranch style house. He put a pod in the K-cup machine and waited. Once brewed he handed the mug to his wife and consoled her. “I gotta get back to work,” the local utilities cooperative worker said. “I’ll pick up dinner. Don’t you worry about cooking.”“Okay,” whimpered Kaylah.Kaylah texted her friend, Dayantay, pleading for him to call as soon as possible. Typically, he hit her back quickly.“What’s up, girl,” lisped the soft voice.“I’m just so mad and confused and pissed and scared.”“What did he do,” he fake smiled.“I think he got that girl pregnant.”“Who? Charnae?”“Yeah! She’s pregnant.”“Oh, hell naw! Let me come whoop his ass!”“Slow down, Day. I just don’t know what to do. He says people are making stuff up cause they’re jealous, but he’s over there where she stays a lot.”“Kaylah! Breathe,” encouraged the other person. “It’s gonna be okay.”“Okay,” she took a deep breath.“Let’s break this down, honey! People are jealous of you. They always have been. You’re cute and adorable and light-skinned. Boom. Second, you live in a house that your grandparents owned so it’s totally paid for so you ain’t got no house payment. Boom. You snagged one of the few guys under 30 with a decent job. Boom. So niggas mad he got you, the rich girl. And, bitches mad you got him, a nigga with a job.”“But that’s so basic,” she protested.“People. Are. Basic,” Day stressed every word. “I mean we live in a small ass town. It’s not but 15% Black. You own a house. You’re married. You work at a bank. Cam works for the utility company. Y’all are barely 28 years old. That’s some real shit for people without anything of their own to covet.”Kaylah shook her head. “It’s not like I own the house.”“That may be so, sweetheart., but your mama and your uncle do. And, they’ve agreed to let you live there rent free because they don’t want to. So, it’s like the same thing to dumb motherfuckers! Then you went and married some Negro from two towns over. Niggas in Bensontown were hot.”“You think so,” she checked.“Yes, ma’am,” Day confirmed. “You were a catch. They all wanted you. You rejected them. Bruised egos.”“What should I do?”“Put him out is my vote.”“I really don’t want to.”“I know. So, take some time and meditate. I really gotta get back to work now. These old white folks probably shitting themselves.”“You’re so nasty.”“I know. Niggas like that.”“Bye, crazy!”Kaylah willed herself to relax. She fixed her makeup and went back to work at First Commerce State Bank. it was escort niğde the only bank in the town of 7,000 people that had more than one African-American employee. She cursed herself for that. Then, she felt guilty for not wanting more Blacks to have the jobs. When she walked back into the branch, she smiled at the teller line. She noticed Charnae give her the side-eye. She resolved not to let it get her down. Day had been right. She had a charmed life and others were likely jealous. She went to her desk and logged into the system. She looked up her personal accounts at FCSB.Kaylah had six accounts at the community financial institution:A joint checking with Cam – $613.14;A joint savings with Cam – $1,900.12;A joint savings with her mom – $3,600.28;A 90-day certificate of deposit (C.O.D) with her mom – $2,953.14;A second 90-day C.O.D with her mom – $2,937.96; ANDA third C.O.D. with her mom – $2,878.63.Kaylah saw that one of the tellers, a friend of Charnae, had accessed viewed the accounts earlier in the day – the audit log was a benefit of having a supervisory ID. She fumed knowing Charnae was keeping tabs on her money. But the joke was on the other woman she thought. Kaylah grabbed her phone and scheduled a transfer into the savings account she held in tander with her mother. $5,000 from her money market account at a brokerage firm. She just wanted Charnae to tell Cam.Kaylah had never felt rich or anything. Her grandparents were general laborers without education beyond high school, but they’d been smart. They were less than impressed with their son and daughter so they took made plans to ensure their only granddaughter, at the time, was taken care of – even if it was only by simple measures country folk would employ. She’d gotten $50,000 from life insurance placed into time-bound trusts. They hadn’t invested in the stock market so it hadn’t grown substantially, but Kaylah was better off than most folks. They left her deeded her the three acres of land surrounding the house, but didn’t leave her the actual residence.Kaylah’s mom and uncle had grown up and matured. She had half-siblings now, and cousins too. Her mom lived up north. Her uncle was doing fine in a good-paying plant job.She knew Cam wasn’t about to walk away from her. In his mind, he’d struck gold.That evening, Cam called Charnae. “Hello,” the side chick answered.“You pregnant,” he barked.“Yeah! I am! So what?”“You flaunting that shit in front of my wife? The fuck is wrong with you.”“Don’t act like you don’t like fucking this good pussy instead of hers.”“You tripping, Nae! You dead ass wrong. How much to get rid of it.”“Oh, I’m keeping it!”“Hell naw! You’s a lie!”“Just watch and he gonna know you his daddy too. I’m getting a paternity test.”“Bitch!”“Hold up, Cam. You don’t wanna be threatening a pregnant woman. You gonna take care of this baby I promise.”“Fucking bitch! It probably ain’t even mine.”“Oh, but it is.”“Fuck you!”Cam threw his cell phone into the floorboard. “Goddamn! Fuck! Shit!” He was screwed. He knew he wasn’t the only person to have ever fucked niğde escort bayan Charnae, but as of late he was the main one. He picked up a meal of grilled chicken tenders, cole slaw, and fries. He went home.It was pretty calm that night. And. for the next few days. On Monday, Cam was alerted via text that a big wire transfer had arrived in Kaylah’s savings account she shared with her mom. He grew concerned. Perhaps playing cards at his homeboy’s house all weekend and drinking had not been smart. Maybe the fact that his homeboy’s sister lived there was not good. Possibly him fucking the sexy lady was a terrible idea. Fuck. Shit was real.Cam knew he had very little without Kaylah. His parents had ruined his credit when he was a k** by using his social to open utility accounts, get cell phones, and leasing computers from rent-to-own establishments. He was at his wit’s end. He reached out to Dayantay.“What do I do, man,” he genuinely wondered.“Be truthful,” Day shook his head in disgust.“I mean. She gonna leave me.”“Not necessarily. She hasn’t kicked you out yet. Tell her the truth.”“Then what?”“Tell her you want to double down on your family with her. Get Kaylah pregnant. And stop messing with Charnae.”“But the k**.”“Yeah, take care of the c***d, stupid.”“You ain’t gotta be so rude,” Cam frowned.“I’m just being real,” Day retorted. “You got a better idea?”“Naw! When can I get them cakes again?”“I’m ready now, nigga. Can you get free?”“Ten minutes?”“Cool?”Cam knocked on Day’s door.Day answered wearing only a sheer robe and ankle socks.Cam rushed inside and closed the door. “Look at that ass, boo!”“You like,” Day cooed as he shook it.“I do!”“That big ol’ ass look just like a woman.”Cam was not wrong.Dayantay had steatopygia. It was common in Pygmy people and caused a substantial level of adipose tissue to form on the buttocks & thighs. It was most prevalent, but did occur occasionally in men. Day was one of those men – though no one thought of him as much of a man.Cam grabbed the medium complexioned effeminate guy. “Help me get this nut out!”“Of course,” cooed Day.Day pulled out Cam’s 7-½ inch dick. He sucked it very sloppily.Cam did not want to wait. He pushed the slightly taller bottom onto the bed and got behind him. He forced himself inside.“Damn, nigga,” wailed Day.“Yeah! Open that bussy!”“Yes, sir,” whined the sissy.“Give it to me, faggit!”“Yes, Cam! It’s yours!”“You know if I stop fucking that bitch Charnae, I’ma fuck you more and more!”“Really?”“Yeah, faggit! I gotta get my rocks off!”Cam pounded. He assaulted the jiggly cellulite booty with his thick cock. “Oh my god, nigga,” screamed the pussyboy.“Damn! You betta help me keep my wife!”“I will, daddy! I will!”“You betta, bitch ass faggit!”“Yes, sir!”Cam nutted.The next few months were eventful. Kaylah got pregnant the month before Charnae had the baby. It turned out to be Cam’s. Kaylah was doing well and into the second trimester. Cam was playing good dad to Charnae’s k**, but no longer screwing her,Kaylah was feeling happy. She had no idea that Cam and Day were sneaking around behind her back fucking at least once a week.Kaylah gave birth preterm. After a touchy arrival, the little man made it.Kaylah loved life now.But her husband and best friend were still fuck buddies behind her back.Or were they???

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