Berry Picking

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Berry PickingI always enjoyed picking raspberries, blueberries and other wild fruit to make jams and jellies and such. We live near the outer boundaries of the city where there are open fields and wooded areas a frequent and this give me a chance to harvest wild berries and such for our enjoyment. One beautiful day I got my berry picking pail and headed for an area that I knew there was an abundance of wild raspberries. Being only about a half mile from the house it was an easy walk.I began picking plump ripe raspberries filling my pail half way when it was getting ready to move further in the patch of berries, I noticed a couple on bikes in the field about a 100 yards away. I watched as they made their way toward an area with some old elm trees and witch hazel brush. I looked down to get my pail and then looked back up and they had disappeared from site. Hhhmm I thought as the clump of trees and brush were out in the open and I had just looked down for a second.As I looked closer, I could see a handle bar from o bicycle protruding out of the grass. I thought to myself, “Did they go into the thicket near the trees?” Curious, I left my berry picking and slowly made my way toward the trees. The witch hazel was quit thick and I had to get quit close to see anything.WOW, did I get a surprise. There laying in the matted down grass was a couple half undressed doing some heavy groping. The female had her blouse unbuttoned, bra unhooked and down around her waist and the guy was cupping her tits and sucking on her very erect nipples. After a few minutes, she pushed up and told him to lay down and she then unsnapped and unzipped his jeans and reached down his underpants and pulled his erect cock out. She then pulled his pants and shorts down to his knees and began to give his throbbing cock a workout.She took his cock head in her mouth giresun escort and slid about two inches down his cock shaft and then back up til his cock head was nearly out of her mouth and then took it back in again. Just watching her made my dick hard and I reached down and rubbed it through my jeans. After a few minutes, she cupped his balls in her other hand while ministering to his cock head and shaft.I needed to get my dick out so I could masturbate my self in time to her cock sucking. My dick was already oozing precum and as I began to stroke my dick, He moaned and raised his hips and began to quiver. I could see that he was cumming and shooting his hot cum in her mouth. She held fast to his cock and then I could see some of his cum leaking around her lips.. That’s all it took as I squeezed my throbbing dick and unloaded my nuts in huge gobs of cum.After she swallowed his cum, she told him the she was going to fuck him and with that she pulled down her jeans and straddled his cock and began to rum her pussy with his cock head. His cock began to get big again as she then aimed his cock head at her wet pussy and sat down on him sending his cock into her to the hilt. She road him lick a bucking bronco and with each thrust, you could see his cock getting closer to cumming. My dick had gotten hard again and I was back to stroking it for all I was worth.. She moaned and told him that “You’re making me cum, you’re making me cum.” You could see her body twitch and he pulled his dick from her hot steaming cunt and started to shoot hot cum n her ass and cunt. I was with him as I too was cumming again with hot jets shoot from my dick.After we all returned to earth, I backed away and went back to the berry patch and they gather themselves and got their bike and left. Now that was the first time in a very long time escort giresun that I cam in lest that 15 minutes.That night the image of the couple fucking in front of me was very fresh and when my wife and I went to bed I asked her if we could make love orally. Now my wife was not the kind to turn down a stiff cock in her mouth let alone one fill her mouth with hot cum.. She was also very receptive to having her pussy eaten until she orgasmed. Her answer was “of course” and we went to bed and lay next to each other as naked as one could be. She lay her head on my stomach and took my balls in her hands and began to roll them around. Now that action started to make my limp cock grow. Before getting fully erect, she squeezed the base of my cock forcing my cock to tighten up and my cock head to turn purple. She then released my cock and began to run her tongue under the rim of my cock. I told her that is felt so awful good. She kept on manipulating my cock with her hands, mouth and even nibbling on it with her teeth. She knew when I was about to let my load go and she engulfed my cock head and rolled her tongue around it. I could stand it no longer and raised by hips and grunted and as in the afternoon, shot gob after gob of cum from balls. When the first shot of cum left my cock, she started to suck my head as hard as she could. Needless to say, she drained every last drop of cum from my cock.Now my good wife looked me in the eye and with a wisp of cum on her lips said, “It, your time to pleasure me with your hot tongue.” and laid down, spread her legs wide and reached down to her pussy lips and spread them wide. Now you could see her pussy juices glistening from her hole. I move to her hot sweet smelling cunt and licked her up from her ass hole to her clit protruding from it hiding spot. Those juices were so sweet tasting giresun escort bayan as I concentrated on the hard little button at the top of her cunt. Flipping my tongue across this love button made her twitch every time I made contact. For a little more excitement, I tool my finger and made circles around her dripping lips and then slit my finger down to her asshole and her sphincter ring. That made her groan and mumble for me to finger fuck her asshole while I sucked on her hard clit.I was in no hurry and wanted her to enjoy my ministering until she could no longer take it and had to orgasm. After a while I drove my finger up her ass as far as it would go and rapidly fuck her asshole as hard as I could. She started to tremble and yelled “SHIT I’M CUMMING”. I felt her sphincter pulsate as it grabbed my finger as she began her orgasm and I then stopped sucking her clit and licked it with my tongue as you could see her contractions as her orgasm continue to pulsate through her. By this time, my cock was as hard as a steel pipe and I knew I wanted to get my nuts off.I pulled my finger out of her ass and raised up from her convulsing cunt and told her that she was a bitch in heat and that I was going to mount her and breed her. She immediately got up on her hands and knees and waggled her dripping hot cunt and ass at me and told me to “breed her”. I immediately got behind her, reached over her back and grabbed her tits and rammed my throbbing cock to the hilt in her hot dripping cunt. She screamed that she was cumming harder than before and that she wanted to “feel your hot fucking sperm shooting in my cunt”. I pulled my cock out of her cunt til my cock head was just about free and then rammed back into her as far as I could go and started to unload my ball deep in her. Upon felling my hot sperm, she collapsed on the bed continuing to orgasm as I drained my cum in her. The day started with a berry picking excursion and ended up being a day when I….came twice in less that 30 minutes….twice that day. Needless to say, the berries were not taken care this day…..

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