Better, And Black! Chapter 4

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Better, And Black! Chapter 4After I had been forced to watch Jason fuck my wife, and cleaned them both up, I was banished to the sitting room to sleep on the sofa while they continued to have their fun.I slept very little, as I kept hearing the sound of Jane sobbing and calling out his name, as he pounded orgasm after orgasm out of her with his impressive weapon.As I awoke in the morning, I was greeted by the sight of Jane and Jason in the doorway passionately kissing goodbye. She thanked him for a fabulous night, and asked him when she would see him again.”You will be ready at 7 on Friday evening, wearing only your little black dress” ordered Jason. “We will spend the weekend at my Flat, and by the end of it you will be a total slave to my black cock, ready to do anything I say”.”Yes Jason, that is what I want” she replied happily, “I will do anything you say as long as you keep balıkesir escort putting that magnificent cock into me. I will be your slut, whore and slave”.”Where does that leave your poor husband?” laughed Jason.”He doesn’t matter at all” confirmed Jane “he is just a Sissy Boy, an insignificant piece of shit. You are the only man I want, you are a real man who has made me a real woman”.I was devastated that my once loving wife should say such things in my presence, to dismiss me as something so unimportant to her. She kissed Jason lovingly once more and he left.Jane sauntered back into the room with a smug, satisfied look on her face.”Oh Brian” she said, “your wife is such a slut. I did things for Jason last night that I would never have done for you, and he rewarded me with the best orgasms of my life. Did you hear the noises I was making as he made me cum and balıkesir escort bayan cum?” I mumbled that I had, and that I wished it had been me in bed with her.”But you are not capable of making me cum Brian, you know that” she replied spitefully. Jason most certainly is, and I shall spend the weekend naked in his Flat cumming until I can cum no more”.She smiled at the thought. “Now get up and come here.”I stood up and she put her arms round my neck. She kissed me passionately and rubbed her beautiful body against me.”I bet you would love to do what Jason has just done to me, wouldn’t you?” she purred, noticing the erection she was causing.”More than anything” I replied honestly.”Well there is no chance of that, ever!” she spat ” But you do love me, don’t you, and will do anything I say to make sure I don’t leave you?” To my shame I agreed I would do anything escort balıkesir for her, no matter what it was.”You can start by getting on your knees” she ordered.I dropped to my knees, and guessed that she wanted me to clean her pussy of Jason’s cum, so I moved towards her. She stopped me with her hand.”Not yet. Just look for a moment. Look at the pussy that has been freely available to you since our wedding, but which will never again receive your pathetic little boy’s cock. It belongs to Jason now, and he will use it whenever and wherever he wants. I stared at her swollen, sodden cunt, and realised I had never wanted it so much as at that moment. After a few seconds, she grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth on her, commanding me to lick. When she was satisfied, she snatched my head back and looked down at me.”Do you feel humiliated Brian?” she enquired. I replied that I did.”Well I haven’t even started yet, I have lots of plans for you. Shall I show you how much respect I have for you now?” I nodded, and she bent down close to me and spat in my face. Then, laughing, she turned away to go back to bed and catch up on her sleep.

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