Beware of Old men…

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Beware of Old men…It was just another school day and I was glad that it was over. Two of my track team members had took me to the locker room before classes and I had to suck both of them off. As we were exiting the gym, I saw that old janitor watching from the far end and I wondered if he new what had happen. I was on the first floor passing the boiler room when that old bastard rounded the corner. With out a word he grabbed my wrist and pushed me into the boiler room.Since it was still fall the furnace was not lit, the old bastard bolted the door and pulled me farther in to the room. We was back behind the huge furnace when he spoke ‘you just a little whore, sucking and fucking in my school when you want to.’I started to speak but he stuck his fingers in my mouth and pulled my face down, I had to kneel or lose my lower jaw. With his other hand, he undid his zipper and fished out his smelly old cock. Gripping my lower jaw with one hand and his cock with the other the old batman escort bastard commanded…’SUCK.’He pulled my face to his cock and smeared his smelly penis glans across my lips, pinching my jaws I had to open my mouth and accept his fuck tube into my oral cavity. The old bastard started to fuck my face, forcing his cock farther back into my mouth. Gagging and slobbering I tried to keep my mouth as wide as I could.The old cock came to life and firmed up, filling my mouth with old cock. I could hardly breath as it was and when his cock got hard I was truly chocking on his old member.My eyes were bucking wide and I tried to push his thighs away from my face when he suddenly pulled his well slick cock from my mouth. ‘I know you got a good tight ass hole and I want some more of that boi pussy now. No body can hear us in here and nobody can come in here, now either you get out those clothes or I will take them off you.’This old bastard had took me by force me in the escort batman shower before and had told me he would do it again. Now I was faced with him wanting my tender butt again and I had not the pleasure of being readily lubed by some other sperm.I slowly stood as he dropped his pants and stepped out of them, I loosened my belt and removed my pants and underwear. The old bastard twisted me around and pushed me over. There was an old desk in front of me, I braced my hands on the desk.The bastard parted my buttocks and spit directly into my anal orifice. Sliding his massive old cock ahead around my butt hole made me grimace as I thought of the pain I was about to endure.With no warning and a powerful lunge, the bastard sunk his cock head into my anal canal and went straight to work sliding his old cock back and forth. With each stroke, he would push more and more of his thick cock into my rectum.Weeping from the pain and humiliation, I was forced to accept this old batman escort bayan farts sexual assault. Thankfully he was only about eight inches long but his cock was solid and fat. And the old bastard was in no hurry to fill my bung hole with his spunk.The bell had rung for the final class as we started, it rung again for after school activity about forty-five minutes latter and the bastard was still pounding into my butt.Three short rings of the bell signal five thirty and the closing of the school. This old bastard had been lodged in my anus for nearly three hours and still was rock hard.He gripped my hips tightly in his vise like hold and rammed deep in to my bowels and let loose a flood of baby making fluid that me butt hole and oozed out from around his fat cock. Once he pulled from my butt, I fell to the floor in a heap. Tired, well fucked and exhausted. He stood over me, his cock dripping cum and said ‘you gonna meet me her every day or your secret will be out.’ I looked at him as he continued ‘you really don’t want your friends to know you let me fuck you do you.’he wiped his cock off on my underwear and tossed them into my face ‘now get your ass up and out of here’, he said as he dressed and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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