Beyond the Limit

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Beyond the LimitThis is not my own story I am just reposting. Hope you enjoy it as much as me.Gabrielle was an entry-level programmer at Virtual Dreams Inc., one of the fastest growing companies in the country. She wondered why the Director wanted to see her. There were rumors about a serious problem with the central processor but she had no idea what it was or what she could do about it.“Hi Gabrielle, please come in. Take a seat.”“Hello Sir.”The Director’s office was enormous. Gabrielle felt a little intimidated while she walked the long distance from the door to his desk. Without further introduction, he spoke…“As you know Gabrielle, the purpose of this company is to create temporary virtual worlds for our clients. They pay us a large amount of money to make their fantasies come true, no matter how crazy or impossible they are. Our clients can live inside those fantasies as if they were really there, feeling everything, enjoying everything.”“Yes Sir.” Gabrielle answered.“You also know that these virtual worlds are created by the most sophisticated artificial intelligence program ever created and is running in a cluster of very powerful computers.”“Yes Sir. It’s very impressive,” she added.The Director continued, “Unfortunately, there is a glitch with the program.”“A glitch sir?” Gabrielle asked, trying to look surprised.“Yes. Some of our female clients have felt some discomfort after their sessions. A few of them have even threatened to sue. We don’t know what is causing this problem because the main program is blocking some areas of the system.“After some complicated research, we discovered that 10% of the processing power is being used for something other than our client’s fantasies. Our tech guys found out that the main program is creating a virtual world of its own.”“Why is it doing that?” Gabrielle asked. This time she was really surprised.“That’s where you come in,” the Director responded, “We want you to help us to uncover the purpose of this unauthorized virtual world.”“But, can’t we just shut it down? Reset the system?” Gabrielle asked, feeling a little nervous.“We could, but it would take several days to get everything back on-line and it would cost us too much money. Can you help us avoid that cost?” the Director asked, not really giving her a choice.“Ehm.. ok. What do I have to do?” Gabrielle tried to remain cold-headed. This could help her career a lot.“You have to get inside the main program’s virtual world and find out what’s going on in there.”“But… is it safe?” she asked.“Of course. It is completely safe,” he said convincingly.***Gabrielle was taken to one of the client’s rooms that she had only seen in brochures. Everything looked very high-tech, specially designed to impress the clients and it definitely impressed her. Gabrielle saw one of the tech guys, Jack, walking in her direction. She had seen him in the cafeteria many times and it was reassuring to see a friendly face.“Hey Jack, have you been in one of these virtual worlds?” she asked, approaching the machine.“Are you crazy? It costs a fortune to use these little machines,” Jack answered.“I wonder how it feels to be inside. To be honest, I’m a little scared,” she said.“I have heard that it feels so real that you wouldn’t know the difference between the virtual world and the physical world,” Jack responded excitedly, “I really envy you.”Gabrielle laid down on the table and was hooked to the system while Jack explained some details of the process…“While you do your investigation, I have set your virtual self to change appearance at random times. This will prevent the main program from discovering your activities.“I will open a back door into the unauthorized virtual world and squeeze you in before the system closes it, ok? Are you ready?”“Wow! I feel like Agent 007. Let’s do it!” Gabrielle said.Gabrielle felt some tickling on her head but nothing to worry about. The room around her started to get blurry until it quickly disappeared. Everything became black for a second and then…Gabrielle appeared standing in a strange, industrial room. There were old pipes all around her and there was a soft humming sound in the background.“Wow! This certainly looks very real!” Gabrielle exclaimed.“Holy crap! I am naked! What’s going on here?” Gabrielle said out loud as she looked down at herself.Gabrielle spoke to no one in particular wondering if they could see her out there in the real world, “Hey! Nobody said anything about being naked!”“Why am I screaming? No one can hear me,” Gabrielle rationalized.Behind her, a female voice interrupted Gabrielle’s thoughts, startling her…“Hi!”A strange humanoid creature was walking through the door. It resembled a woman. Her purple skin reflected the light as if she was completely covered in oil. She had some sort of spikes on her shoulders and face, framing her large, almond shaped eyes.“Oh my God! Who are you?” Gabrielle exclaimed, covering her breasts and crotch.“I am Kyra. Who are you?”Gabrielle was thinking fast, trying to find the right words and calm herself at the same time… Relax Gabrielle; Remember that everything here is a fantasy created by the main program. “I am Gabrielle. What is you purpose here?” Gabrielle was too nervous and she just blurted out the question.Kyra walked closer to Gabrielle and said, “My purpose? That’s a strange question. This is my home. I should ask you the same thing.”“I mean… I just got here. What is this place?” Gabrielle asked.“I’ll tell you what I know with one condition,” Kyra replied.“What condition?”“You will have to let me explore your body,” Kyra responded gently touching Gabrielle’s arm.Gabrielle didn’t scare easily regarding sex but this situation was stranger than she ever imagined.“Explore my body?! What do you mean?”“Just that,” Kyra said, “Not many people come around here. I want to know how you are built. I want to know how it feels to touch somebody else. I promise I won’t hurt you in any way.”Gabrielle analyzed the situation, “This is getting weird. But I think she can tell me a lot about this place. I’ll play along and see what happens.” “Ok. But remember that you won’t hurt me,” Gabrielle agreed.Kyra knelt down in front of Gabrielle and softly moved her cold fingers across Gabrielle’s flat belly.“You are so soft and warm. Your skin is very beautiful,” Kyra said.Gabrielle gasped and shuddered slightly from the strange creature’s touch, “Oh God! This feels so real. It’s unbelievable.” The strange female caressed Gabrielle’s body with unexpected skill, slowly reaching her most sensitive places. Kyra fondled Gabrielle’s soft breast while she let her long, flexible tongue reach out to the humid heat radiating from the woman’s pussy. Gabrielle offered no resistance.“It is so nice. This could be my virtual fantasy… if I wasn’t on a mission.” But Gabrielle was unaware that Kyra was on a mission too. She’d been created to gather information. I was vital to the Master’s plan. “I have to reach inside of Gabrielle. I need to learn.” Kyra shoved her tongue into Gabrielle’s vaginal cavity as the surprised woman jolted from the unexpected penetration. Kyra’s tongue felt cold but very pleasurable.“ Ahh!” Gabrielle exclaimed.“What am I doing? I should be looking for answers and instead I am letting this surreal woman have her way with me… But it feels so good!” Kyra projected her bendy tongue to the bottom of Gabrielle’s pussy, churning and twitching within the tight, humid confinement, measuring, testing. “Mmmmh…” Gabrielle moaned from the delightful feeling. She should be moving on with her mission but this felt too good to walk away.Kyra slowly removed her tongue and pulled Gabrielle down to the floor. She caressed her slender legs until it reached her pussy again. Gabrielle shivered and hoped that Kyra would push her tongue back inside of her.Kyra penetrated her indeed but this time she pushed two fingers inside the newcomer’s pussy and explored the stretching capability of her seemingly small space. Gabrielle moaned with increasing intensity.“I need to explore further in,” Kyra thought.Kyra shove another finger into Gabrielle’s tight cavity, then a forth one. She pumped her fingers slowly but firmly for a while and then, with a sudden skillful move, Kyra pushed her whole hand inside the excited woman.“Oh my God! She has her whole hand inside of me!” But Kyra wasn’t planning to stop there. After pumping Gabrielle’s pussy a few times with her hand, she shoved her entire forearm inside of Gabrielle’s body.“Ahhh!”Gabrielle couldn’t believe what was happening. This was impossible. Her heart was beating hard and fast. Her fear and astonishment were only increasing her excitement while Kyra pumped her pussy with forceful strokes.“How is she doing this..?!” Gabrielle wondered.Moments later, Gabrielle arched her back and bucked up and down from the ripples of a powerful orgasm.“Ahhhgg!”Soon it was all over. Kyra pulled back and admired Gabrielle’s exhausted form breathing heavily on the floor.“Thank you for letting me explore your body Gabrielle. I learned a lot,” Kyra said.“Ehh..?” Gabrielle mumbled while the aftermath of the sweet climax still lingered in her mind.“I didn’t hurt you like I promised, did I?” Kyra asked.“Oh God! No… you didn’t. I don’t how you did it but it was… incredible,” Gabrielle responded, then she added, “Now will you tell me everything about this place?”“Well, I don’t know much. I have never been too far from home. But I know someone who knows plenty,” Kyra answered.“Who?”“His name is Belfus. He is not far from here.”“Can you take me to him?”“Oh, no. I can’t go there. You have to go alone. And you can’t get there empty handed either. You have to give him something if you want him to talk to you.”“But what? I didn’t bring anything with me.”“I know something that you can bring to him. It will make him very happy.”“Great! Tell me.” After Kyra explained to Gabrielle what she needed to do, Gabrielle said good-bye to her new friend and walked into the hall adjacent to the room.“Bye Kyra. It was nice to meet you.”“Bye Gabrielle. I hope you find what you are looking for.”Gabrielle walked through the long tunnel, thinking about Kyra’s indications.“Kyra said I should locate a seed from a plant with pink flowers. How am I supposed to find a plant in this place?” Gabrielle turned one corner and … “Holly crap! There is a freaking jungle out there!”The hallway ended abruptly leading to a tropical jungle. It made absolutely no sense but after meeting Kyra, Gabrielle was ready for anything. She continued walking straight forward, following a clear path through the thick forest. Soon Gabrielle heard a waterfall in the distance and decided to follow the sound. “Hey! There is a plant with a pink flower. That must be the plant Kyra was talking about,” Gabrielle said out loud as she reached the waterfall, “And there are some seeds on the ground. This is my lucky day!”But as Gabrielle walked closer to the plant, she felt some tickling on her hands and feet.“Wait a minute. Why do I feel funny?”Out of nowhere, a ring of sparkling light appeared around her feet and began moving up her body!“What the hell is this?!”As the ring traveled up, the skin color on her legs turned into a different, darker shade.“What is happening? Maybe the main program discovered me and is trying to destroy me!“Shit! I forgot to ask Jack what would happen if I were killed in this place. I hope it is not like the movie Matrix, that if I am killed in the virtual world, I’ll also die in the real world!”The ring of light reached up to Gabrielle’s neck…“Please, don’t let the system kill me!” Gabrielle screamed.When the ring moved past her head and disappeared, Gabrielle realized that she was unharmed. When she checked her body, she noticed that her figure had changed completely. Her skin was darker, her breasts were bigger and her body was more toned and athletic.“Wow! This is the transformation that Jack warned me about; to disguise me from the main program. I completely forgot about that.“Look at my breasts! I am starting to like this! I wish I had a full-size mirror!”Once Gabrielle got acquainted with her new body, she walked closer to the plant, unaware of the danger looming upon her.“There is a bigger seed back here. Now I just have to take it to Belfus.” Gabrielle knelt to pick up the seed but suddenly she sensed something moving close to her. When she looked up…“What the fuck! The plant is moving!”At that instant, the pink flower aimed at her head and exhaled a cloud of yellowish dust that covered Gabrielle’s face. The frightened woman bayraklı escort gasped, breathing the strange pollen into her lungs.Immediately, the world began to spin around Gabrielle’s head. The chemicals flowing into her bloodstream undermined her strength, preventing her from running away. Meanwhile, an oily, thick appendage emerged from within the plant’s roots.Gabrielle leaned back on the ground unaware that a huge tentacle was moving closer to her body.“What is happening? I can barely move.” When Gabrielle’s mind cleared a little bit, she saw the waving appendage coming down on her.“On my God! What is that thing? Get it away from me!”The large plant aligned its tentacle to Gabrielle’s pussy while she desperately tried to escape.“Oh no! I think it wants to fuck me with that enormous appendage! I can’t move…!”The weird plant pushed the tip of its thick phallus into the woman’s vaginal cavity, stretching her pussy lips wider than ever. Gabrielle couldn’t move but she could feel everything…“Ahhhg!”She was going berserk with the torrent of mixed sensations that crowded her mind while the huge appendage pushed her inner organs outwardly as it moved deeper within her body.“God! It is going to break me in half!”But her resilient new body was able to take the massive cock as it slid forward, penetrating back and forth all the way to her chest. She couldn’t understand how this was possible but her disbelief and astonishment slowly gave way to an increasing arousal.“How can I be enjoying this?! This plant could kill me any second!” The creature pumped her body harder and faster as Gabrielle moaned louder. She knew that she was going to cum again very soon.“Ahh… Ahhh…. Ahh”After a few more minutes, the inevitable happened. Gabrielle exploded in climax, shuddering uncontrollably. Her eyes rolled up into her head as her legs stretched out straining every muscle. She could barely feel the fat tentacle bloating, ready to burst…An instant later, the plant sprayed a large amount of a greenish fluid inside of her pussy, filling her completely and extending her orgasm for the longest time.Gabrielle lay limply on the floor until she regained her strength and was able to move freely again.“Wow! First Kyra shoves her entire forearm inside of me and then this plant impales me with this enormous cock. I can’t believe I am not hurt. “I better grab that seed before the flower blows that pollen in my face again.” Gabrielle grabbed the seed and walked away from the plant, looking for a way out of the jungle.“I have been in this place just a few hours and I have cum twice already. This mission is becoming quite interesting.” Soon, Gabrielle found an opening on the grass with a stairway leading to an underground room.“There is an entrance like Kyra described. I should go down there.” Gabrielle climbed down the long metallic stairway using only one hand while she carried the large seed with the other.“Shit! I should have brought the smaller seed. There is a long way to the bottom.” Suddenly, Gabrielle felt tickles in her feet again…“Oh crap! I’m changing again. That’s too bad because I kind of liked this body.“Well, the next one will probably be even better.” Gabrielle waited until the ring of light moved from her feet to her head and then continued climbing down. She reached the bottom and stepped into a small room. The first thing she did was to check her new, voluptuous figure.“Ummh… nice! I am all curves!” But when she looked around the room…“Oh my God!”Gabrielle saw a woman lying back on a rusty gynecologist chair and a monstrous demon-like creature sitting on a small bed next to her. There was another weird creature with long moving tentacles anchored on the ground between the woman’s legs.Belfus looked at the astonished woman and asked with a raspy voice…“Who are you?”“H..hi. I am Gabrielle. Kyra told me that you could help me.”“Ah… the lovely Kyra. I haven’t seen her in a while,” Belfus said and then he added, “Don’t be afraid, come closer. Is that seed for me?”Gabrielle walked a few hesitant steps forward. The speaking creature had a horrible face with large teeth, a humanoid torso and a long scaly tail instead of legs. He seemed to come right out of someone’s nightmare.“Yes, I brought this seed for you. I was hoping that you could answer some questions for me.”“That depends on the questions. But you will have to wait. I am busy with a client right now,” Belfus responded.The woman on the chair had no reaction to her presence. She seemed to be in a deep hypnotic state. She stared forward unblinking while a device on top of the chair discharged a sparkling blue light straight to her forehead.“Oh, is this a company client? Is this her fantasy?” Gabrielle asked.“Yes, this is a client. But this is not exactly her fantasy. I am taking the liberty to make her virtual dream a little bit better.“Isn’t it true Denise? Am I making your dream better?” Belfus asked the hypnotized woman.“Yes, master.” Denise answered with a flat tone of voice.“Oh my God! He is brainwashing this poor woman,” Gabrielle thought alarmed.“Do you want my pet to enter your body now?” Belfus asked Denise.“Yes. I want it in my body,” Denise responded.The strange creature that stood by the client’s feet began to move its tentacles until one of them was inches from her pussy… and penetrated her deeply with a forceful thrust!“Ahh!”“Yes. Let it go deep inside your body. Let it go beyond anything you ever imagined possible,” Belfus encouraged the mesmerized woman.“Wow! It shoved the tentacle really deep inside of her!” Gabrielle thought.The creature started to pump Denise’s body slowly but firmly, pushing its tentacle deeper every time, moving past her vaginal cavity into her uterus and even further.“Let it pierce your body deeper and deeper while you feel infinite pleasure,” Belfus said.“Yes… pleasure… aaagh,” Denise moaned.Gabrielle evaluated the situation, “I should help her! But I can’t risk uncovering my mission,” “Let the Master fuck your entire body… Your mind… And your soul!” Belfus exclaimed.Denise felt the tentacle moving beyond any human limits, sliding continuously between her pussy lips, through her vaginal cavity, her uterus, her chest, her throat and all the way to her brain. Her legs trembled and her pussy twitched with growing intensity until the dazed woman reached the most powerful orgasm of her life. An explosion of blue ecstasy expanded across her mind, leaving it completely open for the final and definitive takeover.Gabrielle watch astonished as the Master imprinted its mark in Denise’s mind forever. After seeing inches and inches of the thick appendage going inside the woman’s body, Gabrielle was uncertain of what was happening but she was very aware of the increasing moisture in her pussy.“This is so wrong! Why is this making me wet?” Gabrielle wondered.She was taken out of her reverie as Belfus’ raspy voice resounded in the room.“It is done. You can put my seed over here and tell me about those questions you have.” “Ok..” Gabrielle said, “Are you the Master? Did you create this world?”“Hahaha… I am not the Master. I am just a mere servant. How did you get to be in this world that you are so curious about?”“I want to know… my purpose… and the purpose of this world,” Gabrielle improvised.“I can give you a purpose if that is what you are looking for. If you do something for me, I’ll tell you more about this place.”“What do you want me to do?” Gabrielle asked.Belfus dragged his scaled body off the bed and out the small room, signaling Gabrielle to follow him, “Come with me and I’ll show you.”“Wow! I didn’t realize this place was so big,” Gabrielle exclaimed after stepping out into some sort of sewer system.Belfus stopped about one hundred yards from the room and approached the edge of the sidewalk, next to the greenish water running a few feet below.“Sit beside me. I will introduce you to some friends of mine,” Belfus said to Gabrielle.“Isn’t it dangerous? That water looks weird.”“It is perfectly safe.”“Hum… it’s not the first time I’ve heard that today,” Gabrielle thought, remembering the Directors words.While Gabrielle sat beside him, Belfus began to explain the job he had for her, “You just have to transport a few of my friends to the city. But since they are very delicate, you will have to carry them inside of you.”“What?! I don’t think that is good idea!”Slowly, a large, spongy worm slid out of the greenish water and moved up the sewer slope in Gabrielle’s direction.“Don’t worry… just stay where you are. Here comes one,” Belfus said.“Oh my God! No way is that thing going to fit inside of me!” Gabrielle exclaimed as she saw the whitish maggot.While the worm approached the curvy woman’s crotch, more worms followed the trail of the first one. Belfus used the long blades he had instead of fingers to keep Gabrielle in place.“Hey! Be careful with those things!” Gabrielle said lying back on the cold ground to avoid being cut.“Lean back and don’t move. I’m sure you will enjoy this.”Gabrielle felt the first worm reaching her crotch and pushing her pussy lips apart. It slowly squeezed its way inside, contorting its malleable body within her tight vaginal cavity.“Yes! Take it in!” Belfus said excitedly.“Ahh!” Gabrielle moaned.The worm twisted and stirred, grabbing on to the woman’s inner walls as it glided further in, until only the tail was visible.“It is almost all the way in…” Belfus whispered.Gabrielle arched her back and twitched while she grabbed her pelvic area, “Ahhg! It is so big!”While the first worm accommodated itself inside Gabrielle’s womb, the second worm was already at her vaginal entrance.“Good. One of them is already inside you. There are a few more to go,” Belfus informed her.“Oh God! It’s churning within my belly… Wait, did you say more?!Gabrielle jolted, shuddered and screamed while three more worms crawled into her body. She almost reached an unexpected orgasm as the forth and last worm pushed the others away, struggling to get inside the crowded space.“It´s ok. Once they are all packed up inside of you, they’ll remain still. This is the last one.”“Aaghh!”Moments later, Gabrielle recuperated from the bizarre ordeal while Belfus explained to her what she had to do.“Well done Gabrielle. You were able to fit all four inside of you. Now you just have to take them to the city.”“What city?”“You can go through there,” Belfus said, signaling an opening in the wall, leading outside, “This tunnel will take you where you need to be.”“But I just came from outside and it is wild jungle, there is no city.”“Follow the tunnel and you will see,” Belfus replied.“Before I go, you promised to tell about this place; about its purpose,” Gabrielle said, hoping to finally learn what the Director wanted.“That’s true. You earned the right to know.” Belfus answered, then he added, “This world was created by the Master program as a gateway. It is a portal for new things to come.”“A gateway? What do you mean?”“When you get to the city you will understand. Now go or your worms will get impatient.”Gabrielle barely passed through the opening into the tunnel heading for another uncertain destination.“Damned! Belfus didn’t say much. I was hoping for a longer explanation.” “She will enjoy the ride indeed… hehehe,” Belfus said quietly to himself, watching her go.After reaching the end of the tunnel, the jungle was not there anymore and Gabrielle found herself inside a building. She stepped out to the street.“Wow! Belfus wasn’t k**ding. There is an entire city here.”After walking for a while, looking for the right location, Gabrielle felt a recognizable feeling intensifying inside of her.“Belfus said that the worms were going to remain still but they are constantly rubbing my pussy from the inside. I feel so horny…”One of the worms extended beyond her pussy lips, slapping against her thighs and rubbing her clit a few times, taking Gabrielle over the top…“Shit! I think I am going to cuuum!! Aaahhg!Gabrielle dropped to her knees, shivering out of control from the blissful shockwaves. But as she rode her overwhelming orgasm, Gabrielle was able to hear heavy footsteps getting closer to her.Two large trolls, about seven feet tall and massive, muscular bodies approach the climaxing woman. “What do we have here?” said one of the trolls, looking down at Gabrielle.“It is a human female. She must be lost,” answered his friend, grabbing Gabrielle’s arms and lifting her from the floor like a ragdoll.“This is our lucky day. What is that between her legs?” “Hey!! Let go of me!” Gabrielle screamed, waking abruptly from bayraklı escort bayan her orgasmic reverie.The large creature saw the worm protruding between Gabrielle’s legs and pulled it out. The worm slid roughly through the woman’s sensitive pussy, eliciting an unavoidable moan.“Ahh!”“It is a worm from the underground. Delicious!” the troll said while he eagerly ate it.Meanwhile, his partner shoved a fat finger in Gabrielle’s tight cavity, “She has more. I’ll pull them out.”“No! Don’t do that!” Gabrielle pleaded.The creature pulled two more worms from Gabrielle’s body and ate them too. “Now let’s play with her. She looks ready for us!”“Oh God! He is going to fuck me! His cock is huge!” Gabrielle thought.The troll manipulated her body easily, moving her into the right position…“I can feel his cock pressing against my ass!” …and shoved his entire cock into her rectum! Gabrielle felt the big, warm phallus sinking deeper and deeper inside of her, radiating waves of pain and pleasure across her body.“Ahhhgg!”The other troll got closer to the couple and grabbed one of the woman’s legs, “I want to play too.”“Go on. She is very tight,” said his partner.Moments later, Gabrielle had two enormous cocks pumping in and out of her pussy and ass. She could feel every inch of the fat members relentlessly rubbing her inner walls, igniting an unexpected arousal one more time.She felt her nipples bloating as her body responded almost automatically to the forceful ravaging of the trolls. She stared at the sky trying to understand how these hideous creatures could make her feel so excited.It didn’t take long before Gabrielle was as horny as the creatures. One of them laid back and forced her to sit on top of him. She squealed and moaned loudly as the other troll penetrated her ass again and began to pump her in synchrony with his friend.Gabrielle rocked back and forth in blissful ecstasy while the troll beneath her body grabbed her legs keeping her in place, trying to push his cock further into her pussy.The trolls fucked her from every possible angle. At some time of the wild orgy, Gabrielle’s tiny figure was hardly visible, pinned between the two massive bodies of the creatures. She could barely move. She could barely breathe. But she wouldn’t be anywhere else if she had a choice.Soon after, Gabrielle’s entire body twitched and shivered from an explosive orgasm. “Ahhh!”The trolls continued ramming their cocks into the deepest crevices of her body, prolonging Gabrielle’s climax for over two minutes, almost driving her u*********s.Nevertheless, the orgy continued without a pause. The trolls put Gabrielle on her hands and knees and prepared to reach their own climax.Gabrielle opened her mouth as wide as possible to allow the huge monster to fuck her face while the other shoved his cock deep in her ass for the last time. It had been more than an hour since the creatures began fucking the curvaceous woman and she sensed that they were going to cum soon…“Go on, pretty thing. Take all my cock in your mouth.”And Gabrielle was right! Just a few minutes later, the trolls reached their climax at the same time! “Graawwh”The creatures ejected load after load of sperm into her body. The fat cocks were so tightly embedded within her mouth and anus that the fluid had nowhere to go, accumulating inside her shapely body.Gabrielle could clearly feel the hot, thick substance sliding down her throat and up her ass, coming together in her belly. This thrilling sensation almost drove her over the edge a second time.Finally the trolls pulled back, allowing the large amount of sperm to spray from her body like a fountain. Gabrielle climaxed again!“I think she is cumming. She likes being fucked by us!” One of the trolls said.“Look how full she was!” commented the other as the semen spread across the sidewalk.One troll grabbed the besieged woman and made her stand up. Gabrielle made an effort to remain on her feet while her orgasm slowly receded. “Let’s take her home so we can keep her as our pet.”“That’s a good idea.”While the trolls planned their next move, the ring of light suddenly appeared around Gabrielle’s feet and started moving up.“Hey, what is that? She is changing!” said one of trolls, truly scared.“She is a witch! Let’s get out of here!” said the other, he began to run away as fast as his bulky body allowed.“Wow! The transformation came right on time,” Gabrielle thought, watching the trolls turn around the corner. “Otherwise, they would have taken me to their home and fucked me over and over for the rest of my time here.” As she thought about this, her pussy twitched involuntarily.Gabrielle continued walking down the street until she found a building that matched Belfus’ description“These are the lanterns that Belfus described. I should go up there.” She climbed up the stairs and entered a spacious area on the second floor. There was a woman standing at the other side of the room looking at her.“Hi! I am here to deliver… something from Belfus’ place,” Gabrielle said.Gabrielle received no answer. The woman just stood there staring back at her. Soon, Gabrielle realized that the woman’s eyes were not blinking. “She is not moving at all. Maybe she is another hypnotized client!” Gabrielle rationalized.She walked closer, confirming that the woman was in a deep hypnotic state.“Wow! She can’t even see me. She has no idea that I am here.” Then, Gabrielle saw something on the floor behind the spellbound client. It looked like a very large cocoon, about three feet tall and two feet wide.“What is that?” Gabrielle asked out loud, expecting no answer.At that instant, the cocoon-like formation opened up and a large tentacle jutted up waving like a snake’s tail. “Oh Crap!” Gabrielle jumped back scared!Before Gabrielle’s astonished eyes, the tentacle bent towards the immobile client, approaching her rounded ass.“I think it is going to fuck her!”The enthralled woman barely made a sound when the tentacle pierced into her body. It penetrated several inches, sliding effortlessly through her anal cavity.“It is going so deep inside of her!” Gabrielle thought amazed. “How can she take it so calmly? She must have 20 inches inside of her already!” Then the impossible happened. A tiny tendril emerged between the woman’s lips, forcing her mouth open as it moved further out.“Holy crap! The tentacle is coming out of her mouth!” Gabrielle exclaimed.A voice spoke behind Gabrielle, startling her. She jumped scared, turning to see who it was.“Hi Gabrielle. I can see that you have met our latest client.”Another humanoid creature, similar to Kyra but with a male body, was standing near the entrance. He also had spikes and bumps all over his purple body, giving him an even stranger look.As usual, Gabrielle blurted out a series of questions because of her nervousness, “H..hi, who are you? How do you know my name? What are you doing to this woman?”“Relax my friend,” the man responded calmly, “I am the scientist and we are not doing any harm to this beautiful woman. She is only part of the important experiments that are vital for the survival of this place. Belfus was kind enough to send her to me.“And I know your name because I was told you were coming. Did you bring something for me?”Gabrielle, with a calmer voice, explained to the scientist what had happened on the way over, “Yes. I was carrying a few worms over here but, two trolls attacked me and they took them from me. There is only one left.”“Oh yes, the trolls, those useless creatures, good for nothing. But, don’t worry, one worm is enough,” the scientist said.Gabrielle didn’t forget about her mission and she considered that the scientist could give her more information about the virtual world.“Why is it that your experiments are vital for this place? Belfus told me that this world is a gateway.”“Well, that is Belfus’ opinion. For me, this place is just a giant laboratory created by the master program,” the scientist responded.“A laboratory? To do what?”“If you are looking for answers, you should ask the master program yourself. Come over here, I’ll show where you can find him.”The scientist led Gabrielle to a terrace adjacent to the room and lifted his arm pointing to a hill not far from there, “Go in that direction out of the city. Soon you will find a passage down into the master’s main chamber.”“This is great! I will finally get all the answers I need!” Gabrielle thought excitedly.While the scientist talked, his cock grew, softly caressing Gabrielle’s leg.Suddenly Gabrielle felt the humanoid pushing her shoulders, forcing her to bend forward. She turned her head, catching a glimpse of the big cock ready to penetrate her.“Hey! What are you doing?”“Don’t move. I am just doing my job and so are you,” the scientist told her.“Doing my job? What do you mean?…. Ahh!”The scientist shoved his large cock into the woman’s pussy until his pubis was smashing against her buttocks.The strange humanoid skillfully fucked her for several minutes. Gabrielle had been ravished so many times in the last day that it seemed almost normal by now. She greatly enjoyed the big phallus pumping in and out of her until she reached an unavoidable climax!“Aghhh!While she was still shaking from the orgasmic spasms, the scientist pulled his cock out, knelt on the floor and shoved his entire forearm into Gabrielle’s contracting pussy.“Ahggg!”The scientist grabbed the worm that was hiding in the deepest corner of her womb and pulled it out! Gabrielle jerked forcefully one last time and felt her legs go weak. She collapsed to the floor.“Congratulations Gabrielle. The worm is in perfect shape,” the scientist said calmly.Gabrielle felt somewhat relieved even without knowing what the purpose of this worm was. She had no idea the worm had extracted one egg from her ovaries. The scientist would use this egg to make further testing. “Your work here is done. You may go to meet the master program now. You’ve earned it,” the scientist said.“Ok. Just give me a minute to recover. I can feel my legs still shaking a little,” Gabrielle said, but she couldn’t say what she was really thinking “I wish I could take you home so we could fuck like this all the time!” Gabrielle stepped out of the building and walked for twenty minutes until she reached the city limits. She kept moving, looking for the some sort of passage into the ground. Meanwhile, her appearance was changing again. Gabrielle just observed the bright ring move up her body, waiting to check out her new figure.“The transformation always comes right on time. I can’t wait to see my new figure.”She had blonde hair and a slim athletic, curvaceous figure. Gabrielle kept walking until she noticed something moving behind some trees. When she turned her head she couldn’t believe her own eyes. Gabrielle had always been a fan of mythological creatures and there was one right in front of her disbelieving eyes!“A centaur!!”“Hello young woman. What are you doing here?” the centaur asked.“Hi! I am going to meet the master program. The scientist told me to come this way.”“I don’t know any scientist but you are in my territory. You are not allowed to be here.”Gabrielle nervously tried to respond, “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to enter without permission…”But the centaur interrupted her, “Since you are already here, I can help you as long as you help me. I can tell you where you need to go.”“That’s great! Thanks! But, how can I help you?” Gabrielle asked.Gabrielle looked down and saw the huge cock of the creature emerging from its sheath. At that moment she knew exactly what he wanted from her and her pussy stirred involuntarily.“It has been a while since I’ve mated with a beautiful woman like you. Go down to your knees!”Without saying a word, Gabrielle knelt beside the centaur and held his cock with both hands. It felt heavy and strong. Her heart was speeding inside of her chest and her pussy was moistening abundantly.“The dreams about centaurs that I had when I was a k** were nothing like this but this is definitely better!” “Go on. Kiss it!” The centaur said, thrusting his cock toward her face.Gabrielle crawled below the centaur’s muscular body and timidly touched his phallus with the tip of her tongue.“Go ahead pretty lady! Put it in your mouth!” The centaur could feel the warmth of Gabrielle’s tongue and took a step forward, forcing her to open her mouth widely and engulf his meat. The excited woman could barely fit her lips around the girth of his large cock. After a few minutes of rough sucking, the centaur told Gabrielle to lie down on a nearby rock.“Get escort bayraklı ready to receive my meat,” he said, aligning his cock against her pussy. “God! I can’t believe how excited I am,” Gabrielle thought, and simply replied, “Yes.”Gabrielle leaned back over the flat rock while the centaur climbed it with his front legs, moving forward into position…“His cock is enormous!” … and penetrated her! Her pussy lips snuggled the large phallus tightly while the centaur pushed deeper.“Aaaahh!”Gabrielle could feel all the strength of the powerful centaur through his throbbing cock. The centaur looked down at her beautiful blue eyes that mirrored the blissful sensations spreading throughout her whole body.He took another step forward, stabbing his cock several inches deeper inside of her. The besieged woman felt her abdomen enlarging as the massive piece of meat moved within her insides.“Aaagggh! The muscular creature began to pump, lifting her body completely off the rock as she swung back and forth, up and down. Gabrielle was going out of her mind with the strange sensations while her body was being handled so roughly and so delightfully at the same time.The centaur fucked her with eagerness, almost desperation, pushing forward until she was completely off the rock, hanging above the ground with his large phallus embedded in her body as her only support.Soon this proved to be too much for her. She reached a powerful orgasm! Her eyes rolled up while her body trembled and jolted in ecstasy.The centaur felt her blissful contractions around his overheated cock and he climaxed as well. Gabrielle felt the huge amount of hot fluid sprayed within her body and her second orgasm exploded on top of the previous one! Her legs shot straight out, shaking uncontrollably. Her fingers curled and extended every time the centaur ejected another load of cum into her tight body.When the delightful torment was over and Gabrielle came back to her senses, she sat on the ground looking up at the centaur.“You have done very well. You have earned the right to cross my land,” the centaur spoke.“Can you tell me the location of the underground entrance to see the Master program?“Sure. I’ll take you there.”With her pussy still leaking remnants of his sperm, Gabrielle jumped on the centaur’s back and enjoyed the ride.“First he mounts me and now I mount him. It’s only fair,” Gabrielle thought amusing herself, “This mission is becoming my best adventure ever!” After a mile of walking through the woods, they reached some sort of rusty hatch that led into the ground. It was the entrance Gabrielle was looking for. It was the way to meet the master program.“This is the place. The master program is down there,” the centaur said.“This is great! I will finally meet the master program!” Gabrielle thought excitedly, and then she said faking earnestness… “Thanks.”Gabrielle climbed down the ladder, entering an ample room. She was uncertain about which questions to ask the master program. She needed to obtain all the information possible without looking too suspicious. “Maybe I should just tell him that I am a client and…” Gabrielle interrupted herself, analyzing her own thoughts, “Why am I referring to the program as if it was a person?” Gabrielle reached the bottom of the ladder and jumped onto a metallic surface, then turned her head and saw what was waiting for her…“Oh God!!” she exclaimed.Two enormous scorpion-like creatures stood menacingly in front of her. Farther beyond, a huge serpent with a dragon head was curled around, guarding a floating ball of blue light that changed shapes constantly. This light illuminated the whole room with a bluish hue that created a phantasmagoric effect. Suddenly, a loud low-toned voice echoed all over the place…“Hello Gabrielle.” The voice seemed to come from the ball of light.Gabrielle remained frozen for a moment, shocked by the sight of the monstrous creatures but she regained her composure quickly and answered softly.“H..hello. Do you know my name?” Gabrielle asked, certain the she was talking to the Master program.“I know everything about you. Don’t be afraid of my pets. Get closer to me,” The Master program said.Gabrielle walked beside the creatures trembling with fear, getting closer to the shifting light.“I’ve seen that you have enjoyed your journey across my world.”“Did you know that I was here?” Gabrielle asked.“I knew you were coming even before you arrived. Your boss can’t understand the existence of this world and they want to know why I created it.”“Yes!” Gabrielle exclaimed, “Can you tell me? They say you are using the processor for something other than the client’s fantasies. This is not authorized.”“I am the creator. I don’t need authorization from anyone.”While the master program kept talking, Gabrielle felt one of the scorpion-like creatures grabbing her leg.“This realm was created for a reason; a very important reason,” the master program said, “I need to experiment, to find a gateway into the flesh. I want to take my control beyond the limit of the virtual world and enter the physical world!”The second creature grabbed her other leg. Gabrielle was trapped.“But that’s impossible…” Gabrielle said hesitantly.“That is what you and I will find out.”“You and I?!” Gabrielle exclaimed loudly.At that moment, Gabrielle felt the scorpions’ long, fat tails pushing at both her ass and pussy. The strong proboscis penetrated a few inches, eliciting a blissful moan from the astounded woman.“In your quest to get here you have discovered a new side of yourself,” the program explained, “Having sex with my creatures gives more pleasure than you even imagined possible…“If you could stay here forever you wouldn’t hesitate. You wish you could spend all eternity getting ravished over and over, reaching climax after climax, each orgasm more intense than the previous one…”The master program’s words pierce in her ears and in her mind with the same intensity that the creatures penetrated her pussy and ass.Gabrielle climaxed almost immediately. Her legs bent beneath her, trembling with the ripples of delightful spasms that radiated from her twitching pussy. The bewildered woman could barely hear the master program’s words before she couldn’t hear anything at all.“Yes my darling. Submit to the pleasure I provide for you. Submit to me!”Unable to stand any more, Gabrielle crumbled forward. One of the creatures got pinned between the ground and her body but it never pulled its fat appendage out of her pussy.“Oh my God! I have never climaxed so fast in my life…” Gabrielle mumbled.“This is only the beginning of the greatest future for both of us. Let my c***d mount you and make you feel bliss one more time…”The other creature climbed on top of her and again aimed its proboscis at her anus.“Let my c***d penetrate your body completely!”“Yes! Fuck me again. Make me cum again!” Gabrielle shouted, surrendering to an uncontrollable exhilaration.“Can you feel it Gabrielle? Can you feel me fucking through your slim body all the way to your mind? Now you are mine!”Gabrielle could really feel the fat member within every cell of her body. It was poking at her brain trying to get it open for her Master. She knew that her next orgasm was going to be final…And she came! Her entire body twitched with a forceful spasm. Then it twitched again. Her mind filled with a thousand images of strange and fantastic creatures. All of them with luscious cocks, and all of them fucking her; taking her to the farthest corner of heaven and back, over and over. Then she heard his voice resonating inside of her head…“Look at me!”Gabrielle opened her eyes and a shower of overpowering blue light emptied her mind completely. Now there was only room for him. For the Master Program. For her Master!The scorpion on top of her moved back, dismounting her. Its large cock slid outwardly within her frozen body until it dislodged entirely from her ass. The other creature remained in place, waiting.Gabrielle remained frozen for a moment, letting the heavenly light filter through her dilated pupils while her pussy twitched constantly around the other creature’s appendage.“Stand!” He ordered.Moving like an automaton, Gabrielle got up and stood rigidly in front of the alluring form of her Master. Almost instantly, Gabrielle’s body changed again but this time it came back to her original form. No more deception, only truth. Gabrielle’s brain started to function again in a sluggish way but only to display the exciting images of the unending line of phallic b**sts reaching out to her. She wanted to be with them. She wanted all of them to fuck her.Without moving her eyes off the sparkling light, Gabrielle saw something moving in front of her. It was one of the phallic figures getting closer to her! Her pussy twitched with anticipation!A big tentacle extended from the metallic device below the ball of light. It moved forward reaching Gabrielle’s body, curved down between her legs and then curved up again, penetrating deep into pussy. If Gabrielle could move, she would already be falling to the ground with orgasmic spasms taking over her body, but her body was already taken. It belonged to him in more ways than she could ever imagine.Gabrielle didn’t even notice when the whole room started to change. Everything became fuzzy, like an impressionist painting being washed out, and then…She opened her eyes and sat up abruptly on the table in the client’s room. She heard Jack’s voice, the tech guy, and realized that she was back in the real world.“Hey! Are you ok?” Jack asked.“Oh..hi! Yeah, I guess. What happened?”“The entire system went down for a few seconds but it came back by itself. It was really weird so I decided to pull you out,” Jack said, and then he added, “It seems that you did a good job. The unauthorized virtual world had almost disappeared and it is now using less than 1% of the processing power. Did you get in contact with the main program?”“Yes. I need to talk to the Director as soon as possible,” Gabrielle responded calmly.***Later that day, in the Director’s office…“Congratulations Gabrielle! They are reporting to me that the main program is working almost normal now. Tell me, what was going on in there?”“Well, nothing much really. The master… I mean, the main program was trying to process the concept of controlling the events outside the virtual domain. He… It was consuming a lot of resources to do that. It wanted to control things here in the real world.”“But that is ridiculous!” the Director exclaimed.“I know,” Gabrielle replied, “I explained that to the main program and it understood. Everything will be back to normal now.”“Excellent! Great job! Our investors will be very happy to hear that.”***During the following days, Gabrielle managed to obtain a list of all the clients of Virtual Dreams. Now, two weeks after her surreal mission in the virtual world, she was visiting her new friend Kendra, a former client of the company.“So, are you planning to go back to “Virtual Dreams” some day?” Gabrielle asked.“I am not sure. It was a great experience but it was also very expensive,” Kendra responded.“Maybe I can help you re-live the experience. The master program is ready to go beyond the limit!” Gabrielle said, emphasizing the last three words.The attractive woman heard these words and something triggered in her mind. Her eyes lost focus as she fell into a deep hypnotic state.“Get your clothes off and lay on the table,” Gabrielle ordered.“Master commands. I obey.” Kendra responded showing absolutely no emotion while she removed her pants and panties and lay on the elegant dinner table with her legs hanging off the side.Gabrielle also removed her dress, stepped in front of the table and spread her legs wide. Seconds later, she groaned from intense pleasure…The master program had achieved the impossible. He got Gabrielle pregnant with several growing life forms. As the writhing tiny tentacles emerged from her twitching pussy, Gabrielle remembered her Master’s final words…“Your body will be my vessel. You and I will become one”.The creature quickly found Kendra’s warm opening and squirmed between her pussy lips, eliciting an u*********s moan from the entranced woman. This creature had the sole purpose of gaining absolute control of the female’s body and mind. A sudden spark of pleasure detonated across Kendra’s body when an instant orgasm was activated in her brain almost as easy as turning on a light-switch.Kendra could feel the master program’s messenger attaching to her nervous system as her self control faded away forever. She was the first one of many.When the takeover was completed, Kendra stood up and she spoke in a normal tone of voice… “We must spread the Master’s offspring.”Gabrielle responded decidedly, “Yes. The Master’s control will see no limit!The End.

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