Black Cuckolding Dreams

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Black Cuckolding DreamsSometimes what you’re looking for is closer than you think. Take my fiancé and I for example. My name is Stacey Walton and I’m a young Black woman living in Milton, Massachusetts. I studied business administration at Bay State College and earned my MBA at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Presently I work for a real estate company in Brighton. I met my boo Eric Bison at school, and we’ve been together since. Through college and our careers, our bond has been all but unbreakable.Eric is simply sex on legs, at least to me. I’m five-foot-nine, with light brown skin, curly black hair and light brown eyes. As a tall, curvy sister with a college degree and an established career in real estate, I intimidate a lot of men. Eric wasn’t one of them. The big and tall, dark-skinned brother totally set me on fire the first time I laid eyes on him. I just knew we would be together forever. Eric studied criminal justice at Bay State College and nowadays works for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. After graduation, we moved in together. And we’ve been inseparable ever since.Eric recently revealed to me that he’s bisexual…and likes to watch gay/bisexual, she-male and cross-dresser videos in private. Given how tall, strongly built and masculine Eric is, I was kind of surprised to hear that. While most black women would have flipped out or left after receiving such news, I was elated. You see, for the longest time I’ve been really into BDSM and I am fascinated by alternative sexuality. I’ve always wanted to try some really kinky shit like tying a guy up and also fucking him in the ass with my strap-on dildo. I didn’t think Eric Bison would be into that since he’s from a conservative Christian family down South.Well, I guess I was wrong. Eric is all man in the bedroom, don’t get me wrong. The dude knows how to rock my body. Sometimes I would come home and Eric would just grab me and pull down my skirt and panties before eating my pussy like a hungry man. I would just lie down on the bed or the couch or wherever he put me and relax as Eric’s wicked tongue and fingers explored my pussy, making me shudder with pleasure. He always licked my cunt before fucking me good and proper, and I love that about him.Always happy to return the favor, I would kneel before Eric, my sexy black prince, and suck his big ole dick. I love the smell and taste of his black cock and balls. I would climb on top of Eric and impale my wet, hungry cunt on his long and thick, uncircumcised chocolate dick. Groaning sexily, Eric would smack my ass and slam his dick into my pussy. Wrapping my arms around him lovingly, I would hang on for dear life as Eric slammed his dick inside my cunt, fucking me passionately, just the way I liked it. I would scream like a madwoman as Eric fucked me real good. Yeah, we’ve always had a lot of fun together in the bedroom and like I said before, I am very open-minded when it comes to sexual experimentation.Eric and I opened up to each other quite a bit after his revelations, and I must say, we’ve never been happier. He showed me the kind of porn he likes to watch. His favorite porn sites, Bi Maxx, Strapon Dreamer and Thug Hunter really appealed to me, as did Men In Pain. I must admit, few things turn me quite like watching a guy getting fucked by a hot dominant kaçak iddaa woman wearing a strap-on dildo. My pussy gets all tingly whenever I think about it. That’s why I decided to buy a strap-on dildo and an assortment of sex toys, and who else to try them with but my dear Eric?I broached the subject with Eric one night after we’d had a stupendous session of truly steamy fucking. We’d really pushed the envelope that night. Eric laid me on the bed, licked my pussy, sucked my tits and then he refused to fuck my pussy. I want your ass tonight babe, he said wickedly, and I smiled at that. Happily I got on all fours, spreading my big butt cheeks wide open for the man I love. Eric licked and fingered my butt hole before applying lubricant on it, then he pressed his big black dick against my backdoor and asked me if I was ready.Fuck my ass sweetie, I told Eric, and he smacked my big butt before inserting his magic stick into my butt hole. A lot of women out there, especially sisters, are terrified of anal sex. I admit that the first few times Eric and I tried it, there were a few messy mishaps. Since then, we’ve improved. I always clean my ass with soap and water before anal sex, and since Eric and I took a shower before banging each other after a long day at work, I felt fairly confident and ready. Eric pushed his dick into my asshole and began fucking me with slow, deep thrusts. I won’t lie, it kind of hurts when his dick goes into my asshole but I definitely liked it. Eric took his sweet time as he fucked my ass, going balls deep, inch by inch. The wonderful feeling of fullness I craved left me begging for more. Eric fucked my ass with gusto, and when he came, I cried out in pleasure. Nothing quite like the feel of a man’s cum flooding my ass. Yummy!Afterwards, Eric and I lay side by side, exhausted and sore but more alive than ever. That’s when I asked him to try my strap-on dildo. Women the world over know that once a guy has been fucked thoroughly by the woman in his life, he’ll agree to almost anything she says. Thus I was able to convince Eric to let me fuck him with the strap-on dildo. You see, even though he admits to watching she-male, cross-dresser and bisexual/gay type videos online, Eric is still reluctant to try that stuff with me. Why are men so afraid of their own sexuality? Sheesh!The next time we made love, I dominated the hell out of Eric. Indeed, I put the sexy chocolate stud on all fours, and fingered his well-lubricated asshole with my gloved fingers. Eric’s hole felt supple around my fingers. I licked it and deemed it ready for penetration. Then I pressed my strap-on dildo against his butt hole and began fucking him. You should have seen how much Eric screamed as I fucked him. Why is he such a whiner? I mean, I’ve let him fuck my ass plenty of times and I didn’t scream half as much as he did.The feeling of power I experienced as I topped Eric, shoving my dildo up his ass and berating him, it was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I made him scream like a little bitch as I ravaged his ass with my strap-on, and it was a lot of fun. I flipped Eric on his back because I wanted to look into his eyes while fucking him. Eric was howling like a madman as I fucked him, and I loved seeing him like this. I fucked his butt for a good thirty minutes before he begged for tipobet güvenilir mi mercy. I pulled the dildo out of Eric’s ass, and he sighed in relief. I am the boss of you now sweetie, I said triumphantly. Eric could only nod. Why argue with the truth? After that, Eric thanked me. What can I say? It was truly a night for the ages.This truly opened the door for Eric and I to explore, and my sexy fiancé revealed some of his dirtiest, sickest and most fantasies to me. And I was most eager to explore them with him. I was a bit shocked when Eric told me that he secretly fantasized about wearing women’s clothes and sucking other guys dicks. Well, I was both shocked and turned on, and I gave him the go ahead. Thus, I transformed my macho boyfriend Eric into Erica the Sissy Slut.Yup, you read that one right. I dressed “Erica” up, with a lovely pink summer dress, white stockings, white panties, blonde wig, and I even made ‘her’ face up. I transformed Eric into Erica, my Slut, my Sissy, and my own personal bitch. You are such a pretty little bitch, I said, smacking Erica hard across the face. For a moment, I saw a hint of Eric-style defiance in those eyes, but it vanished. Yes mistress, ‘Erica’ replied in a sweet voice. I smiled and looked at my creation with satisfaction. I’ve done a good job!I decided to have some fun with Erica my Sissy Slut by making her do some chores around the house. I sat in the living room, fingering my pussy, drinking champagne and watching Scandal on TV while Erica cooked, cleaned and even vacuumed the house until it was spotless. Good job my pet, I said, rubbing Erica’s head patronizingly after she’d been huffing and puffing, cleaning the place for hours. Thank you mistress, Erica said, blushing slightly.Time for your reward, I said, and ordered Erica to get on all fours. I smiled as my Black male Sissy Slut did as ‘she’ was told. I lubricated her asshole, and then worked my dildo in there. Face down and ass up, that’s the way I fucked my bitch. Erica howled like the bitch she is as I rammed the dildo up her ass. I wanted to totally dominate Erica, to really make her feel pain. I guess I’m a bit of a sadist and that’s okay. I rammed the dildo mercilessly into my Black male Sissy Slut’s asshole, until she begged for mercy. You own my ass mistress, Erica/Eric pleaded, finally surrendering. I cackled with glee, and reveled in my sweet victory. Yeah, I’m a mean bitch!Eric and I definitely have been pushing the envelope lately, and I must say, I like where we’re going. The two of us discussed where we wanted to go next, and felt that it was high time we explored his ultimate fantasy. Mainly, Eric was curious about cuckolding, and forced bi. Typically, when one thinks of cuckolding, one envisions a white guy watching as a black man with a big dick fucks his white wife. Type it up on Google and that’s what pops up. Well, Eric wanted to flip the script. I for one thought it was a delightful idea. I guess I’m about to make history. A black woman about to cuckold a black man with another guy. Cool!The first thing I did was find someone to play the Bull in our little sex games. I asked my co-worker Harold Pryce. He’s just under six feet tall, skinny and pale, with dark brown hair and pale green eyes. Harold always fancied me, and he’s also a switch-hitter. tipobet giriş I pretended not to notice either. When I invited Harold to my bedroom ( with a catch ) he was all for it. My, men are so easy to manipulate, aren’t they? Now that I’ve got all the pieces in position, time to play. I invited Harold to meet Eric and I at a nice little restaurant in the Back Bay area of Boston, and we had a good time. We discussed what we wanted, and expected. Everyone was gelling and I for one couldn’t wait to begin.That Friday night, I had a lot of fun with my two toys, I mean, my fiancé Eric and my co-worker Harold. Tonight, my man’s fantasy comes true. Erica dressed up in all of her finery just like the Black Sissy Slut she is. First, I took a chastity device and put it on Erica’s dark dick, then smacked her. You get to watch while your black woman rides the white man’s dick my brother, I said snidely, and Harold grinned. I grabbed Harold’s dick and began sucking it while Erica the Sissy watched us.Winking at Erica the Black Sissy, I climbed on top of Harold’s thick white cock. Harold grunted sexily and smacked my big chocolate booty. The feel of Harold’s big white cock inside my cunt was absolutely wonderful. While riding Harold’s dick, I berated my fiancé Eric/Erica the Black Sissy Slut, called him a faggot, a pathetic excuse for a man, a punk, a sissy and a slut. I really let Eric/Erica have it, and you should have seen how wide his eyes got as I enthusiastically rode Harold’s thick white cock. I had myself a grand old time, and it was oh so good. I rode that Caucasian magic stick for a good half hour before Harold came, filling my cunt with his manly cream. Good thing I’m on the pill, huh?My forlorn fiancé Eric/Erica the Sissy Slut looked so deflated after watching me get fucked by Harold that I decided to brighten up his spirits. I rolled off Harold and spread my sexy brown thighs invitingly, revealing my hairy, cum-soaked pussy. Come lick it like a good cuckold bitch, I snapped. Eric/Erica hesitated, then complied. Kneeling before me, Erica the Sissy Slut licked Harold’s cum off my pussy. I raked my hand through Erica’s blonde wig. Good slut, I said with a triumphant smile.Once finished, Erica the Sissy Slut looked up at me. I am done mistress, he said meekly. I shook my head, and stroked Harold’s cock. Suck on this my slut, I said gleefully. When Erica hesitated, I smacked her hard across the face. Nodding sagely, Erica the Black Sissy Slut fastened her full lips to Harold’s thick white cock and began sucking it with gusto, just like a good slut should. Bravo, I said, smiling contentedly. The sight of a Black Sissy sucking White dick turned me on so much that I began fingering my cunt right then and there. Erica proved to be so damn good that Harold came a second time. Drink it like the bitch you are, I told Erica the Sissy Slut, and my command was obeyed without delay.A few moments later, I thanked Harold for services rendered and sent him on his merry way. Once more I was alone with my fiancé Eric, who happily took off the accoutrements of his alter ego Erica the Black Sissy Slut, and thanked me for a wonderfully twisted, downright disturbing but ultimately fun-filled experience. I’m all about making your dreams come true babe, I said, kissing him while removing the chastity device from his dick. I stroked his magnificent black tool to its full hardness. I got on my knees before my tall and manly chocolate prince, ready to suck him off. Let’s fuck, I said, and Eric smiled happily. All’s well that ends well in our household.

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