Bored housewife

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Bored housewifeSo being married to a guy 20 years her senior and no sex drive, was getting really frustrating after all she had needs, and her plastic lover was getting a little boring.One very hot sunny day, she decided to lay out in the garden no one else home she laid down on the sun lounger pulling off her top htiching up her skirt and pulling down the straps of her bra she felt the sun warm her body, dam she thought why does the sun make you feel so horny. She moved her hands to her bra slipping her fingers in the cups she felt her nipples, squeezing them she felt them grow between her fingers, squeezing a little harder, she felt a buzz between her legs, her hand moved from her bra and moved down to her skirt, hitching it up she rubbed her pussy thru her knickers god she felt horny, she contemplated going to go get her plastic friend, and was just about to move off the lounger when she heard a cough, startled she jumped up pulling her sunglasses karaman escort off and looking to where the sound had come from, grinning at her over the fence was her neighbour blushing she smiled back, bitng her lower lip not really sure what to say. Sensing her embaressment, he grinned wider and simply said “looks like you could so with some help?” She looked at him, could she? dare she? Fuck why not she felt so so horny and enough was enough, she nodded and quick as a flash he as over the fence striding towards her, pulling off his t-shirt has he did, she admired his tanned torso the tattoos on his fairly muscly arms. She stood up and as he walked towards her as he reached her he pushed her back against the wall, not saying a word he crushed his lips on hers and before she could protest his hand pushed up her skirt his fingers pulling her panties to one side, and he rubbed her clit, she moaned a slight protest, but he kept on he pushed escort karaman his finger inside her, feeling her wetness he pulled them out and then pushed her over the lounger she tried to protest again but he pulled up her skirt ripped off her panties spreading her legs he bent and pushed his tongue into her wet tight pussy, she moaned very loudly and pushed her hips back to his face, his finger found her tight ass hole, and pushed into it as he licked her pussy and clit hard, she wondered what her husband would say if he walked in her bent over ass in the air, the neighbours face buried in her pussy and ass, it only made me more horny, he stopped licking her and stood, next she heard a zip then she felt him pushing into her pussy hard rough he took her hair and rode her pushing hard, come you fucking bitch he hissed Im gonna fuk you so hard, yes yes she moaned hard he thrusede in out in out, then as suddenly as he had thrust into her he pulled karaman escort bayan out, pulled her round and shoved his big hard throbbing cock in mouth, suck me bitch he said as he made her gag, holding her head he fucked her mouth wet hot red mouth, she sucked him hard long taking him in her throat, he pulled out and shoved her back onto all fours, beg me he said, fuk me she throatly moaned please im so wet I want your big hard cock inside me. He laughed really he said well I want something else and with that spit on her ass hole and pushed slowly at first shocked she moaned out but he kept pushing his fingers finding her pussy this is what you really wanted isnt it you whore he whispered in her ear as he started to fuk her tight ass, ooohh goddd she moaned yes yes fuk my tight ass he moved in and out his fingers rubbing her clit,,, ooh god im gonna cum she moaned she felt her cum trickle down her leg, mmm he said and he felt his balls tighten, he pulled out she turned on her knees she opened her mouth pulled up her hard nipples her hands wanking him hard cock over her, his cum spilling over her face mouth and tits…… She felt used but so good, and couldnt wait for it to happen again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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