breastfeeding stepdaughter chapter 2

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breastfeeding stepdaughter chapter 2″By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes.” The building crackle of static electricity could be felt in the air , a storm was brewing. The moment they had been waiting for had arrived and was in motion, let loose it would ravish all in its path. I felt lethargic the limbs of my body weighed heavily, my breasts aching and full with milk exceeding my daughter’s needs I was constantly leaking soaking through my clothes, unable to find relief I’ve kept the breast pump in use, I’m desperate to find a solution to my dilemma. My mind is unsettled I don’t know what to do with myself, the increasing tension across my chest makes me miserable I loosen the tie to my sarong trying to ease it. Some strange thoughts have taken hold unwilling to acknowledge them they lie on the outer fringe of my mind, there they lurk, watching and waiting taunting me with sweet promises of blessed relief to my misery. My mind whispers a litany of dangerous words “Why don’t you give up, give in to your secret desires, don’t question it, JUST TAKE IT, Take It, and Take HER!” I can hear somebody moaning they sound tormented who can it be? I realize that the sound is coming from me, as this thought dawns it is followed swiftly with the realization that the solution and antidote to my Dilemma Is Bailey, my sexy arousing mouthwateringly delicious stepdaughter, full stop.Day by day Bailey whittles away at Sonia’s defences the more she learns about her Fathers Wife, the more her desire for her grows brighter and hotter, her body aches for her touch providing consolation and comfort gives more opportunities to touch her strategies subtle guidance slowly seducing her Stepmother with softly placed caresses, accumulating over time becoming bolder and more intimate. Bailey returning from settleling Zara, find’s Sonia moaning and asks her “what can I do to help?” “Just hold me” is her reply, rushing to her side she wraps her arm’s around her and with her hands on her back she starts rubbing with soothing strokes sliding up and down, back and forth, and as she does the tie of Sonia’s Sarong loosens sliding down exposing the yielding flesh to her gaze and caress.Sonia was so grateful for this beautiful young girls presence her feelings cause a fine film of sweat break out all over her body giving it a glow, leaning against Bailey their faces turning towards each other, Sonia welcomes Bailey’s embrace reaching up to bring their lips together she whispers I need your mouth on me I don’t know how I can stand one minute more without the taste of your sweet tongue. Baileys eyes dilate listening to Sonia’s words her heart beating loudly in her ears, from their first meeting she had felt an instant attraction towards her fathers wife, she suspected that he knew casino siteleri this, and was not fazed by the thought of woman loving woman It seemed totally natural to him, never possessive in the least having been raised primarily around women it was not surprising that his attitude had such a liberal viewpoint. As long as everyone was happy was all that matter to him, so leaving them together he hoped they would met each others needs, his mind put at ease with the thought. Bailey felt her stepmother was fully ripe and ready to be initiated to lesbian luv.Sonia stood before Bailey the bathroom aglow with candle light the steamy atmosphere perfumed with the earthy scent of sandalwood and cinnamon bark the water looked so inviting her body aching for the youths gentle touch, bailey came to her and taking her by the hand all thoughts of feeling fat and ugly gone with the enraptured gaze of the young women’s intense look, her glance devouring the sight of full heavy breasts with nipples blushed a deep pink carmine, the pearl like globules of milk flowing down, bailey watch’s the flesh glistening wet in its passing, her finger’s following the milky trail rests in her belly cleft a puddle of milk pooled filling the indent, her fingers continue their journey descend lower to dampened tuft of hair high lighting a glorious plump pussy with swollen lips.Bailey presses her palm against the center of Sonia’s womenhood, leaning forward closing her mouth over the flesh just below the spout of dripping nipple it’s slickness made sweet by the drops of milk, sucking and licking her tongue lathers slow circles, mouth open breathing heavily her tongue involuntarily flicking of it own accord, she could feel her saliva filling her mouth, her nipples hardening with the growing moistness between her legs all senses flushed and heated skin aglow with sweat.Sonia was mesmerized by bailey, she could feel herself swell and undulate all open lush flesh laid bare and inviting to the women following the path of her gaze, She could feel a molten river of pussy juice flow searing her filling her, fuller and fuller with a sensual pleasure. Made beautiful by tender loving looks, Sonia almost cried out with all that those young eyes were telling her, for the first time in her life she felt truly free. The storm had landed sensual waves churned thru the atmosphere that surrounded them, yet within the eye of the storm a timeless stillness held the two women in thrall.Closing her eyes Bailey savored the wondrous delight of flesh beneath her own inspiring greater exploration, sucking tasting licking more, more, sounds; moaning; sighing; smell; sweet musky alive, so alive, lust flowing like blood thru her veins. Out of the calm the two women devoid of clothes pressed together mouths opened canlı casino saliva slicked tongues sucking searching sliding so good it feels so good words of luv; fluids flow and smooth slick touches everywhere,oh baby, SUCK ME, SUK IT OH FUCK mmm mm it’s so damned hotSonia was so wet, her body was shaking what the hell was happening to her she felt totally out of control but she didn’t care, there had been NO ONE EVER like this young girl. the word lesbian came and went nothing matter but the need to feel that luscious young body grinding and fucking and sucking putting her hot mouth where ever it wanted, her pussy open and needy begging for more.Still slick from the water her breath milk sweet Bailey urged Sonia towards the bedroom.Bailey lay her self down her firm globes of flesh topped by puffy nipples of creamy caramel that seduces the eyes stare, an involuntary moan escapes Sonia her mouth watering at the sight, the pouting swell of belly flesh, legs bent and spread wide revealing a surprisingly large clit fat and thick and as long as a thumb. Fingers tug stretching pussy lips obscenely open to the hungry gaze of the older woman inviting wet kisses to taste the offered honeyed juices that flow freely from her dripping cunt.With soft moans Sonia feed on the vision before her, touching herself slipping her fingers in and out frigging herself harder as she watch’s Bailey’s every move and gesture her fingers glistening with pussy juices lifted languorously sucking and licking dipping them repeatedly perfuming and lubricating using them to moisten her flesh all the while staring right into Sonia eyes taunting her drawing out rising moans from the older women, who’s allowed the sexual taunts to whip up her lust and inflaming need for BaileyTotally under her spell Sonia lay down in the beckoning embrace of her young lover, finding her home I’m yours everything my body and soul Bailey reply was to draw Sonia mouth to her kissing hungrily reveling in the mutual ownership of each other NO ONE HAD EVER made Bailey feel this way, she had known from first meeting they would be lovers, she welcomed the obsession the each shared for one each otherI want to drain all the milk from your beautiful tits Sonia lifts her breasts offering them up to Bailey’s hungry mouth latching on and drinking her fill, electricity ran through her from her tits to her womb and cunt a clenching tugging and throbbing all at once, SO FUCKING AMAZING, Baby DON’T STOP!! Right There Ooo Yeeah right there right there.The lovers ebb and flow, giving and receiving pleasure learning what turned the other on, orgasms built higher and higher teasing biting licking sucking moist warm kiss’s slurping and drinking taste salty sweetSonia holding Bailey to her whispers sweetly, you have such an amazing kaçak casino body, I luv your clit it’s like a little cock such a turn on I could suck on it forever, my pussy is dripping wet just thinking about it.”Would you like your juicy cunt fucked with my cock”Yes fuck me PLEASE!!! put your cock in my cunt I NEED IT. Sonia lifted her arse as Bailey slid a pillow under it, the opening to her pussy glistened a deep pinkWith spit lubricating her clit Bailey pulling on it sliding it back and forth, watching it grow becoming engorged with blood turning the little cock fat and purplish in colorSonia watched Bailey with anticipation feeling wanton she touched herself, flavoring her gaping pussy with milky sweetness, whimpering with need urging Bailey to hurry with her task, sighing with the delicious weight of her lovers body pressing deeply into her making her pussy jolt as the engorged little cock nestled into her openingBailey lifted herself up then grinding downwards, as Sonia thrust upwards their pussies crashed in wild driving waves, lifting and holding Sonia’s legs up and back her fat pussy pushed forward bailey achieved deeper penetration. Sonia groaned “keep fucking me,it feels so wonderful I luv your little cock in me, my darling girl please don’t stop. Sucking in her breath bailey ground against her both of them on fire, mouths opening sucking one another saliva. That sexy bottom lip drove Sonia crazy sweet suckable wanting to nibble and nip Sonia feasted on her lovers body with one last thrust Bailey orgasm hit her hard rippling outwards from her core awash with sensation she had held her self in check until felt Sonia climax awed by the amounts of fluid that gushed and squirted from her in wanting to give pleasure Bailey reached her own climax sliding down she licked and sucked up as much pussy juice that she couldFluids once inside had made its way outside making their bodies slick with sweet and salty juices hair dampened by sweat, breast milk, and pussy juice looking at each other the started laughing, I have never ever ever been so thoroughly fucked and sucked within an inch of my life, the way you just did., I am so satisfyingly exhausted I feel giddy with the wonder of it allBaily winked in response to Sonia statement, and said “oh I don’t know reckon’ I’m good for another round or two, you rest up some, then ring the bell when your ready to go” Bailey laughed at the comical expression that met her words she had just been joking but funny thing happened eyes looked at Sonia lush body lingering here and there succulent nipples puffy pussy she felt desire rise again. Bailey had never had such an experience before but she understood that something life changing had taken place, all she knew that she had truly come home and what ever the future had instore for her Sonia was a vital part of it this revelation was mirrored in the woman facing her. Why don’t you let me bath that sexy hot body of yours then we’ll have something to eat and go to sleep.And that’s exactly what they did+

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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