breeding party for babygirl

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breeding party for babygirl“Hey babygirl… it’s time to go for a ride.”“Oooo Daddy! I love riding with you. Where we going?”“Daddy’s taking you to a breeding party.”“A breeding party? Sounds exciting, what is it?”“Just like it sounds, babygirl… Daddy’s taking you to get you thoroughly bred by lots of stranger daddy cocks!”“Oh Daddy… you have all the best ideas!”“Of course, babygirl… now put on that thin little short dress real quick and your fuck me shoes before Daddy gives you a spanking…”So babygirl puts on her sluttiest short dress with no back (so it’s obvious to everyone that she has no bra or panties on). The front is pretty much nothing as well so her huge tits are barely covered… like a good little slut girl. Then she comes running to the front door, tits bouncing and dress flipping up to give brief peeks at her bare shaved cunt… daddy feels his cock grow at the sight. Daddy clips his leash on baby’s collar and leads her out the door.Down the walk the go and baby shows off her training when she spreads her legs wide as she gets in the truck… sitting on the seat first then putting in her left leg… then her right giving a good view of her now wet cunt… then off we go to the hotel on the other side of Tampa. Daddy parks and like a good little whore, babygirl exits the truck the opposite of entering… with the addition of sliding of the seat in a way that lifts her dress to her waist, giving an excellent show to the couple walking through the hotel parking lot. The man smiled and babygirl smiled and waved back.As we walk to the hotel entrance, daddy calls the party host to get the room number. Then, he and babygirl walk in the front door, through the lobby and up to the two room suite. There are some single men outside the room having a cigarette and babygirl sees their eyes taking her in head to foot as she walks next to daddy.As we enter the room, babygirl looks around to see 12 or 15 guys and a couple other women. All naked and they are all looking up and down at babygirl. The host hands babygirl and daddy each a plastic shopping bag. And gives daddy an envelope. “What are these for, daddy?”“They’re for your cloths, babygirl. Now strip off your dress quick and put it in adana escort bayan the bag.”Babygirl doesn’t hesitate and pulls her slut dress over her head… no standing naked in the room full of strangers, baby stands with her legs spread a bit and her arms at her side as daddy strips and puts his cloths in the bag. Daddy puts a room donation in the envelope and gives it back to the host. (Funny thing about Tampa area, nothing is ever said about party donations… some legal thing.)“OK, babygirl… now let’s see if we can get you bred.”“Mmmmm… goodie Daddy… I love being your slut.”So Daddy leads babygirl into the lit bedroom in the suite… this one has two queen beds. There’s a girl on each bed and 3 or 4 guys in various stages of fucking, sucking and fondling.Babygirl whispers; “Daddy, all the beds are full.”“That’s ok babygirl… there’ll be room for you in no time.”By now, we were followed into the room by a couple other guys and they were eyeing up babygirl with desire… I looked over at them and said; “Go for it.”That was all the encouragement they needed and had their hands all over babygirl… going first for her huge tits.Daddy then told babygirl to bend over and put her hands on the end of the bed… but forgetting some of her training, she didn’t spread her legs. Daddy stepped behind babygirl and tapped inside her ankles with his bare foot and she quickly remembered and stepped wide apart. Daddy gave babygirl a nice SWAT on her ass as a reminder. Baby let out a “Yelp!” and then giggled… her massive milk jugs jiggled and swayed as they were now dangling beneath her… Daddy had a nice big hard cock and babygirl had a nice horny wet cunt so daddy started fucking her from behind as the other dirty stranger daddies fondled her udders and positioned themselves next to her face so she could begin sucking their cocks… as daddy pounded babygirl’s cunt from behind, babygirl went back and fouth between cocks sucking them. Another man appeared next to daddy and started rubbing baby’s back and daddy could see his hard dripping cock was ready to unload so I stepped back from babygirl and let him jump into her wet tight juicy cunt… he furiously began pumping his cock in and out of adana escort her fuck hole until he began shuttering and cumming… filling babygirls cunt with his cum… baby cooed with delight as his cock spasmed and spurted inside her fuck hole. Having completed babygirls first breeding of the night, he moved off to the social area to regenerate and one of the men fucking babygirl’s mouth moved to her rear and shoved his spit covered fuck tool in baby’s cum slickened hole… and began pumping in and out… smacking babygirl’s ass with his hips and slapping babygirls clit with his balls as he rode her backside. As he fucked babygirls cunt hard and fast, the remaining man had exclusive use of babygirl’s mouth… and soon babygirl’s cock sucking skills had him moaning and cumming… fililing her mouth to overflowing with his sticky hot jizz… babygirl bobbed her head back and fourth… sucking and licking to draw all of his creamy ball juice into her mouth… then when he was emptied and withdrew his now softening cock, babygirl turned her head up and showed daddy the white load she had sucked out and then swallowed it with a smile on her face… this show was all the man in her twat could handle, his cock exploded deep in babygirls horny cooze to breed her with his fertile semen… daddy looked back to see a big black man looking on the scene… and at the same time the girl on the bed had been warn down by her studs and was leaving… daddy moved babygirl on the bed and rolled her on her back… baby (not wanting any more spankings) quickly spread her legs and grabbed her shins to hold them wide, Daddy got between babygirls legs and crammed my hard 9 inch cock deep in her cum filled cunt… and began giving her a nice sloppy fuck as the cum dribbled out of her twat and down over her ass hole. Daddy looked around at the big black man and suggested that he come get his cock fluffed by babygirl’s talented cock sucking mouth… a suggesting he quickly acted on… as daddy fucked babygirl’s twat, she sucked the cock from soft and big to harder and larger and finally to fully hard and immense. Daddy could see that he was ready to take my place so I slid out of babygirls breed hole and traded places with the huge escort adana black stud… daddy stuck my hard cum covered cock in babygirls mouth hole as the big stud shoved his incredibly huge tool up babygirls cunt… babygirl cried out and tensed up as the horse size cock stretched her twat to supersize… The man gave a quizzical look so I said; “She’s fine… just fuck the bitch.”Now relaxed, the man rammed his oversized tool home… stretching babygirls fuck hole to a size she seldom reaches… she squirmed and moaned as he stroked is cock deep, deep in and then out of her cooze… soon, she was moaning and thrashing and cumming…. “Oh daddy! He’s so huge! Daddy, I’m cummiingggg!” she squealed as he fucked her hard… banging her cunt with abandon… soon, with babygirl out of breath but still cumming he grunted and let out a big moan as he came… he hammered his cock hard in her twat as is cum filled her to running over… she writhed from the feeling as he shot load after load deep in her fuck hole… breeding her as she has never been bred before… after a number of seconds, his orgasm subsided and he remained still… and I noticed another horny bastard standing near and jacking his very small cock… I knew that baby was so stretched by now that she would hardly even feel his little cockette but still knew he had cum in his balls and could breed just as well as her previous three studs… so as the huge black stallion dismounted my little slut whore slave, I knodded to him and quickly he dove head first into babygirl’s cum drenched cunt… and went to licking and slirping and eating the ample mixture of stud semen… baby loved the feeling of his tongue licking between her swelled and bright red cunt lips… and his deft attention to her throbbing clit… and soon babygirl was cumming again… clamping down her belly mustles giving the cunt licker a fresh spirt of man cum from her well used hole… as the man licked ate and swallowed, I noticed him feverishly jacking his cock… and was soon cumming…. With little dribbles of spunk running over his fist. Daddy had thoughts that he would be a fun addition to the family but then decided otherwise and let him complete his cleaning duties… when done, Daddy could see that babygirl needed a little rest so clipped her leash back on her collar and led her off the bed and into the social area for a rest and drink of water… before I took her into the black-out room for her next breeding session…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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