Brit Tried Going Down On Me And OMG…!

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Brit Tried Going Down On Me And OMG…!”Ohgodohgod Brit it feels so good…oh, oh ohhhhh….” I couldn’t stop moaning. With every swipe of her tongue across my vagina I felt like my body was leaving the earth and entering some other dimension. She licked and caressed my labia with an eagerness that felt like she really enjoyed what it was doing to me. I could feel the folds of skin flipping and rolling to the left and right as her mouth moved deftly around my nether places.I realized I was tightening my legs around her head, so I tried to let them loosen and fall farther open. But, the spasms were uncontrollable. Her warm, wet mouth seemed to be everywhere. The thought passed through my mind that I might be cheating on my new boyfriend. But, Brit and I are just friends, we aren’t lesbians. We like to do this with each other because we do it the best. As long as it was our secret, it wasn’t hurting anyone. Truth is, I don’t know if I could give it up even if it did bother him.”Ohhh yessss…” my head was pushed back in the pillow. Brit pushed her tongue inside me a little, then dragged it out flat and licked over the top part of my privates. I shuddered and clutched at the comforter. ordu escort Her hands felt around my butt cheeks and up over my hips, caressing as she explored my body. The sexual ecstasy was nearly too much for me to bear.We’d slept over with each other so many times I couldn’t remember not sharing a bed with her. About a year ago Brit asked if she could explore my body under the covers, just out of curiosity. I lay still as her hands moved freely over my sleeping shirt and panties. She seemed fascinated with my flat chest and neck at first, lingering in the places that made me tingle. When she moved down my tummy and slowed down across my pubic mound I didn’t mind. It made me feel floaty. “That’s nice,” I remember whispering to her. She ran her hands in between my legs, which I happily opened for her. Down one thigh, across my panties, then up the other, then back. The more she did it, the more I wanted to her to stop on my panties and massage me there. I felt like maybe we weren’t supposed to be doing this, but it felt so good I didn’t want her to stop.”Can I go inside?” She asked. I opened my eyes and she was looking into my face, watching my expression. I nodded and felt ordu escort bayan her hand slip inside my panties and pass over the fine hair growing below my belly button. Her fingers lightly dusted the ridges of my private place. I let out a sigh and my eyes drifted closed. She was exploring me, testing to see what touching me made me do. I was very slippery down there and just adored how her fingers felt, probing, discovering me. She began to run up and down on the sensitive skin and I felt myself humping up and down with her hand.”Oh Brit, that feels so good,” I whispered, almost like a plea not to stop. She kept doing it for a few minutes, then 5, then what seemed like another 10 as I felt a sudden pressure building in my tummy. “Oh, oh what’s happening…that’s soooo, ahhhhhhh,” and with that I had my first orgasm, spasming out of control next to her in my bed, my body flailing and wrenching as I rode the flood of sensations, her hand never letting go of my body until I fell flat back down into the sheets, my hair in my mouth.”What was that…?” I asked, spitting strands of hair from my lips.”An orgasm, I think,” She said, pleased with herself. That was our first. Tonight escort ordu was the first time she ever asked if she could try it with her mouth. And, unbelievably, it was a step up from what she did to me with her fingers. I felt her sucking at my skin and easing her fingers inside me. I bit my forearm to keep from crying out and waking my parents or brothers. But, I was under her power.”Ohyesohyesohyes, I’m gonna c-c-cumm, Brit, yahhhhhh….” I held my breath, contractions taking control of my muscles as I gripped her head between my thighs, rolling to one side and taking her mouth with me as she latched on, her tongue never ceasing it’s hot wet motion across my clit. The climax seemed to last forever, leaving me twitching and finally limp on the soft cotton, slightly damp with perspiration.Brit lapped at me, enjoying the last of my juices, then licked her lips and smiled.”You’re always so proud of yourself after you do that to me.” I said, smiling back at her.”I luvvvvvv it…” she said, crawling up my body and planting a soft, wet kiss on my mouth. I could taste myself on her skin and found myself sort of falling into her embrace as our lips joined together. I have to admit I felt a soft ember of desire for her that was different than before. We kissed for what seemed like hours, touching each other everywhere before I pulled her panties off and tried the same on her. I wanted this night to go on forever!

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